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Investing- Stock Market

Stock- Stock is a partial ownership of the company.

Shares – equal piece of the stock
Stockbroker- somebody who deals with trades; buys, sells stocks on the stock market
Brokerage - is a website or a company that lets you buy and sell your own stocks
and shares.
Portfolio- Your portfolio is the collection of your investments.
IPO- Initial Public Offering- first time a company sell stock is called IPO
ROI – Return on Investment
Yield - is the % gain you get back or money you make from your investment
Bond- is a debt, when you lend money to a company or government with a %
Mutual fund- is a company that manages your money
Volatility- sense of excitements or nervousness, is more like the mood of the
investors and this creates fluctuation.
Bear market- is market that is tending downwards
Bull market- the value of market is going up
Index/indices- means that stock market make different analysis how of the big
companies are doing on the market, to have an idea how the market is operating.
Blue chip stock- is owning stock in a company that is very stable and they have a
successful life in the market for years.
Equity- is what you own or all net assets.