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SWOT Analysis Of Gujarat Tourism:

1. The campaign has a very strong brand ambassador in the

form of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.
2. The campaign has been a great success in terms of its
visibility on various media.
Strength 3. The campaign manages to create a good visual impact.
4. The campaign effectively showcases the diversity in Gujarat.

1. Gujarat is not traditionally known as a tourist destination,

hence the branding is challenging
2. The campaign has been a late starter in the much popular
digital space

1. Gujarat is quite an unexplored state, which the campaign can

take advantage of
2. Domestic tourism has bloomed in India over the recent years
3. The campaign can increase its reach by effectively using the
Opportunities social media space

1. There are many competing campaigns from other Indian

states like Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra etc.
2. The emergence of the neighbouring South-East Asian
countries as popular tourist destinations can hamper
Threats domestic tourism
3. Every campaign has a shelf life and so does this one.

PESTEL Analysis:

 government is exploring various avenues to popularize

Gujarat as a tourist destination
Political Factor  state has set marketing budget of Rs 45-50 cr to promote
 Government of Gujarat in partnership with Federation of
Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).
 Different taxes like Luxury Tax, Entertainment Tax and
Sales Tax are rationalized to encouraged tourism project

 Gujarat contributes close to 25-31 % of the total medical
tourism business in India
 The average foreign tourist spend per person per day is close
to USD 700 to 1050
Economic Factor:  The average contribution of tourism industry to the Gujarat
State’s GDP is close to 2.5%.
 Gujarat is also the State with the highest number of domestic
 Gujarat has got good connectivity options to most tourist
spots. Most of the tourism spots are connected via State
Highways and railways
 Gujarat was ranked 10th in the terms of domestic tourist
arrivals and 16th in international tourist arrivals

 Gujarati people are loveable, kindly & helpful so all tourists

are attract by this culture
 Gujarat place are also showing of Guajarati culture Hindu
and Jain pilgrim centers
Social factor  Gujarat is peaceful & secure state in India so more&more
tourist attract

 Through the technological support like website Gujarat site

increase continuous support and through that increase
Technological tourist.
 help of also media like T.V and News paper to spread across
factor the globe
 Amitabh bachhan being brand ambassador of khusbu
Gujarat ki who is well known actor of glob. so direct attract
of tourist in Gujarat

 natural beauty, rich heritage, ancient archaeological sites and

Environmental a colorful culture
Factor  vibrant melting pot of cultures, traditions and movements
 unique natural landscape and architecture
 holy towns

Legal factor

Porter’s five forces model:

Threat Of New Entrants:- Chhattisgarh Tourism

Threat of Competitors: Kerala Tourism

Maharashtra Tourism

Madhya Pradesh Tourism