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Keturah Eaves

Mrs. Kenly
British Literature
27 April 2018
Annotated Bibliography

Friedman, Zack. “Student Loan Debt In 2017: A $1.3 Trillion Crisis.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 28
Mar. 2018,

Friedman states that the average college student has $37,172 in student loan debt in the Class of

In the Class of 2016, the average student had $37,172 in loan debt. This can take years to pay
off; if tuition were reduced or free, it would be much less debt for students.

Goldrick-Rab, Sara, and Neal McCluskey. "Should College Education be Free?" Wall Street
Journal, 19 Mar, 2018, pp. R.2. SIRS Issues Researcher,
Because of student loans, parents and students are in debt. They are working hard to get rid of
their loans and are also sacrificing their lives to pay off student loans.

College tuition should be free so that students and former education students can pursue their
degrees and careers, without having to worry about paying off thousands of dollars with loans.

Kusler, Don. “Column | Removing Tuition Hurdle Allows Everyone to Move Higher.” Centredaily,
Centre Daily Times, 26 Sept. 2013,

Increasing student loans is damaging the economy and ability of workers.

Kusler believes that state universities and community colleges should have free tuition for all
students with free tuition, the economy and the workforce would improve.

Lane, Jason, and Cross-Border Education Research Team. “Free College Explained in a Global
Context.” The Conversation, 23 Apr. 2018,

In Free College Explained in a Global Context, Jason Lane gives an example of how many
European countries have free college tuition and that a growing number of Americans are
flocking to Europe to receive free education.
In Europe, there are several countries that have free college tuition. Many European students are
receiving benefits from this decision. Now, a number of American students are going to
countries such as Germany to pursue free college tuition. If the U.S. were to implement free
college education, people from other countries would be coming here to receive free tuition.

Lane, Jason, and Cross-Border Education Research Team. “Free College Explained in a Global
Context.” The Conversation, 23 Apr. 2018,

New York’s Governor has given undergraduates at City University of New York and State
University of New York free college tuition for families making less than $120,000 a year.

In New York, there has been a successful way for students to receive free college tuition. This
way is successful so that families who cannot afford college due to low income are now able to
pay, and those who can afford will pay, with the help of other scholarships and grants.

Marcus, Jon, and Holly K. Hacker. “College Costs Rising Fastest for Poor Students.” The
Hechinger Report, The Hechinger Report, 4 June 2015,
In College Costs Rising Faster for Poorer Students, the authors explain that college tuition for
low-income students are quacking increasing while higher income family’s tuition is gradually
increasing or even also reducing.

While tuition is rising, it becomes harder for low-income families to pay for college. This is why
college tuition should be free or reduced.

“On the Issues: It's Time to Make College Tuition Free and Debt Free.” Bernie Sanders,
Bernie Sanders is trying to propose a plan for all American students going to college. In the
article he references how other European countries have done this before, so it shouldn’t be hard
for the U.S. to do the same.
As a Senator or a government official that cares for the people, Bernie Sanders stresses the
failure to send students to college because of the cost of tuition should be prepared.

Osterndorf, Chris. “Bernie Sanders Is Right: College Should Be Free for Everyone.” The Daily Dot,
11 Dec. 2015,

In California, students have proposed a plan to reduce the cost of college education for California
residents and students. This was done by granting four years of free tuition according to certain
In California there has been a successful way for students to be granted 4 years of free tuition, due
to certain factors, such as their GPA or family income. This plan can also be implemented in other
states, due to its proposal and success.

Salgado, Juan. "When Community College is Free." New York Times (Online), 19 Sep, 2017, pp.
n/a. SIRS Issues Researcher,
In Chicago there is a free community college to students who have earned a B or higher in high
school. Because of this proposal the demographics and statistics show that many of the numbers
have increased in that community college.
In this Chicago free community college, a lot of minority groups, first generation students and
low-income students are now able to go to college.

Sanders, Bernie. “Bernie Sanders: Make College Free for All.” The Washington Post, WP
Company, 22 Oct. 2015,

The cost of tuition at an in-state college equals to the minimum wage of a worker for the entire
year. Because the cost of college is so expensive, many students drop out, graduate with debt, or
do not attend college at all.
Student loan debt is now $1.3 trillion in the U.S. Many students have not gone to college,
dropped out, or graduated with debt due to student loans. This is why tuition should be reduced
or free.

Sanders, Bernie. "Public College should be Free." Washington Post, 23 Oct, 2015, pp. A.23. SIRS
Issues Researcher,

In 1890, public schools were now a reality. Because public high schools were now free, by 1940
half of the student population were graduating. By 2013 the percentage increased to 81 percent.
The same way public high schools became free, and the attendance and enrollement of students
increased, the same thing can happen for public college institutions.

Teicher Khadaroo, Stacy. “As College Prices Soar, Poorest Students Fall Further Behind.” The
Christian Science Monitor, The Christian Science Monitor, 29 Apr. 2016,

In the quote from As College Prices Soar Poorest Students Fall Further Behind, the author infers
that affordability is making it very difficult for lower income families to stay in college.
Affordability plays a significant role in the decision for college students to stay enrolled.
Because college tuition continues to rise, it is becoming difficult for low income family students
to stay in college.