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Technological Overview

One of the researches supported by the University of the Philippines Visayas and funded by the
Department of Science and Technology (DOST) was the study of oyster and mussels in the Philippines,
particularly in the utilization of oyster for food that led to the invention of the oyster powder as an
ingredient for food and condiment. Ernestina Peralta, faculty of the College of Fisheries and researcher
at the Institute of Fish Processing Technology, created two (2) kinds of oyster powder – one from the
oyster meat extract and the other from the oyster meat residue. It aimed to alleviate the market
value of local oysters and increase its competitiveness in the market. The two kinds of oyster
powder that were created have differences in taste and nutritive components, where extract
powder has a stronger taste while the residue powder provide higher levels of nutritional

The idea of oyster powder was derived from the fact that oysters (Crassostrea iredalei) are one of the
famous and abundant seafood in the Philippines, yet remained an underutilized resource and
considered as a low-value commodity. Because of this, Peralta’s research process was able to produce
the products by traditionally drying the oyster meat residue, and spray-drying the meat extract.

Customer Benefits

Oysters consist of different fats, proteins like various amino acids, and as well as minerals such as Zinc,
Iodine, Calcium, and Potassium. It is also rich in Omega-3, known to help lower the risk of heart disease,
depression, dementia, and arthritis. Oyster extract performs many functions, including anti-bacterial,
antihypertensive, anti-oxidation, and anti-cancer activities. Because of this, AminOyster aims to deliver
these goodness of oysters to all.

Potential applications

Oyster meat extract powder and the Oyster residue powder may be applied to soups, salad
dressings, gravies, dips, seasonings, snacks, appetizers, entrees, breads/crackers, dressings/stuffing
along with sodium reduction and flavor enhancement applications. Since Oysters are rich in vitamins,
amino acids, and minerals like taurine and zinc, these powders can also be used in nutraceuticals.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Although oyster powders are not new to the public, especially in the international
market, AminOyster aims to offer the public the first Filipino made Oyster powder made from
locally grown oysters. The process of producing it differs from the ones in the market because
of its chemical-free and simplified method which intends to preserve the oyster’s nutritional

Features and Specifications

AminOyster’s Oyster powder is a nutrient-rich, 100% natural additive that can be an excellent source of
fats, proteins, and minerals that could improve skin complexion, hair, and nails, promotes cardiovascular
health, and helps control blood pressure. The nutritional value of the oyster powder can either be
obtained through the incorporation in food preparation or used as the base material in condiments.