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ission: We create engaging environments for student growth and success.

Vision: We will inspire learners and leaders to create positive change in the world through self
discovery, connection to community, commitment to action, and love of learning.

We will dedicate ourselves, individually and collectively, to student learning, community, citizenship,
and success – through compassion, engagement, innovation, and action.

Goals: The Division of Student Affairs will focus our energy and resources on the following aspects of
community development:

We will create environments that strengthen holistic personal development and well-being of

We will cultivate a positive, inclusive and engaging campus community where multiple perspectives
are openly shared and can thrive.

We will be a teaching and learning organization. We will enhance our own knowledge and the
knowledge of others.

We will develop global citizens who are prepared and empowered to make meaningful contributions
that are socially relevant.

The Division of Student Affairs is a dynamic organization. The lively nature of the work and
relationships requires consistent engagement and leadership. The life of the organization is multi-
faceted, which enables us to contribute to the advancement of student learning and the success of
the Oregon State University mission in countless ways.

The Division of Student Affairs includes Career Services; Counseling and Psychological Services; Dean
of Student Life; Disability Access Services; Housing and Dining Services; Intercultural Student
Services; Memorial Union; New Student Programs and Family Outreach; Recreational Sports;
Research, Evaluation and Planning; Student Conduct and Community Standards; Student Health
Services; Student Leadership and Involvement; and Student Media. The Division provides essential
leadership for the out-of-classroom education of students, the co-curriculum which complements
and supplements the academic areas, and the various services necessary for successful retention and
Vision Statement

Student services Division will provide services which enable outstanding student experiences.

Mission Statement

Student Services Division will contribute to the University’s mission by working in partnership with
the University community to provide high quality, innovative and accessible services.

The Division will achieve its Mission by fostering a caring, positive, unique student experience and
campus environment. Student Services Division staff will strive to provide quality co-ordinated
services which are student focussed and are integrated with those of the wider University
community. This will be achieved through recognition of diversity, being culturally sensitive and
responsive to change and by investing in the specialised skills and knowledge of its people.

Core Values

Excellence, in

• provision of accessible, relevant and responsive services.

• provision of services in a thoughtful and open manner.

• provision of services that enjoy a strong and trusted relationship with the community they

Knowledge, encompassing

• its relevance to the needs of students and staff across the University.

• appropriately trained, recruited, and skilled staff to provide excellent service.

• understanding of the issues facing tertiary students and how best to support them.

• the ability to engage, encourage, listen and respond to student needs.

Leadership, in

• Wellbeing of students to provide and foster:

o healthy Lifestyles;

o high quality social spaces;

o high quality extracurricular activities;

o sustainable practices;
o recognition and acceptance of diversity.

Treaty-based Partnership, by

• Ensuring that staff have an understanding of the goals of the University of Otago’s Māori.
Strategic Framework and how this Framework can be applied in their work environment.

• Incorporating te reo Māori, using the dialect of mana whenua on divisional stationery and

Partnership, with

• All University staff in provision of services and student success initiatives.

• International and national tertiary institutions where there is a particular affinity, to ensure a
high quality of academic support and pastoral care.

• Community and various stakeholders.

Collegiality and Collaboration, with and between

• OUSA and the student body generally.

• Student Service areas.

• Academic and General staff and Alumni across all campuses of the University.

• Community organisations and groups.

• Employers of our graduates.

• The necessary local authorities to ensure a successful ‘gown/town’ relationship.

Ethical Standards, encompassing

• Commitment to continuous improvement in service levels.

• Professional standards and Ethics.

• Institutional and individual conduct of the highest level.

• Respecting and valuing others.

• Respect for and protection of the environment.

Equity and Social Justice, encompassing

• Access to quality services.

• Equity in employment.

• Equity in educational opportunities.

• Support for full and equal participation and outcomes for all groups in society.
Stewardship, of

• health, safety and wellbeing of students.

Strategic Imperatives: An Overview

The University’s Strategic Direction to 2020 provides seven strategic imperatives and each imperative
addresses an area regarded as vital to the future of the University.

Student Services has identified five strategic imperatives which align with the imperatives listed in
the University’s Strategic Direction to 2020 and provide the framework for the Division’s Strategic

Outstanding Student Experiences

Outstanding Campus Environments

Commitment as a Local, National and Global Citizen

Strengthening Engagement

Sustaining Capability

1 Outstanding Student Experiences

This will be achieved by:

• supporting a safe and stimulating learning environment to

o develop life skills complementary to academic learning.

o provide holistic pastoral care for all students.

o proactively engage with students and provide opportunities for the student voice to be

• developing in partnership with academic staff, an environment that improves student

retention and achievement by

o Collaborating regularly with academic departments and participating in University. initiatives

to explore how student services can assist in improving student achievement.

o Establishing clear and efficient pathways for academic departments to obtain assistance in
supporting students at risk.

• recognising and celebrating the diversity of the University community by

o fostering pathways for Māori, Pacific Islands and disabled students, as well as other under-
represented groups.

o establishing, developing and strengthening links with community and iwi networks, both
external and internal in order to enrich the diversity of the University environment.
o contributing towards a positive culture which enables all students’ ongoing participation in
their university experience.

• improving recruitment, retention, achievement and future employment of Māori students

through the provision of responsive services that

o encourage and promote participation by Māori students in the campus environment.

o provide culturally inclusive services which support Māori students in their chosen path.

• improving recruitment, retention, achievement and future employment of Pacific Islands

students through the provision of responsive services that

o encourage and promote participation by Pacific Islands students in the campus environment.

o provide culturally inclusive services which support Pacific Islands students in their chosen

• supporting a healthy campus environment by

o providing and assisting in the provision of high quality recreational activities.

o leading in the provision of a variety of opportunities for students to volunteer and contribute.

o developing and participating in University wide initiatives that focus on health and wellbeing.

2 Outstanding Campus Environments

This will be achieved by:

o using expert knowledge to provide advice on campus development and projects to assist
with the development of stimulating, accessible and safe campus environments.

o maintaining safe and healthy student environments and work places.

3 Commitment as a Local, National and Global Citizen

This will be achieved by:

o strengthening the Division’s commitment to Māori and the principles of the Treaty of
Waitangi and the University of Otago Māori Strategic Framework.

o strengthening the Division’s commitment to Pacific Islands people and the principles of the
University of Otago Pacific Island Strategic Framework.

o collaborating with the Division of External Engagement to enhance the support of

international students.

o engaging with the local community to enhance the relationship with the community and
perception of our students.

o respecting the diversity of our staff and students.

4 Strengthening Engagement

This will be achieved by:

o ensuring awareness of services by appropriate promotion and advertising.

o developing and maintaining effective links between providers to facilitate the successful
provision of services.

o developing and enhancing the relationship with Academic Departments to ensure a

collaborative approach in the support of students.

o fostering and maintaining effective links with other tertiary institutions and providers.

o developing, promoting and sustaining relationships with relevant bodies.

o strengthening relationships with the key external bodies with whom the Division interacts.

5 Sustaining Capability

This will be achieved by:

o ensuring that the Division has the resources to recruit, develop and retain its staff.

o growing and developing a balanced staff profile to meet future service requirements.

o providing an appropriate physical environment for effective provision of services.

o ensuring that all staff receive the support required to equip them with the skills needed to
effectively meet their responsibilities and to advance their careers.

o building strong relationships across the University.

o leveraging the skills of staff and systems to contribute to efficient and sustainable services.


The Student Affairs Division educates and ensures the success of a diverse student population by
creating and fostering a safe, welcoming, and comprehensive community. The Division commits to
excellence in the development and delivery of high quality programs and services to prepare
responsible and contributing members for a global community.

We will be nationally recognized for excellence in Student Affairs.



Facilitate the retention, graduation and career development of a high quality, diverse student


Create and deliver co-curricular programs and services through partnerships with faculty, staff, and
external constituents to ensure the success of students.


Guide students through the process of self discovery and character development.

IV. Foster an environment that is safe, responsive and supportive of a diverse community.


Recruit, develop, support and retain high quality, diverse staff.

VI. Develop and manage financial, physical and technological resources effectively and


The Division of Student Affairs at Bucknell University aspires to be a leader in student-centered

education, fostering dynamic and innovative communities that support transformative development,
challenging students to fulfill their individual potential and positively affect an ever-changing world.


Through work by the individuals and departments within Student Affairs, the division prepares
Bucknellians for meaningful engagement in their campus community and in the globalized world. The
educational programs, activities, services and individual mentoring opportunities sponsored by the
Division intentionally challenge and support students' development across competencies highlighted
in Bucknell University's Educational Goals for students: application of knowledge, intellectual
development, global & cultural awareness, civic engagement & service, identity development, critical
thinking, interpersonal skills, technological knowledge, and lifelong learning.

Student Affairs professionals partner with students, faculty and others to create a vibrant residential
learning community that promotes academic excellence and personal well-being consistent with the
strategic purposes outlined in the Plan for Bucknell: strengthen the academic core, deepen the
residential learning experience, enhance diversity, build bridges, and secure our financial future.


The director of each department within the Division of Student Affairs annually creates program
outcomes and learning outcomes strategically connected to the developmental competencies of
Bucknell's Educational Goals and the strategic purposes in the Plan for Bucknell.

Mission and Goals

Student Affairs and Advancement plays a significant role in preparing Michigan Tech graduates to
make a difference in our world. We seek direction from our mission, vision, and values to provide
innovative student-centered activities, programs and services; promote civic engagement and
responsibility; and develop strong leadership and team-building capabilities, critical thinking, and
ethical awareness.

Our mission

We prepare students to create the future and we make their success our highest priority.

Our vision

Create Possibilities. Inspire Learning. Exceed Expectations.

Our goals

Create Pride and Affinity

Foster Student Success

Cultivate a Culture of Philanthropy

Provide the Michigan Tech Experience

Our values
The success of Michigan Tech students is the most important measure of our progress. Given this,
we are committed to inspiring:

An engaged community that actively seeks improvement through acceptance and understanding.

Students to achieve world-class scholarship through academics, research, and continued learning.

The exploration and creation of all possibilities through innovative use of their skills and knowledge.

Individuals to hold themselves accountable, and to act with integrity, honesty, and diligence.

The tenacity required to make ethical choices and to persevere through all obstacles.

Our learning outcomes

Students engaged in programs, initiatives, and experiences offered by Student Affairs and
Advancement will:

Understand and act as ethically and civically engaged leaders.

Develop communication skills necessary to adapt and engage effectively in groups.

Acquire and demonstrate personal responsibility and accountability.

Obtain and apply intercultural knowledge to thrive in our global society.

Exhibit a sense of pride and affinity for Michigan Tech.