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ASSIGNMENT 6- BI by DMS ConAnalytix (2017SMF6685 -ANKIT AGARWAL)

The Plan (Software Used- IBM SPSS)

1. Data Cleansing

Firstly, the data is cleansed by replacing all the missing values in the data by -99999.00 so that the data
record with missing value is not ignored by the SPSS. Now, the cleansed data is fed in the Data View of

2. Variable Categorization

In the Variable View of SPSS, the following 6 attributes of data are considered as Nominal type as they
have values either 1 or 0. Here, ‘1’ indicates ‘YES’ value and ‘0’ indicates ‘NO’ value for the attribute.

 Digital Integration, Twitter Presence, Facebook Presence, Youtube Presence, LinkedIn Presence,
Instagram Presence

In the Variable View of SPSS, the following 11 attributes of data are considered as Numerical type (Scale)
in the SPSS as they have integer values.

 No. of Tweets, No. of Facebook likes, No. of Youtube Videos, Youtube Channel Views, No. of Youtube
Subscribers, No. of LinkedIn Updates, No. of LinkedIn Followers, No. of employees in LinkedIn, No. of
Instagram Posts, No. of Instagram Followers, Annual Sales

3. Linear Regression

Now, a Linear Regression analysis is run in the SPSS with Annual Sales as Dependent Variable and all
other 16 Social Media Marketing variables as Independent Variables.

Here, Backward method of regression is considered with 95% as confidence interval. In this method, in
the first iteration all independent variables are considered and gradually in the subsequent iterations
insignificant independent variables i.e. Sig (or probability value) > 0.05 are removed on by one till all the
considered independent variables turn out as significant i.e. Sig (or probability value) < 0.05.

4. Inference

The R-squared value of the regression turns out as 0.605 in the last iteration which suggests that about
60% of variation in the Annual Sales of a company is expressed by the variation in the following
significant independent variables.

 No. of Instagram Posts

 No. of Instagram Followers
 No. of LinkedIn Updates
 No. of employees in LinkedIn

The analysis suggests that these 4 independent social media marketing variables significantly drive the
Annual Sales of a company and other independent social media marketing variables are statistically
insignificant. The regression equation is as follows considering all the coefficients derived as per the
regression analysis.

Annual Sales= 3289.63 -0.418 (No. of Instagram Posts) +0.374 (No. of Instagram Followers) -0.206 (No of
LinkedIn Updates) +0.201 (No. of employees in LinkedIn)

5. Recommendation

It is recommended that the agency puts more efforts & money on Instagram and LinkedIn social media
marketing platforms and not focus on other platforms like Facebook, Youtube & Twitter to entail
increase in Annual Sales. The consideration should be given to LinkedIn & Instagram platforms as per the
weightages mentioned in above Regression equation.
6. SPSS Output Snapshots