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REC: Store data; VII.

Installing the Battery

MENU: Configures the Tester To install the battery:
ź: Scroll down/ select USB communication, auto power off or recording 1) Unscrew the battery cover shown as in the Figure below:
time interval settings;
ENTER: To confirm;
②  Sensor connection cable;
③ Probe( long/short probe and magnet mount available to replace)

V. LCD Display
1. Battery symbol: indicates present remaining electricity. Four grades:
3 bars: sufficient electricity 2) Place 9V (G6F22 6F22) battery into the battery compartment. Be aware
2 bars: relatively sufficient of the battery polarity. Then screw up the battery cover shown as below:
1 bar: electricity will be
depleting, please replace
Empty: electricity has
depleted, you have to replace
battery. The battery symbol
shall flicker.
I. Overview 2. aP: acceleration indicator
3. Vrms: velocity indicator
UT313/UT315 Portable Vibration Tester, based on artificial polarization
4. dp-p: displacement indicator
piezoelectric effect, can measure the vibration of machineries, especially VIII. Check the Battery at Power-On
machines in rotation or reciprocating motion, which is widely used in 5. : Backlight indicator
machinery manufacture, power supply, metallurgy, or other industrial fields. 6. m/s2: acceleration unit indicator 1 Press POWER key to power on.
In velocity measurement, LCD display the velocity unit m/s Refer to the Figure on the right:
Press down
II. Configuration 7. cm/s: velocity unit indicator
Main unit 1 pc 8. mm: displacement unit indicator
Sensor 1 pc 9. Data record number display area
9V battery 1 pc 10. 10-500Hz: 10Hz-500Hz indicator
English manual 1 pc 11. 10-1kHz:10Hz-1kHz indicator.
Warranty card 1 pc 12. HOLD: data hold is active
Long probe 1 pc 13. 10-10kHz: 10Hz-10kHz indicator
Short probe 1 pc 14. DATA: data storage indicator
Magnet mount 1 pc 15. : Automatic power-off function indicator
16. USB: USB indicator
III. Features 2 Press and hold the button, LCD will show full display for 1 second,
17. MAX: maximum measurement indicator
★ Intuitive LCD for measured values and status; release it and the Tester start to work. It defaults at Acceleration mode,
18. Measured value display area
★ Measures acceleration, velocity and display; USB Off and APO On status at power-on. if LCD screen displays symbol
★ Different frequencies available for your option; or , please replace battery timely. Refer to the following
VI. Selecting a Test Method Figure for details:
★ Adopts high-sensitivity sensor to maintain accurate measurements;
There are four test methods available, please select one suitable for your
★ Supply long & short probes to cover demands at various sites;
real need:
★ Offer magnet mount to free your hands during the measurement;
1) Measure with Short Probe: This probe is assembled when shipped.
★ Low battery indication; This kind of method has wide applications and offers good measurement
★ Auto power off; result. See the Figure as below:
★ Backlight function; Press POWER key to power off immediately.
★ Max. mode;
★ USB communication(for UT315 only);
IX. Operation Instruction
★ Data hold and storage 1. Measuring Acceleration
2) Measure with Long Probe: This probe is packed as an accessory when 1) Press “ A ´EXWWRQWRDFFHVVDFFHOHUDWLRQPRGH/&'ZLOOVKRZɚS
IV. Tester Description shipped, which has limited applications or target at special objects, 10kHz and m/s 2 icons. The Tester usually defaults to “m/s2 ” mode. See
featuring fast response. See the Figure as below: the Figure below for details:
POWER: Press to turn on the Meter, keep holding the button and LCD
shows a full display for 1 second;
release to return to normal
operation. Repress to turn off the
Tester. 1
3) Measure with Magnet Mount: This probe is packed as an accessory 2) Select a suitable test method to perform the measurement, the reading
A: Press to measure acceleration; when shipped, mainly used on flat ferrous objects, such elevator. See
V: Press to measure velocity; will show on LCD, check the Figure below:
3 the Figure as below:
D: Press to measure displacement;
HOLD: Free the data, repress to
disable the function.
MAX: Display maximum reading.
   : Turn on/off the backlight; 2. Measuring Velocity
READ: View recorded data; 4) Measure without an Accessory: Used on flat surface of object to get a 1) Press “ V ” to enter velocity mode, LCD will show Vrms, 10-1kHz and
&/($5Ÿ: Clear recorded data/scroll stable reading, See the Figure as below: cm/s icons, See the Figure below for details:
up/select USB communication, auto
power off or recording time interval
2) Select a suitable test method to perform the measurement, the reading DWWKHPRPHQWVKRZV'$7$DQG5(&LFRQVWKHQSUHVV³Ÿź´WR Appendix:
will show on LCD, check the Figure below: LQFUHDVHGHFUHDVHWKHWLPHRUORQJSUHVV³Ÿź´WRLQFUHDVHGHFUHDVH a. Vibration Severity ( IS02372 )
quickly. The time can be set within 0.5~255 seconds. Finally press Vibration Strength Machinery Category
ENTER to save and access next option—factory default, LCD will show Vibration velocity Vrms(mm/s)
“ DEF? ” ( Pressing ENTER will reset the Tester to factory settings —
USB0, APO1, 60s and clear all recorded data. If with MENU pressed
down, the Tester will go into measurement selected before the menu
3. Measuring Displacement
setup, or if turning off the Tester when setting the menu, the Tester will
1) Press “ D ” to enter displacement mode, LCD will show dp-p, 10-500Hz automatically save the setup status, and there is no need to reset after
and mm icons, See the Figure below for details: returning on the Tester ).

★ Measurement with use of short probe is applicable for both high-and
low-frequency vibration.
2) Select a suitable test method to perform the measurement, the reading ★ Measurement with use of long-probe is applicable for only low-frequency 45
will show on LCD, check the Figure below: vibration. Please use the short probe when measuring acceleration at a
frequency> 1kHz. Note:
★ The Tester will turn off automatically after 3 minutes’ inactivity. (1) I Category: Small Machinery( <15kW); II Category: Medium Machinery
( 15kW~75kW ); III Category: Large Machinery; IV Category: Large
X. Maintenance Primary Machinery (the basis ).
1) Working Environment: UT313/UT315 is a precision vibration tester, which (2) A, B, C, D: Vibration Severity. A: Good; B: Satisfactory, C: Unsatisfactory,
should be protected from any shock, impact, moisture, strong D: Unacceptable. The Vrms value should be measured from three axes
4. Max. Mode of driveshaft.
Press MAX button in measuring mode to capture Max. reading, MAX icon electromagnetic field, oil and dust.
2) Replacing and Maintaining the battery b. Maximum Vibration Allowed for Machinery with > 1 horse power ( NEMA
displays simultaneously and the captured Max. reading for the
a. When low battery indicator “ ” shows, please replace the battery MG1-12.05)
measurement appears. Repress to disable the function. timely. Rotating speed Peak-peak displacement amplitude
5. Data Hold b. To avoid any battery leakage or serious damage to the Tester, please
3000~4000 25.4
Press HOLD to enter data hold mode, indicated by HOLD icon on LCD, take out the battery if not in use for a long time.
3) Do not attempt to disassemble the Tester to alter its circuits randomly. 1500~2999 38.1
and the measured value currently obtained will be frozen. Repress to
4) Cleaning the Casing: Clean the tester surface with soft cloth dampened 1000~1499 50.8
disable the function.
with little water; Alcoholic or solvent is not allowed , for it may cause 999 63.6
6. Backlit Display corrosive damage to the LCD. Note:
Press “ ” button to access backlight mode, indicated by “ ” on LCD, For AC machinery, please use Maximum syn rotation speed; for DC
then LCD will be totally lit up. Repress to exit the function. XI. Warranty machinery, select the rotation speed with Max. power; for series-connected
1) Please refer to Warranty Card for detailed warranty terms or multipurpose machinery, use the working speed.
7. Record Data
Press “REC” to enter manual recording mode, the Tester shows “DATA” 2) The Warranty doesn’t apply to any damage caused by unauthorized c. Maximum Vibration Allowed for Large Induction Machinery ( NEMA MG1-
disassembly and misuse from users, self-alteration on warranty card and 20.52)
icon and records currently measured readings. DATA icon disappears in
absence of purchase proof. Rotating speed Peak-peak displacement amplitude
0.5s. Press REC again to record next data. Long press REC to enter auto
recording mode , DATA flashes on LCD and the Tester will automatically 3000 and higher 25.4
XII. Certification
record the currently measured values at a preset time interval ( See 1500~2999 50.8
The Vibration Tester complies with:
“ Setting the Menu ” for details ) and exit this function if auto recording 1000~1499 63.6
time exceeds 1999 maximum number. 999 76.2
8. Read Data XIII. Technical Specifications Two standards above are formulated by National Electrical Manufacturers
Association (NEMA)
Press “READ” button in order to read recorded data. LCD shows both Specifications Technical Parameters
“ ----- ” on reading and No. display zones if the memory is blank. The d. Preformed winding squirrel-cage induction machinery.
Vibration Collection Piezoelectric accelerometer
Tester will enter measuring mode in 0.5s. If there is any data, the Tester Acceleration Range 0.1m/s2 ~199.9m/s 2 (peak value) Sync rotating speed Peak-peak displacement amplitude ( m)
will automatically display the lasted recorded data and its NO., then press Velocity Range 0.01cm/s~19.99cm/s (true valid value) r/min Plastic support Rigid support
źŸWRGHFUHDVHLQFUHDVHUHFRUGLQJ1RDQGYLHZFRUUHVSRQGLQJGDWD Displacement Range 0.001mm~1.999mm (peak peak value) 720~1499 50.8 63.6
quickly; Or press REC button to increment data No. by 100, if recording 3000 25.4 25.4
No. is less than 100 or you have already go up to No.1999, the Tester will Frequency Range (for Acceleration) 10HZ ~ 10kHZ
The standard is formulated by American Petroleum Institute.
automatically return to recording No. 1 and its recorded data. Except
e. ISO/IS2373 the electric quality standard based on vibration velocity.
buttons mentioned above and “ ” button, other buttons are invalid in Frequency Range (for Velocity) 10HZ ~ 1kHZ
Axis height H mm
this working mode. Press READ again to exit.
Quality grade Rotating speed maximum vibration velocity rms(mm/s)
Frequency Range(for Displacement) 10HZ ~ 500HZ r/min
9. Clear Data 80<H<132 132<H<225 225<H<400
Method 1: Press and hold “CLEAR” button while pressing “POWER ” to LCD Display Digital; 1999-count N Normal 600~3600 1.8 2.8 4.5
turn on the Tester, release “POWER” button, CLR icon will appear on Display Update Period 1 second 600~1800 0.71 1.12 1.8
R Good
Power 1800~3600 1.12 1.8 2.8
LCD, indicating the records have already been cleared. 9V alkaline battery
600~1800 0.45 0.71 1.12
Method 2: Clear data by resetting the Meter to factory default (See Current Under Sleep Mode 1uA S Special 0.71
1800~3600 1.12 1.8
“ Setting the Menu ” for details ). Working Current 25mA
Grade N limit value recommended in the table is only applicable to common
Backlight Off Time Press backlight key to shut off machinery.
10. Setting the Menu
Auto Power Off automatically power off after 3 minutes'
Press “MENU” button to enter the menu, it defaults to USB0 item which inactivity ** END **
USB1 which indicates the communication is enabled. USB icon shows on Working Temperature 0 50
LCD under this setup. If READ button is pressed down under menu setup Working Humidity 20%RH 80%RH
mode, USB1 icon flashes and data in the memory will be transferred to Storage Temperature -20 60
PC, with the transfer completed, press ENTER to save and go into next
menu option --- APO setup. APO1 is to enable auto power off function, Low Battery Indicator Shows when battery voltage<7V
LQGLFDWHGE\³´LFRQRQ/&'3UHVV³Ÿź´WRFKDQJHWR$32WR Dimension 166mm X 80mm X 30mm
disable the function or repress to return to APO1. Finally press ENTER to Weight 395g
save and enter next menu option—Time Interval for auto recording, LCD Altitude 2000 m