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Very Easy 1 Home games are in capital letters, Away games are in small letters
Easy 2
Easy to Avg 3 Select current GW 12
Avg to Hard 4 You can alter the fixture difficulty assumptions by changing the input values in the ma
Hard 5
Very Hard 6 1 Indicates number of fixtures still to be arranged

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
0 Arsenal new LIV mun SWA bla BOL tot SUN STO che ARS nor
0 Aston Villa ful BLA WOL eve NEW qpr WIG mci WBA sun AVL tot
0 Blackburn WOL avl EVE ful ARS new MCI qpr TOT nor BLA wig
0 Bolton qpr MCI liv MUN NOR ars CHE wig SUN swa BOL wba
0 Chelsea sto WBA NOR sun mun SWA bol EVE qpr ARS CHE LIV
1 Everton QPR bla AVL WIG mci LIV che ful MUN EVE WOL
0 Fulham AVL wol new BLA MCI wba QPR sto EVE wig FUL sun
0 Liverpool SUN ars BOL sto tot WOL eve MUN NOR wba LIV che
0 Man City SWA bol tot WIG ful EVE bla AVL mun WOL MCI NEW
0 Man United wba TOT ARS bol CHE sto NOR liv MCI eve MUN swa
0 Newcastle ARS sun FUL qpr avl BLA wol TOT WIG sto NEW mci
0 Norwich wig STO che WBA bol SUN mun SWA liv BLA NOR ARS
0 QPR BOL eve wig NEW wol AVL ful BLA CHE tot QPR sto
0 Stoke City CHE nor wba LIV sun MUN swa FUL ars NEW STO QPR
0 Sunderland liv NEW swa CHE STO nor WBA ars bol AVL SUN FUL
0 Swansea mci WIG SUN ars WBA che STO nor wol BOL SWA MUN
1 Tottenham mun MCI wol LIV wig ARS new bla QPR TOT AVL
0 West Brom MUN che STO nor swa FUL sun WOL avl LIV WBA BOL
0 Wigan NOR swa QPR mci eve TOT avl BOL new FUL WIG BLA
0 Wolves bla FUL avl TOT QPR liv NEW wba SWA mci WOL eve

Fixture Inputs

Fixture Difficulty Inputs

Fixture Difficulty Calculations

ng the input values in the matrix from rows 66 - 105

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
FUL wig EVE mci avl WOL QPR ful swa MUN bol BLA sun TOT liv NEW
swa MUN bol LIV ARS sto che SWA EVE wol QPR new MCI wig bla FUL
sto SWA sun WBA BOL liv mun STO FUL eve NEW ars QPR mci AVL wol
EVE tot AVL ful bla NEW WOL eve mun LIV ARS nor WIG che mci QPR
WOL new MCI wig tot FUL AVL wol SUN nor swa MUN eve BOL wba STO
bol STO ars NOR SWA sun wba BOL avl BLA MCI wig CHE liv qpr TOT
ars LIV swa BOL MUN che nor ARS bla NEW WBA mci STO qpr WOL avl
MCI ful QPR avl wig BLA NEW mci STO bol wol TOT mun EVE ARS sun
liv NOR che ARS STO wba sun LIV wig TOT eve FUL avl BLA BOL swa
NEW avl WOL qpr ful WIG BLA new BOL ars STO che LIV nor tot WBA
mun CHE nor SWA WBA bol liv MUN QPR ful bla AVL tot WOL SUN ars
QPR mci NEW eve wol TOT FUL qpr wba CHE sun BOL swa MUN sto WIG
nor WBA liv MUN SUN swa ars NOR new WIG avl WOL bla FUL EVE bol
BLA eve TOT wol mci AVL WIG bla liv WBA mun SUN ful SWA NOR che
WIG wol BLA tot qpr EVE MCI wig che SWA NOR sto ARS wba new LIV
AVL bla FUL new eve QPR TOT avl ARS sun CHE wba NOR sto wig MCI
wba BOL sto SUN CHE nor swa WBA WOL mci WIG liv NEW ars MUN eve
TOT qpr WIG bla new MCI EVE tot NOR sto ful SWA wol SUN CHE mun
sun ARS wba CHE LIV mun sto SUN MCI qpr tot EVE bol AVL SWA nor
che SUN mun STO NOR ars bol CHE tot AVL LIV qpr WBA new ful BLA
29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38
eve AVL qpr MCI wol WIG CHE sto NOR wba
BOL ars CHE liv STO mun SUN wba TOT nor
SUN bol MUN wba LIV swa NOR tot WIG che
avl BLA wol FUL new TOT SWA sun WBA sto
mci TOT avl WIG ful NEW ars QPR liv BLA
ARS swa WBA nor SUN sto mun FUL wol NEW
SWA mun NOR bol CHE liv WIG eve SUN tot
qpr WIG new AVL bla FUL WBA nor CHE swa
CHE sto SUN ars WBA nor wol MUN new QPR
wol FUL bla QPR wig AVL EVE mci SWA sun
NOR wba LIV swa BOL che STO wig MCI eve
new WOL ful EVE tot MCI bla LIV ars AVL
LIV sun ARS mun SWA wba TOT che STO mci
tot MCI wig WOL avl EVE new ARS qpr BOL
bla QPR mci TOT eve WOL avl BOL ful MUN
ful EVE tot NEW qpr BLA bol WOL mun LIV
STO che SWA sun NOR bol qpr BLA avl FUL
wig NEW eve BLA mci QPR liv AVL bol ARS
WBA liv STO che MUN ars ful NEW bla WOL
MUN nor BOL sto ARS sun MCI swa EVE wig