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ISTE Standards Interpretations Artifacts, Rationale

ISTE Standard Interpretation Artifact Rationale

ISTE 1 Technology coaches must share the same Artifact, UIC Tech Plan Proposal, a detailed plan for the development
Visionary vision while at the same time they must be TIE 532 and implementation of a new local area network, segment, or a new
Leadership role models and inspire. The ultimate goal is Applications of network feature appropriate for use in teaching and learning. In
to foster excellence and reinforce innovation Tech in School this project, we explore ways of working with technical support
throughout the instructional environment. personnel to maximize the use of technology resources to improve
student learning. Research, evaluation, and developing a needs
Coaches should contribute to the assessment along with a proposal were used to determine what
augmentation, communication, and specifications were needed to fulfill district/school requirements.
implementation of a mutual vision to
support a digital age learning for all Knowledge gained derived from designing project and its purpose as
students. They could also be an advocate for how it relates to the school’s technology needs. Other areas
for policies, procedures, programs, and include identifying hardware and software components necessary
funding strategies. for the project along with a detailed budget of all anticipated
expenses. As an instructional technology coach, I must provide a
summary of how the project will be organized and administered and
an explanation of how networked hardware and software will be
secured. In addition, the importance of proper procedures for
appropriately managing copyrights, “fair use” became useful
knowledge; tech coaches need to be aware of this. In addition, a
field experience log was submitted demonstrating in which a
functional network device or service was to be implemented in a
working school network.

Benchmark - Proposal and Field Log

ISTE 2 We must coach teachers in and model Through this artifact, I was able to expand my knowledge in the area
Teaching, design and implementation of technology- TIE 544 of a photo and video editing software. As a tech coach, it is vital to
Learning and enhanced learning experiences addressing Curriculum know the steps on how to compress and convert images and videos
Assessments content standards and student technology. Applications of to different file formats. I was completely ignorant in this area

Maria E. Araiza
TIE 592 Portfolio Seminar to Advance Content Knowledge, Professional Growth, and Leadership
ISTE Standards Interpretations Artifacts, Rationale

 Apply a variety of research-based, Multimedia before the program. Instructional tech coaches also need to remain
learner-centered instructional Authoring competitive in the field of planning instructional activities using
strategies and assessment tools images and videos in curricula to meet diverse student needs. Other
 Model engagement of students in gain knowledge included in knowing how to apply instructional
local and global interdisciplinary design principles and multimedia authoring software to develop a
units substantive, interactive, computer-based hypermedia project
 Highly emphasize creativity and relevant to the curriculum and student needs. A review of copyright
higher-order thinking skills laws related to use of digital resources was a refresher.

As educators, we must find innovative ways of teaching and support

that 21st-century learning experience, enhanced through
technology resources by utilizing various methods of online
research, inquiry -based science experiments, most important
emphasize on creativity leading to higher-order thinking skills. My
artifact was geared towards middle school students in the area of
Animal Science, Dolphin Biology. I converted my project by utilizing
Storyboard That which is a graphic organizer in the form of
illustrations and or images displayed in sequence for pre-visualizing
a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media

Benchmark -Facilitator Guide and Storyboard, Animal Science,

Dolphin Biology

Maria E. Araiza
TIE 592 Portfolio Seminar to Advance Content Knowledge, Professional Growth, and Leadership
ISTE Standards Interpretations Artifacts, Rationale

ISTE 3 Technology coaches create and support Artifact, The Use of Mobile Devices to Boost Parent-Teacher
Digital Age active digital age learning with the objective LSE 500 Communication was developed to explore the value of forging long-
Learning to expand the learning of all students. Introduction to term partnerships with parents as a valuable leverage point. In
Environments Learning Science’s addition, to have a better understanding how the learner applies
Coaches model practical classroom strategies in different learning contexts, and how these
management and collaborative learning characteristics such as motivation and persistence change. My
strategies to expand teacher and student selection of a technology-infused learning environment was to
use of digital tools and resources. In demonstrate that technology could be practical that may sustain,
addition, coach models should advocate and engage, empower, and expand mobile learning. Because we are in a
exemplify proper digital etiquette in the digital learning era, as tech coaches we need to provide support in
classroom setting and make sure students real-world learning and collaboration at a significant level, including
understand the distinction between the proper digital etiquette and ethical use.
safe, legal, and ethical use of digital
information. There is a combination of informal and formal technology
integration that helps model a digital learning environment. Adult
learners participated in a technology class by a trained tech coach.
Informal education occurred outside the classroom as these learners
were encouraged to download educational apps but were also
assigned to complete specific assignments. The intent was to inspire
creativity that can be used to enhance learning.

Benchmark - The Use of Mobile Devices to Boost Parent Teacher


Narrated Presentation

Maria E. Araiza
TIE 592 Portfolio Seminar to Advance Content Knowledge, Professional Growth, and Leadership
ISTE Standards Interpretations Artifacts, Rationale

ISTE 4 Technology coaches conduct needs Artifact – Parent Involvement, Technology Education, through this
Professional assessments, foster technology-related 533 artifact, knowledge gained derived from the use of productivity tools
Growth & professional learning programs, and Technology Based and instructional software for curricular and administrative
Evaluation evaluate the impact on instructional practice Analysis and applications. As future tech coach, I must acquaint myself with
and student learning. Their focuses should Databased Decision some of the concepts, technologies, and practices related to
be how professional learning can be best Making collecting, analyzing, and presenting student achievement data to
support teacher practice and, ultimately, help with school improvement and databased-decision-making.
student learning. In this standard, an emphasis is placed on coaches conducting a
needs assessment to evaluate the impact; to support this standard; I
developed a presentation including a survey prepared by the Illinois
State Board of Education (ISBE)-UChicago Impact. The survey
5Essentials is an evidence-based system designed to improve
schools nationwide.

Benchmark Parent Involvement, Technology Education

ISTE 5 A technology coach’s goal is to ensure Artifact - Get Ready, Set, CODE! An excellent opportunity in which I
Digital C student safety online provide just-in-time 585AJ participate through CODE.org In this course, as a requirement, we
Citizenship digital information while modeling best Trends and New needed to attend an approved educational technology conference
practices and educating teachers in the Instructional and create a multimedia report, including a mini-unit. The
same way. It is important to focus on social Strategies in emphasis was on synthesizing what was learned during professional
etiquette and how to treat people with Educational development, referencing program content, current trends, and
respect. Technology issues. Knowledge gained derived from CODE.org, which inspired
me on creating a mini-series of coding lessons for pre-k spring camp.

With the rise of computer science and not enough computer science
courses, CODE.org provides opportunities by offering their programs
free of charge to schools. Most important, they foster these free
technologies related PDs to recruit teachers and volunteers with the
ultimate goal of motivating the student to pursue a career in such

Maria E. Araiza
TIE 592 Portfolio Seminar to Advance Content Knowledge, Professional Growth, and Leadership
ISTE Standards Interpretations Artifacts, Rationale

The curriculum offers a variety of lesson plans for K-12 teachers,

while technology supports some lessons, there are some unplugged
lessons as well, both support student learning.

Another component to this artifact - Digital Citizenship, topic of

discussion, which highly motivated me to create a presentation
under this area. While the artifact was geared toward educators,
the overall goal of CODE is for teachers to volunteer and help host
workshops for youth to inspire computer science. This artifact also
derives from this learning experience. After attending this
professional development, I was able to demonstrate my ability to
advocate for the safety and ethical use of the Internet, which is an
essential component of this standard.

Benchmark Get Ready, Set, CODE! And Digital Citizenship

ISTE 6 Technology coaches are responsible for Artifact – Nuts, Bolts, Parents and Technology included two sections
Content conducting needs assessments, foster 575 in which we were required to create. The first part a collaboration
Knowledge technology-related professional learning Leading Staff guide to the professional development and a web-based
and programs, and evaluating the impact on Development in professional development project. This was designed with the
Professional instructional practice and student learning. Educational intent to introduce adult learners with little or no computer and
Growth In addition, they are responsible for tracking Technology internet knowledge. It aims to provide learners with an
the progress of technology initiative, understanding of the computer basics and the use of the internet.
including learning objectives created from In evaluation the impact of the program, an evaluation is also
professional development needs. included. Tracking the progress is important for future adjustments.
The class will access GCF Learning Free

Many parents questioned or showed concerns about privacy settings

as well as proper etiquette. Part of this project was to educate them
in the area of digital citizenship, and model and facilitate safe,
healthy, legal and ethical uses of digital information and techniques.
This artifact may also apply to Standard 5, Digital Citizenship.

Maria E. Araiza
TIE 592 Portfolio Seminar to Advance Content Knowledge, Professional Growth, and Leadership
ISTE Standards Interpretations Artifacts, Rationale

Benchmark Nuts, Bolts, Parents & Technology Facilitator Guide

Web Based Project

Maria E. Araiza
TIE 592 Portfolio Seminar to Advance Content Knowledge, Professional Growth, and Leadership