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Candidate_____________________________ Position__________________________ Date___________________________

Unsatisfactory Basic Proficient Highly Proficient

Background Experience - Teacher has little to no - Teacher has minimal - Teacher has relevant - Teacher has relevant
experience and gives little effort experience that he or she experiences that he or she experiences that he or she can
1. Tell me about yourself. in describing how it relates to describes briefly. describes with some clearly articulate and relate to
the position. - Teacher is somewhat familiar enthusiasm. the position applied for.
2. What experiences have you - Teacher is unfamiliar with with qualifications necessary for - Teacher understands some of - Teacher clearly understands
had that make you a good fit for qualifications necessary for success in this position. the necessary qualifications for the necessary qualifications for
this position? success in this position. - Teacher has experience that success in this position. success in this position.
- Teacher shows little to no does not directly related to the - Teacher has some amount of - Teacher has a significant
Rationale: to see enthusiasm for enthusiasm on becoming a position. related experience. amount of related experience.
job and to learn about relevant teacher.
Classroom Management - Teacher does not have clearly - Teacher defines classroom - Teacher would ask for student - Teacher facilitates classroom
defined classroom expectations expectations for students at the input in developing classroom dialogue and empowers
1. How do you communicate for students. beginning of the year. expectations but would have students to develop classroom
classroom expectations to your the final say in the expectations. expectations.
students? - Teacher would reprimand the - Teacher would deal with each - Teacher would post agreed-
student in front of the class or discipline situation on an - Teacher would tell student upon expectations in the
2. What do you do if a student otherwise deal with the individual basis but does not what they did wrong individually classroom.
neglects to follow the classroom situation in an unprofessional demonstrate a high level of and would make contact with
expectations? manner. proficiency or experience in parents upon repeated offense, - Students would hold each
working with student behaviors. when necessary. other accountable for these
Rationale: to hear how teacher expectations.
includes student choice in the -Teacher would speak with
classroom and to ensure that student individually and
they have a behavior plan in reference the agreed-upon
mind. behavioral expectations.
Purpose of Grading - Teacher believes grades - Teacher believes grading is - Teacher believes grades should - Teacher believes grading is a tool
should serve to motivate used to report student progress reflect student mastery of for providing feedback to a
1. What is the purpose of students. to parents. material. student and is only a snapshot of
grading in a classroom? - Teacher has not given much - Teacher believes grading is their overall progress.
useful so that all stakeholders - Teacher references a form of
more thought to the purpose of
Rationale: to see if teacher’s know the achievement level of standards-based grading in which
grading philosophy matches the the student. students are given multiple
attempts to demonstrate mastery
district’s Standards-Based
of material.
Grading philosophy.
Purpose of Grading - Teacher believes a zero - Teacher believes a zero - Teacher believes in using a - Teacher believes a zero does
teaches responsibility and teaches responsibility but would zero as a placeholder to not teach responsibility; it only
2. Do you agree with this should never be changed. consider changing a grade after encourage students to turn in de-motivates students. Instead,
statement? Giving a student a a parent or student makes missing work. teacher would use other
zero teaches responsibility. contact and the work is made methods to ensure students
up. complete work.

Unit Design - Teacher cannot articulate - Teacher describes using the - Teacher describes - Teacher would use a variety of
instructional goals for a textbook to develop collaborating with colleagues to resources to develop
1. How do you determine particular unit. instructional goals for students. determine instructional goals. instructional goals including
instructional goals for a unit? text, colleagues, student
Give an example of your - Teacher is unfamiliar with how - Teacher would create a - Teacher would create a achievement levels, and
instructional goals in a unit plan. to develop instructional goals skeleton unit plan with a few skeleton unit plan with a personal experience.
and provide ways for students large assessments to gauge learning target defined for each
2. What do you do in order to to reach these goals. student understanding. lesson. - Teacher is familiar with
ensure these goals are reached? - Teacher would use formative backwards design. They would
assessments along the way to start with instructional goals
Rationale: to ensure teacher has ensure students are making and create a variety of learning
relevant background knowledge adequate progress. experiences that will help
in backwards-design and how to students reach these goals.
set effective instructional goals - Teacher would use formative
with high expectations for assessment to flexibly change
students. plans along the way.

Lesson Design - Teacher describes most days - Teacher describes many days - Teacher describes creative - Teacher describes situations
as lecture-based with little to no as lecture-based with a lesson planning in which in which students take control
1. What does a typical day look student participation. structured format for students students are actively involved in of their own learning and set the
like in your classroom? involving a set routine. the lesson for the day through direction for the unit based on
-Teacher is unfamiliar with discussion, projects, etc. their interests.
2. How do you embed formative techniques for formative -Teacher describes one or two - Teacher describes a variety of
assessment into your assessment. techniques for formative -Teacher describes a variety of active learning experiences in
classroom? assessment that he or she might formative assessment the classroom.
use on occasion. techniques but does not
Rationale: to see how teacher describe using them to inform -Teacher demonstrates a wealth
conducts business on a daily his or her instruction. of knowledge of formative
basis in the classroom, ensuring assessment techniques and how
that he/she meets students’ to use them to inform his or her
needs in a variety of creative instruction.
Relationships - Teacher cannot describe a way - Teacher gives a general - Teacher is able to give a - Teacher not only speaks with
in which or she actively seeks to response without particular specific response to how he or passion, but speaks of the
1. How do you connect with connect with students. details about student she develops relationships and importance of relationships for
your students during the first relationships. shows genuine enthusiasm and success.
weeks of school? - Teacher has no experience excitement for the process. - Teacher gives very specific
working with a difficult parent. - Teacher gives a vague example examples of how he or she
2. Describe a situation in which - Teacher describes a conflict of a situation with no clear - Teacher gives a specific connects with students during
you worked with a difficult situation that was not resolved. indication of a resolution example of a conflict situation the first weeks of school.
parent. What was the resolution developed without the help of a and describes the steps he or
to the conflict? third party. she took to resolve the - Teacher describes making
- Teacher describes a situation situation. frequent contact with parent to
Rationale: to ensure that the in which he or she gave in to gain his or her trust.
teacher genuinely likes students parent demands too easily. - Teacher describes the
and wants to develop a personal resolution as mutually
connection with them and their acceptable for both parties.
Professional Responsibility - Teacher cannot articulate any - Teacher describes district- - Teacher describes a small - Teacher describes personal
particular strategies he or she provided professional learning variety of methods that he or reflection, attendance at
1. How do you strive to make uses to become a better opportunities or other individual she uses to find best practices in education conferences, and
yourself a better educator? educator. activities (such as reading a education. collaboration with colleagues in
book about education) - Teacher describes a variety of ways
Rationale: to ensure the teacher enthusiastically learning from - It is clear that teacher seeks
candidate is a true lifelong district-provided professional out his or her own professional
learner, interested in seeking out learning opportunities and may, learning opportunities and
opportunities to improve his/her on occasion, seek out his or her contributes to the culture of the
own practice. own learning opportunities. school.