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REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES Dipartnent of Sate NATIONAL PROSECUTION SERVICE OFFICE OF THE CITY PROSECUTOR Cebu City : (Date) LICERIA S. LOFRANCO-RABILLAS Office of the City Prosecutor Cebu City Re: Pp. versus Criminal Case No. For: Ma'am: My/Our legal services had been engaged by the private complainant/complainants as private prosecutor/prosecutors in the above-mentioned case now pending trial before the RTCIMTCC, Branch Pursuant to Section 6, Rule 110 of the Revised Rules on criminal Procedure, as amended by the Resolution of the Honorable Supreme Court (En Banc) in AM. No. 02-07-SC dated May 1, 2002, may Ive respectfully request for AUTHORITY to actively handle the prosecution of the case, subject to the control and supervision of the resident Public Prosecutor. In order to protect the interest of the STATE, Wwe shall personally take full charge in the effective prosecution of the case" until its termination and shall not withdraw from the case without prior approval of the court. In the event of the withdrawal from the case, I/we shall turn over to the Resident Public Prosecutor all documents and/or physical evidence in my/our possession that had already been, or yet to be, marked as exhibits for the prosecution. Lastly, whenever required by the court or by the rules, IAve hereby undertake to Personally make and prepare, or cause to be made and prepared, any and all affidavits or swom statements of my/our witnesses whom live intended to present during trial of the case in accordance with the JUDICIAL AFFIDAVIT RULE issued by the Honorable Court in A.M. No. 12-8-8-SC dated September 4, 2012. Very Truly Yours, (Private Prosecutor) (Private Prosecutor) WITH MY CONFIRMITY: (Private Complainant) NOTED: (Resident Public Prosecutor) . ENDORSEMENT Respectfully indorsed to the Honorable Court the herein AUTHORITY TO PROSECUTE granted to the above-mentioned private prosecutor/prosecutors in the afore-cited case, with the recommendation that the same be APPROVED. LICERIA S. LOFRANCO-RABILLAS City Prosecutor-Cebu City