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Office of the President of the Philippines


Water Supply Training Center, MWSS-LWUA Complex, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City


Date: _______________



Please quote your latest prices, inclusive of tax on the following item (s) listed below and
submit to the Administrative and Finance Unit within five (5) working days.

Very truly yours,

Domenic P. Sinay
Supply/ Property Officer

Quantity Unit Particular Unit Cost Total Cost

The Supply/Property Office


In connection with the above request, may we submit, our quotation indicated above and we
agree to furnish and/or deliver in conformity with the specifications for the articles described above
within _____ days upon receipts of Purchase Order to this effect.


I hereby certify that the prices of the article (s) quoted above and the signature of the dealer herein is
true and correct.


Trunklines: 42649-56, 42649-65, 42650-19, 42650-28 Website: www.napc.gov.ph