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He is presently the Presiding Judge of the Metropolitan Trial Court Branch 83

in Caloocan City.

He began his career in the academe immediately after passing the Bar
Examinations in 1996, when he first taught political science, governance and
introduction to law in the undergraduate courses at Pasig Catholic College and
the Polytechnic University of the Philippines during his free time as a Practicing
Lawyer. He was later appointed as Assistant City Prosecutor of Manila in 2002
where he emerged as a formidable Prosecutor-litigator while also carving out a
name as a Professor of Law. He gained recognition as a Writer and Critical
Thinker in his works and treatises. He rose to prominence with the publication
of his “The Revised Penal Code” in 2007. And in an almost unprecedented
feat, he simultaneously published a 4-volume series in Special Penal Laws
that coincided with the inclusion of Special Penal Laws as a subject in the
2010 Bar Examination. He also wrote “Politic and Governance with Philippine
Constitution”, “Criminal Law Reviewer (Vol. I)” and “Handbook on Penalties”.

Judge Marlo B. Campanilla is a key figure in the move to improve the

Revised Penal Code by offering readers of his Handbook on Penalties a
clearer picture on how the penal provisions in the RPC has evolved through
interpretations by our very own Supreme Court.

He is the reviewer of choice in Criminal Law and Special Penal Laws in

the University of the Philippines Law Center, which has been consistently
producing bar topnotchers. He is also a lecturer/reviewer for University of
Santo Thomas, San Sebastian College, New Era University, University of
Manila, San Carlos University-Cebu, Sa Jose Recolettos-Cebu, St. Louis
University-Baguio, Xavier University-Cagayan, University of Iloilo, Mindanao
University, Mindanao State University and other prestigious Universities. He is
a consistent crowd drawer in his review lectures at the Bocobo and Malcolm
Halls in the University of the Philippines and in many places he visits. He is
known for his insight, wit and powerful message of expertise in criminal law,
special penal laws and recent jurisprudence.

Judge Campanilla is fortunate to have taught criminal law principles to

six of the top ten examinees in the 2015 Bar Examinations.

As a feather in his cap, he was recently admitted as a PROFESSIONAL

LECTURER at the Philippine Judicial Academy (PHILJA). The FIRST MeTC
Judge to be a member of the Department of Criminal Law of PHILJA. This is a
testament of his dedication to his profession, his craft, and the study of the
law. He is none other than, the Honorable Marlo Bermejo Campanilla, our
speaker for today.