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1.Transaction Type is not updated to FAGLFLEXT

Transaction Code: FB50, FB60
When entering asset acquisition, user will use posting
key:70 and transaction type 100 and enter the asset. This is updated in
the BSEG. In the FAGLFLEXT table there is column transaction type, it is
not updated. This is required for Group reprting from BW to report on
investments in Fixed Assets.


We need to implement the SAP NOte No:990612.

Accordinly, we need to make config setting under assign Scenarios and Customer Fields to
Ledgers-Scenarios by adding new entry
"FIN_CONS".This will update the filed of transaction type.

2.Error when F-44 clear vendor invoice

Can not clear vendor invoice when it paid.
Transaction Code: << F-44 >>


I have simulated the transaction F-44, its working fine for clearing current year transactions.
But problem only with previous year
There is incomplete configuration for Exchange rate differences. This can be addressed
through New Change request
We need to complete the incomplete configuration settings for Exchange rate differences.
This could be addressed through Change request and closing the incident.

3.The payment proposal for foreign vendors

Please be informed that I have a problem to create the proposal
Payment for foreign vendors. Could you please be so kind and let us know how
To prepare the proposal payment for foreign vendors. Please check it and
let us know is this possible to prepare it asap.


I have simulated for the vendor xyz in quality system through

Payment run ( Rundate 10.08.2008 and Identification :Test) and its working fine.But For some
vendor not working, The main reason is that we have to maintain the vendor bank details(IBAN
Details) in the vendor master.
We need to maintain the vendor bank(Payment) details in the vendor master for all the
vendors having payment method "F and X"

Error Message no. GLT2201

4.During the invoice posting in SAP - MIROtransaction is appeared the error message
The field Segment marked as balancing is not filled with any value in
line item 001, even after document splitting."


This issue is due to new G/L.The document spliting characteristics for

General Leger are not defined.This can be addressed through Change request.

I have checked in production systems for the invoice 5678 and profit center already updated. I
have simulated in production systems for same order and
getting below error message.
The total amount debit and credit not tallying so, you need to enter total amount cny 15000 in
the amount column as marked in
After entering the amount , simulate and post. Always ensure the balance column should be
Please check and confirm back to close the incident

We have to cancel accounting document 9753 / 687

We have to cancel accounting document 9753 / 989. It is
created by mistake

Solution :

Please find below my analysis and comments.

1.We can not cancel the accounting document directly as it was generated from SD credit
2. You have already created credit memo and same cancelled by mistake as you mentioned
instead of create the Correction invoice.
Please follow below steps to rectify the issue.
ZRa2 is the billing type and can now able to create the credit memo, by giving the reference of
Return sales order: 878 through
transaction code .VF01
Incase if you want to create Correction Invoice, Please select the billing type Zag2 & proceed
for creation through transaction code
Could you please check and confirm to close the incident.

5.G/L account 1000 not include in FCR

I found that the bank a/c 1000 is missing in your revaluation file
and it seems like this account has not been revaluated. Can you
help to check why this account is missing?

Solution :

I have tested in quqlity and getting error messages “postings to G/L account 1000 with open
item management are not permitted”. So we
can’t post to a/c.1000.Need to give another a/c as balance sheet adjustment account in OBA1
settings for g/l account 1951007 as
GL Accounts Currency Balance sheet adj at Loss account Gain Account
1000 1000 20910 30910
Need to change G/L a/c /give another g/l account without open item management In the above
field “balance sheet adj” .
NOTE: I have checked other accounts also in oba1 settings, all g/l accounts having without
open item management.
Please check and revert back


try to post incomming bank statement to

customerX but SAP automatically change customerX to CustomerY. And no
choice to change. But we have invoice to 56900. It should be
changable or some popup menu to choice.

This account is related to branch(customer X) and head office concept(Customer Y)
Whenever posting to the Branch account it will automatically get posted to Head office
The SAP concept of Branch and Head office as below
Head office account number (in branch accounts)
This field contains the account number of the head office.
This account number is only specified for branch accounts. All postings for which the account
number of the branch is specified, are
automatically posted to the head office account. The account number of the branch affected is
noted in the line items.
No line items or balances are managed in the branch account.
Proposed Solution:
You can clear if you have invoice in branch account and advance in the head office account
through transaction code F-30/F-04

Could you pls check and advise we have issue with creating accounting
document to the invoice cancelation. For example invoice 2000
we've done cancellation via VF11
and if to check header of the document in the tab header in field
posting status is error in accountin interface

Solution :

Analysis :
The Reason for not releasing the accounting document for cancelled Billing Document is that,
the cancelled document 2000 was
created on 1.02.2010 with the billing date 30.03.2010,
As per the setting the accounting document will not be generated if the cancellation or
creation of billing document with
last month’s date (previous period).
Solution :
Change the Billing date from 31.03.2010 to any of the current period’s date and save the
document, now it will create the
accounting document
Steps to Change the date of biling document date
Go to VF02 enter the billing document and enter the billing document.
Go to header and change the billing date to current date and save it.
After saving the document the accounting document will be created automatically
Could you please check and confirm to close the incident.

Double payment into proposal from one Vendor's DP request

Double payment into proposal from oneVendor's
DP request. Paid DP requests are not cleared and can come to another
proposal and can be paid again.
Transaction Code: << f-47 - creation DP request and F110 - creation
proposal. f.e DP request 6800 included into proposal 70500 and
paid 29 March and also today 09 Apr into proposal 60600 with green

Solution :

Please find below my analysis and comments

The DP request was picked in payment proposal(Run Id .70500) on dated 29th march and got
reversed on 29th March and clearing
document4910 and reversed by document no335. Hence DP set as open item
Again The DP request was picked in payment proposal ( Run Id. ) on dated 16th April and got
reversed on 26th April and clearing
document17565 and reversed by document no18279.
Due to the above reason , the Original DP set as open item again. And same got picked in the
next payment proposal(Run ID: )
and the blocked for payment in the proposal.
Could you please check and confirm to close the incident

CO issues :

1: Fi and COPA doesnot matching:

Reason: in case if cost element category is 12, it will update in cost center level as statistical only.
Solution: need to post KE21N in COPA inorder to reconcile

2.Target cost not got calculated:

Reason: In caes, no standard cost estimate found at the time of Delivery, system will not calcualte Target cost

Sol: Do GR for one more quantity and calcualte variance then system will calcualte Taget cost, reverse the GR now.

3: some billing docs not moving to COPA

Solution: execute KE4S, then system will create new COPA docs.

4. cost calculation seems to be incorrect?

The planned cost will pickup from cost center / activity planning(KP26).The default values
maintaintained by the user.
The values can be input /change through transaction code KP26.
Hope this will answer to your queries.


e can't post transaction (FB70) for warranty
reimbursement invoice. simulation is ok, but can't post it with
"Balancing field "Segment" in the line item 001 not filled". In this
line we have account 8000 and segment is filled (for commission
invoice with acc 3000 everithing is ok)

Solution :

Issue : The document unable to post while processing transaction through transaction code
FB70 and occurring error “"Balancing
field "Segment" in line item 001 not filled”
Analysis :
1. The above error occurring particularly for G/L account 8000- Warranty
reimbursement - intercompany But we
can able to post the G/L account 3000- Commission revenue Group companies - indent .
2. I have cheked that the G/L account 8000 is belong to Expenses category and the G/L
account 3000 related to Revenue
Category in the Document Split configuration settings and screen shots as below
3. But as per configuration settings , the configuration has done only for Revenue category
and there is no settings mentioned
for expenses category in the document split rule for item category customer and screen shots
as below
Select customer category and click on base item category.
In the above screen , we need to add the Category “ 20000-Expenses”
4. Because of the above reason , the document unable to post for particular G/L account and
getting error” Balancing field
"Segment" in line item 001 not filled”
Proposed Solution :
We need to added the category “ (20000-Expenses) in the Item Category “ (02000-Customer)
for the business transaction ‘’(0200-
customer Invoice)” as shown in the below screen
The solution would be:
Warranty refunds are given as Credit Notes from Product Companies. There should be booked
as Vendor Credit Notes. This way you can
credit the vendor account. This might not be acceptable for saudhi since you wanna show this
as receivable. The other option then
To book the receivable to Balance sheet account and then from the Balance sheet account
transfer ti expenses.

6. Standard cost estimates

7. Pa transfer structure incomplete

8. Costing error while creating production order