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Topic: Colin Kaepernick

Person: Colin Kaepernick

Place: Football Stadiums - Levi’s Stadium aka the birthplace of the movement

Major Events: Timeline- 2016

Aug. 14 and Aug. 20 — Kaepernick goes unnoticed while sitting during the anthem
Aug. 26 — Kaepernick gains attention for his protest
Aug. 28 — Kaepernick expands on his reasoning for the protest
Sept. 1 — Kaepernick takes a knee during the anthem and is joined by teammate Eric Reid
Sept. 1 — Jeremy Lane of the Seattle Seahawks sits during the national anthem
Sept. 4 — Megan Rapinoe kneels during the national anthem in support of Colin Kaepernick
Sept. 9 — Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall takes a knee during the national
anthem at the NFL regular season opener
Sept. 11 — Seahawks, Dolphins, Chiefs and Patriots players demonstrate during nation anthem
Sept. 12 — Eric Reid kneels alongside Colin Kaepernick. 49ers teammates and Rams players
raise their fists
Sept. 16 — All of Garfield High School's football players and coaches kneel during the national
Sept. 16 — Twelve high school football players in Sacramento take a knee during the national
Sept. 17 — Howard University cheerleaders kneel during the national anthem
Sept. 18 — More 49ers join Kaepernick, Dolphins continue protest
Sept. 19 — Four Eagles raise their fists during the anthem
Sept. 20 — Honor Band kneels while playing the national anthem before A's game
Sept. 20 — Marshawn Lynch expresses support for Colin Kaepernick
Sept. 21 — Iman Shumpert announces he will raise money for families impacted by police
Sept. 21 — Entire Indiana Fever team and two Phoenix Mercury players kneel during the
national anthem
Sept. 22 — Colin Kaepernick is featured on the cover of Time magazine
Sept. 22 — Houston's Duane Brown raises a fist while standing during the national anthem
Oct. 1 — Members of East Carolina University's band kneel during the anthem
Oct. 4 - Rockets, Knicks and Celtics stand united during the anthem
Nov. 6 - Brandon Marshall decides to stand during the anthem again
Aug. 12, 2017 - Marshawn Lynch kneels after coming out of retirement
Aug. 13, 2017 - Michael Bennett remains seated during the national anthem


On August 28, 1963, more than 200,000 blacks and whites from all over the United States
gathered for a gigantic civil-rights demonstration in the nation’s capital. It was the largest
demonstration in the history of Washington, D.C. Young and old, black and white, Jew and
Gentile marched shoulder to shoulder from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial.
The purpose was to demand passage of a civil-rights bill and immediate implementation of the
basic guarantees of the Declaration of Independence and the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and
Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution.

Regarded by many as the apex of the nonviolent civil-rights movement, the march brought
together all of the major civil-rights organizations and many religious groups. Among the strong
supporters of the march were the American Jewish Congress, the National Conference of
Catholics for Interracial Justice, and the National Council of Churches. Never before had leading
representatives of the Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish faiths identified so visibly with black
demands. It also marked the first large-scale participation of whites in the civil-rights movement,
and the first determined efforts by the white clergy.

“I Have a Dream”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave the keynote address at the march. In his memorable “I Have a
Dream” speech, delivered in the style of the Southern black Baptist preacher, Dr. King
articulated a dream big enough to include all Americans.

People: Martin Luther King
Place: March on Washington
Major Event: March on Washington on August, 28 1963
Court Cases: https://wearethecity.com/taking-giant-won-bullying-harassment-case-workplace/

People: Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid, and many more

Place: Football Stadiums specifically San Francisco 49ers stadium
Major Event: September, 11th 2016 many other teams neil and raise fist during national anthem
Court Cases: https://hellobeautiful.com/2986900/colin-kaepernick-all-smiles-as-he-heads-to-