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How To Replace the front wheel disc pad of the Supra X 125

The brake is the most important part in driving safety, to keep the brake performance to
work properly it is required to replace the brake disc pad replacement at a certain time. To
replace the disc brake canvas Supra X 125 motor, which must be prepared is a screwdriver
with star shape size T30, T40 (for front brake), L5 (for the rear brake) and a large minus
shape screwdriver. Previously of course you have to buy a good brake canvas bought from
an auto parts store that sells genuine parts. Disc pad replacement steps are as follows:

1. First, use a minus screwdriver to open the lid, then use a T30 star screwdriver to
loosen the two bolts. The component is shown by an arrow, inside which is a bolt
that holds the brake canvas,

2. Second, Turn counterclockwise to loosen the bolt. No need to open first, simply
made loose just the two bolts

3. Once loose, Then open two screws as shown in the image below using a T40 star
4. After remove the two screws , remove the disc brake block,

5. After removal and then loose back two bolts that hold the brake canvas, do not
need to be removed simply pulled in the figure.

6. Take out two disc brake pad that will be replaced with a new one
7. Once open to the two canvases that will be replaced, then press the hydraulic pusher
to the inside, so that later simplify the installation of a new canvas, can use a
screwdriver or other tools but be careful not to have any parts scratched / damaged,

8. Then clean the dirt around the brake blocks using a dry cloth to clean.
9. Take the new disk pad
10. Then install two new disc pad, it's easy to install it just replace the disc pad position
that was opened earlier.
11. The first one is a disc pad that touches the hydraulic pusher, pairs followed by
pushing the two bolts in order to lock.

12. After the first one is installed then attach the second disc pad, the same as the first,
follow by pushing in two bolts to lock, then tighten the bolts using a T30 star
13. Replace the disc brake pads, tighten all screws, check the tension.
14. Clean the disc block
15. Pump the brake handle to make sure the brack is function
16. The front brake is ready for use