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Practice 1

Read the passage on the need for sleep below

Every person needs to sleep no matter the situation they are in. Your body and brain are both
busy on regulate your body while you are sleeping. The heart and lung are still working even
though you are asleep. The heart need to pump blood to every part of your body and the lung
need to provide oxygen for your cell.
Our body goes through a lot of activities during the day. We need to walk to school, do
physical exercises, eating and playing. Therefore at the end of the day, our tired bodies need a
break. Our bodies will rest during the night so it can provide a better physical state for the
next day. That’s why we need to sleep during the night.
Sleep is very important for your body and brain. Most of the children will need to sleep about
8 to 10 hours although some of them need to sleep more or less than others. During the sleep,
your brain sorts through and stores information, replaces chemicals and solves problems.
When you get insufficient sleep, there will be an adverse effect on how you function
and your mood the next day. Your body may feel weak or tired. You cannot finish the work
given by the teacher or following any instruction that is given. You will even argue with your
friend about the things that is not important.
Enough sleep will increase your total performance throughout the day and ensure that
you are in top shape. Take right amount of sleep will help kids to grow as tall and as strong as

Read the passage carefully and answer questions (a) – (i)

(a) Two things that mentioned about sleep in the first paragraph.
The heart and lung

(b) Body and brain are busy even when a person is sleeping. Prove it.
The heart and lung will keep working which the heart will pump blood to every part
of your body and the lung will need to provide oxygen for your cell.
(c) List the two benefits of sleep for the body
(i) Increase total performance along the day
(ii) Will help kids to grow as tall and as strong as possible.
(d) Children need how many hours of sleep
8 to 10 hours of sleep
(e) Fill in the table with and appropriate word/phase from the passage.
Meaning Phrase

(i) Although Even though

(ii) Need to take a rest from one’s
activities Take a break
(iii) Negative consequences Adverse effect

(iv) Efficient and able to work or Top shape

think properly

(e) What does the brain do when the body is at rest or sleeping?
Our body and brain sorts through and stores information, replace chemicals and
solves problems when we sleep.
(f) If a person insufficient sleep, what will happen?
The person will affect his next day mood and fail to function properly.
(g) Person who is in a bad mood is likely to get into a quarrel with a friend? Why?
Give two reasons.
(i)Because they are less determination
(ii) They become more unreasonable
(h) Two suggestions to prepare a person for a good night’s sleep.
(i) Drink a glass of milk before you sleep
(ii) Make your room smell of lavender
Practice 2
Read the passage on the reaching out to people in need below.
Charity is important to help someone that people in need. ‘Boy needs RM 100000 for
heart operation’. I believe that everyone has come across these stories through newspaper or
on social media with our hearts going out to them. But when we think of it, would we really
going to offer something? Would we pick up the phone and do something?
Money is not the only things that can give to those peoples who are in need. Some of
us would said, “Hey I have a family to feed, I have no extra money to help you”. They can
offer a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear if they are feeling the pinch. In this case, if you
are in the vicinity, you can just pay a visit to the boy. It is just as important as giving money.
I already bundled my four children to visit an orphanage near my house. It was on a
Saturday. I had planned some activities for the children in the orphanage and wanted to help
them on their homework. But in the end, the children went for a sponsored outing. I promised
the caretaker I will be back but I have yet to fulfil that promise.
It’s heartening to see many corporations doing their Corporate Social Responsibility at
welfare homes. The employees spend their day on helping the children refurbishing the home
and maybe bring them for an outing. My friends went they on a personal level to provide
them English education at an orphanage. One of my friend also invite her mother to give a
cooking lesson to those single mothers how to cook simple dishes at home. Another friend
goes to help with chores around a home whenever he is free. Some school clubs will also
provide some services for the children’s and old folks’ homes to help clean the homes,
prepare meals for them and entertain them.
In conclusion, help doesn’t necessarily mean money, it can be a lot of things, it just
depends on your heart. It only takes very little to be kind to the poor, old and abused.

Read the passage carefully and answer questions (a) – (i)

a) There headlines that tell of somebody needing financial aid for a surgery? Why and
what other reasons would such headlines appear?
The family needs for a heart operation surgery. They do not have that big amount of
money for the surgery.
b) What are the feelings about the public’s response to requests for financial aid for
surgical emergencies from the writer?
c) List two ways we can offer emotional help other than financial aid
(i)Provide a better environment for them
(ii)Give them example about those people who have fought with their diseases and
successfully overcome it.
d) Why are people hard to provide financial support aid in cases as stated in first
Because they have to feed their family members.
e) Fill in the table with an appropriate word/phase from the passage.
Meaning Word/Phrase

(i) feel sympathetic or sorry Hearts going out to them

(ii) facing the problem of not having Feeling the pinch

enough money

(iii) it so happened or coincidentally If you’re in the vicinity

(iv) encouraging or wonderful Heartening

f) How do Corporate Social Responsibility carry out by the business corporations?

They refurbishing the homes or taking the children on an outing.
g) On a personal level, how do individuals help out with the less fortunate? Why do they
do this? Why do they do this?
They provide cooking classes for them so they can cook a simple dishes for their daily
h) Gives two reasons for her conclusion why do the writer feels that it takes a little to
help the less fortunate.
(i) help doesn’t have to be money.
(ii) A kind heart means everything.
i) Two suggestions on how the public can help the unfortunate.
(i) can organise campaign and raise fund for charity.
(ii) collect the usable things that people do not want and give it to them.
Practice 3
Read the article below
Spending and saving are important things that everyone should be knows, but teenagers
nowadays do not know the important of it. These are the critical parts of forming their
healthy attitude towards the money when they grow to adult. So here are some ways that
parent can teach their child about developing healthy attitude towards the money.
First of all, parents should guide them how to spend money. Teach them the difference of
what is a want and what is a need. Nowadays, teenagers like to compare their daily item such
as clothes, cell phones and so on. When they see their friends wearing a designer clothes or
using expensive cell phone, they will also want the same things. At this moment, parents
should encourage their child to get a part-time job. By using their own money to buy what
they want. Part-time jobs such as babysitting, mowing lawns or stocking shelves will help
teach teens the benefits of having good work ethic. They will think how hard to earn the
money and decide whether want to buy or not. With hard work comes reward.
Besides that, parents should not feel guilty when they do not fulfil their kid desire. Although
they are going to be upset, but that is just a few hours or maybe just a day and they will
recover. This is because the young generation nowadays tend to have short memories. Parents
should also teach their teens to used money wisely. In example, you can teach your child to
donate to charity. This type of concept should be implanted in their heart so they will see how
fortunate are them. Teens will feel great when they do this instead of spending their hard earn
money on a night at the movies, they decide to make a donation of a local food pantry.
Sharing one’s resources with others is a wonderful way to build self-esteem and maturity.
Parents should not impose their teens likes and dislikes. They will have their own
hobby and parent should let them have their freedom sometimes. Parents should guide them
to budget their money and get what they want although parents are meant with money.
Hopefully with these tips, parents will be able to teach their teenagers about money and with
the inflation and downturn of the economy, it is even more vital for teens to know the
importance of money.
Read the article and answer questions (a)-(j)
(a) What should teenagers should be taught based on the article?
Teenagers should be know how to spend the money.
(b) Teens should be able to differentiate what?
The things that they need and the things that they want
(c) Why do the teens want to buy expensive cell phones and designer clothes?
They want to compare with their friend.
(d) Why should teenagers be taught on earn money?
So they learn how hard to earn money and will spend it wisely.
(e) State two part-time jobs that teens can do based on the article.
(i) Baby sitting
(ii) stocking shelves
(f) Fill in the table with an appropriate word or phrase from the article.
Meaning Word/Phase

(i) force Impose

(ii) grow in self-confidence Self-esteem and maturity

(iii) remorseful Upset

(iv) work principles Work ethic

(g) What example can be given to teach their child spend money wisely?
Donate to the charity.
(h) Why parent should not impose their likes and dislikes on their child?
Their child will have their likes and dislikes.
(j) List two other ways parents can teach their children about money.
(i) Parent can bring them to some saving campaign.
(ii) Can bring them to get a saving plan.
Practice 4
Read the text below
Healthy lifestyle is very important everyone. This including the eating habits. Healthy eating
can maintain children’s energy, sharpen their minds and even out their moods. The peer
pressure and the advertisement of junk food, makes having healthy eating habits seem
impossible for kids. In order to increase the success rate of healthy eating habits, there are a
few steps that parents can do to prevent mealtimes become a battle zone. Each of the children
were develop by their own natural preference for the foods they enjoy the most. So we have
to make the healthy foods to become attractive and yummy. Although it is hard to convince
your child but at least you can make sure that your children’s diet are healthy and nutritious
as possible. Besides, as parents, you should always be a role model to your child as they are
at an age where to imitate is an impulse. If your child is eating healthy food and while you
gorge on junk food, they will feel as though it is unfair and they are not going to obey your
orders anymore.
There are also a number of ways to encourage children to eat healthy. Have fixed
family meals every day. Dinner should be serve at approximately the same time every night
and ensure that the whole family sitting down together to enhance appetite. Home cook meals
are always healthier than the restaurant foods. You can bring along your children to shop for
groceries, and select the food that prepare at night. It’s also the chance that you can teach
them about way to cook and the nutritional values for different foods and the food labels (for
the older children).This will increase the knowledge about the healthy food.
Read the text and answer questions (a)-(j)
(a) Two benefits of healthy eating
(i) sharpen their minds
(ii) stabilize children’s energy
(b) What is the biggest obstacle for parents to teach their child healthy eating habits?
Peer pressure and advertisement of junk food
(c) Why should parents be a role model?
Parents should give a good example to their child in order to get respect from their child.
(d) State two ways to encourage children to eat healthily.

(i) Have regular family meals

(ii) Sit down together and eat together
(e) Fill in the table with an appropriate word or phrase from the article.
Meaning Word/Phase

(i) a task that cannot be done Impossible

(ii) attractive Appealing

(iii) eat greedily Gorge

(iv) to copy another Imitate

(f) How to increase their knowledge about healthy eating habits?

Shop for groceries with them
(g)Two reasons that why should parents should encourage healthy eating.
(i) provide a better lifestyle for them
(ii) increase their body immunity.
(h) What should we focus on during shopping for the groceries?
The nutritional value of the food and the food label
Practice 5
Read the passage below.
Mohd Sirhajwan Idek
Mohd Sirhajwan Idek, a 29 years old secondary school teacher. He teaches in Keningau, Sabah.
MARA University of Technology (UTM), Shah Alam and Gaya Teacher Training Institute in
Kuala Lumpur is the places where he graduated. Global Teacher Prize 2017, it was a grand
event and he is one of the top 50 finalists. The winner could get US$1 million.
The aim of Global Teacher Prize was recognize one exceptional teacher who made an
extraordinary contribution to the teaching profession. This competition has more than 20,000
teachers applied from 179 countries.
Through the Global Teacher Prize website, Sirhajwan had encourage his students to use
English in daily conversations and in extra-curricular activities. He encourages them to debate
and speak in various settings such as a Model United Nations and moot court. Besides that, he
has consistently and creatively raised money to assist with travel in order to improve his
students’ awareness of peninsular Malaysia.
Sirhajwan also contributes to his colleagues’ professional development with research and
conference contributions. He also shared his methods of teaching and courses on English
language practice with the teachers around the world.
If Sirhajwan won the Global Teacher Prize funds, he would be able to provide a better
environment to teach his students by using a better technology like smartboards,
technologically enhanced classrooms and adequate computers. He would be able to fund his
students’ travel to peninsular Malaysia for competitions and conferences.
Read the article and answer questions (a)-(j)
(a) Mohd Sirhajwan Idek is who?
A Sabahan secondary school teacher
(b) Where did Sirhajwan graduated from?
MARA University of Technology (UTM) and Gaya Teacher Training Institute
(c) What is the name of competition he applied for?
Global Teacher Prize
(d) What is the aim of this competition?
recognize one exceptional teacher who made an extraordinary contribution to the
teaching profession
(e) How did Sirhajwan help his colleagues?
professional development with research and conference contributions
(f) Fill in the table with an appropriate word or phrase from the article.
Meaning Word/Phase

(i) special Exceptional

(ii) excellent Outstanding

(iii) fellow teachers Colleagues

(iv) throughout the world Global

(g) How did Sirhajwan share his work with the teachers around the world?
shared his methods of teaching and courses on English language practice
(h) If Sirhajwan win the competition, what will he do?
provide a better environment to teach his students by using a better technology like
smartboards, technologically enhanced classrooms and adequate computers
(j) Do you think Sirhajwan will win? Why?
Yes, because his contribution to the teaching field have prove that he can win the Global
Teacher Prize.
Practice 6
Read the email below.

From: Natasha Lim Date: 07 July 2018

To: Vicky Time: 8 p.m.
Subject: Our New House in Tampin
Hi Vicky,
How are you? I hope you are all right.
We’ve already finish moving our new house in Tampin. The house is provided by papa’s
company. It’s a single-storey bungalow. Our house facing to the forest. When we had just
moved in, we saw a snake lurking around our house. The previous host said it was fresh and
that gave us the shivers. Dad said everything will be fine once we cut the grass and put sulphur
around it.
During the day, everything is nice and seems okay, but once the sky turns dark, the whole place
is monstrous and eerie. Since our house is facing forest, it’s pitch black in front. When I have
my sleep, I heard some screams and howls. It is very scary. I wonder what kind of animals will
make these noises. Sometimes, I also hear things thumping across the roof. My dad says that it
maybe is squirrel or musang. I do not know whether it is true or not. I like my old house in
town compared to this.
Then, there are the monkeys. They are all around our house. I was wondering if it’s because of
the fruiting of the rambutan tree. My brothers are so chill about the jungle sounds and wildlife.
They are excited on it but me and my mum are so scared. My mum makes sure everything is
closed and make sure all the door are locked well. She also wants wire netting across the
My school life is fine. I have made a lot of new friends. How is school and our friends? How
the girls? Whom are you cyclin with and playing badminton?
Do write soon.

Read the email and answer questions (a)-(j)
(a) Which place do the family move to?
(b) The letter wrote by who and to whom?
(i) Sender: Natasha
(ii) Receiver: Vicky
(c) State two characteristics of the family’s new house.
(i) single-storey bungalow
(ii) opposite the forest
(d) What is the aim of this competition?
recognize one exceptional teacher who made an extraordinary contribution to the
teaching profession
(e) Fill in the table with an appropriate word or phrase from the article.
Meaning Word/Phase

(i) loitering Lurking

(ii) creepy, scary Eerie

(iii) running heavily Thumping

(iv) wail Howls

(f) Why does the mother want wire netting across the windows?
Prevent the monkeys
(g) How does Natasha’s father override the snake?
(i) put the sulphur around the house
(ii) cut all the grass
(h) What kind of the activities that the writer like to do during the evening?
Cycling and play badminton
(i) What reason that the writer dislikes her new house?
It is creepy and there are a lot of monkeys around her new house.
Practice 7
Read the passage below
A Holiday at Taman Negara National Park
During my school break, I went to Taman Negara. We set off at 9 o’clock in the early
morning. It was a 4-hour long drive from Kuala Lumpur. It is the oldest primary rainforest in
the world and the representative Taman for Malaysia and biggest national park in Malaysia.
After we got off at Kuala Tembeling, we hopped onto longboat at 2 p.m. Along with the
boat ride, there are green jungle on both sides of the river. We arrived at Kuala Tahan around
5 p.m.
At 7.30 p.m. we have a night walk event. We were advised to wear long trousers and
long-sleeved shirts and sprayed ourselves with insect repellent. They also provide a night
walk guilder for us. Five of us walk together hand by hand in a single file. The only thing that
had led us along the way was torch lights. They shone their light on various strange insects
and frogs which only can be seen and emerges during the dark. By 9 p.m., we were back at
the hotel. After this walk, I realise that the night walk wasn’t creepy at all.
The next day, we went on a one-day jungle walk. The guide showed us there are a lot of
animal. We saw some birds, insects, wild boar, deer and a few monkeys. I was curious is
there any chance of seeing the big animals such as tiger, elephant or even a rhino. But my dad
said that we can’t see them. This is because even though there are in this area, but they roam
freely without coming into contact with humans.
We stayed for two more days. There was a rapid shooting and canopy walk. It was a
memorable holiday.
Read the email and answer questions (a)-(j)
(a) How many people went to the Taman Negara?
(b) State two reason that why Taman Negara is important?
(i) The oldest primary rainforest in the world
(ii) The biggest national park in Malaysia
(c) What is the transportation to the interior of Taman Negara?
(d) What is the aim of night walk?
To see various species of insect and frog
(e) Fill in the table with an appropriate word or phrase from the article.
Meaning Word/Phase

(i) substance used to keep bugs away Insect repellent

(ii) in one line, one behind the other Single file

(iii) appeared Emerged

(iv) wander Roam freely

(f) Why all the visitors wear long-sleeved shirts and long trousers during night walk?
Prevent insects
(g)Why big animals cannot be spotted during the walk?
They roam freely without coming into contact with humans.
(h) The animals saw by the writer during the walk?
some birds, insects, wild boar, deer and a few monkeys
(i) Did the writer will go on the night walk again?
Yes, because writer feel that night walk isn’t that creepy.
(j) If you have a chance to visit, will you go and visit?
Yes, we should increase our knowledge and we won’t have any regrets when the Taman
Negara is demolished.
Practice 7
Read the story below.
Sinbad the Sailor, who land on a whale back when his ship was destroyed. He used a floating
piece of wood and was clinging on to survive and would have drowned without it. He was the
washed to the ashore here on this lovely island. He asked the lord. ‘My Lord’ He replied. ‘Can
you tell me who you are?’
He replied “I look am one of the King’s grooms, and I look after his favourite mare
which just drown into the sea and swallow by the sea-stallion.
The groom led him to the capital city and the palace. He told the king his story and the king
was surprised. The king said he was very lucky that he meet the groom. Maybe this is fate
where it must have pronounced a long life for him, or he would die a thousand times over.
The king treated him nicely. The gave him a nice job which is the head of his port which
register all the ships that were in and out.
One day, the very same boat that I had sailed in visited the island. The captain recognised me
immediately and embraced me in his arms.
“Your goods are still safe in the hull of my ship”, he said.
This was the best news that heard by the Sinbad. He offered the king about the goods
that previously he did not to return the favour of the king. In return, the king multiple the value
of the goods and paid back to Sinbad. Sinbad went back Baghdad with this big amount of
money. He became wealthy on his country. He brought a palace and set up a great establishment
and soon began to forget his suffering. This was his first turning point of his life. He is going
to continue his second story on his seven voyages if we make a visit to him tomorrow.
Read the story and answer questions (a)-(j)
(a) Who is Sinbad?
A sailor man
(b) The letter wrote by who and to whom?
The king’s groom
(c) What are the two acts of kindness show by the king?
(i) provide him a job
(ii) multiple the value of the goods and give them back to him
(d) What is the reason that the Sinbad was brought to palace?
He is the one who took care of the king’s favourite mare
(e) Fill in the table with an appropriate word or phrase from the article.
Meaning Word/Phase

(i) person or thing that is regarded special Favourite

(ii) pull along with difficulty Clinging

(iii) be filled with wonder and amusement Marvelled

(iv) hugged Embraced

(f) Why did the captain of the ship embrace Sinbad?

He get to survived from the previous drown of the ship
(g)What place that the ship sail to after he left the palace?
(h) The goods are still safe in the ship, why are these information is important?
The value of the goods is expensive
(i) Would you help Sinbad if you were the King’s groom? Why?
Yes, because he risk his life to protect the king’s favourite mare.
Practice 9
Read the article on “Financial Literacy in A Cashless Society”.
Tap-and-go concept has been spread around the world. The new generation has been
implanted a new concept of paying money. All they need in their wallet is just a plastic card
instead of bank notes. Nowadays, the banks are promoting cashless events. Going cashless has
its pitfalls and perks but the important thing is to get our children to be ready for it. The children
nowadays have no concept about the importance of money. Will they be able to control the
limit of their usage of the money?
As we talk about this topic, is it possible to implant a right concept to the children when
we allow them to walk away with what they want by paying with a piece of plastic with no
limits? When they want to buy what they want, they just have to tap and wave the cards. This
will make them spend their money on high fashion and a taste for fine food.
With the improvements of society, the cashless society is unavoidable. In order to prevent
the overspending of children, we should teach them the usage of the plastic cards instead of
taking away the plastic cards from them. For example, we can set a limit in their plastics card
and prevent them from overusing it. We also have to teach them about the difference between
wants and needs. So they only have to spend money on what is necessary and not what they
want. Parents are aware that being strict and not bailing out the children when they overspend
is part of the teaching financial awareness.
When the payments are made by using cards, it will difficult to see the transactions of the
money. But at the same time, with the payment of the using cards, we get to check the payment
of the card by online. With prepaid cards, children will have to control their usage over their
finances. There are also alerting messages that are sent to the phone so that we can track the
usage of the cards.
Children have to be educated financially so that they are responsible and are able to manage
their money wisely in a cashless society.
To have a better understanding of the text use the SQ3R chart below.
SQ3R Chart
Title of the work:Financial Literacy in A Cashless Society
Survey: Record important titles and subtitles from work.
Tap-and-go concept
Question: Write “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” questions from main topics.
Children, About the plastics cards
Read: Write answers to question from above.

Recite: Record key facts and phrases as needed for each question.

Review: Create a summary paragraph for each question.

Tap-and-go concept
A. Tick ( ) the concerns of the writer as regards to a cashless society as mentioned
The text above.
1. Children may not know how to use their cards.

2. Children know how to use their cards responsibly.

3. Children may develop a taste for fine food and high fashion.

4. Children may lose track of their expenses when they use cards.

5. Children may be in debts.

B. Read the sentence below.
1. What is the root word of the word bailing?
2. How many meanings does the word have?
3. Find other meanings of bail out in the dictionary?
C. Answer the questions below.
1. What do people in cashless society need?
Need to concept of spending money.
2. Children are difficult to control their spending. Why?
Because they do not have any knowledge about spending money.
3.What idea that parents get from by the writer to their children for the cashless society?
They can set a limit in their plastics card and prevent them overuse it
4.What way does this help to prepare children to become financially responsible?
teach them about what is need and what is want
5.Two advantage of using such cards
(i) no need to bring bank notes
(ii) can use pay wave methods.
6.What kind of financial education be guaranteed of this form can be success?
Having campaign on using the plastic cards.
Practice 10
From London to Mongolia by Car
Four Malaysians managed to drive across 20 countries and although it might seem challenging
with many hardships along the way, they had a whole lot of fun in the process. Reuben Chari
and his friends decided to be part of the Mongol rally and do their share for charity after hearing
about its purpose to help raise funds for charity. Driving a car across international borders is
an entirely different experience from what they’re used to, which is backpacking.
Since 2004, the charity event Mongol Rally has been organised yearly. With the aim of
spreading awareness on urgent global and social issues, participants are required to drive 17
000 km in a car below 1.2 cc and raise RM5064. The four went about promoting the New
Zealand Spark charity website via social media and that enabled them to raise money. To travel
halfway around the world in a tiny vehicle is no easy task, but they were supported by their
friends and family members for their decision.
The journey began from London and then a ferry was taken to France before driving to
Belgium for Reuben together with his brother, Rufus and friends, and Shanker and Ng Aik Fei.
They then proceeded to the first checkpoint in Prague, Czech Republic after heading north to
Amsterdam, Netherlands, Munich and Germany. After a quick break, they headed south to
Austria, Greece and Iran and finally made it across Central Asia to Siberia, Russia.
The journey took 40 days for them to complete. Getting lost in Mongolia due Google Maps
not being able to display many roads were one of the many challenges they faced. They had to
stock up on at least three’s days worth of supplies as most of the small towns did not have
grocery stores and finding food and water had proved to be the most challenging obstacle. Due
to rough terrain, the fuel tank was also punctured. Once when they were in the middle of the
Mongolian dessert, they almost ran out of fuel. Communication with the locals also proved to
be difficult.
The entire journey consisted of memorable and terrifying incidents. Several locals invited
them to stay in their homes, and those were one of the many opportunities to experience the
kindness of strangers. Because the car engine was so close to dying, they were relieved to have
made it to the finish line.
Practice 11
A rich merchant was working at a busy store. One day, he noticed a young boy who was
standing nearby. The rich merchant called out to the boy and said, ‘I will pay you well if you
help me carry these boxes. The boy turned to the rich merchant, but did not respond. ‘Do you
not want to earn some money?’ the merchant questioned. The boy made strange gestures and
sounds. ‘Oh I see how it is. You’re lazy!’ exclaimed the merchant. ‘Well if you won’t accept
my offer or even respond, just go away.’ The merchant didn’t like the boy’s attitude and
thought that he was just plain rude and disrespectful.
The merchant thought to himself, ‘Maybe that boy’s a thief and was waiting for a chance
to steal something and run off.’ The boy made some strange expressions as the merchant
advance threateningly towards the boy. ‘Now you’re just mocking me and making faces!’
The merchant got hot in the face and irritated as he proceeded to raise his hand and hit him.
The boy got smacked right in the face and he fell to the ground and covered his head with his
hands, startled by what has just happened. Several passers-by saw the incident and rushed to
help the boy up.
‘Sir, why are you hurting him? This is Sam, a completely harmless deaf mute. All of us
love him and we let him explore and hang around wherever and whenever he likes. He
doesn’t bring any harm to anyone.’ The merchant felt extremely guilty, and when they lifted
Sam up, fat tears were rolling down his cheeks. They carried Sam into a shop, and one of his
friends who could understand him explained the merchant’s mistake. The rich merchant was
ashamed of his actions and wanted to make it up to the innocent boy.
The following day, the rich merchant went to Sam’s house and gave the plain, drab house
a wonderful makeover to turn it into a comfortable, well-furnished home. He managed to
learn how to communicate to the boy and visited him whenever he had space in his schedule.
Sam’s mother was grateful that in all that has happened, they were able to make a new friend.
The rich merchant often said that, ‘I would not have acted so cruelly, if I had known that he
was mute.’

Read the text carefully and answer questions (a) – (i).

(a) The merchant spoke to the boy. Why?
Because the boy was standing nearby the store.
(b) In what way did the boy react?
The boy was confused by what the merchant was saying and didn’t respond.
(c) The boy was trying to tell the man something. What do you think it was about?
The boy was probably trying to express through body language that he does not understand
what he was being told.
(d) What had made the merchant feel irritated?
(i) The merchant thought that the boy was trying to find the perfect opportunity to steal
something and run off.
(ii) The boy had made strange expressions when the merchant approached him
(e) Fill in the table with an appropriate word from the text.
Meaning Word
(i) Movements of expression, actions or Gestures
(ii) to make fun of someone Mocking
(iii) A person who is unable to speak Mute
(iv) converted or changed Transformed
(f) How would you describe the passers-by in this text?
They were people who are concerned for the wellbeing of others
(g) When the merchant lifted his hand to hit him, how do you think the boy felt?
The boy probably felt afraid and confused.
(h) Do you think the boy was being disrespectful? Why so?
In my opinion, the boy was not being disrespectful at all. He was a mute deaf boy who did
not understand what the merchant was saying, and he could not respond as normal people do.
The most the boy could do was give signals and mutter out sound.
(i) In your opinion, what kind of person do you think the merchant is?
In my opinion, the merchant is a person with a good heart, but is quick to judge and hot
Practice 12
During the holidays, we visited Pangkor and we had absolutely no idea what it would be like.
Once we were there, we were pleasantly surprised.
We had our first glimpse of the village when the ferry from Lumut docked at Sungai
Pinang Kecil.
Pangkor Town is the main town on the island. Till this day, Pangkor Town still consists of
many souvenir shops and seafood restaurants, all in one street. The local stalls had some of
the best food we’ve ever tasted. Ranging from affordable atap huts and camping sites to the
more luxury hotels and chalets, accommodation was easily available. My friends and I
decided to go for a chalet on the beach.
There were many small villages and traditional houses that were built out into the sea.
Fishing is still relied on for a living amongst most people who live in Pangkor. While
waiting for their husbands to bring home a catch for them to prepare, we watched the women
ready themselves with knives and baskets.
Our next destination was towards the west, Pantai Pasir Bogak. Because it is so close to
Pangkor Town, this beach is arguably the most popular Pangkor beach. The shallow, crystal
clear water was especially enjoyed by us. Available there for us were water-sport facilities,
snorkeling gear and canoes for rent. There were local souvenirs shops and open-air seafood
stalls all along the beach.
We rented a boat and went round the island in Teluk Nipah and Pasir Bogak. Giam Island
was a place where we enjoyed snorkeling at.
If I had to choose amongst all the Pangkor beaches, I think that Teluk Nipah or Nipah
Beach is the most beautiful. Located a few kilometers north of Pantai Pasir Bogak, the beach
is in a secluded place and has maintained its natural beauty. We encountered many corals, sea
cucumbers and even hornbills! Teluk Nipah actually consists of two beaches – Nipah Beach
and Coral Bay.
Two days at this stunning place was certainly not enough.
Read the passage carefully and answer questions (a) – (i).
(a) In what way did the writer travel to the island?
With a ferry.
(b) The writer was ‘pleasantly surprised’. Why?
The writer didn’t know what to expect but it turned out to be wonderful.
(c) What are two things that they noticed in Pangkor Town
(i) Souvenir shops
(ii) Seafood restaurants
(d) Where did the writer and their friends stay?
In a chalet on the beach
(e) Fill in the table with an appropriate word from the passage.
Meaning Word
(i) quick glance Glimpse
(ii) places to live Accommodation
(iii) priced reasonably Affordable
(iv) remote; set apart Secluded

(f) On Pangkor Island, what is the main occupation?

(g) In your opinion, which beach would be the most crowded?
Pantai Pasir Brogak
(h) Pantai Pasir Brogak is the most popular beach. Give two reasons why.
(i) It is very close to Pangkor Town
(ii) The water is shallow and crystal clear.
(i) What two things would you enjoy the most if you were to go to Pangkor Island for a
(i) I would enjoy the delicious and fresh seafood that the restaurants have to offer
(ii) I would enjoy the beautiful scenery by the beach
Practice 13
Laughter is the Best Medicine
Laughter is contagious. Even more contagious than any sickness you could think of. Laughter
is easily shared amongst others. It increases pleasure and closeness as well as bind people
together. Some of the many benefits of laughter include; reducing stress, lessens pain, relaxes
your muscles, relieves tension, boosts your energy and strengthens your immune system. Most
importantly, laughter is fun, free and easy alongside being able to trigger healthy physical
changes in the body.
Connecting you to others, keeping you healthy or keeping your burdens lightened has never
been easier with laughter. Besides the common knowledge that laughter makes you feel good
and put you in high spirits, did you know that a mild workout could be compared with a good
laugh? Various medical studies have proven that improving memory and stimulation of one’s
mental performance can be caused by humour and laughter.
Compared to angry expressions and criticisms, a happy smile goes way further. We must
make it a habit to pass on positive vibes to others along the way and learn to laugh light-
heartedly at our own mistakes.
In every bad situation, we should try our best to find some humour in it. There will be times
in life where there are serious situations and definitely not a laughing matter, however in most
situations, there are funny moments. Recall funny moments in the past. You can think about
various incidents where it cracked you up, a joke your best friend told you, or a really funny
comedy movie you watched with your parents.
Surrounding yourself with positive and fun people is good for you. Stay away from
pessimistic people and those who draw a negative aura around them. Life is short, so live it to
the fullest full of happy smiles and laughter.
Read the article carefully and answer questions (a) – (i).
(a) Laughter is infectious. How?
It is easily shared amongst other people
(b) Sharing laughter has positive effects. What are they?
Laughter is able to strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, relieve your tension,
relax your muscles, lessens pain and reduces stress.
(c) What are two physical benefits of laughter?
(i) It helps to relax your muscles
(ii) It lessens pain
(d) The brain is affected by laughter. How?
It can help improve memory and stimulate mental performance.
(e) Fill in the table with an appropriate word or phrase from the article.
Meaning Word/Phrase
(i) spread easily Contagious
(ii) in a jolly good mood In high spirits
(iii) judging people constantly and finding People with negative outlooks
their faults
(iv) made you burst out in laughter Had you in stitches
(f) In your opinion, what is the difference between laughter and a smile?
Smiling can be fake but laughing is more genuine.
(g) What message do you think the article is trying to deliver?
The article is telling us all to smile more, laugh more, and have a positive outlook on life.
(h) Give two suggestions as to how we can stay positive?
(i) By not over thinking petty situations
(ii) By sharing your worries and troubles with a friend or family member
(i) In your opinion, what are two other ways that can make us laugh more?
(i) By watching a standup comedy
(ii) By playing a fun game with your friends
Practice 14
‘Why would anyone want to end my life?’ asked Mowgli with confused eyes.
‘Look at me’ said Bagheera.
Mowgli turned and locked eyes with his brother. Not even a minute passed when the big
panther turned away. He could not meet his gaze. “That is why,’ he said softly as his big paw
rustled the dry autumn leaves. ‘I was born among men and I love you with all my heart, Little
Brother. But I cannot look you directly in the eye. Maybe because others could not bring
themselves to make eye contact with you that it made them hate you. You have pulled thorns
out of their feet and you are a very wise man.’
Mowgli wrinkled his forehead and muttered, ‘I did not know of these things’. He furrowed
his brow as he went deep into thought. Mowgli felt sullen.
‘Do you know the Law of the Jungle? You must strike first and then give tongue. But do
all that wisely.’ Bagheera said whilst leaping up. ‘Now hurry. Get some of the Red Flower at
the village in the valley. When the time is right, you may even have a stronger ally than Baloo
or me, or those from the pack that care for you. Get the Red Flower.’
Bagheera had meant fire when he mentioned ‘Red Flower’. Out of fear, the creatures of
the jungle do not dare call it by its name, and they have invented a hundred different ways of
describing it.
‘Very well brother. The Red Flower I shall retrieve outside their huts in the twilight,’ said

Adapted from The Jungle Book by

Rudyard Kipling
Read the extract carefully and answer questions (a) – (i).
(a) Bagheera is an animal. What type?
A panther
(b) The term ‘Little Brother’ refers to?
(c) Man is hated by animals. Why do you think?
(i) Because animals are hunted down for their valuable body parts
(ii) Animals are treated cruelly by man
(d) Explain what is ‘Red Flower’.
It is fire
(e) Fill in the table with an appropriate word or phrase from the extract
Meaning Word/Phrase
(i) an act of firmness Steadily
(ii) grumpily or grimly Sullen
(iii) to voice out Give tongue
(iv) sunset Twilight
(f) Explain what the ‘Law of the Jungle’ means in your own words.
The Law of the Jungle is how things have been done for a long time in the Jungle and it
should be obeyed.
(g) Mowgli was asked to go to the village by Bagheera. Why?
To retrieve the Red Flower.
(h) Who are two of Mowgli’s friends that were mentioned in the extract?
(i) Bagheera
(ii) Baloo
(i) Fire useful in the jungle. Suggest two ways as to how.
(i) Fire provides warmth and heat
(ii) Fire can be used to cook food with
Practice 15
PETALING JAYA: As of recently, there are incidents of giant moths swarming and bugging
people across Malaysia. There have been reports of sightings of these giant moths besides
Kuantan, where their presence is already stirring things up.
An article was posted by netizens on The Star Online’s Facebook page where there were
observations of the moths being in Klang Valley, Perak, Melaka, Johor, Pulau Pinang, Negeri
Sembilan and Sabah. Although it may be enthralling to look at from a distance, it can get a
little scary when they are up close as they are so big and there are so many around.
One person has reported seeing four of the same looking moth, all of a light brown colour
with straight white lines on their wings. Some have speculated that because of the heavy rain
soon after the dry weather earlier this year, there has been a boom in caterpillar population
which caused the numerous sightings.
Known as the Tropical Swallowtail moth, it has a common name of the Laos brown butterfly.
The females have a more defined pale grey-brown zone. It’s wingspan can vary from 100 to
160 mm. Native to Southeast Asia, Montane forests are their natural habitat. Its lifespan ranges
from two weeks to nine months and the larva feeds on plants from the genus Endospermum.
Just like butterflies, birds and bees, these moths are important to help pollinate the plants in
our environment. Eaten by birds, bats and other animals, these caterpillars are also a part of
nature’s food chain.
Adapted from The Star newspaper
Read the report carefully and answer questions (a) – (i).
(a) What was causing such a ‘buzz’?
The giant moths that have been swarming and bugging people across Malaysia.
(b) How did the netizens react to this?
Some adored its beauty from far away, but are intimidating and scary up-close
(c) Why do netizens find the giant moths scary?
Because are so big.
(d) The tropical swallowtail moth has what colour?
(e) Fill in the table with an appropriate word or phrase from the report.
Meaning Word/Phrase
(i) annoying and pestering Bugging
(ii) to create a commotion and build Causing a buzz
(iii) Frequent users of the World Wide Web Netizens
(iv) the duration of life Lifespan
(f) So many giant moths were sighted. Why do you think so?
Because of the heavy rain soon after the dry weather earlier this year, there has been a boom in
caterpillar population.
(g) What is the lifespan of these moths?
Two weeks to nine months
(h) State two features of the tropical swallowtail moth
(i) The have a pale grey-brown zone
(ii) They have a wingspan from 100 to 160mm
(i) Caterpillars are ‘part of nature’s food chain’. How so?
They are food for other larger animals such as the birds and bats
Practice 16
In Singapore on 17 May 1926, A. Mangalam A/P Iyaswamy Iyer was born. Growing up in a
privileged family home with her grandfather, she had learnt a lot from him.
Her first step to education was at Raffles Girls’ School and the Saradhamani Girls’ School
in Singapore. Her motivation of being involved in social work was obtained during World War
II where her heart had reached out for the war victims.
In 1948, she came to Malaya when she was just 22. Mother Mangalam started to teach to
Kuala Lumpur after her teacher training. She had dedicated her whole life to welfare work and
was then initiated in 1949 into the Pure Life Society with the title ‘Sister’. She later on adopted
the title ‘Mother’ in 1985.
She wanted to build an orphanage and expressed her passion about her work. In 1952, the
Pure Life Society has had over 2,000 children after the first few buildings were put up. It was
the first ever non-government orphanage in the country.
Mother Mangalam had also tried her hand in poetry and in 2001, The Pure Life Society
published her book of poems, Dew Drops on a Lily Pad in conjunction with her 75th birthday.
In her book entitled Mother, many more of her poems have been published. With the main
message of urging people to consider volunteerism and to serve others, it was written in a poem
entitled ‘To Serve or To Be Served’.
Mother Mangalam had rightfully received countless awards including the Kesatria Mangku
Negara (KMN), the Pingat Jasa Kebangsaan (PJK), the Tun Fatimah Gold Medal and the 2010
Merdeka Award in the Education and Community category.
To many orphans of all races and religions, Datin Paduka ‘Mother’ Mangalam has been a
‘mother’ to all. Many of the children who have once come under her care are now successful.
A life dedicated to serving others can bring fulfillment and joy, and she is a testimony for that.
Her actions of selflessness, spirit and dedication to people who are less fortunate are to be
admired and remembered.
Read the text carefully and answer questions (a) – (i).
(a) In her early years, who influenced Mangalam?
Her father.
(b) In what way do you think World War II affected Mangalam emotionally?
That many innocent lives were taken by the unnecessary war.
(c) State what were the things that Mother Mangalam did for the community.
(i) She had dedicated her whole life to welfare work
(ii) She managed to build an orphanage to help children
(d) Who had lived in the orphanage?
Over 2,000 children
(e) Fill in the table with an appropriate word from the text.
Meaning Word
(i) well-to-do Passionate
(ii) felt moved and encouraged to take action Motivation
(iii) sacrificing time and effort for social Dedicated
(iv) evidence of an event, as provided by a Testimony
(f) She was given the title ‘Mother’. Why do you think so?
Because she has cared for many children in her time and that is what mothers usually do, they
care for their children.
(g) Mother Mangalam as many published poems. Name one.
To Serve of To Be Served
(h) Give two reasons as to why you think Mother Mangalam is an admirable person
(i) She has selflessly put the wellbeing of other people before her own.
(ii) She has not given up despite the hardship during her times.
(i) Suggest two ways that you can volunteer to help others
(i) Donating items that are used for their daily lives
(ii) Volunteering at places that have just had an accident and need help.
Practice 17
Good morning to Puan Laila and fellow students.
On this beautiful day, I am going to talk about how money can be saved. It is a good habit
to practice. Just like anything else, the more practice we put into this habit, the better we will
be at it. When there is a rainy day or something we see that we fancy, we can use said saved
money for those purposes.
Most students get pocket money either daily, weekly or monthly. We need to save as much
of it as we can. Avoid buying food from the canteen regularly. If we pack food and drinks from
home, it is certainly cheaper and healthier, and there is more variety. Food that is sold in the
canteen is not necessarily healthy and we should not spend our money on it.
Spending our money wisely is something that we should practice. It is a waste if we buy
unnecessary things. We could repurpose items such as our clothes. We could dye it for a whole
new look or simple just alter them once we have outgrown them. We can also make gifts and
cards for others instead of just buying them. It is more appreciated and rewarding because a lot
of time and effort goes into making them.
Keep in mind that you should also save ‘angpows’ and cash gifts because they add up too.
Keeping a detailed account of your expenses and savings is a good habit. This way you are able
to know if you’ve overspent and it acts as an encouragement by the amount that you have saved.
With better planning, we can surely spend less and save more. In the long run, all our efforts
will certainly benefit us.
Thank you.
Read the speech carefully and answer questions (a) – (i).
(a) Saving money is a good habit. Why?
To be able to get through the rainy days and buy what we want.
(b) State how we can improve at saving money.
Restrain from buying unhealthy junk food from the school canteen.
(c) Instead of buying canteen food, the writer suggests that we pack food from home. Why?
(i) Because it is cheaper and healthier
(ii) Because there is more variety
(d) State how we can recycle our clothes.
We can dye our clothes to breathe a new look into it.
(e) Fill the table with an appropriate word or phrase from the speech.
Meaning Word/Phrase
(i) a moment where you need help the most Rainy days
(ii) colour Dye
(iii) a feeling of satisfaction Rewarding
(iv) valued Appreciated

(f) Keeping an account of our expenditure is able to help us. How?

We are able to know if we’ve overspent and it acts as an encouragement by the amount that
we have saved.
(g) Why do you think junk food is unhealthy?
Junk food contains high levels of sugar, fat, and oil.
(h) State two reasons as to why we should make our own gifts and cards
(i) The feeling is more rewarding
(ii) The gift is more appreciated
(i) In your opinion, state two other ways you can save money
(i) By restraining yourself from spending too much when window shopping
(ii) Focus more on spending just for necessary items
Practice 18
The emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is the main cause of global warming.
There are many steps that we can take to reduce the effects of carbon emissions on the
environment even though the world’s economy relies on carbon-based fuels.
Firstly, we need to change the habits on our consumption. Animal products should be relied
on less. A lot of energy, water and transportation are required in the processing of animal meat.
Our carbon footprint can be lowered if we reduce our dependence on animal meat and products.
Moreover, our carbon footprint can also be reduced alongside helping our local economy if we
buy locally-sourced products. When we buy local products, the cost and energy utilized to
transport products from one country to your own will be greatly reduced. It is important to take
note it takes a lot of energy to make new materials, hence why we should reduce, reuse and
recycle items as much as possible.
Next, we need to save the energy that we have left. One of the major ways we contribute to
global warming is by driving vehicles. Therefore, less carbon dioxide will be emitted into the
atmosphere there is less vehicles on the road. Carpooling or public transportation are other
alternatives. To be able to do as many errands as possible during one outing, ask your parents
to plan their trips. Servicing their vehicles regularly is also something you should remind your
parents to do. If their vehicle is well maintained, they can save money on petrol and future
repairs. Air pollution is able to be reduced with a well-maintained vehicle. Ask your parents to
make the switch from old light bulbs to LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs can save a lot of
energy although there are pricey.
Lastly, involve yourself in stopping global warming by creating awareness. Discuss global
warming with your family, friends and others after learning about it. Explain how to help
reduce carbon foot print and how global warming can affect their lives. You are able to help
create interest by even just mentioning global warming and the steps you are undertaking. They
will be inclined to find out more about global warming on their own if it sparks their interest.
Read the passage carefully and answer questions (a) – (i).
(a) What is the main cause for global warming?
The emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
(b) Buying local products is smiled upon. What are the benefits to it?
Carbon footprint can also be reduced alongside helping our local economy.
(c) Reducing our carbon footprint can be done by recycling. Why?
Because it takes a lot of energy to make new materials.
(d) Your parents should drive less. Why?
To reduce the emitting of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
(e) Carpooling helps the environment. How so?
Less carbon dioxide will be emitted into the atmosphere
(f) Fill in the table with appropriate word from the passage.
Meaning Word/Phrase
(i) the action of producing gas Emitting
(ii) to retrieve something from a small area Well-maintained
(iii) to preserve something in a good
(iv) Caused by the consumption of fossil Carbon footing
fuels by a person, the amount of carbon
dioxide or other carbon compounds emitted
into the atmosphere

(g) Air pollution is caused by people’s vehicles. What should people do to control it?
People should reduce the number of times using a vehicle as well as to service their vehicle
(h) What is one way to save energy at home?
Use LED light bulbs
(i) State how you can create awareness about global warming
By carrying out campaigns about the negative impacts of global warming.
Practice 19
If you know how to make camping enjoyable, it can be a fun activity. Before setting up
your tent, pick a great spot. That is the first obstacle. If your campsite is not near a flood-prone
area, beside a dying tree where the branches can fall on your tent or under a insect next, you
will be able to sleep better at night. Your campsite should also be set up relatively close to a
restroom or shower facilities.
Invite your friends to go camping. You are more likely to have a great camping experience
when you spend time with people you like. Your friends are also able to help you plan as well
as get the necessary preparations done for the camping trip. The trip will be more enjoyable for
everyone if everyone is invested in the activity and put in their best effort.
Camping isn’t just about sleeping in a tent or spending time at the campsite. Fun activities
can be organized. Plan activities that will be interesting for everyone. Those who love to cook
will enjoy an activity of cooking over an open fire. On the other hand, those who love intense
outdoor activities will enjoy physical activities such as hiking, cycling, swimming, rock
climbing or boating. Simple activities should also be included for those who want to relax, such
as singing around the campfire, roasting marshmallows or spotting fireflies.
It is important to have a good quality tent. With this, it will be able to withstand harsh
weather conditions and is more durable. Choose a tent large enough to be able to accommodate
the number of people who will be sharing one tent. Get a large tent if you do not like small
spaced. To protect your tent from the wet and muddy tarp, don’t forget to equip yourself with
a tarp. Choose wisely, as this tent is going to be your temporary home in the wilderness.
After a full day of activities, a good night’s sleep is essential. You can place an air mattress
or a foam pad under your sleeping bag. Don’t forget to bring a comfortable pillow too.
Another thing to note is to have a lot of tasty treats so that you can have a more enjoyable
camping trip. Bring a lot food and drinks that you enjoy. Different food recipes and ideas
specifically for campfires can be found on the Internet. To prevent foods such as yogurt,
sandwiches or salads from going bad, bring a cooler with a lot of ice.
Read the passage carefully and answer questions (a) – (i).
(a) You shouldn’t pitch your tent under an insect nest. Why?
Because it may fall off the tree onto your tent and attack you.
(b) In a camping trip, how can friends contribute?
Friends can contribute by helping to plan as well as get the necessary preparations done for the
camping trip.
(c) If an activity were to be planned to cook over an open fire, whom amongst your friends
would enjoy it the most?
My friends who love to cook.
(d) Why should activities such as singing or spotting fireflies be organized?
So that people who just want to relax are able to do relaxing activities.
(e) It is important to stay in a good quality tent. Why?
So that it is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and is more durable.
(f) Fill in the table with appropriate word from the passage.
Meaning Word/Phrase
(i) The area next to a stream that becomes Floor-prone area
saturated with water when it overflows
(ii) to put some muscle in it Invested
(iii) over-the-top Intense
(iv) doesn’t get damaged and able to last for Durable
a long time

(g) Where should the trap be placed?

Under the tent
(h) To ensure a good night’s sleep, what are the important items?
An air mattress or a foam pad and a comfortable pillow
(i) Why do you think you should search for food ideas online?
To browse countless of recipes and try one that is suitable for you.
Practice 20
Katie owns a successful business after 10 years of hard work or being a florist. Katie starts
off her day by getting a fresh supply of flowers. Then, she heads over to her shop and opens it
at 9 a.m. every morning. She then schedules flower deliveries and attend to walk-in customers.
Katie takes a short break around 10.30 a.m. to have her breakfast. Soon after, she will check
for any online orders on her website. She will then proceed to fulfill the orders by quickly
making flower arrangements or bouquets. After that, she will deliver the flowers via her staff.
At 5.30 p.m., Katie closes her shop.
Katie is passionate about being a florist. Through flower arrangements, she is able to express
her creativity and enjoy every moment of it. Katie adores how her job can be challenging
especially for large arrangements made by customers with small budgets. Dealing with broken
down delivery vans and being short-staffed in her short is some of the things she least enjoys.
For those who are interested in taking up the challenge to be a florist, Katie advises to have
a good knowledge about flower varieties. This includes the colours, scent and even something
as simple as the shape of the flowers. To have an eye for flower arrangements and design is
something aspiring florists should have.
Hard work and determination is something that Katie owes to for her success. To help her be a
good business owner, Katie believes in developing a friendly relationship with her customers,
staying calm in stressful situations and solving problems quickly.
Read the text carefully and answer questions (a) – (i).
(a) For the past ten years, what has Katie been doing?
Being a florist.
(b) To start off her day, what is the first thing that Katie does?
She gets a fresh supply of flowers.
(c) Katie checks her website. Why?
To check for online orders
(d) State the operating hours for Katie’s shop
Katie opens her shop from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
(e) When dealing with customers, what challenge does Katie face?
Katie has to try to make large flower arrangements for customers with small budgets
(f) Fill in the table with appropriate word from the text.
Meaning Word/Phrase
(i) the use of one’s imagination or original Creativity
(ii) a pleasant odour Scent
(iii) To have a small number of people Short- staffed
working than usual
(iv) to have the ambition or hope Determination
To have a better understanding of the text, complete the KWL chard below.
Know- Four friends drove across 20 countries for charity
Want to know- Their experiences with the friendly locals
Have learned – Doing charity work is noble work
How are you going to learn better / more? – by doing more research

A. Word Study
1. Study the list of adjectives and complete the table with the words given below
(i) Notable
(ii) Demanding
(iii) Emotional support.
(iv) Irregular
(v) Critical

2. Complete each of the sentences with an appropriate adjective.

(i) A detailed speech was given by the master of ceremony about the charitable event.
(ii) The bicycle was unsteady, causing him to fall down due to the uneven road surface.
(iii) In a few special races, the Paralympics were able to take part.
(iv) As I have to make flight reservations, it is necessary for you to decide immediately about
the trip.
(v) You should allow me to go on the trip if you are mindful of my career.

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