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Extended Studies
Workforce Education
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NCC also offers 45 Associate degree programs and 26 certificate programs
n behalf of the Extended Studies and Workforce Education
Institute staff, we thank you for taking time to browse
through our catalog.
Our array of courses helps to prepare students for opportunities in
Register new careers and/or enhances their skills in a number of areas. These

include classes in healthcare with certificate programs for training
as a Patient Care Technician, Medical Billing & Reimbursement
BY INTERNET Specialist, Exercise Science and Personal Training, Dental Assistant
www.ncc.commnet.edu and Veterinary Assistant as well as classes in information technol-
Click on “Extended Studies” ogy and computers, real estate, travel and small business startup
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and supervision and management of enterprises. Additionally,
BY MAIL Norwalk Community College offers a number of courses to prepare
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Connecticut’s workforce for green collar jobs.
We also offer special programs for children (College for Kids) and
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form on page 52 culture, hobbies, avocations, drama, writing, photography and many
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other pursuits.
Card only. For employers, our Workforce Education Institute designs and deliv-
BY PHONE ers customized training workshops that help keep employee skills
Monday - Friday sharp and advancing in our rapidly changing world.
10:00am - 3:00pm
203-857-7237 All of our courses are taught by seasoned instructors who have profes-
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non-credit class registration
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programs, welcome back to the Fall 2010 semester. If you are con-
IN PERSON - ROOM E102 sidering enhancing your life, we encourage you to register for one or
Monday - Thursday more course. Whatever your status, we would welcome the opportu-
10:00am - 5:00pm
Friday nity to have you be a part of our stimulating community.
10:00am - 3:30pm


Email us at:
extendedstudies@ncc.commnet.edu Extended Studies Division
GREEN PROGRAMS..............................................................................2
ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN..............................................................5
INSURANCE/FINANCIAL PROGRAMS....................................................6
Certified Nurse Aide ..............................................................................11
EXTENDED STUDIES PROGRAM Dental...................................................................................................12
Lynn Boyar EKG......................................................................................................13
Director, Continuing Education Exercise Science & Personal Training .....................................................18
Programs Medical Billing...................................................................................................15
Pharmacy Technician..............................................................................15
Phlebotomy Technician..........................................................................15
Patient Clinical Technician......................................................................16
Denise Daych Physical Therapy Aide............................................................................14
Coordinator, English as a Second Veterinary Assistant..........................................................................................16
Language, Non-Credit PUBLIC SAFETY..................................................................................19
203-857-6881 EMT......................................................................................................19
ddaych@ncc.commnet.edu COMPUTERS.......................................................................................20
Introduction to Computers . ..................................................................21
YOUTH GRANT COORDINATOR Software Applications ...........................................................................22
Computer Programming...........................................................................24
Robin Morris
Computer Repair.......................................................................................25
WWW.Internet .....................................................................................26
rmorris@ ncc.commnet.edu Computer Aided Design (CAD) . ............................................................24
Computer Graphics – PC and MacIntosh . .............................................25
For more information or if you BUSINESS...........................................................................................28
have a question about a Business Management..........................................................................30
NCC Extended Studies Bookkeeping Certification................................................................................30
Real Estate.......................... ...............................................................................32
course or schedule,
Travel Careers .......................................................................................33
please call 203-857-7080.
Finance & Investing............................................................................................37
Interior Design.......................................................................................37
Music ...................................................................................................40
Performing Arts ....................................................................................41
Photography ........................................................................................41
Religion ...............................................................................................42
Special Interests....................................................................................43
Wellness, Fitness & Sports ....................................................................46
Wines & Spirits . ...................................................................................48
Writing ................................................................................................50
College for Kids.....................................................................................51
English as a Second Language ..............................................................54
Index to Extended Studies Courses ..............................................................58
Registration ................................................................................................60
Directions to NCC .......................................................................................61

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N orwalk Community College is pleased to

announce that we are now offering a number
of courses to prepare Connecticut’s workforce for
green-collar jobs. It is expected that the economy
will produce 2 million green jobs in the next 10
years. A green-collar job is one that helps to
conserve energy, promote new technologies and
contribute to the country becoming a more
sustainable nation.
These classes launch the college into the green
energy era. Students completing these courses will
have the opportunity for future employment in
green energy fields which are developing through-
out the United States, as a result of the incentives
offered by President Obama.
Grant money may be available to students who
meet financial eligibility requirements. Please call
203-857-7080 for information.

Green Programs
This program is a combination of classroom This course is entitled Hazardous Waste This five (5) day course includes both class-
training and hands-on laboratory/field work Operations & Emergency Response (Haz- room and hands-on training, designed to
training. It includes instruction in health and woper) Initial 40 Hour Training. The course provide instruction to students in the func-
safety measures, safe work practices and in- is directed at employees who are working on tions and responsibilities of a Lead Abate-
struction in the theory, methods, techniques a hazardous waste site and who are exposed ment Supervisor. Course study includes
and tools for the installation of energy effi- to hazardous substances, health hazards, or background information on lead, regulatory
cient retrofits, including the most commonly safety hazards. These training requirements requirements, development of pre-abatement
installed measures—attic insulation; sidewall must be met before engagement in hazardous work plans, hazard recognition and control,
installation; air sealing/infiltration measures; waste operation that could expose employees potential health effects, personal protective
basement/crawlspace ceiling insulation; pipe to the above. This class is also useful for those equipment, and clearance standards and
and duct insulation; storm windows and/or working on construction sites. For more in- testing. Additionally, students will receive
doors and primary windows and/or doors. formation, please call 203-857-7080. instruction in supervisory techniques, lead
The following specific topics are included: paint abatement and lead hazard reduction,
principles of energy; concepts of building including prohibited methods. For more in-
science; safe work practices; air sealing; duct formation, please call 203-857-7080.
sealing insulation; base load measures; heat-
ing and cooling basics; and infrared camera
This is a five day course. The training agenda
basics. For more information, call 203-857-
includes indoor air quality assessment, indoor
moisture sources and solutions, visual inspec-
BUILDING ANALYST tion, identification and inspection of critical
This course is designed as four days of class- shell transitions, advanced blower door ap-
room training and four days of fieldwork/ plications, air sealing and dense-pack tech-
hands-on-training. Students will learn home niques, duct diagnostics, ASHRAE 62-89,
energy auditing and techniques and apply ventilation requirements, and ventilation sys-
them to lab exercises. Concepts of building tem options. This course is designed to assist
science, infiltration theory, approved retrofit the student in the preparation for the Enve-
lists and codes will be used to explore build- lope Professional exams. This is a classroom
ing energy savings and potential payback. and field experience class. For more informa-
Students will learn to identify and understand tion, please call 203-857-7080.
building performance problems, including
ice dams, mold and mildew, and indoor air
quality issues. Students will analyze build-
ings using Blower Door technology and other
diagnostic equipment, as well as accessing
building tightness, mechanical and distribu-
tion systems, and combustion safety and anal-
ysis for a “whole house” performance-based
approach. Practical applications will include
blower door guided air leakage tests, energy
bill analysis, IR camera use in auditing, heat
systems testing and analysis, health and safety
checks, material estimating, measuring and
working with field data collection forms. For
more information, call 203-857-7080.

See page 60 for registration form 3

Green Programs
CERTIFICATIONS This course provides an overview of sustain- This course is designed to explain the ele-
This course will provide any building, real able building, including environmental im- ments that comprise a sustainable home.
estate, or related industry professional with peratives driving the industry, the paradigm This course explains how “green homes” in-
an understanding of LEED, NAHB & En- of integrated design, and the role of USGBC corporate multiple components that, when
ergy Star building certifications, the measure- and the LEED Rating System. It explains the integrated, make the entire building energy
ments used to determine each certification, intent of each LEED Credit Category, iden- efficient, resource efficient, and minimize
and how to evaluate “green” benefits and tax tifying best practices, related key terms and environmental impact. Categories include:
incentives. Students will learn the difference concepts, regulation and incentives, and con- energy, water, materials and resources, indoor
between being green and sustainable, and cepts in practice. This course will prepare stu- air quality, siting the home and landscaping,
learn the difference between conventional dents to take the LEED Green Associate Ex- green products & greenwashing, understand-
and green building methods. amination and become an Accredited Green ing green building certifications: LEED,
Associate, the first step in becoming a LEED NAHB and EnergyStar. Key components of a
CRN 4564 1 Session Accredited Professional. This course consists green home will be covered in each segment.
PRFD D5018 NCC, Room W201 of five individual segments and all five are These will include methods and products
necessary to complete the course. For more that relate to each category. Guest lecturers
SAT 9:30AM–12:30PM Begins 10/16/2010
information, please contact the instructor at: may be included for their expertise, includ-
Fee: $50 wjanhonen@wsjenterprises.com or wsjenter- ing solar thermal heating, geothermal heating
Instructor: William Janhonen is a LEED Accredited prises.wordpress.com & cooling, landscaping and water efficiency.
Professional, NAHB Certified Green Professional, Builders, architects, home owners, appraisers,
Certified Property Manager and Licensed Broker in CRN 4565 5 Sessions brokers and salespeople, interior designers
NY, CT, and NC. As principal of WSJ Enterprises, he and any person with the desire to become fa-
PRFD D5019 NCC, Room W248
consults on commercial and residential construction,
TUE & THU 9:00AM–1:00PM Begins 9/21/2010 miliar with the rapidly growing area of green
financing and property management. He is a member
of USGBC and CTGBC. homes would benefit from this course.
Fee: $395
Instructor: William Janhonen CRN 4785 4 Sessions
PRFD D5022 NCC, Room TBA
TUE & THU 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/7/2010
Fee: $125
Would you like to teach Instructor: William Janhonen
a course for us?
Are you a born teacher?
Do you have a talent, skill or Building Efficiency & Sustainable
interest that you would Technology (BEST) Certificate Program
like to share with others?
If so, we would like NCC’s new Building Efficiency and Sustainable Technology Certifi-
to hear from you. cate Program is a 26-college credit program that prepares students for new “green collar” jobs
Please send in sustainable building and building efficiency. The courses can be completed in as little as
your course description two semesters. The program covers the science and techniques used in designing and build-
ing new homes and buildings to maximize energy efficiency, health and safety for occupants,
and resume to: alternative and renewable energy sources, and energy-saving retrofits of existing homes and
buildings. Students will conduct hands-on home energy audits.
Lynn Boyar The BEST Program helps prepare students for the Building Performance Institute’s (BPI)
203-857-7054 Building Analyst Certification, a nationally recognized accreditation. Students who success-
lboyar@ncc.commnet.edu fully complete the BEST Program will receive a Certificate from NCC and the Connecticut
Norwalk Community College, Community College System. Program courses are designed for displaced workers and job-
changers, as well as those looking to expand their knowledge and skills.
Extended Studies
188 Richards Avenue For additional information contact Eric Gribin at: egribin@ncc.commnet.edu, or go to the
Norwalk, CT 06854 NCC website at www.ncc.commnet.edu/aad/best.

4 Green Programs www.ncc.commnet.edu

Architecture & Design
Qualified Continuing Education for Members of OF SECTION 504
the American Institute of Architects Federally funded design and construction
Accesssible Design: From Plans to Practice triggers the requirements of Section 504 of
the Rehab Act of 1973, an often misunder-
Steven Winter Associates, Inc. is a Norwalk, Connecticut architectural/
stood federal accessibility law which seeks to
engineering consulting firm with specialized expertise in technologies and prevent discrimination, based on disability,
procedures that improve building performance.The firm is pleased to intro- under any program or activity receiving Fed-
duce the Accessible Design –from Plans to Practice series of instruction devel- eral financial assistance. Learn how to apply
oped especially for NCC’s Extended Studies & Workforce Education program. the scoping provisions of the law and the re-
Accessible Design – from Plans to Practice is designed to help industry quirements of its referenced technical criteria,
professionals navigate the accessible design and construction requirements of the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards
federal law. Failure to comply with the regulatory requirements is a violation (UFAS), to federally funded multifamily
housing projects. AIA Learning Units: 3
of law and perpetuates discriminatory housing practice. Cases and complaints
Qualifies for Health Safety Welfare (HSW)
filed against architects, developers, builders and owners for noncompliance requirement.
have been on the rise and are expected to continue. Learn how to avoid these
mistakes before they occur! CRN 4780 1 Session
PFRD D5297 NCC, Room TBA
TUE 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/26/2010
The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 AND CONSTRUCTION
requires that newly constructed multifam- Instructor: Peter A. Stratton
Common oversights architects make when
ily housing built after March 13, 1991, is incorporating accessibility into multifamily
designed and constructed to provide access plan development, which often lead to regu-
for people with disabilities. Failure to com- latory violations and typical errors made on
ply with the Act’s seven design and construc- site during the construction process, are high-
tion requirements is a violation of federal law.
Learn the scoping and technical provisions of
the design and construction requirements of
lighted. Practical examples of real-world solu-
tions, designed to ensure compliance, will be Over 50?
offered. AIA Learning Units: 3
the Act and the approved “safe harbors” for Qualifies for Health Safety Welfare (HSW) Lifetime Learners Institute
compliance. AIA Learning Units: 3 requirement.
Qualifies for Health Safety Welfare (HSW) at NCC offers spring and
requirement. CRN 4778 1 Session
fall courses in art, current
PFRD D5296 NCC, Room TBA
CRN 4777 1 Session
WED 9:00AM–12:00PM Begins 10/13/2010
events, history, literature,
PFRD D5016 NCC, Room TBA
Fee: $75 movies, music, religion
TUE 9:00AM–12:00PM Begins 9/21/2010
Fee: $75
and more!
CRN 4779 1 Session
Instructor: Peter A. Stratton is a Senior Associate with PFRD D5296 NCC, Room TBA
Steven Winter Associates, Inc., where he manages
accessibility compliance consulting services provided to TUE 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/19/2010 For more information
public and private clients nationwide, including one of
the top five largest public housing authorities and the
Fee: $75 Call 203-857-3330 or visit
Instructor: Peter A. Stratton
largest private multifamily residential rental real estate
firm in the US. Stratton manages expert regulatory ac-
cessibility compliance consulting and litigation support
services provided to the US Department of Justice, the
Office of the Attorney General, and other private and
nonprofit law firms, including the prestigious Washing-
ton Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban
Affairs. He routinely manages regulatory accessibility
compliance consulting services, including plan reviews,
field inspections, construction administration, and
training provided to developers, architects, and build-
ers, nationwide. He is the author of A Basic Guide to
Fair Housing Accessibility—Everything Architects and
Builders Need to Know about the Fair Housing Act
Accessibility Guidelines (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.).

See page 60 for registration form 5

and Financial

Center for
I FS Center for Educational Excellence offers
programs that prepare you for many different
occupations and jobs.
Excellence The program and the course work are appropri-
ate for a variety of different levels of experience
within the banking and insurance industry. The
program offers industry-approved preparation,
taught by respected instructors and industry
professionals with current experience.

Series 63 Test Preparation.......................................................7

Series 6 Test Preparation........................................................7
Financial Statement Analysis..................................................7
Business Math.......................................................................7
Legal Issues of Insurance, Banking and Financial Services...........7

6 Insurance and Financial Service Center for Educational Excellence www.ncc.commnet.edu

Insurance Financial Services (IFS)
The Series 63 exam is designed to qualify can- In this course, students will learn how a AND FINANCIAL SERVICES
didates as securities agents. The examination business is a financial system. Understand This course provides a broad yet sophisti-
covers the principles of state securities regu- the purpose and how to use profit and loss, cated legal overview of the insurance, bank-
lations reflected in the Uniform Securities balance sheet and cash flow statements, and ing, and financial sectors. We will cover ba-
Act. The examination is intended to provide make financing and operations decisions. sic legal principles and apply such principles
a basis for state securities administrators to Profitability and risk ratios will be covered. to current industry developments and how
determine an applicant’s knowledge and un- such developments impact the way people do
derstanding of state law and regulations. This CRN 4766 6 Sessions business. Prerequisite: high school diploma or
course will prepare students to take the Series BIS D7021 NCC, Room E309 equivalent with two or more years of work ex-
63 exam. Students must read the text prior to THU 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/23/2010 perience in the insurance, banking, or finan-
attending class. cial services industries.
Fee: $399
CRN 4781 2 Sessions Instructor: David M. Weinstein, B.A., founder and CRN 4232 6 Sessions
BIS D7067 NCC, Room TBA principal of Lakeside Advisors, is a corporate finance
BIS D7100 NCC, Room TBA
specialist with expertise in the development and
TUE & THU 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/26/2010 implementation of business and strategic plans, analysis TUE 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/7/2010
Fee: $129 Text Add’l of strategic alternatives, including mergers, acquisi- Fee: $399
tions and divestitures, due diligence, balance sheet
Instructor: Elyssia C. Poland, A.S. has 15 years of Instructor: Darrel M. Seife brings over 20 years of legal
recapitalizations, refinancing, debtor-in-position and
banking and investment experience. Her extensive and insurance industry experiences to RVI Group, the
post -confirmation financing.
professional designations include FINRA series 6, 7, 63 world’s largest specialist in residual value insurance,
and 65. She is a Registered Investment Advisor with BUSINESS MATH based in Stamford, CT. Previously, Mr. Seife served
insurance licenses for life and health as well as fixed This course will enable participants to gain in the Office of General Counsel of Fireman’s Fund
and variable annuities. and litigated at the prestigious law firm O’Melveny &
a comprehensive understanding of the vari-
Myers. He has lectured and published for professional
SERIES 6 ACCELERATED ous mathematical tools needed to understand organizations on insurance coverage claims, litigation,
TEST PREPARATION business operations. Participants will receive and bankruptcy topics and is a former adjunct law
In order to obtain the Series 6 License, can- instruction, supplemented by examples and professor at New York Law School and a past court-
didates must pass the Investment Company/ discussions on basic math functions used in appointed arbitrator in NY.
Variable Contracts Products Limited Repre- business. In-class exercises will provide hands-
sentative (Series 6) exam. The Series 6 exam on current applications of these tools.
is administered by the Financial Industry
CRN 4763 6 Sessions
Regulatory Authority (FINRA) (formerly
the National Association of Securities Deal- BIS D7005 NCC, Room W102
ers (NASD), and covers topics on mutual MON 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 11/8/2010
funds, variable annuities, securities and tax Fee: $399
regulations, retirement plans, and insurance
Instructor: Judith A. Puchalski, M.B.A., has 25 years
products. Students must read the text prior of business experience with various private, public, and
to attending class. Please bring a bag lunch. nonprofit companies. She is the founder and owner
of JP Business Consulting, assisting organizations in
CRN 4783 2 Sessions developing strategic planning growth models.
BIS D7115 NCC, Room W137
SAT 9:00AM–4:00PM Begins 9/25/2010
Fee: $699 Text Add’l
Instructor: Elyssia C. Poland, A.S.

See page 60 for registration form 7

Register Now for WBDC’s Fall 2010
Small Business Program and
Counseling Schedule
• Business Information Sessions
• Fast Trac New Venture
• Exploring Entrepreneurship
laid off?
• Internet Training Having difficulty
• One-on-One Business Counseling
finding employment?
• Walk-In Days – Business and
Financial Need additional job
• Financial Coaching
• Access to Capital/Business
skills training?
Sustainability Counseling

Register online at www.ctwbdc.org - Pre-Registration Required

For more information email info@ctwbdc.org or 203.353.1750 ext. 10
Outside the Stamford area 1.877.999.WBDC(9232)
888 Washington Blvd. 10th Floor Stamford, CT 06901

The Family Economic

Security Program
FESP is a comprehensive program
designed to enhance the economic Norwalk Community College
future of student parents. Students can help!
receive personalized coaching and edu- Eligible individuals can receive
cational outreach activities. Assistance
financial assistance towards a
is available to help student parents
meet their financial, personal, academic wide variety of career oriented
and career related goals. Scholarship training courses in business,
assistance is also available for a select group of eligible students. technology, healthcare,
Applications are available at www.ncc.ccommnet.edu/fesp
and travel.
The program is an innovative partnership of Norwalk NCC is a Connecticut
Community College, the Fairfield County Community
Department of Labor
Foundation’s Fund for Women and Girls and the Norwalk
Community College Foundation. FESP is adapted from the Eligible Training Provider
Center for Working Families model from the Annie E. Casey

FESP — Helping Student Parents Succeed For more course

Contact: Kristina Testa-Buzzee at
ktesta-buzzee@ncc.commnet.edu or call 203-857-7220. www.ctworkssw.org

NCC Credit Courses
NCC offers Credit Courses, too!
At NCC, we offer degree and certifi-
cate programs designed to prepare you
for further education and a rewarding
career. It’s education that really works
for you – no matter what your goals.
NCC offers more than 45 Asso-
ciate Degree programs designed to
provide you with the knowledge you
need to succeed in today’s job market.
You can use your associate degree as a
career credential or continue on for a
four-year degree. In fact, many of our
graduates do transfer to more expen-
sive four-year colleges in their junior
year, thereby greatly reducing the
overall cost of their college education.
NCC also offers 26 Certificate
programs, each designed to help you Information Systems Culinary Arts
obtain specific skills, earn an impor- Information Technology: Legal Assistant
tant academic credential, or pursue Networking Computer Science:
an interest in greater depth. Internet Technology Information Systems
Insurance and Financial Services Networking
Associate Degree Programs Interior Design Programming/C Language
Accounting Legal Assistant Programming/Visual Basic
Architectural Engineering Liberal Arts concentrations: Relational Database
Technology Art: Science and Mathematics Development
Design for the Web, Fine Arts, Psychology Small Business Computer
Graphic Design, Studio Art Foreign Language Applications
Business Administration Transfer Option Web Developer
Business Office Technology Women’s Studies Early Childhood Education
Computer Security Management Child Development Associate
Computer Systems Technology Marketing Credential
Criminal Justice Medical Office Management English as a Second Language
Communication Arts: Nursing Gerontology
Journalism, Physical Therapist Assistant Health Careers Pathway
Media Studies, TV Production Respiratory Care Medical Office
Construction Technology Recreation and Leisure Studies: Health Office Information
Early Childhood Education Leadership Emphasis Specialist
Engineering Science Therapeutic Emphasis Medical Assistant
Exercise Science Technological Studies Mental Health
Finance and Banking Recreation and Leisure Studies
Honors Program Certificate Programs
Hospitality Management: Archaeology as an Avocation For more information,
Hotel/Lodging Management Art/Graphic Design call 203-857-7060 or visit
Restaurant/Foodservice Business: www.ncc.commnet.edu
Management Accounting
Human Services Business Software

See page 60 for registration form 9


W e can help you obtain the skills you need

for a career in the growing healthcare field.
Prepare to work directly with patients as a nurse
aide or specialize in computerized billing and
paper claims. Our programs provide both
credentials and a great education!

Certified Nurse Aide........................................................... 1 1

Dental Assistant..................................................................12
Medical Billing & Reimbursement .......................................15
Homemaker/Companion ..................................................... 14
Pharmacy Technician ...........................................................15
Patient Clinical Technician....................................................16
Phlebotomy Technician........................................................15
Physical Therapy Aide............................................................14
Veterinary Assistant ............................................................16
Exercise Science/Personal Training.........................................18


Passage of the Healthcare Assessment Test is a prerequisite for the Certified
Nurse Aide (C.N.A.), EKG, Pharmacy Technician, and Phlebotomy Technician
Specialist course. Please call 203-857-7080 for details.

The Healthcare field is
not only vital to our
communities and us, it’s a
constant source of
employment and personal
Nurse Aide
fulfillment in our society.
This 108-hour course prepares students to
to try a new career where work in long-term care nursing facilities. 
you can make a difference? The course includes  36 hours of classroom
instruction, combined with 72 hours of prac-
tical hands-on training in the laboratory and
clinical setting, which enables the student to
deliver all aspects of personal care to clients. 
CERTIFIED NURSE AIDE Students learn about the physical and emo-
C.N.A.s are in constant demand. This course has been approved by the Connecticut tional changes related to aging. This course
Department of Health and upon completion, students are awarded the required state has been approved by the Connecticut De-
certificate to work in longterm care facilities. See page 11 partment of Public Health. Upon satisfactory
completion of academic and clinical perfor-
PHLEBOTOMY TECHNICIAN SPECIALIST mance of this course, students are eligible to
A course geared to train healthcare professionals to perform phlebotomy services in apply for the state certificate to work in long-
healthcare facilities. The National Health Career Association has approved this course term-care facilities. Required materials:  an
for National Certification. See page 16 NCC approved wine-colored scrub top and
pants, plain white leather shoes, NCC name
MEDICAL BILLING & REIMBURSEMENT SPECIALIST tag (purchased in the NCC bookstore), and
With the successful completion of three courses, you are eligible for a certificate vali- a watch with a second sweep hand, textbook
dating your knowledge of healthcare billing, claims submission and follow-up – skills
that are in constant demand. Professionals may also take one or more courses for skill
and workbook. Students must  follow the
enhancement. See page 15 rules and regulations of the program as de-
scribed in the NCC  C.N.A.  Student Hand-
EKG book. These requirements include a medical
You will learn proper use of the EKG equipment. The course includes 21 hours of exam to meet state requirements to work in
classroom instruction and 20 hours of practical hands-on training. Upon successful a health care facility and must be submit-
completion of the course, the student will receive a certificate and will be eligible to ted prior to the first class. The health form
take an examination offered by the National Heath Career Association for certifica- is available online at: www.ncc.commnet.
tion. Employment opportunities exist in a hospital Cardiovascular department cardiac edu. Click on Extended Studies. This health
catherization laboratory, doctor’s/cardiologist office, cardiac rehabilitation program or a form should be submitted to the Division of
Telemetry unit. Entrance Requirement: The student must have a high school Nursing and Allied Health Office (East 306)
diploma. See page 13 prior to the first class. 
This is a time-intensive course; please plan ac-
The Dental Assistant program will prepare students with education and training for
entry level dental assistant positions in private dental offices and/or clinical settings. The Entrance Requirements: 
55 hour, 13 week program will combine hands-on training, direct patient care, classroom • Passage of the Health Care Assessment
instruction and guest lectures on all dental specialties. Entrance Requirement: The stu-
dent must have a high school diploma or equivalent. See page 12
Test. For details, please call
PHARMACY TECHNICIAN • Full payment for class is due at
Employment of pharmacy technicians is expected to grow much faster than the aver- registration
age through 2020. Pharmacy technicians work in hospital and community pharmacies, • Students must register for a clinical
extended care facilities and industry. Train to be a Pharmacy Technician and prepare to assignment at the time of CNA
take the PTCB exam. Entrance Requirement: The student must have a high school registration 
diploma or equivalent. See page 15
CRN 3522 24 Sessions (including 12 clinical sessions)
Be an important part of a professional veterinary staff. Work at a veterinary hospital, HMED D5270 NCC, Room EForum
animal shelter, kennel or laboratory. In the veterinary assistant program, you’ll learn the WED 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/8/2010
skills needed to keep animals healthy. See page 16
No class 11/24
Fee: $799 Text Add’l
Instructors: Audrey Hutter R.N., Lyn Ross R.N.

See page 60 for registration form 11

Nurse Aide / Dental Assistant
(Certified Nurse’s Aide students must sign up CRN 3591 4 Sessions
for one the clinicals listed below when reg- This course will teach those with a duty to act HMED D5231 NCC, Room W239
istering for C.N.A. Fee included in cost of (professional rescuers and healthcare provid- THU 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/7/2010
C.N.A. class) ers) the skills needed to respond appropriately Fee: $149
to breathing and cardiac emergencies. This
Instructor: Cindy M. Stabinsky- Bourt, A.S., P.B.T.,
CLINICAL I includes the use of an automated external de-
ASCP in Human Services and a Certified Phleboto-
CRN 4858 12 Sessions HMED D5016 fibrillator (AED) to care for adults and chil- mist. She has worked at Norwalk Hospital Depart-
dren in cardiac arrest. Certificate is valid for ment of Pathology and has over 20 years experience in
SAT 8:00AM–2:30PM Begins 9/11-12/11
two years. All students will need CPR/AED a healthcare setting, specializing in phlebotomy and
for the Professional Rescuer Text, available customer service.
CLINICAL II from the NCC bookstore, prior to attending
CRN 4859 12 Sessions HMED D5027 first class.
MON 4:00PM–10:30PM Begins 9/13-12/6
CRN 4846 2 Sessions Dental
HMED D5821 NCC, Room W101 Assistant
SAT 9:00AM–1:00PM Begins 10/9/2010 Certificate
CRN 4860 12 Sessions HMED D5281
Fee: $90 Materials fee: $15.00 for Pocket Mask The Extended Studies Division of
THU 4:00PM–10:30PM Begins 9/16-12/9 Norwalk Community College is pleased
payable to instructor. Text Add’l.
Instructor: Jeanne Yusko to offer — The Dental Assistant
CLINICAL IV Certificate Program!
CRN 4861 12 Sessions HMED D5022
CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR HEALTHCARE This five part program will prepare
PROFESSIONALS: PREPARING students for a new career as a Dental
Friday 4:00PM–10:30PM Begins 9/17-12/10 Assistant. Students will need to success-
Customer Service in a medical setting has a fully complete four required courses plus
CLINICAL V unique set of challenges. This course is de- a clinical to earn a program certificate.
CRN 4862 12 Sessions HMED D5244 signed to teach healthcare professionals how Dental Assistant I • Dental Assistant II
Friday 8:00AM–2:30PM Begins 9/17-12/10
to meet these challenges and achieve service • Dental Assistant III – Clinical
excellence. Some areas covered are Patient Dental Radiology • Customer Service
Bill of Rights, professionalism, telephone eti- for Healthcare Professionals
CPR/AED-ADULT PLUS quette, communication skills, working with a
CPR-CHILD & INFANT culturally diverse patient population, bedside
This course covers recognizing and handling manners, and managing job stress. Also cov-
emergency situations, caring for breathing ered are key points in presenting knowledge DENTAL ASSISTING I: DENTAL CHARTING
and cardiac emergencies, performing CPR and skills at a job interview, to increase confi- I, INSTRUMENTATION AND
and using an AED on adult victims of sudden dence when applying for a position in health- TERMINOLOGY
cardiac arrest until advanced medical help is care. This course is required for completing This course will introduce students to some
available. It also covers caring for breathing certification programs in Phlebotomy, Den- of the most important skills of the Dental
emergencies for adults, children, and infants. tal, EKG and PCT. Assistant professional. Students will learn
Basic precautions for preventing disease dental charting, dental instruments and their
CRN 3592 4 Sessions functions, dental tray set-ups and equipment.
transmission are also included. A textbook is
required for the first class. Please bring a bag HMED D5231 NCC, Room W128 Dental terminology will also be covered.
lunch. THU 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/9/2010 Please bring a three-ring binder to class.
A high school diploma or GED is required.
Fee: $149
CRN 4469 1 Sessions Students are required to submit a health
Instructor: Celia M. Batan, B.A., C.P.C., has designed form to the instructor prior to clinicals.
HMED D5271 NCC, Room W101
and implemented skills training programs across verti-
SAT 9:00PM–5:00PM 9/25/2010
Health forms are available online at
cal markets for various industries in the US, Canada,
and Asia, overseeing instructional methodology and www.ncc.commnet.edu. Click on Extended
Fee: $70 Text Add’l. Studies.Co-requisite: Customer Service for
writing business materials for publication. She is an
Instructor: Jeanne Yusko is an instructor trainer with instructor on ESL, business professional image, and Healthcare Professionals
the American Red Cross. She teaches basic level courses, Asian arts/cultural diversity. Vice President, SGS
trains individuals to become American Red Cross Personnel Inc. CRN 3878 13 Sessions
Instructors, and has been teaching for over 15 years.
HMED D5009 NCC, Room E212
WED 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/8/2010
Fee: $499 No class 11/24 Text Add’l
Instructor: Adelina Torres, C.D.A., has been a dental
assistant for over 17 years

12 Healthcare / Certified Nurse Aide www.ncc.commnet.edu

Dental Assistant
Students will spend 30 daytime hours (three
hours per week) in a private dental office or
Norwalk Hospital Dental Clinic training to
be dental assistants. Students will be super-
vised by dental assistants in the workplace
and their progress monitored by the program
Prerequisite: Dental Assistant I and II

CRN 4247 7 Sessions

HMED D5028 Off Campus
Fee: $499 Begins 9/16/2010
Instructor: Roseann Bass, C.D.A.

In this course, students will gain a basic
knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of
the heart and an understanding of heart func-
tion, as well as proper patient information
input into the EKG equipment and proper
preparation and lead placement for obtaining
DENTAL ASSISTANT PROGRAM II DENTAL RADIOLOGY an accurate and clear electrocardiogram. The
This 13-week course will expand upon the This course will provide the dental-assisting course includes 21 hours of classroom in-
basic knowledge learned in Dental Assisting student with the fundamental principles struction and 20 hours of practical hands-on
l. Students will continue charting and taking upon which dental radiology is based. Con- training. Upon successful completion of the
models going over tray set-ups. Instruction tent will focus on preparing the student to sit course, the student will receive a certificate
will concentrate on developing skills needed for the “Radiation Health & Safety” (RHS) and will be eligible to take an examination of-
for working in a dental office. portion of the Dental Assisting National fered by the National Healthcare Association
Entrance Requirements: Board (DANB) Certification as required by to become certified.
• A high school diploma or GED is law in the state of Connecticut in order to Co-requisite: Customer Service for Health-
required expose radiographs in a dental setting. This care Professionals
course is a 30-hour ten-week course. Scrubs
• Prerequisite: Dental Assistant I Entrance Requirements:
• Co-requisites: Customer Service for Entrance Requirements: • A high school diploma or equivalent
Healthcare Professionals • Passage of Health Care Assessment Test.
• A high school diploma or GED is
required For details, please call 203-857-7080
CRN 4794 13 Sessions
• Prerequisite: Dental Assistant I or on the • Students are required to have a medical
HMED D5007 NCC, Room E212 exam to meet state requirements to work
job training
TUE 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/7/2010 in a health care facility and must be sub-
CRN 4177 10 Sessions
Fee: $499 Text Add’l. mitted prior to the first class. The health
HMED D5014 NCC, Room E212 form is available online at:
Instructor: Roseann Bass, C.D.A., a dental/surgical as-
MON 6:000PM–9:00PM Begins 9/13/2010 www.ncc.commnet.edu. Click on
sistant at Fairfield Oral Surgery, was formerly a dental/
surgical assistant at Norwalk Hospital. No class 10/11 Extended Studies.
Fee: $499 Text Add’l. CRN 3582 14 Sessions
Instructor: Roseann Bass, C.D.A.
HMED D5012 NCC, Room W248
MON & WED 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/22/2010
Fee: $599 No class 10/11 Text Add’l.
PLEASE NOTE: Instructor: Anne Cassone is a Cardio-Neuro Technolo-
Our prices and courses gist with over 20 years experience in Cardiology and
are subject to change
without notice.

See page 60 for registration form 13

Physical Therapy / Homemaker Companion

AIDE CERTIFICATE CRN 4808 6 Sessions HMED D5378 NCC, Room W003
The Physical Therapy Aide THU 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/9/2010 Text Add’l Fee: $399
Certificate prepares students to work in Instructor: Susana Campos is a licensed physical therapist with clinical experience in multiple settings. She has
the physical therapy environment, assist- practiced physical therapy in both acute and sub-acute settings with rehabilitation facilities specializing in neu-
ing therapists in improving the patient’s rological and orthopedic conditions in the adult and geriatric population. Dr. Campos is a graduate of Mercy
function and quality of life. Students College in New York and holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.
will learn about the profession of physi-
cal therapy as part of the healthcare team, CRN 4806 6 Sessions HMED D5378 NCC, Room W003
including rehabilitation terminology, PT
settings and specialties, and common MON 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/13/2010 Text Add’l Fee: $399 No class 10/11
medical diagnoses. They will also learn Instructor: Jennifer W. Bresnick, P.T., D.P. T., is a licensed physical therapist with both clinical and academic
safeguarding, transport and transfer skills, experience. She has practiced in all types of physical therapy settings from the clinic to the hospital, with specialties
as well as skills for assisting with thera- in wound care, inpatient orthopedics and geriatrics. Dr. Bresnick is a graduate of the University of Maryland at
peutic exercise, gait and balance training, Baltimore and holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. She is the current Chair of the Southwest District of
the Connecticut Physical Therapy Association.
and other PT treatments. This course
includes ten classroom hours and eight
hands-on laboratory hours. Students have CRN 4810 6 Sessions HMED D5378 NCC, Room W003
the option to complete clinical hours in THU 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/28/2010 Text Add’l Fee: $399 No class 11/25
a physical therapy setting. This certificate Instructor: Susana Campos
will count toward the admissions require-
ments of the Physical Therapist Assistant
CRN 4809 6 Sessions HMED D5378 NCC, Room W003
two-year degree program at NCC (see the
PTA Program Director for details). High MON 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 11/1/2010 Text Add’l Fee: $399
school diploma or GED is required. Instructor: Jennifer W. Bresnick


ULTRASOUND This course will prepare students for entry- *This course is also available as a Credit Division
This course will serve as an introduction to level positions in the field of healthcare. class. Prices may vary.
performing a test with the use of an instru- Students will have the opportunity to assist Students will have the opportunity to learn
ment called a transducer and a 2D Cardiac elders in maintaining their independence the basic structure and functions of the hu-
Ultrasound machine, which can provide through in-home services. A variety of job op- man body and will become familiar with
moving images and sounds of the heart. This portunities are available to homemakers and common diseases and disorders. In addition,
test does not use radiation and is an impor- companions trained to meet this important participants will learn the prefixes, roots, and
tant cardiac diagnostic for physicians. Off-site community need. Students will learn skills in- suffixes which compose medical terminology
observation and the clinical aspect of these cluding positive communication techniques, and will relate that terminology to each of the
testings will be provided by an accredited professional behavior, how to avoid ageism, body systems studied. This course will give
area hospital 2D Cardiac Ultrasound lab. cultural sensitivity, escorting and transporting the Billing and Reimbursement Specialist a
Prerequisite: EKG clients, how to communicate with someone solid foundation to function effectively in the
diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, nutrition and business office of a health care facility.
CRN 4803 16 Sessions meal preparation. Students will spend a total
CRN 3584 15 Sessions
HMED D5433 NCC, Room Mon W229, WED TBA of 18 hours over a six-week period learning
from a diverse staff in an interactive environ- HMED D5934 NCC, Room W105
MON & WED 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/13/2010
ment. This course is offered in partnership TUE 7:00PM–9:55PM Begins 9/7/2010
Fee: $499 No class 10/11 Text Add’l. with the Southwestern CT Agency on Ag- Fee: $599 Text Add’l.
Instructor: Sandra J. Schoen, B.S., R.C.T., is a ing, which promotes quality of life, dignity,
National Registered Cardio-Vascular Technologist. She Instructor: Leonard Scinto, M.P.A., D.L.N. (ASCP),
and independence for older adults in Fairfield
has over 30 years experience in cardiology neurology Operations Manager, Department of Pathology,
County. Norwalk Hospital, has had 25 years of experience in
and vascular departments and is a director of a 2D
Echo Lab. medical technology and phlebotomy.
CRN 4548 6 Sessions
HMED D5230 NCC, Room W239
CRN 3585 15 Sessions
TUE5:30PM–8:30PM Begins 9/14/2010
HMED D5934 NCC, Room W221
Fee: $149
WED 7:00PM–9:55PM Begins 9/1/2010
Instructor: Mayra Perez, M.S.W., is a social worker for
the city of Bridgeport and has worked for Casey Family Fee: $599 Text Add’l
Services and the Department of Children and Families.  Instructor: Erin Fitzgerald, R.N., B.S.N., M.B.A.,
She has also has worked as a CNA. is currently the Infection Control Coordinator for
Norwalk Hospital.

14 Physical Therapy / Patient Care / Homaker Companion www.ncc.commnet.edu

Medical Billing / Pharmacy Technician
*This course is also available as a Credit Division
class. Prices may vary. Medical Billing
This course will cover the clerical and ad- & Reimbursement Specialist
ministrative skills necessary to work effec- Certificate
tively in a private physician’s office, a multi- This three-module certificate program will prepare individuals for a successful career as a
specialty clinic, or a hospital setting. These Medical Biller in a healthcare facility. Upon completion of this certificate program you will
skills include maintaining patients’ medical be able to understand and facilitate the necessary steps for health insurance claims submis-
records, including color-coding and filing. sion and follow-up. A high school diploma or G.E.D. is required.
This course will cover important issues re- The following courses are required to receive the Medical Billing & Insurance Reim-
garding healthcare today: healthcare reform, bursement Specialist Certificate. These courses may also be taken individually for skill
the changing skills required for success and enhancement, if a certificate is not desired. Permission of the instructor and prerequisite
the computerization of medical offices with requirement is necessary.
HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Ac- Medical Terminology * • Medical Insurance & Billing • Medical Coding
countability Act). This course will introduce
*Prerequisites: Medical Terminology is prerequisite for Medical Insurance and Medical
the student to the major medical insurance
programs used in physicians’ offices and give
a basic knowledge of the national diagnostic
and procedural coding systems and forms.
Prerequisite: Medical Terminology PHLEBOTOMY TECHNICIAN SPECIALIST
CRN 3589 15 Sessions This course prepares students to perform
CRN 3587 15 Sessions
HMED D5245 NCC, Room E210 phlebotomy in health care facilities such as
HMED D5001 NCC, Room E210 hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and physi-
TUE 5:30PM–8:30PM Begins 9/7/2010
THU 7:00PM–9:55PM Begins 9/2/2010 cian group practices. The course includes 40
Fee: $599 Text Add’l. hours of classroom instruction and additional
No class 11/25
Instructor: Debby Ury, B.S.N. hours of phlebotomy training at affiliates.
Fee: $599 Text Add’l. Classroom instruction includes anatomy and
PHARMACY TECHNICIAN TRAINING physiology of the circulatory system, blood
CRN 3586 15 Sessions The Pharmacy Technician Training program collection equipment and supplies, speci-
HMED D5001 NCC, Room E201
will prepare students for entry-level positions men collection and processing, and labora-
in community and hospital pharmacy set- tory operations. Clinical assignments will be
MON 5:30PM–8:25PM Begins 9/13/2010 tings and for the Pharmacy Certified Tech- determined at the first class. Upon successful
No class 10/11 nician (PCT) Examination. Students will completion of the course, the student will
Fee: $599 Text Add’l. learn about prescription and OTC drugs, receive a certificate and will be eligible to
Instructor: Debby Ury, B.S.N., has over 25 years
compounding, calculations, legal aspects and take an examination offered by the National
experience in the healthcare field. She has worked in parenteral administration of drugs and asep- Healthcareer Association to become a certi-
the business office of a medical group practice as well tic techniques, as well as topics in chemistry, fied phlebotomist.
as the claims review unit of a major health insurance anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. A Co-requisite: Customer Service for Health-
company. high school diploma or GED is required for care Professionals
registration. A strong background in math- Entrance Requirements:
MEDICAL CODING* ematics is recommended.
*This course is also available as a Credit Division • The student must have a high school
class. Prices may vary.
Entrance Requirements:
• The student must have a high school diploma or equivalent
This course encompasses most aspects of
diploma or equivalent • Passage of Health Care Assessment Test.
fundamentals of the Official Coding and
• Passage of Health Care Assessment Test. For details, please call 203-857-7080
Reporting Guidelines used by providers to
facilitate payment of health services. Students For details, please call 203-857-7080
CRN 3583 15 Sessions
access the Internet to research and apply cod- Co-requisite: Customer Service for Health-
ing concepts and conventions of ICD-9 and care Professionals HMED D5280 NCC, Room E108
CPT-4 coding as they review actual medical TUE 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/7/2010
records. Hands-on experience is provided CRN 3779 20 Sessions
Fee: $899 Text Add’l.
with a current medical practice management HMED D5341 NCC, Room M: E112, W: TBA
Instructor: Cindy M. Stabinsky-Bourt, A.S., P.B.T.,
software application. Prerequisite: Medical MON & WED 6:30PM–9:30PM Begins 9/13/2010 ASCP in Human Services and a Certified Phleboto-
Terminology and Medical Insurance and mist, has worked at Norwalk Hospital Department
Fee: $699 No class 10/11 Text Add’l
Billing of Pathology and has over 20 years experience in a
Instructor: Connecticut Pharmacy Association healthcare setting, specializing in phlebotomy and
CRN 4465 15 Sessions customer service.
HMED D5245 NCC, Room E201
WED 4:00PM–6:55PM Begins 9/1/2010
Fee: $599 No class 11/24 Text Add’l.

See page 60 for registration form 15

Phlebotomy / Patient Clinical & Veterinary Technicians

Patient Clinical Veterinary Assistant Veterinary

A patient care technician Gain knowledge of the skills required to ef-
(PCT) provides nursing care fectively work in the front office of a vet-
The Extended Studies Division of
to patients in a hospital under the direc- erinary clinic. Topics will include veterinary
Norwalk Community College is pleased to
tion of a registered nurse. A PCT performs terminology, computer skills, client commu-
offer — The Veterinary Assistant Certifi-
duties such as phlebotomy, EKGs, vital nication, telephone skills, pet insurance, Care
cate Program!
signs, and other duties specific to the nurs- Credit, and compliance with OSHA require-
This five-part program will prepare
ing unit. ments.
students for a new career in the very excit-
Receive your certification as a PCT ing area of veterinary healthcare. Students
CRN 3784 5 Sessions
with the completion of the following are required to have a tetanus shot. Upon
courses: HMED D5435 NCC, Room TBA
successful completion of the four required
C.N.A. • Phlebotomy • EKG • Customer WED 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/1/2010 courses plus the clinical experience,
Service for Healthcare Professionals Fee: $499 Text Add’l students will earn a program certificate.
Instructor: Laura Dotta works in a Veterinary Hospital One textbook will be used for the entire
as an Internal Medicine Liaison. She received her program.
PATIENT CLINICAL TECHNICIAN (PCT) degree as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Technol- Veterinary Medical Office Assistant
This program is designed to prepare individu- ogy from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Veterinary Assisting I
als to work in a hospital, long-term care set- Uruguay, South America. Veterinary Assisting II
ting, or a skilled-nursing facility. The patient Veterinary Dental and Surgical Assisting
VETERINARY ASSISTING I Clinical Veterinary Assisting
care technician is a multi-skilled health care This course will provide students with edu-
worker who initially earns a Certified Nurs- cation and training for entry-level positions
ing Assistant (CNA) certification and then in veterinary medicine. The introductory
gains additional skills so as to be prepared to VETERINARY ASSISTING II
class will familiarize students with the basic
perform routine patient care treatments, in- This course will build upon the skills and
functions of being a veterinary assistant. Ba-
cluding simple lab tests, EKGs, and simple training learned in Veterinary Assistant I.
sic anatomy and physiology will be covered.
dressing changes. The technician will receive Students will learn advanced laboratory pro-
Students will learn proper techniques for re-
education on phlebotomy theory, current cedures and be trained in proper preparation
straining and medicating pets and be trained
technology, Physical Therapy and Occupa- and placement for obtaining clear and ac-
in important minor procedures such as vacci-
tional Therapy safety, standard and universal curate x-rays. Recognizing emergencies and
nation protocols, nail trimming, bandaging,
health care precautions, therapeutic commu- CPR will also be discussed.
bathing and grooming. Prerequisite: High
nication techniques, English and math skills, Prerequisite: Veterinary Assisting I
school diploma
customer service, and patient care delivery
systems. This class includes additional labora- CRN 3785 5 Sessions CRN 3879 5 Sessions
tory and clinical hours. The course will not
HMED D5436 NCC, Room E115 HMED D5017 NCC, Room E228
provide a phlebotomy or EKG certification.
Admissions Requirements: Application must WED 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/6/2010 WED 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 11/10/2010
be submitted between August 1, 2010, and Fee: $499 Text Add’l. Fee: $499 No class 11/24 Text Add’l.
August 25, 2010 Instructor: Christine Ball, A.S., is a licensed veterinary Instructor: Joseph Durso, B.S., is a licensed Veterinary
• Official high school transcript technician. Technician and AALAS Certified Laboratory Animal
indicating date of graduation, general Technologist.
education development (GED) diploma
or state high school equivalency diploma
• Current Certified Nursing Assistant
• Writing sample
• Interview with PCT coordinator
• C.N.A. work experience

CRN 4847 15 Sessions

HMED D5388 NCC , Room E318
TUE 4:00PM–7:00PM Begins 9/7/2010
Fee: $1,400
Instructor: Cindy Distisao, R.N.

16 Phlebotomy / Patient Clinical & Veterinary Technicians www.ncc.commnet.edu

AND SURGICAL ASSISTING Students will spend a total of 30 daytime *This course is also available as a Credit Division
hours (three hours per week) in an animal class. Prices may vary.
This course will prepare students to assist
with surgical and dental procedures. Basic hospital or clinic and train to become veteri- An in-depth exploration of human emotions,
anatomy of the canine and feline mouth, nary assistants. Students will be supervised by attitudes and behaviors associated with death
equipment use and maintenance, and also technicians in the workplace; their progress and dying. Topics include the study of histor-
aseptic technique will be some of the topics will be monitored by the program coordi- ic and religious functions, suicide, euthanasia,
discussed. nator. Prerequisite: Veterinary Dental and bereavement, preparations, coping with fear,
Prerequisites: Veterinary Medical Office As- Surgical Assisting and proof of tetanus shot. dealing with children, and theories concern-
sistant Veterinary Assisting I and II, a tetanus This class will be offered in the Spring 2011 ing life-after-death and reincarnation. The
shot, and a high school diploma. Please sub- Semester. course is designed to provide stimulus for in-
mit proof of shot and copy of diploma to the trospection re individual problem areas.
Extended Studies Division. CRN 4043 10 Sessions HMED D5019
CRN 3884 14 Sessions
Meets off campus, scheduled by coordinator
HMED D5025 NCC , Room W105
CRN 4797 5 Sessions Fee: $499
WED5:30PM–8:25PM Begins 9/8/2010
HMED D5018 NCC,Room W229 Instructor: Joseph Durso, B.S.
Fee: $399 No class 11/24
THU 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/23/2010
Instructor: Carol Smith Harker has a Master’s in Hu-
Fee: $499 Text Add’l. man Development from St. Joseph College, West Hart-
Instructor: Joseph Durso, B.S. ford, and is a Professor and Chair of the Social and
Behavioral Science Department at NCC. She has 20
years experience as a hospital social worker as well as
eight years experience as a mental health clinician.

The WorkPlace of Southwestern

Youth Grant Program for Education and Job Training
Connecticut in partnership with NCC has collaborated on a new and exciting program that incorporates class training with
required pre-requisites, including computer skills and preparation
Ages 17-21 for the job market

The WorkPlace of Southwestern Connecticut in partnership with NCC has collaborated on a

new and exciting program that incorporates class training with required prerequisites*,
including computer skills and preparation for the job market.
Who is eligible? Offering classes in
Healthcare Training
• Out- of- school youth not less than age 17 and not more than 21
Certified Nurse Aide
• In-school youth who are high school seniors Dental Assistant Program
• Low income; and who has one or more of the following barriers: EKG
Deficient in basic literacy skills Emergency Medical Technician
A school drop-out Homemaker/Companion
Homeless, a runaway, or a foster child Patient Care Technician Program
Pharmacy Technician Training
Pregnant or a parent
Phlebotomy Technician Specialist
An offender Physical Therapy Aide
Documented disability or IEP Veterinary Assistant
Foster child Computer Technology
All youth are required to take a test administered by The WorkPlace of Southwestern CT A+ Computer Repair Program
to assess placement CompTIA Network + Certification
CompTIA Security + Certification
*For further information,
Microsoft Excel
income guidelines & eligibility requirements please contact:
Microsoft Powerpoint
Robin H. Morris Microsoft Word
Youth Grant Coordinator Business Training
203-857-6971 National Bookkeeping Certification

See page 60 for registration form 17

Exercise Science / Personal Training
Exercise Science/Personal Exercise Science and
Training Personal Training Certificate
INTRODUCTION TO FITNESS TRAINING* This certificate program will prepare the individual for basic skills needed for entry level
*This course is also available as a Credit Division personal trainers in a fitness setting. The program is designed to meet the Knowledge, Skills
class. Prices may vary. and Activities set forth by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Success-
An introduction to the profession of Fitness ful completion of the certificate will prepare the individual to sit for the Certified Personal
Training and the five components of physical Trainer (C-PT) Exam.
fitness. This course will relate human anato- A high school diploma or G.E.D is required for entry into the Exercise Science and
my and physiology, exercise, and nutrition to Personal Training Certificate.
fitness and its effects on the body. Program Objectives – To prepare the student for the ACSM CPT Certification exam.
Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 101 Com- Required Certificate Courses: Introduction to Fitness Training**
position First Aid and Sports Injury***
Programming and Prescription I
CRN 3881 15 Sessions
These courses can be taken individually if a certificate is not desired. For individual
HMED D5020 NCC , Room W220 registration, permission of the program coordinator is required as well as any prerequisites
TUE 7:00PM–9:50PM Begins 9/7/2010 for that course.
Fee: $399 *The ACSM CPT exam is scheduled and paid for by the student. This service is not
provided by the college.
Instructor: Lloyd Weinstein, M. S., Human
Performance-Certified Strength & Conditioning
**Prerequisites: Introduction to Fitness Training is the prerequisite for Programming
Coach, Fitness Specialist. He has worked in the fitness and Prescription I.
and recreation field for over 20 years, including health ***It is recommended that certificate students obtain American Red Cross or American
club management, YMCA administration, exercise Heart Association CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer at their own cost. The college
physiology, athletic performance and personal training. will not provide this service. Those students interested in taking the CPT Certification are
He is a two time World Powerlifting Champion and a required to have a current CPR certification.
member of Team USA. All Exercise Science and Personal Training Certificate courses are offered collaboratively
with the Exercise Science Program. Blended courses allow for both credit and non-credit stu-
*This course is also available as a Credit Division
dents to attend courses offered in the academic division of the college. All students enrolled
class. Prices may vary. in these courses will be expected to adhere to the attendance policies and complete all exams,
This course will provide an introduction to projects, laboratories, and reports assigned by the instructor.
basic life support skills and the most prevalent
sports related injuries that occur in athletics
and exercise. Response to injury, basic assess-
ment, treatment, and exercise rehabilitation BLENDED COURSES REFUND POLICY
protocols will be discussed for each injury. All Exercise Science and Personal Training All refunds for Exercise Science and Personal
The importance of injury prevention and Certificate courses are offered collaboratively Training Certificate courses will be issued up
post-rehabilitation maintenance will also be with the Exercise Science Program. Blended to one business day prior to the start of the
discussed. Prerequisite: Introduction to Fit- courses allow for both credit and non-credit class. Students must notify the Records Of-
ness Training and eligibility for ENG 101 students to attend courses offered in the aca- fice, E102 for all refund requests. Payment is
Composition demic division of the college. All students en- non-refundable once courses have begun.
rolled in these courses will be expected to ad-
CRN 3882 15 Sessions here to the attendance policies and complete
HMED D5021 NCC, Room W134 all exams, projects, laboratories and reports
THU 5:00PM–6:50PM Begins 9/2/2010
assigned by the instructor.
Fee: $399 No class 11/25
Instructor: TBA

18 Exercise Science / Personal Training www.ncc.commnet.edu


N orwalk Community College sponsors

programs designed to prepare people for
careers in our community’s public safety agencies
and organizations.
The EMT program will teach proper techniques in first aid, patient assessments, extrication,
communication, and various other concepts to give a beginning basis for students to become
an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Included in the class will be training in HAZMAT
and Terrorism awareness. The class meets all National Registry and Connecticut requirements.
Students will be eligible to take the National Registry exam. This course is offered in partner-
ship with Norwalk Hospital and requires an extensive amount of reading and reading com-
prehension—successful completion of the course is dependent upon each student’s ability to
grasp and apply the materials. This course assumes reading comprehension skills required for
extensive amounts of reading. Successful completion of the course is dependent upon each stu-
dent’s ability to grasp and apply the materials.

CRN 3547 PUBS D5110 30 Sessions

MON & THU 6:00PM-10:00PM NCC, Room M: EForum, TH: W248 Begins 8/26/2010
SAT 8:00AM-4:00PM NCC, Room W215 Saturday class dates: 9/25, 10/23/11/6, 11/20
Fee: $799 No class 9/6, 10/11, 11/25 Text Add’l
Instructor: Harry A. Downs II, EMT-P, EMS-I has been a field paramedic at Norwalk Hospital for 21 years and has
over 30 years of experience in pre-hospital emergency care. He has been an EMS instructor for 20 years and is the primary
EMT-Basic instructor at Norwalk Community College.

See page 60 for registration form 19


W hether you are looking for an introductory

course or an advanced specialized certificate
program, we offer courses to increase your knowl-
edge and enhance your marketable skills.
Our classes are taught by working professionals
and experienced staff.
Take hold of your future by joining our
programs today!

Introduction to Computers.................................................. 21
Software Applications......................................................... 22
Computer Programming..................................................... 24
Computer Repair................................................................ 25
Computer Aided Design (CAD)............................................ 24
www.internet..................................................................... 26
Computer Graphics – PC.................................................... 25
Computer Graphics – Macintosh......................................... 25

20 Computers and Information Technology www.ncc.commnet.edu

statistics reports indicate
that job openings in
the computer and
information technology KEYBOARDING
industry will nearly Good computing skills are based on good
double within the keyboarding skills. Students will develop basic
keyboarding skills and proper techniques in
next 5 years. the operation of microcomputers. Emphasis
ARE YOU READY? will be placed on mastery of the keyboard and
developing keyboarding speed and accuracy.
No prerequisites.

CRN 3939 7 Sessions

The demand for individuals who can design for the World Wide Web is SAT 9:30AM–12:00NOON Begins 9/25/2010
growing. This certificate program will provide you with the tools you need to
Fee: $199 Text Add’l.
enter this expanding and exciting industry.
See page 26 Instructor: Jennifer A. James, M.S., is an MOS-cer-
tified retired educator with over 25 years of experi-
ence in keyboarding, computer, and word processing
WEB MASTER applications.
The Web Mastering certificate will enable students to gain the professional
skills required in Internet systems design, maintenance and programming. COMPUTER CONCEPTS
Previous programming experience is recommended. Computer Concepts is the starting place for
See page 27 those who have a little experience but want to
start from the beginning and learn how the
BUSINESS SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS CERTIFICATE PC works. Definition of all terms is empha-
This program will prepare you for today’s high-tech business environment. sized. Students will learn basic hardware con-
After introduction to computers and Windows, you will learn to master the cepts such as how the processor, memory, and
tools of the desktop business environment, including word processing, spread- storage work together, as well as the different
sheets, databases and presentation software. kinds of computer software. Using Microsoft
See page 22 Office software, students will learn to create,
save, open and print files. Participants will
A+ CERTIFICATION sample word processing, spreadsheets, graph-
Completion of the A+ Certification program means that you possess the ics and Internet. PC only. Prerequisite: Key-
boarding or equivalent experience.
knowledge and skills essential for a successful computer service technician. The
computer Technology Industry Association administers the Certification exam.
CRN 3820 5 Sessions
See page 25
COMP D5302 NCC, Room W002
COMPUTER PROGRAMMING THU 9:30AM–12:30PM Begins 10/14/2010
Programmers are in demand in the business world. In this certificate program, Fee: $299
individuals will learn how to use a variety of programming languages including Instructor: Joan Singer, B.A., is a computer consultant
VisualBasic.NET and C#. with many years experience teaching computer courses
See page 19 on all types of equipment, from mainframes to PCs.

Graphic arts are more and more dependent on computer technology. In this
certificate program, you will develop computer literacy and graphic skills that
will open career possibilities in printing companies, advertising, publishing and
marketing companies.
See page 24

Step up your career by becoming certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).
This comprehensive series of courses is designed to offer the students a com-
mand of Microsoft Office software solutions.
See page 23

See page 60 for registration form 21

Introduction to Computers / Computer Courses
This is an introductory course for absolute Software
beginners and those who are afraid of com- Applications Certificate
puters (but would like to join the informa- This program prepares students for
tion age). Emphasis is on getting started and today’s high-tech business environment.
having some fun along the way. Class size After an introduction to computers and
is limited. Agenda includes starting up and Windows, you will master the tools
shutting down the PC; using the mouse and of the desktop business environment,
the keyboard; Windows basics; some termi- including word processing, spreadsheets,
nology; typing, printing, drawing, and intro- databases and presentation software. In
duction to the Internet. PC only. addition, you will learn how to manage
technology safely and productively,
CRN 4807 3 Sessions ing (both wireless and LANs), Internet applications explore software for the Internet and
COMP D5232 NCC, Room W002 (Web portal, Web commence and Web site design), and choose from among several advanced
computer software applications (Microsoft Office, and topics to aid you in your specific career
TUE 9:30AM–12:30PM Begins 10/12/2010
Adobe), and he has worked for companies that provide goals.
Fee: $189 high tech services for their clients, including Xerox,
This Certificate requires completion
Instructor: Joan Singer, B.A. Datapoint and Southern New England Telephone.
of 5 Extended Studies courses (3 core
INTRODUCTION TO CRN 4799 14 Sessions courses plus 2 electives) from the list
COMP D5038 NCC, Room W135
Don’t be intimidated by your children or grand- MS Word (core) • MS PowerPoint (core)
TUE 11:30AM–12:50PM Begins 9/7/2010 MS Excel (core) • MS Access
children! Students will get started on learning to
use a computer in congenial company with this Fee: $399 • Internet
six-session course. Absolutely no prior knowledge Instructor: Steven Dashefsky has been a full-time pro-
required. Some typing experience would be help- fessor at Norwalk Community College for ten years and
is the Business Office Technologies Program Coordina- MICROSOFT WORD 2007
ful, but is not mandatory.
tor. He has over 20 years of corporate experience and Word takes word processing to a new level
CRN 3566 6 Sessions has published over a dozen books, translated into three by automating common tasks and providing
languages, which simplify science and technology. powerful tools to create professional-looking
COMP D5226 NCC, Room W002
documents quickly and easily. Students will
TUE & THU 10:00AM–12:00PM Begins 9/14/2010 POWERPOINT & PUBLISHER learn the essential vocabulary, concepts, and
Fee: $150
FOR BUSINESS* features of Microsoft Word, create and format
*This course is also available as a Credit Division
Instructor: Joan Singer, B.A. documents, apply advanced formatting fea-
class. Prices may vary.
tures, and use mail merge. Prerequisite: Com-
PowerPoint is the most popular presenta-
KEYBOARDING FOR puter Concepts, Intro to Windows or equiva-
tion program used in business. This course
INFORMATION PROCESSING* teaches introductory through advanced-level
lent experience. Students should be familiar
*This course is also available as a Credit Division with using both a keyboard and mouse.
class. Prices may vary. features, preparing students for the demands
This course first covers touch-typing tech- of the typical business office. Students learn
CRN 3568 6 Sessions
niques and emphasizes speed and accuracy. to create compelling multimedia slide shows
in PowerPoint and then attractive flyers and COMP D5228 NCC, Room W002
Most jobs require the ability to touch-type
and have minimum requirements for speed. brochures in Publisher. Approximately 75% TUE 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/21/2010
This course provides the student an opportu- of the semester is used to cover PowerPoint in Fee: $349
nity to reach the fastest time (words per min- great depth. The remaining 25% covers Pub-
Instructor: Evelyn Jones, B.A., is a corporate trainer
ute) possible within a one-semester course. lisher. Both programs integrate the use of text specializing in end-user application training, including
The course then covers document prepa- and graphics, including digital photography, MS Office, Corel Suites, Desktop Publishing and Ac-
ration using a word processing program. ClipArt, WordArt, SmartArt, graphs, tables, counting Applications. She is certified by Microsoft as
Students learn to create memos and letters. etc. Students learn by watching a demonstra- an Office Specialist.
Touch-typing is invaluable to anyone using a tion and then performing the same tasks on
their computers. All work is hands-on and re- MICROSOFT EXCEL 2007
computer on the job.
al-world scenarios are emphasized. Successful Whether students are developing a house-
CRN 4796 28 Sessions completion of this course prepares students to hold budget, analyzing portfolio returns, or
use this program in a business environment. calculating mortgage payments, Excel is the
COMP D5038 NCC, Room W140
tool for organizing, analyzing and report-
MON & WED 10:00AM–11:20AM Begins 9/1/2010 CRN 4800 28 Sessions ing complex data! Excel’s powerful analytical
Fee: $399 No class 9/6, 10/11, 11/24 COMP D5021 NCC, Room W138 tools enable the user to build complex mod-
Instructor: Joseph Aveni has been teaching and in- els, analyze scenarios, and solve problems
MON & WED 1:00PM–2:20PM Begins 9/1/2010
structing technology subjects since 2001 and is an Ad- with ease. Students create and format spread-
junct Instructor of Business Software Applications for Fee: $399 No class 9/6, 10/11, 11/24 sheets, create and edit formulas, create charts.
NCC. His knowledge and experience spans Network- Instructor: Steven Dashefsky

22 Introduction to Computers / Computer Courses www.ncc.commnet.edu

Computer Programming
Advanced features, such as scenario building, MICROSOFT POWERPOINT 2007
goal seeking and pivot tables are introduced, Microsoft PowerPoint allows users to deliver Prepare for
along with many of Excel’s powerful built-in professional presentations and slide shows in Microsoft Office
functions. Prerequisite: Computer Concepts, any setting, from the boardroom to the In-
Intro to Windows or equivalent. ternet. With its easy-to-use formatting and
Specialist (MOS)
multimedia tools, PowerPoint is the ticket to Certification
CRN 3571 6 Sessions powerful business proposals, winning sales Be MOS certified! Step up your career by
COMP D5220 NCC, Room W002 presentations, and effective educational aids. becoming certified as a Microsoft Office
Students create formal presentations, com- User Specialist (MOS). This comprehen-
TUE 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 11/9/2010
plete with graphics, organization charts and sive series of courses is designed to offer
Fee: $349 data imported from spreadsheets and other the student a command of Microsoft Of-
Instructor: Evelyn Jones, B.A. programs. They learn to use slide transitions, fice software solutions. Today’s workforce
sound, and animation effects effectively. This demands skilled employees, and MOS
WHAT’S NEW IN WINDOWS 7? certification demonstrates that you are in
Chances are that anyone who has recently hands-on course couples state-of-the-art tech-
nology to give students the support, skill, and that select group.
purchased a computer is using the new Win- To receive certification as a MOS Office
dows 7 operating system. Microsoft has in- confidence needed to make their ideas shine!
Prerequisite: Computer Concepts, Intro to Specialist, a student must pass an exam ad-
troduced some great and very welcome im- ministered by Microsoft for the specific ap-
provements to Windows. This workshop will Windows, or equivalent experience.
plication studied. The MOS exam has two
introduce students to the newest features and CRN 3570 6 Sessions levels of difficulty: proficient and expert.
teach how to take advantage of the best of Successful completion of a MOS exam
them. COMP D5219 NCC, Room W107
indicates to an employer that you have met
WED 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/15/2010
CRN 4817 1 Session
the industry’s standard for Microsoft Office
Fee: $349 2007 desktop training.
COMP D5018 NCC, Room E209 Instructor: Paula Palermo Course offerings:
SAT 9:30AM–12:00PM Begins 10/16/2010 Microsoft Word • Microsoft Excel
MICROSOFT ACCESS 2007 Microsoft PowerPoint • Microsoft Access •
Fee: $99 Databases are indispensable for businesses,
Instructor: Paula Palermo is President of TechSmart
Microsoft Outlook
and the most popular database program for
Services, a technology firm based in Norwalk that small businesses is Microsoft Access. This
offers a broad range of technology training and services. object-oriented relational database enables
Her clients include the Norwalk Public Schools, the
City of Norwalk, as well as US and international
even non-technical users to organize, analyze, QUICKBOOKS
corporate clients. and report on large amounts of complex data. Students will learn how to master this pow-
Students will learn the essentials for planning erful and flexible management tool for small
INTRODUCTION TO and designing databases, building and modi- business accounting and bookkeeping needs.
MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE fying tables and forms, defining table rela- With QuickBooks, most routine operations
Learn what you need to know today for to- tionships, producing reports, and integrat- can be automated, enabling the manager,
morrow! Students will be introduced to the ing with Microsoft Word and Excel. Please bookkeeper, or accountant to keep vital fi-
three essential business applications of today: bring a small USB flash drive to the first class. nancial information at his or her fingertips.
Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In this hands- Prerequisite: Computer Concepts, Intro to Students learn accounts payable, accounts
on course, students will learn the basics of Windows or equivalent receivable, report writing, and how to recon-
word processing with Microsoft Word, create cile bank statements. Prerequisite: Computer
a budget spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel, CRN 3812 6 Sessions Concepts, Intro to Windows, or equivalent
do a mail merge using Word and Excel, and COMP D5217 NCC, Room E207 experience.
create a slide presentation with PowerPoint.
SAT 9:00AM–12:00PM Begins 9/25/2010 CRN 4249 6 Sessions
Students should be familiar with basic Win-
dows skills and feel comfortable using a com- Fee: $349 No class 10/9 COMP D5437 NCC, Room TBA
puter. Instructor: John R. Ehlers, formerly Director of Corpo- MON 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/18/2010
rate Information Systems for Lava Trading, Inc., New
CRN 4176 6 Sessions York City, where he oversaw a team managing very large Fee: $349 No class 10/11
archive databases (>1 TB), OLAP data warehouse as-
COMP D5229 NCC, Room W002
sets, and production reporting systems. Prior to joining CRN 3572 6 Sessions
MON 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/18/2010 Lava Trading, he was a founder of FieldScope, LLC,
COMP D5437 NCC, Room W002
Fee: $349 and developed their Reporting Studio data analysis and
reporting product. Previous to that, he had been active WED 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/8/2010
Instructor: Paula Palermo in the database community as a database consultant, Fee: $349
trainer, and author for over 20 years.
Instructor: Gina I. Palacio is the owner of Palace
Bookkeeping Service, which provides bookkeeping
support to a variety of small businesses in Fairfield and
New Haven Counties.

See page 60 for registration form 23

Computer Programming
Learn how to master the more advanced fea- Computer BY CREATING GAMES
tures of this powerful and flexible manage- Programming This introductory course uses a project-based
ment tool for small business accounting and Certificate approach where students will develop their
bookkeeping needs. Students learn time and own lightweight, single player, browser-based,
Those who have mastery of computer
mileage billing, how to produce credit memos online game using JavaScript and other free
programming are in demand in the busi-
and purchase orders, inventory management, software tools. JavaScript is a complete pro-
ness world. In this certificate program,
importing, exporting and managing lists, gramming language built into every popular
individuals will learn how to use a variety
downloading bank transactions, and year- Web browser. Students will learn about data
of programming languages for business
end procedures, including adjusting journal structures, graphical interface design, event
management needs.
entries and use of the Accountant’s Copy handling, and multimedia programming, as
Requires completion of 5 Extended
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of QuickBooks well as how to organize work, break problems
Studies courses (3 core courses plus 2
Pro. down into manageable chunks, read other
electives) from the list below:
C#.net • Visual Basic.NET (core) peoples’ code, and debug and improve their
CRN 4819 5 Sessions own code. Even if the students’ games don’t
JAVA I: Introduction
COMP D5481 NCC, Room W002 gain wealth or fame, they will learn valuable
HTML (core) • Java Script
programming skills that can be used in al-
WED 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/20/2010
most any business. A strong desire to learn is
Fee: $275 more important than previous programming
Instructor: Gina I. Palacio CRN 4482 12 Sessions or game design experience. Students should
COMP D5012 NCC, Room TBA bring a USB flash drive to each session.
Computer Programming
WED 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/22/2010
Fee: $499 No class 11/24
This course provides an introduction to the Instructor: Michael Clark
FRI 6:30PM–9:30PM Begins 11/5/2010
world of programming utilizing VisualBasic. INTRODUCTION TO JAVASCRIPT
NET, a high-level event-driven program- Fee: $499 No class 11/26
ming language. In this course, students will JavaScript is a powerful programming lan-
Instructor: Michael Behar, Ph.D.
develop skills for solving problems with a
computer. The basic concepts of VisualBasic
guage built into every Web browser. In this Computer Specialized
course, students examine the latest Javascript
are mastered in order to aid in solving these language features, including syntax and con- INTRO TO AUTOCAD I 2010
problems. More advanced programming con- ventions, data types, operators, functions, This is an introductory course and is of
cepts are also explored, including database closures, objects, timers and event handlers. particular interest to Architects, Engineers,
programming and object-oriented program- For the development environment, “open Landscape and Interior Designers. Topics will
ming. source” tools including Notepad++, jQuery, include basic drawing commands, editing
jsLint, and Firebug are used. Students review text, dimensioning techniques. Other areas
CRN 4804 12 Sessions addressed are layers, user coordinate system,
best programming practices and focus on
COMP D5036 NCC, Room W002 learning to avoid common pitfalls as well as file management, etc. Each student has his
THU 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/23/2010 developing strong thinking and debugging own workstation for the instruction.
Fee: $499 No class 11/25 skills. This is a “hands on” course. It is based
CRN 4814 6 Sessions
Instructor: Michael Clark is a software/Web applica- on a series of increasingly challenging exer-
cises in which students will learn to translate COMP D5274 NCC, Room W246
tion developer and co-owns a software development
agency in the New Haven area. He currently teaches specifications and requirements into efficient SAT 2:00PM–5:00PM Begins 9/18/2010
programming courses at Southern Connecticut State and working code. There is no textbook for Fee: $399
University. this course. Readings from freely available
Instructor: Brad Yonkers, A.S., a registered architect
Web sources will be assigned. Students should with his own practice. He has been involved with
INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING bring a USB flash drive to each session. AutoCAD since 1989.
This course provides an introduction to CRN 4820 6 Sessions
the world of programming utilizing Visual COMP D5216 NCC, Room W107
C#.NET, a high level event-driven program-
ming language. In this course, students will FRI 6:30PM–9:30PM Begins 9/24/2010
develop skills for solving problems with a Fee: $499
computer. The basic concepts of C# are mas- Instructor: Michael Behar, Ph.D., is the founder and
tered in order to aid in solving these problems. CEO of Foresight Technologies Corp., a firm that
More advanced programming concepts are specializes in developing business simulations that help
also explored, including database program- companies, managers, and employees improve team
ming and object-oriented programming. performance, provide better customer service, make
better decisions, and generally have more fun. Mike did
his B.A. work at NYU and his Ph.D. at the University
of California, both in Experimental Psychology.

24 Computers Programming www.ncc.commnet.edu

Computer Specialized / www.internet / Computer Graphics
This course examines plotting and printing The Network + Certification is a valuable cre-
a finished drawing, file management, dimen- dential to help start or enhance a networking MAC BASICS FOR PC USERS
sion variables, polylines, sketching, genera- career. From installation to troubleshooting, Students will prepare for Graphic design classes
tion of curves, hatching, and text editing and students will gain the knowledge and skills by applying their knowledge of the PC to the
layers. Participants will also be introduced to to successfully complete the job. This course Macintosh. Master the basic differences in operat-
blocks and will be taught to create symbols covers features and functions of computer ing systems. Understand cross-platform issues that
for multiple uses. Please bring a memory stick networking components, and how to install, arise when learning in a Macintosh classroom.
to class. configure and troubleshoot basic networking CRN 4483 1 Session
hardware, protocols and services.
CRN 4816 6 Sessions COMP D5015 NCC, Room W251
COMP D5275 NCC, Room W246 CRN 4812 14 Sessions SAT 9:00AM–12:00PM Begins 9/11/2010
SAT 2:00PM–5:00PM Begins 11/6/2010 COMP D5244 NCC, Room W001 Fee: $99
Fee: $399 No class 11/27 TUE 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/7/2010 Instructor: George A. Zariff, B.F.A.
Instructor: Brad Yonkers, A.S. Fee: $995
Instructor: Frank Hajdu, CISSP This course will introduce students to the basic
tools and functions of Adobe Photoshop. Learn
Students will learn to read and interpret Computer Graphics-PC about making selections and using palettes to
blueprints and handle construction draw-
PHOTOSHOP I create bitmap images and modify photographs.
ings, including the fundamentals of blueprint
This course will teach the use of the basic tools, Prerequisite: Experience using the Mac.
reading with topics in basic construction of
functions and features of Adobe Photoshop.
buildings, notations, and abbreviations used
Students will learn about making selections, resiz- CRN 4850 6 Sessions
on plans, sections, and elevations. Disciplines
ing, creating collages, use of layers, modifying and COMP D5443 NCC, Room W251
to be reviewed will be architectural, electrical,
enhancing photographs.
mechanical, and surveying, related to build- FRI 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/17/2010
ing construction CRN 3579 6 Sessions Fee: $399

CRN 4802 6 Sessions COMP D5443 NCC, Room W002 Instructor: Craig Burry, B.A., is a freelance art director
and owner of Cat and Mouse Design Group.
COMP D5030 NCC, Room W246 FRI 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/24/2010
FRI 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/24/2010 Fee: $399 PHOTOSHOP II
Instructor: George A. Zariff, B.F.A., is a graphic de- This course will build upon the skills and compe-
Fee: $399 tencies learned in Photoshop I. In addition, stu-
signer and Art & Design manager at the Connecticut
Instructor: Brad Yonkers, A.S. Post newspaper. He has taught at area colleges and has dents will learn more about image manipulation
been at NCC for ten years. and other advanced techniques. This course will
explore and emphasize the more creative uses of
This course prepares students for the A+ cer- PHOTOSHOP II Adobe Photoshop. Prerequisite: Photoshop I.
tification test by teaching troubleshooting This course will build upon the skills and com-
techniques that diagnose hardware and soft- petencies learned in Photoshop I. In addition CRN 4851 6 Sessions
ware problems for IBM compatible PCs. Stu- students will learn more about image manipula-
dents will develop a knowledge of hardware COMP D5466 NCC, Room 251
tion and other advanced techniques. This course
requirements, repairs, and upgrades such as will explore and emphasize the more creative uses FRI 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 11/5/2010
memory, hard drives, modems, CD-ROMs, of Adobe Photoshop. Outside assignments are Fee: $399 No class 11/26
and sound cards. Prerequisite: A basic under- required and access to Adobe Photoshop will be Instructor: Craig Burry, B.A.
standing of DOS and Windows. necessary. Prerequisite: Photoshop I
CRN 3576 14 Sessions CRN 4823 6 Sessions
COMP D5469 NCC, Room W001 COMP D5466 NCC, Room W002
THU 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/9/2010 FRI 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 11/5/2010
Fee: $995 No class 11/25 Text Add’l Fee: $399
Instructor: Frank Hajdu, CISSP, is a Certified Infor- Instructor: George A. Zariff, B.F.A.
mation System Security Professional and an adjunct
lecturer at NCC. He has been a consultant to govern-
ment and industry.

See page 60 for registration form 25

Computer Graphics / www.internet
This course will introduce artists and graph- The Advanced InDesign course builds on Computer
ic designers to the fundamental concepts and the knowledge gained in the InDesign Basics Graphics
techniques needed to operate Adobe Illustrator. course. Students will explore the use of ad-
Students will learn about key features of this ditional features, such as style sheets, master
Certificate – Macintosh
Graphic arts are becoming more and more
program, including how to draw, trace, and pages, layers, tabs, text formatting, multiple
dependent on computer technology. In
modify shapes, lines and type, and how to apply page documents, and independent creative
this certificate program, you will develop
and change color. Prerequisite: QuarkXPress, design projects. Previous InDesign experience
computer literacy and sound graphic skills
InDesign or Photoshop. is required.
that will open career possibilities in printing
CRN 3811 6 Sessions companies, advertising, publishing and mar-
CRN 4821 5 Sessions
keting companies and service bureaus.
COMP D5016 NCC, Room W249 COMP D5039 NCC, Room W251 This Certificate requires completion of
FRI 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/24/2010 SAT 9:00AM–12:00PM Begins 11/6/2010 5 Extended Studies courses (3 core courses
Fee: $399 No class 11/26 Fee: $329 No class 11/27 plus 2 electives) from the list below:
Instructor: Eric Toro has 19 years experience in Instructor: George A. Zariff, B.F.A. Illustrator I (core) • Illustrator II
marketing, design and direct mail. He manages the Photoshop I (core)
marketing consulting company, Toro Media Group DIGITAL IMAGING PHOTOSHOP* Photoshop II • QuarkXpress I
*This course is also available as a Credit Division
ILLUSTRATOR II InDesign (core) • Dreamweaver
class. Prices may vary.
This course is a continuation of Illustrator I. Students expand upon their graphic design
Students will learn additional tools and tech- skills and knowledge of procedures learned in MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 2007
niques for using the Adobe Illustrator program. GRA 151. Through lectures, demonstrations, Learn one of the most popular contact man-
Prerequisite: Illustrator I. exercises and real-world projects, the focus agement/email programs used in business
will be on Adobe Photoshop. Students will today. Microsoft Outlook is more than just
CRN 4822 6 Sessions learn to create as well as edit digital images. sending email and attachments. This course
COMP D5459 NCC, Room W249 Students will apply these techniques to solve introduces beginners to the world of Mi-
FRI 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 11/5/2010 design problems in print and Web environ- crosoft Outlook—one of the most popular
ments. A basic knowledge of graphic design is and commonly used mail packages and the
Fee: $399 No class 11/26 standard in American industry. The course
required to register for this course.
Instructor: Eric Toro will cover getting started with Outlook, us-
CRN 4460 28 Sessions ing Contacts, sending, receiving and manag-
COMP D5000 NCC, Room W251 ing emails, maintaining your calendar and
This course will cover the basics of creating
appointments, and learning about tasks and
page layout and design, use of the tools and TUE & THU 7:00PM–9:15PM Begins 9/2/2010
news feeds. Prerequisites: Ability to use a
palettes, placing art and text, working with Fee: $499 No class 11/25 mouse, familiarity with the computer key-
the various InDesign features. Knowledge of Instructor: Gerard O’Brien board.
Illustrator, Photoshop, or Quark is helpful
but not necessary. www.internet CRN 4824 4 Sessions
COMP D5037 NCC, Room W251 OF THE WORLD WIDE WEB TUE 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/5/2010
Learn how to create Websites that adhere to Fee: $150
SAT 9:00AM–12:00PM Begins 9/25/2010 the latest standards: XHTML for structure
Fee: $399 Instructor: Mark Funt, M.B.A., is Vice President of In-
and CSS for formatting. Using only a simple
ternational sales at MKS, a public software company.
text editor and a browser, students cover two
CRN 4805 6 Sessions languages in one fast-paced course. All the es-
COMP D5037 NCC, Room W249 sentials are included: color, graphics, hyper- Web Design
links, tables, page layout, search engine sub-
MON 2:00AM-5:00PM Begins 10/4/2010
mission, and more. Certificate
Fee: $399 No class 10/11 The demand for individuals who can
Instructor: George A. Zariff, B.F.A. CRN 3787 6 Sessions design for the World Wide Web (WWW)
COMP D5290 NCC, Room TBA is continuing to grow dramatically. This
WED 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/13/2010 certificate program will provide you with
the tools you need to enter this expanding
Fee: $399
and exciting industry.
Instructor: Barbara Jay was an IT consultant and Web
This Certificate requires completion of
developer and now runs her own business on the Web.
She has taught computer courses at NCC for 19 years. 5 Extended Studies courses (1 core course
plus 4 electives) from the list below:
XHTML (core) • Photoshop I
Illustrator I • Flash • Dreamweaver

26 Computer Graphics / www.internet www.ncc.commnet.edu

appearance of the pages and site. A prior UNDERSTANDING AND
Web Mastering knowledge of HTML is required.   USING SOCIAL MEDIA
Certificate Social media differs in important ways from
The Web Mastering certificate will en- CRN 3577 6 Sessions traditional media (radio, TV, etc.). Moreover
able participants to gain the professional COMP D5391 NCC, Room W140 the reach, influence, and rate of participation
skills required in Internet systems design, in “social media” channels is exploding. The
SAT 9:00AM–12:00PM Begins 9/11/2010
maintenance and programming. Previous course will start by examining different social
programming experience is recommended. Fee: $399
media channels, including blogs & wikis (e.g.
This Certificate requires completion of Instructor: Taurus L. Wright has been a computer Mashable, BoingBoing), multimedia sites
5 Extended Studies courses (3 core courses instructor for eight years and has taught at various (e.g. YouTube), microblogs (e.g. Twitter),
plus 2 electives) from the list below: locations in New England. She is MOS Certified and
also teaches graphics and Web programs.
RSS and ATOM news feeds, social & busi-
XHTML (core) • VisualBasic.NET (core) ness sites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn), location-
VBScript • Java Script (core) FLASH based services (e.g. Foursquare, Gowalla,
Photoshop I • Illustrator I Students will learn to use Adobe Flash to  create Yelp), analytic services (e.g. Klout, Radian6).
and modify graphics and animations that can add Next, students form teams around common
interactivity to Web pages. The class will start personal or business goals (such as supporting
with the basics of the interface and move into the a cause, landing a job, raising venture capital,
EXPRESSION WEB selling a product, building a brand, enhanc-
drawing tools and different types of animations.
Learn the basics of Website creation and pub- ing an online reputation, etc.). Finally, each
In addition, basic Flash Action Scripting will be
lishing using Microsoft’s latest Web design team will develop a Social Media Plan to help
covered. Students will learn to create and publish
software, Expression Web. EW is the suc- achieve its objective. To build the plans, stu-
Flash movies and simple interactive Websites.
cessor to Microsoft FrontPage and has been dents will learn, for example, how to create a
updated to keep up with changes in Web CRN 3578 6 Sessions social feedback cycle, perform a “touchpoint”
design standards. Expression Web gives users analysis, measure effectiveness by using avail-
COMP D5022 NCC, Room W219
with little-to-no HTML experience the abil- able social metrics and analytics (such as in-
ity to build and maintain visually appealing SAT 9:00AM–12:00PM Begins 10/30/2010
fluence, engagement, relevance, etc.), select
Websites that adhere to today’s standards, all Fee: $399 and use appropriate social media channels
without ever having to touch the underlying Instructor: Taurus L. Wright and platforms. There is no textbook for this
code. Although Expression Web is very in- course. Readings from freely available Web
tuitive and familiar, students will learn how INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN FOR
sources will be assigned. Students should
to navigate and use many of its available E-LEARNING: THEORY AND PRACTICE bring a USB flash drive to each session.
features. Students will then use this knowl- Learning occurs best when it is goal-oriented,
edge to create a simple and attractive Web- timely, relevant, interesting, challenging and CRN 4818 5 Sessions
site consisting of multiple pages, navigation interactive. To accomplish this requires bridg-
COMP D5112 NCC, Room E210
links, and graphics, and will then be able to ing theory and practice. In the first part of
publish their Websites to a live host online. A this course, students focus on theory: learning SAT 9:00AM–12:00PM Begins 11/6/2010
working knowledge of using Windows-based how to conduct a needs assessment and to es- Fee: $275 No class 11/27
computers is required. Familiarly with Micro- tablish performance objectives and measure- Instructor: Michael Behar, Ph.D.
soft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, etc ments. They also examine useful instructional
would be beneficial in learning how to work design approaches including Bloom’s Taxon- GETTING STARTED ON FACEBOOK,
with Expression Web, but is not required. omy, Gagne’s Nine Events, and Experiential LINKEDIN AND TWITTER
Theory. They concentrate on the use of simu- Wherever you go, you can’t help but hear some
CRN 4486 6 Sessions lations and scenarios (mini, linked and con- reference to the trio of social networking sites,
COMP D5010 NCC, Room TBA tingent). In the second part of the course, the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This is the
MON 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/20/2010 focus is on practice. In a case study, students workshop for students who have wondered what
use PowerPoint to create an initial storyboard they’re missing by not being at the social net-
Fee: $399 No class 10/11 working party. This series will cover the basics
for an e-learning module; they then survey
Instructor: Kristian Correa, B.S., is currently an IT the capabilities of popular eLearning tools of setting up an account and using each site for
Technician and Webmaster at Norwalk Community that could be used to implement our module. socializing, job hunting, keeping up on current
College. events, and staying connected.
There is no textbook for this course. Read-
DREAMWEAVER ings from freely available Web sources will be
assigned. Students should bring a USB flash CRN 4801 3 Sessions
Students will learn to create Websites using
Adobe Dreamweaver.  Students will create drive to each session. COMP D5023 NCC, Room E203
Web pages by formatting text, importing im- SAT 9:00PM–11:30PM Begins 11/20/2010
CRN 4849 6 Sessions
ages, creating tables, utilizing hyperlinks  for Fee: $115 No class 11/27
site navigation, creating rollovers, integrating COMP D5024 NCC, Room E210
Instructor: Paula Palermo
interactivity with AP Divs, importing multi- SAT 9:00AM–12:00PM Begins 9/25/2010
media items, and reviewing the process of up- Fee: $499
loading a site to a remote server. The course
Instructor: Michael Behar, Ph.D.
will build on HTML concepts and utilize
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control the
See page 60 for registration form 27

F rom small business techniques to corporate

skills, our business programs can help you
go where the growth is in today’s economy and
prepare yourself for greater success tomorrow.
Whether you choose to take a single course or
add one of our certificates to your resume, we
will help ensure your career path is heading in
the right direction.

Small Business Management ............................................. 29

Bookkeeping ..................................................................... 30

Real Estate ........................................................................................ 32

Travel .................................................................................................. 33

28 Business www.ncc.commnet.edu
Certificate and Training

Programs are an
invaluable currency in
marketable skills.
You can increase your
value and start a
new career today.
ARE YOU READY? Small Business
& Entrepreneurship
Start your own business with the
right tools: knowledge of management,
marketing, finance, law and taxes, and
Master the tools of the desktop business environment, from word processing
This Certificate requires completion
to databases and presentation software. Explore software for the Internet and
more. of five Extended Studies courses (three
See page 22 core courses plus two electives) from the
list below:
TRAVEL CAREERS • Starting a Small Business (core)
The Travel Careers Certificate program is designed to ensure the student
• Bookkeeping & Recordkeeping
receives the most intensive, up-to-date and practical preparation for careers in
Practices (core)
today’s exciting and growing travel industry.
See page 33 • MS Excel
• QuickBooks (core)
CERTIFIED BOOKKEEPER • Basics of Good Business Writing
Demand for full-charge bookkeepers is expected to increase as they are called • Public Speaking for Business &
upon to do much of the work of accountants. This 3-module course prepares Beyond
you for the national certification exam at Prometric Test Centers. Improve
• Project Management
your professional status.
See page 31

Our courses and seminars are designed to meet the needs of real estate
professionals, those who wish to enter the field, and individuals who want to
meet the minimum educational requirements set forth by the State Real Estate
Commission for the real estate salesperson, broker and appraiser.
See page 32


Over 80% of the jobs created in Fairfield County are provided by small
businesses. To succeed, budding entrepreneurs must have a solid grounding
in diverse disciplines, including management, marketing, finance and
accounting, law and taxes and computer applications.
See page 26

See page 60 for registration form 29

Instructor: Gail Hill Williams, B.B.A., President
STARTING A SMALL BUSINESS: and CEO Alegre’ Communications, has over 20 years CRN 4764 3 Sessions PRFD D5007
MANAGEMENT AND PLANNING of successful sales, sales management, training, and NCC, Room MON- E222, WED-W101, FRI-E213
TECHNIQUES THAT program management experience with Fortune 500 MON, WED, FRI 7:00PM–9:00PM
GUARANTEE SUCCESS companies. Mrs. Williams is an Advisor to the Ameri- Class meets 9/27, 9/29, 10/1
This course will provide the aspiring en- can Council of Trustees and Alumni for Colleges and
Universities and is also a member of the Connecticut Fee: $80
trepreneur, the new business owner, and State University Board of Trustees. Instructor: The Career Co-op. Meredith Lowe, B.S., is
the self-employed professional or consul- co-founder of The Career Co-op and has over 25 years
tant with the tools to begin and develop BASICS OF GOOD BUSINESS WRITING of executive human resources experience with a variety
a successful small business. Students will The written word remains a powerful tool in of Fortune 500 companies. Ms. Lowe has industry
learn how to prepare and update a busi- conducting today’s business. The ability to experience in Finance, Consumer Packaged Goods, and
ness plan; analyze A product or service; write for business communication requires New Media. Gary Clarke, B.S., is co-founder of The
understand the market and competition; study and practice in expressing clarity, dem- Career Co-op and has successfully fostered the growth
develop marketing and sales strategies; and onstrating purposefulness, economy of word of multiple global Fortune 500 companies over the last
learn the basics of financing. use, and acknowledging reader profiles. This 25 years. He served as the VP of Talent Acquisition at
Terex Corporation in Connecticut.
course presents a trademark process for creat-
CRN 3597 5 Sessions ing today’s written forms of communication. PERSONAL BRANDING FOR
PRFD D5008 NCC, Room E228 Tools include a scoring index for readability, CAREER SUCCESS
TUE7:00PM-10:00PM Begins 9/21/2010 guidelines for grammar and syntax, and pro- Galvanize your personal branding process by
tocols observed in participants’ business or- breaking down the components of a personal
Fee: $199
ganizations. Students will discuss job-related brand. Students will learn to formulate ac-
Instructor: Clifford R. Ennico, B.A., J.D., author documents and demonstrate improved skills
of the nationally syndicated newspaper column complishments, skills, attitudes, values, and
with the completion of two writing projects behaviors into a unique selling proposition
“Succeeding in Your Business”, is best known as
that apply to their work. Please check syllabus that compels interviewers to listen to and
the co-host of the popular Public Television series
“Money Hunt,” where entrepreneurs defend their (on-line) for first-class reading assignment. learn more about you.  In this class students
businesses before a panel of national experts.  He is Purchase book prior to first class. will learn the attributes of a compelling per-
the author of 12 books on small business law and sonal brand. This six-session class teaches
management, and runs his own law and business CRN 3598 6 Sessions
how to build your brand and brand yourself
consulting practice in Fairfield, CT. PRFD D5004 NCC, Room W128 for career success by  developing your value
Cliff Ennico is the THU 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/14/2010 proposition, defining your target audience,
co-host of Money Fee: $299 Text Add’l managing your online identity, expressing
yourself clearly and consistently, and creating
Hunt®, the popular Instructor: Celia M. Batan, B.A., C.P.C., Vice
a toolkit of online and offline tools to pro-
Public Television President, SGS Personnel Inc., has designed and
mote your personal brand identity.
implemented skills training programs across vertical
program markets for various industries in the US, Canada, and
Asia, overseeing instructional methodology and business CRN 4767 5 Sessions
writing materials for publication. She is an instructor PRFD D5023 NCC, Room E228
PROJECT MANAGEMENT on ESL, business professional image, and Asian arts/
SAT 9:30AM–11:30AM Begins 10/2/2010
This six-session course will provide support in cultural diversity.
obtaining the critical skills for essential orga- Fee: $110
WINNING INTERVIEWS Instructor: The Career Co-op
nizing and discipline in getting things done.
Take control of your hard-won interview
Project Management offers a set of processes,
opportunities by bringing immeasurable BOOKKEEPING &
generally recognized as good practice, which
deliver results across industries and organiza-
confidence into every interview situation. RECORDKEEPING PRACTICES
Students will learn the critical “3Ps” of the Participants will learn the entire accounting
tions by using the Guide to the Project Man-
interview process: Preparation, Presentation cycle from the creation of all journals and
agement Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide),
and Proposition! Tackle the most difficult ledgers to the preparation of the cycle-end-
Fourth Edition by the PMI. This course can
interview questions, improve pre-interview ing financial statements, income statement,
play a major part in the preparation should a
tactics and see yourself as interviewers see and balance sheet. Detailed explanations of
student choose to sit for a PMI certification
you. Attention to these keys will help stu- receivables, payables, payroll, and inventory
exam. Please note: PMI’s global standards are
dents engage in more productive dialogues will also be covered.
only one reference in the full project manage-
and ultimately attract desirable job offers. In
ment body of knowledge, therefore a variety CRN 3593 10 Sessions
this three-seminar series, students will learn
of resources should be consulted to fully pre-
to break down the dynamics of the interview PRFD D5009 NCC, Room M: W105 W: E210
pare for a PMI certification exam. (This is not
and develop the listening skills to manage the
a software-supported class.) MON & WED 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/13/2010
power dynamics unique to interviewing. For
the first class, please bring a current résumé Fee: $299 No class 10/11 Text Add’l.
CRN 4789 6 Sessions
(recent okay, if still under construction) and Instructor: Steve Mersereau is a Harvard M.B.A. with
PRFD D5410 NCC, Room E230 over 25 years of leadership in entrepreneurial ventures
an example of an ad or job posting that il-
TUE 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/21/2010 lustrates the type of work/job responsibilities and nonprofit organizations. He is a CPA and began
his career as a manager at Pricewaterhouse Coopers.
Fee: $299 Text Add’l being sought.

30 Business www.ncc.commnet.edu
MASTERING, CORRECTING National Bookkeeping Certification
AND ADJUSTING ENTRIES This certificate is designed to prepare students for the National
This course is part of the National Bookkeep- Bookkeeping Certification (NBC). Registrants should have taken
ing Certification. It covers everything students Bookkeeping and Recordkeeping, Principles of Accounting or have
need to know for error corrections, bank rec- bookkeeping experience. The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB)
onciliation, and accruals and deferrals. has established a professional certification, the Certified Bookkeeper (CB) credential, a
Prerequisite: Bookkeeping and Recordkeep- high professional standard for bookkeepers. The three courses in the certificate program
ing or Principles of Accounting or Financial focus on preparing you for the Certified Bookkeeper tests by helping you truly master
Accounting or students who have on-the-job the skills and knowledge required for certification, which include: adjusting entries
bookkeeping experience. (accruals and deferrals); basic book and tax depreciation; basic payroll – paying wages,
withholding, depositing and reporting taxes using the basic forms (W-2, 941, 940,
CRN 3594 10 Sessions 819); recording and costing out merchandise inventory, and internal controls and fraud
PRFD D5860 NCC, Room W131 prevention. Upon completion of the courses students should take the appropriate NBC
exam. The certificate requires 65 hours of classroom experience and the National exams
TUE & THU 6:00PM–8:00PM Begins 9/2/2010 are offered at Sylvan Promectic Test Centers. Certified Bookkeepers (CBs) are to book-
Fee: $299 Text Add’l. keeping what CPAs are to accounting; the cream of the profession.
Instructor: Anthony Romeo, M.S., is a CPA with over Bookkeeping Certification
32 years of experience in public and private accounting. • Mastering, Correcting and Adjusting Entries
• Mastering Depreciation and Payroll
BOOKKEEPING CERTIFICATION: • Mastering Inventory, Internal Controls & Fraud Prevention
This course is part of the National Book-
keeping Certification. It covers everything
students need to know about paying wages,
withholding, depositing and reporting taxes, The WorkPlace of Southwestern Connecticut
correct use of government forms, and depre-
ciation on financial statements, straight-line, In Partnership with Norwalk Community College
GAAP, production method, etc.
Prerequisite: Bookkeeping and Recordkeep-
ing or Principles of Accounting or Financial
Accounting or students who have on-the-job
bookkeeping experience.

CRN 3595 10 Sessions

PRFD D5862 NCC, Room T: TBA, TH: W131 Announces the Youth Grant Program for
TUE & THU 6:00PM–8:00PM Begins 10/7/2010 Education and Job Training
Fee: $299 Text Add’l.
Offering classes in
Instructor: Anthony Romeo, M.S.
Business/Computer Technology & Healthcare
For further information, income guidelines &
This course is part of the National Book- eligibility requirements please contact:
keeping Certification. It covers everything Robin H. Morris
students need to know about accounting for
inventory, inventory recordkeeping using the Youth Grant Coordinator
perpetual method, using the periodic meth- 203-857-6971
od, and inventory costing. rmorris@ncc.commnet.edu
Prerequisite: Bookkeeping and Recordkeep-
ing or Principles of Accounting or Financial
Accounting or students who have on-the-job
bookkeeping experience.

CRN 4008 10 Sessions PLEASE NOTE:

PRFD D5861 NCC, Room W131 Our prices and courses
TUE & THU 6:00PM–8:00PM Begins 11/11/2010 are subject to change
Fee: $299 No class 11/25 Text Add’l without notice.
Instructor: Anthony Romeo, M.S.

See page 60 for registration form 31

Real Estate


For a summary of Connecticut Real Estate &
Appraisal Certification Licensing requirements
please refer to: www.ct.gov/dcp, use keyword
“real estate licensing” or call 860-713-6150.


Your first step is to register and pass the Real
Estate Principles and Practices course. This
pre-licensing course is required by the State
of Connecticut. Applicants who completed a
30-hours Principles and Practices course after
October 1, 1994, may complete a 30-hour
portion of the Principles and Practices course
rather than completing the entire 60-hour
Attend and successfully complete Real Estate
new 60-hour standards.) Applicants who This introductory course prepares the indi- This basic appraisal course provides an over-
completed a 30-hour Principles and Practices vidual to take the real estate licensing exami- view of real estate appraisal approaches to
course after October 1, 1994, may complete nation and meet the minimum educational valuation procedures, value property descrip-
an addition 30-hour Principles and Practic- requirements set forth by the State Real Es- tion, residential applications, commercial ap-
es course rather than completing a 60-hour tate Commission for the real estate licensee. plications, improvement construction, home
course. Students intending to sit for the State of inspection, and appraisal math. Through
Attend and successfully complete Basic Connecticut Real Estate exam must attend theory, case studies, and examples, the course
Appraisal Principles or basic Appraisal proce- 60 hours and pass this course with a grade of offers practical application of appraisal proce-
dures. 70 or above. dures. A calculator is recommended. Students
Attend and successfully complete an addi- intending to take the State of Connecticut li-
tional approved course in a related subject in CRN 4792 22 Sessions censing exam must complete 30 hours with a
real estate. REAL D5000 NCC, Room T: W245, TH: E226 grade of 70 or better.
This course has been purchased from Hon-
BECOME A STATE CERTIFIED TUE & THU 6:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/21/2010
dros Learning. AQB approval has been grant-
RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER* Fee: $400 No class 11/25 Text Add’l ed to Hondros Learning.
Becoming an appraiser involves a minimum Instructor: Louis J Colangelo, Jr., J.D., is an attorney Appraisers Licensing: This course is manda-
of 2,500 hours of supervised experience, in Norwalk who has 40 years of experience in Real tory for appraisal licensing.
successful completion of approved educa- Estate Law and has been an instructor at Norwalk
tion requirements, and passing the State of Community College for 11 years. Broker Licensing: This course satisfies the
Connecticut appraiser examination. Refer appraisal requirement or can be used as the
to www.ct.gov/dcp, use keyword “appraisal li- CRN 4828 22 Sessions elective.
censing” for more information. REAL D5000 NCC, Room ETheater
*Licensing and education requirements are CRN 4832 9 Sessions
MON & WED 9:00AM–12:00PM Begins 9/20/2010
subject to change. REAL D5167 NCC, Room TBA
Fee: $400 No class 10/11, 11/24 Text Add’l
THU 5:30PM–9:30PM Begins 9/23/2010
Instructor: Ethel Winn, B.S., has been an active Real
Estate broker in Fairfield County for more than 25 Fee: $330 Text Add’l
years and is currently an Assistant Manager at Cold- Instructor: James J. Kyle is a Real Estate Appraiser
well Banker. She has been teaching Real Estate classes and former New York City Assessor. He has been a
at NCC for over 20 years. residential and commercial appraiser/assessor for over
25 years. He is an AQB certified USPAP instructor
CRN 4830 11 Sessions and has been an instructor at NCC since 1991.
REAL D5000 NCC, Room W226
SAT 8:30AM–3:00PM Begins 9/25/2010
Fee: $400 No class 11/27 Text Add’l
Instructor: Bernard Brickel, J.D., is a Real Estate
educator with over 25 years experience in teaching real
32 Real Estate www.ncc.commnet.edu
Travel Careers Certificate AND PRACTICUM
The Travel Careers Certificate program is designed to ensure that stu- This course is for those who have completed
Beginning Travel; it will focus on providing
dents receive the most intensive, up-to-date and practical preparation for
hands-on knowledge of one of the airline
careers in today’s travel industry. Successful completion of each course must be verified computer reservations systems used by travel
by the Instructor before a certificate can be awarded. A grade of “completed” will require agencies and airlines. Prerequisite: Comple-
passing grades on quizzes and exams, consistent class attendance and completion of out- tion of Beginning Travel.
of-class assignments. This program was designed for the new travel consultant, a brush
up for the experienced, and a stepping stone for the eager to learn. CRN 3608 6 Sessions
Certificate requires completion of 5 courses: TRAV D5023 NCC, Room W239
Beginning Travel • Advanced Travel • World Travel Geography TUE 7:00PM–9:30PM Begins 10/26/2010
Cruises • Travel Agency Computers and Practicum Fee: $185
Instructor: Domenic Carriero, A.S.


An intensive course designed for anyone This course will build on basic knowledge of This course will cover understanding why
interested in a career in the travel industry. the travel industry and is designed for those people cruise, the travel agent’s approach,
Covers the basics of domestic travel, includ- who have completed Beginning Travel or selling, booking, group sales, and the future
ing geography, how to use the Official Air- who are considering returning to the travel of the cruising industry.
lines Guide and the Travel Planner, ticketing, field after an absence and would like a re-
car reservations, hotel reservations, making fresher course. Instruction will concentrate CRN 3620 5 Sessions
reservations, introduction to selling and in- on developing and building skills in the areas TRAV D5010 NCC, Room W104
terviewing, conjunction ticketing, prepaids, of customer satisfaction, selling, reading, and MON 7:00PM–9:30PM Begins 10/4/2010
and fare ladders. understanding tour brochures, international
geography and ticketing. Prerequisite: Begin- Fee: $185 No class 10/11 Text Add’l.
CRN 3618 6 Sessions ning Travel Instructor: Susan Schettini, A.A.S., has 20 years expe-
TRAV D5003 NCC, Room W104 rience in the travel industry and is presently employed
CRN 3619 6 Sessions in group sales for a major travel corporation.
WED 7:00PM–9:30PM Begins 9/15/2010
Fee: $185 Text Add’l TRAV D5004 NCC, Room W104 WORLD TRAVEL GEOGRAPHY
WED7:00PM–9:30PM Begins 11/3/2010 Designed to orient the potential travel profes-
Instructor: Domenic Carriero, A.S., is employed with
sional to global geography and culture, this
nuTravel Technology Solutions, a software development Fee: $185 No class 11/24 Text Add’l
company specializing in the travel industry. He has course will cover the makeup of the three
Instructor: Domenic Carriero, A.S. IATA geographical regions, including capi-
broad experience in the travel industry in such areas as
ARC accounting, reservations, computer management, tals, major gateways (Pacific, Atlantic, and
and general administration. Polar), as well as time zones, points of inter-
est, religions, products/socioeconomic char-
acter, geographical features, currency, and

CRN 3621 5 Sessions

TRAV D5011 NCC, Room W104
MON 6:30PM–9:30PM Begins 11/15/2010
Fee: $185 Text Add’l
Instructor: Susan Schettini, A.A.S.

See page 60 for registration form 33


E xtended Studies continues to offer courses in

a wide variety of areas, including interior
design, languages, music and special interests,
plus we’ve added a few certificate programs, too.
Whether it’s a new interest or something you’ve
always wanted to try, our lifestyle courses offer
something for everyone. Photography, writing, art,
languages, fitness and sports, along with music,
performing arts and special interests, and many
other areas. Take a course with us and open up a
world of discovery.
Art ............................................................................................35
Finance & Investing....................................................................37
Gardening . .............................................................................. 37
Interior Design ......................................................................... 37
Languages ............................................................................... 33
Music . ..................................................................................... 38
Performing Arts ........................................................................ 41
Photography ............................................................................ 42
Religion ................................................................................... 41
Special Interests........................................................................ 43
Wellness, Fitness & Sports ........................................................ 46
Wines & Spirits . ....................................................................... 48
Writing .................................................................................... 50
College for Kids........................................................................ 51
English as a Second Language . ................................................ 54

34 LIfestyles www.ncc.commnet.edu
*This course is also available as a Credit Division
Paint to your heart’s delight using acrylics.
BEGINNING DRAWING class. Prices may vary. From beginners to professionals, this class
A course for students with little or no expe- Drawing fundamentals are stressed in this be- will take you from where you are to where
rience of drawing. This class will focus on ginning level course. Through hands-on ex- you want to be and stretch your imagination
drawing from observation using pencil and perience students learn fundamental drawing and skills. Instruction in composition, color
charcoal. Students will explore the use of line skills, exploring a variety of media, techniques and the creative use of acrylics will expand
to describe space, volume and texture. Draw- and ideas while drawing from life and the fig- students’ style and vision. Bring to the first
ing from still lifes and interiors will train the ure. Students are responsible for purchasing session: sketch pad, HB pencils, basic acryl-
eye to recognize visual relationships, compo- supplies. A materials list will be supplied at ic colors set, favorite assorted size brushes,
sition and perspective. Classes will include the first session. sponge, paper palette and three 16” x 20” or
brief exercises in developing hand-eye coordi- larger canvas boards. Additional materials list
nation and confidence. A variety of approach- CRN 4852 28 Sessions
will be provided at the first class.
es to drawing will be introduced. Please bring CENR D5647 NCC, Room E112
an 18” x 24” white drawing pad and a fine or CRN 4793 6 Sessions
TUE & THU 7:00PM–9:55PM Begins 9/2/2010
medium point ink drawing pen to the first
Fee: $499 No class 11/25 CENR D5644 NCC, Room E108
class. An additional materials list will be pro-
vided in class. Instuctor: Lawrence Morelli, B.A., is a professional SAT 9:30AM–12:00PM Begins 9/11/2010
painter and adjunct drawing instructor of the NCC Fee: $115
CRN 3560 8 Sessions Art Department.
Instructor: Teresa Ringkamp, B.F.A.
WED 7:30PM–9:30PM Begins 9/22/2010 FUNDAMENTALS WORKSHOP As summer wanes and as we ease our way into
Fee: $115 Discover the beautiful medium of watercolor. fall, let’s remember that there still many types
Instructor: Paul Clabby, B.F.A., is Curator and Direc- Basic skills in drawing and mixing and apply- of flowers and vines to draw. Students will
tor of the John Slade Ely House Center for Contem- ing paint will be introduced. Students will explore arrangements using pencil, pastels,
porary Art in New Haven. He has received a CT observe demonstrations of painting skies, watercolor, marker, and more. Demos will be
Commission on the Arts Fellowship for his work and clouds, trees, water and flowers, and learn given by the teacher in each class, and tips for
recently curated Shifting Affinities, an exhibition about how to compose a still life or landscape. making floral drawing and painting easier will
art and science, for the INTERNATIONAL Festival of Please bring 140 lb Arches cold press wa- be taught. Bring a sketchbook that is larger
Arts and Ideas. tercolor paper, two or three sheets cut into than 8 1/2” x 11”, a kneaded eraser, 2H, 2B,
quarters, a plastic palette (John Pike is rec- 4B, and 8B pencils. A complete supply list
ommended), HB drawing pencils, a medium will be given at the first class.
This course is designed to introduce students
round watercolor brush, and plastic container
to drawing in all its forms, from rapid sketch-
to hold water. A complete list of supplies will CRN 4791 6 Sessions
ing to more detailed studies and how to work
be distributed at the first class.
exclusively in tone. Students will use a variety CENR D5038 NCC, Room W226
of techniques in different media while focus- CRN 3799 8 Sessions FRI 9:30AM–11:30AM Begins 9/24/2010
ing on composition, value, negative/positive
CENR D5593 NCC, Room E108 Fee: $115
space and form. Students are encouraged to
look at various styles from artists throughout THU 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/16/2010 Instructor: Lisa Arnold is a designer and illustrator
history for inspiration, and also keep a per- and an instructor at Silvermine School of Art.
Fee: $115
sonal sketchbook. The goal for each student is Instructor: Teresa Ringkamp, B.F.A., SUNY Purchase, SCULPTURE I*
to develop his or her own style and have fun, School of Art and Design, also studied in Florence, *This course is also available as a Credit Division
while fine-tuning his or her powers of obser- Italy. She is a freelance artist who teaches and exhibits class. Prices may vary.
vation. Please bring an 8 1/2” x 11” sketch- throughout Fairfield County. Through studio experience, lectures and class
book, drawing pencils (2B, 4B, 6B), sharpen- discussions, students learn about the basic
er, eraser, and 8 1/2” x 11” tracing paper pad. design concepts, techniques, materials and
A more complete list of materials will be provided tools relevant to creating three-dimensional
at the first class. sculptural forms. Students are responsible for
purchasing supplies.
CRN 3791 8 Sessions
CENR D5651 NCC, Room W229 CRN 4853 28 Sessions

TUE 9:30AM–11:30AM Begins 9/28/2010 CENR D5062 NCC, Room E112

Fee: $115 TUE & THU 8:30AM–11:25AM Begins 9/2/2010

Instructor: Lisa Arnold is a designer and illustrator Fee: $499 No class 11/25
and an instructor at Silvermine School of Art. Instructor: Joseph Fucigna, M.F.A., is an award-
winning artist and the coordinator of the NCC Art
Programs. He has taught drawing, sculpture, and
design in the NCC Art Program for over 15 years.

See page 60 for registration form 35

Art / Art Tours of New York
*This course is also available as a Credit Division
class. Prices may vary.
This is an introductory course that teaches
students the basic and intermediate tech-
niques, materials and creative practices re-
lating to painting. Oil and/or acrylic based
paints are covered. Fundamental drawing
skills are required and students are respon-
sible for purchasing supplies. A materials list
will be supplied at the first session.

CRN 4854 28 Sessions

CENR D5594 NCC, Room E112
Mon & Wed 2:30PM–5:25PM Begins 9/1/2010
Fee: $499 No class 9/6, 10/11, 11/24
What makes a place sacred? How can archi- FROM SALON TO PICASSO
Instructor: Charles McGill, B.F.A., is a working tecture encourage and enhance a spiritual ex- In this course, we’ll visit the Metropolitan
fine artist and illustrator and is an adjunct painting perience? With its exceptional and compact Museum of Art to look at the changes that
instructor at NCC.
array of diverse spiritual spaces, New York took place in the art world from the mid-19th
Art Tours of New York City offers an extraordinary opportunity to
explore these questions. Join us as we walk
century to the 20th. We’ll study how paint-
ing evolved from neo-Classicism through the
ART IN THE PARK: from St. Patrick’s Cathedral to Strawberry Impressionism of Monet, the Post-impres-
TREASURES OF CENTRAL PARK Fields in Central Park, visiting many lesser sionism of Van Gogh, and the early Modern-
Join us for an art tour of America’s first land- known but equally affecting spaces along the ism of Cezanne and finally Picasso. Viewing
scaped park and explore its rich and varied way. While we will discuss the social history the actual paintings will show how this era
history through the dozens of sculptures, of each spot on the tour, our primary focus brought truly revolutionary ideas both in pro-
fountains and architectural enhancements will be on how each religion/philosophy has cess and concept.
that have been strategically placed through- designed its space to tap into all ones senses
out the grounds over the past 150 years. The and create a theater for profound experience. CRN 3798 1 Session
tour will cover the lower half of the Park, be- Bring walking shoes and a bag lunch. SPIN D5003 Students will be notified of location to
ginning at 59th Street and concluding right meet in NYC.
behind the Metropolitan Museum at 82nd CRN 4512 1 Session
SUN 11:00AM–2:00PM Begins 10/24/2010
Street. Bring a camera for some special photo CENR D5017 Students will be notified of location to
opportunities, and a bag lunch. Please wear meet in NYC. Fee: $45 plus additional entrance fee of $8.00 pay-
walking shoes. able at museum
SAT 11:00AM–3:00PM Begins 10/16/2010
Instructor: Jim Bergesen, M.F.A., is an artist; he
CRN 4204 1 Session Fee: $55 teaches Art and Photography at NCC and Manhat-
SPIN D5530 Students will be notified of location to Instructor: Anne Bolin, Ph.D. tanville College.
meet in NYC.
SAT 11:00AM–2:00PM Begins 9/25/2010 Join contemporary artist and art-gallery guide
Fee: $45 Jim Bergesen on a tour of the Chelsea gallery
Instructor: Anne Bolin, Ph.D., is a specialist in district where you will be guided through the
19th-century art and culture. Former educator for the most vital and up-to-the-minute art of now.
Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte, NC, and curator Through viewing some of this season’s most
of the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion in Norwalk, she significant exhibitions of emerging and estab-
now teaches art history at Sacred Heart University in lished artists, we will explore the broad and
Fairfield stimulating landscape of art, media, and aes-
thetics defining art of the new century. Wear
walking shoes and bring a snack.

CRN 4790 1 Session

CENR D5049 Students will be notified of location to
meet in NYC.
SAT 11:00AM–2:00PM Begins 10/23/2010
Fee: $45
Instructor: Jim Bergesen, M.F.A.

36 Art / Art Tours of New York www.ncc.commnet.edu

Finances & Investing / Gardening / Interior Design
Finances & Investing INVESTING FOR WOMEN
This class will teach women what they need
INVESTING BASICS CLASS to know to become savvy investors. Sooner or
If you are a beginning or returning investor, later you will have to make investment deci-
this is the course for you. The basics of stocks, sions. Will you be prepared? Topics to be cov-
mutual funds and the risks of investing will ered are defining goals, the basics of investing,
be covered. The class will help students set how to use stocks and bonds for growth and
investment objectives and answer investment income, dealing with financial advisers, as-
questions. Some of the sessions will incorpo- sessing risk and reward and how to setup and
rate a computer workshop where students manage a portfolio.
will create portfolios, do stock research, and
review mutual fund Websites. CRN 4760 1 Session

CRN 3627 4 Sessions FIN D5014 NCC, Room E217

FIN D5003 NCC, Room E203 SAT 9:30AM–11:30AM Begins 10/9/2010

SAT 9:30AM–11:30AM Begins 9/25/2010 Fee: $30

Instructor: Julie Jason J.D., L.L.M., President of Jack-
Fee: $55
son, Grant Investment Advisers, Inc. of Stamford, got
Instructor: Howard Berg, B.A., President of Jackson her start on Wall Street thirty years ago as a securities
Grant Consulting Group in Stamford has been in the lawyer. You can read her financial column every Sun-
financial services business for over 40 years. He is an day in the business section of the Stamford Advocate,
experienced finance and investment instructor. Greenwich Times, and the Norwalk Advocate. She is
the author of a number of investment books, including
INTERMEDIATE INVESTING Strategic Investing After 50 and AARP’s Crash Course Interior Design
This is the course for students who have com- on Creating Retirement Income. INTERIOR DESIGN
pleted the Investing Basics course or have This class is intended to take students
been selecting mutual funds for a portfo- Gardening through the basic principles of interior de-
lio and now want to venture into the art of sign, which are necessary steps in creating an
stock selection. The class will move beyond interior that is personal, functional, and prac-
the fundamentals and look at stock selection tical. The practical as well as the aesthetic as-
This class is intended for people that love to
from a number of viewpoints, as well as help- pects of interior design must be considered in
work with the soil and for those who want to
ing students to expand their knowledge of creating an environment. Students will learn
eat healthily and save money by using chemi-
mutual funds. The computer will be utilized to start with an analysis of an existing space
cally free homegrown produce. Nick the Fruit
in the analysis. and work through the areas of layout, color,
and Veggie Master will take students through
a journey of collecting, sterilizing, and start- fabrics and decor. Please bring a notebook,
CRN 4533 3 Sessions
ing seeds, nurturing them into strong healthy ruler with 1/4” scale, 25” tape measure, graph
FIN D5799 NCC, Room E209 paper, tracing paper, #2 pencils, and an eraser
plants, which will result in increased produc-
SAT9:30AM–11:30AM Begins 10/23/2010 tivity to the vegetable garden and its harvest. to class.
Fee: $45 The program is also an in-depth study of how
sunlight, soil, nutrients, and garden cleanli- CRN 4214 6 Sessions
Instructor: Howard Berg, B.A.
ness affect the final results; if done correctly SPIN D5440 NCC, Room TBA
from the beginning, students can enjoy a Wed 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/22/2010
trouble-free garden for years. Fee: $105
CRN 4501 4 Sessions Instructor: Noelle Newell, B.A., Allied Member ASID,
CMG, is a seasoned professional with ten years-plus
GARD D5002 NCC, Room W104 experience in residential design in Fairfield County,
Thu 7:00PM–9:30PM Begins 9/30/2010 specializing in secondary homes and the high end mar-
Field Trip to instructor’s garden, Saturday, 10/23 ket. She is currently working as a consultant where her
services concentrate on sourcing for home furnishings
from hard surfaces to fabrics and objet d’art. She is a
Fee: $99 graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology.
Instructor: Nicholas Mancini is a Certified Master
Gardener from the Cooperative Extension System of the
University of Connecticut, and past head Master Gar-
dener of Organic Vegetables and Tree Fruit at Bartlett
Arboretum in Stamford, Connecticut. He is a lecturer
and consultant who specializes in vegetables, brambles
and fruit trees. Nick’s usage of earth-friendly fertilizers,
pest control, recyclable materials and complimentary
resources discarded by the sea will be implemented in
this hands-on approach course.

See page 60 for registration form 37

This course is designed for those who want a
AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE I basic working grammar in Spanish in order
This course introduces students to American to be able to use it in conversation. Special
Sign Language (ASL) through unit lessons, emphasis is placed on pronunciation and
interactive practice, and storytelling. Students conversation. Situations and dialogues will be
learn approximately 300 functional words, used to practice basic grammatical concepts
basic grammar and syntax, and finger spell- and to instill a feel for the structure of the
ing. Readings and class interactions reflect on language.
current issues of deaf culture and encourage a
variety of communication strategies. Enroll- CRN 3551 10 Sessions
ment is limited to 15 students. FLAN D5436 NCC, Room W215
CRN 3549 10 Sessions TUE 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/14/2010 CONVERSATIONAL ITALIAN I
FLAN D5831 NCC, Room T: W229, TH: TBA Fee: $149 Text Add’l. This beginning course is designed for the
TUE & THU 6:30PM–8:30PM Begins 9/14/2010 practical use of the language in a variety of
CRN 3943 10 Sessions everyday situations. The conversation and
Fee: $149 Text Add’l.
FLAN D5436 NCC, Room W215 reading text will help the student to discover
Instructor: Alice Bianco, a deaf instructor, has taught the essentials of Italian grammar in a pleasant
ASL for over 15 years to people of all ages in Fairfield THU 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/23/2010
and natural sequence.
County. Fee: $149 No class 11/25 Text Add’l.
This course is for students who have acquired CRN 3552 10 Sessions FLAN D5464 NCC, Room E218
some knowledge of ASL and wish to continue FLAN D5436 NCC, Room W220 SAT 9:15AM–11:15AM Begins 9/11/2010
to build upon the coursework from ASL I. SAT 9:30AM–11:30AM Begins 9/18/2010 Fee: $149 Text Add’l.
The aim is competency beyond the basic lev-
Fee: $149 Text Add’l. Instructor: Lucia Sardi is a native speaker of Italian
el, and will focus on ASL sentence structure,
Instructor: Solange Gomez, B.S., teaches Spanish at who teaches Italian to adults in Fairfield County. She
which includes types of sentences signed, has a degree in Economics and Law.
time sequence, and numbers. Classroom par- Norwalk Community College.
ticipation will include skills practice and feed- CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH II ELEMENTARY ITALIAN I*
back. Information about the deaf community This course is designed as a continuation of *This course is also available as a Credit Division
and deaf culture are additional features of this class. Prices may vary.
Conversational Spanish 1. The course will
course. This course introduces students to basic Ital-
focus on the mastery of more complex tense
ian vocabulary and grammar with emphasis
structures and advanced conversational skills.
CRN 4773 10 Sessions on speaking and listening. Students also read
Real-life situations will be used as the basis
FLAN D5832 NCC, Room T: W229, TH: TBA simple materials and write brief responses in
for dialogues and oral practice. Special em-
Italian. These language patterns and skills are
TUE & THU 6:30PM–8:30PM Begins 10/19/2010 phasis will be placed on pronunciation and
taught within a cultural context and focus on
Fee: $149 Text Add’l. vocabulary.
practical applications to daily life. A mini-
Instructor: Alice Bianco CRN 3553 10 Sessions mum of one language laboratory per week
is required. Native speakers of Italian are not
FLAN D5437 NCC, Room W215
permitted to register for this course without
WED 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/15/2010 written permission of the instructor before
Fee: $149 No class 10/27, 11/24 Text Add’l. class begins.
Instructor: Solange Gomez, B.S.
CRN 3554 28 Sessions
This course is designed to consolidate stu- TUE & THU 9:30AM–11:20AM Begins 9/2/2010
dents’ knowledge of Spanish grammar while
increasing general vocabulary and compre- Fee: $515 No class 11/25 Text Add’l.
hension skills. At the end of this course, stu- Instructor: Estelle V. Dattolo, M.A., has taught Italian
dents should be able to handle basic conversa- at NCC for ten years. She received her M.A. in Foreign
tions on familiar topics, to write diverse kinds Languages at the University of Messina, (Sicily) Italy.
of compositions and to read and understand
a wide range of authentic material.

CRN 4761 10 Sessions

FLAN D5435 NCC, Room W215
MON 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/13/2010
Fee: $149 Text Add’l.
Instructor: Solange Gomez, B.S.
38 Languages www.ncc.commnet.edu
This course is designed for students who have Based on Basic and Intermediate Levels,
taken Conversational Italian I or who have Mandarin III is designed for students who
an elementary knowledge of Italian. The stu- have mastered basic modern Chinese and vo-
dents will review the basics of Italian gram- cabulary at the intermediate level. The course
mar, and will be encouraged to speak and concentrates on consolidating the grammar
enrich their vocabulary through role-playing, and expanding the vocabulary, seeking to
games, discussions, and readings. further develop integrated skills of listening,
speaking, reading and writing on the topics of
CRN 3555 10 Sessions transportation, directions, seasons, food and
FLAN D5465 NCC, Room E218 dinning. It also focuses on learning standard
SAT 11:30AM–1:30PM Begins 9/11/2010 usage of common expressions, protocols, and
cultural aspects.
Fee: $149 Text Add’l.
Instructor: Lucia Sardi This course is designed for students with CRN 4572 10 Sessions

ELEMENTARY ITALIAN II* some prior knowledge of French. A continu- FLAN D5839 NCC, Room TBA
*This course is also available as a Credit Division ation of French I, it emphasizes conversation, THU 6:00PM–8:30PM Begins 9/23/2010
class. Prices may vary. grammar, pronunciation, and culture.
Fee: $210 Text Add’l.
In this continuation of Elementary Italian I,
students expand their vocabulary, learn more CRN 3977 10 Sessions Instructor: Sharon Wong, M.S.
complex grammatical forms, read longer se- FLAN D5463 NCC, Room E225
lections, and write short paragraphs in Ital- TUE 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/14/2010
ian. They continue to develop speaking and
Fee: $149 Text Add’l.
listening skills in a cultural context. Native
speakers of Italian are not permitted to regis- Instructor: Aline Dennison
ter for this course without written permission MANDARIN CHINESE—BASIC
of the instructor before classes begin. Stu- This course is designed for students who wish
dents should have taken Elementary Italian to learn to speak, understand, and read Man-
I or can be admitted with permission of the darin Chinese for business or travel. Emphasis
instructor. is placed on pronunciation and conversation,
recognition of Chinese characters, counting
CRN 3833 28 Sessions
and dealing with money, and social customs
FLAN D5465 NCC, Room T: E207, TH: E225 and protocols that make travel or business in
TUE & THU 11:30AM–1:20PM Begins 9/2/2010 China a positive and rewarding experience.
Fee: $515 No class 11/25 Text Add’l.
CRN 4775 10 Sessions
Instructor: Estelle V. Dattolo, M.A.
FLAN D5835 NCC, Room W218
FRENCH I SAT 9:15AM–11:30AM Begins 9/25/2010
This course is designed for beginners. Stu-
Fee: $210 No class 11/27 Text Add’l.
dents will develop introductory conversation- BEGINNING RUSSIAN
al, grammatical, and pronunciation skills, as Instructor: Sharon Wong, M.S., is a native speaker of This course is designed for those who want
well as an overview of French customs and Mandarin Chinese, an experienced Chinese-English
to understand and speak Russian. Students
interpreter/translator who has been an English lecturer
culture. will develop basic skills in grammar, writing,
at Tianjin University of Technology.
reading, and conversation. Language study
CRN 3550 10 Sessions MANDARIN CHINESE—INTERMEDIATE will involve both everyday life situations and
FLAN D5462 NCC, Room W228 This course, a continuation of Introductory cultural training.
MON 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/13/2010 Mandarin Chinese, builds on the language
skills previously learned. Students practice CRN 4771 10 Sessions
Fee: $149 No class 10/11 Text Add’l.
pronunciation and conversation and study FLAN D5684 NCC, Room E309
Instructor: Aline Dennison is a native French speaker social and business customs and protocols.
who teaches French to students in Fairfield County. MON 6:30PM–8:30PM Begins 9/20/2010
Prerequisite: Mandarin Chinese Basic or
She is the recipient of the Danbury Teacher of the Year Fee: $149 No class 10/11 Text Add’l.
equivalent experience.
Award and conducts school trips to France. Instructor: Mariana Bolgova, Ph.D., is a native Rus-
CRN 4776 10 Sessions sian speaker with over 15 years of teaching experi-
ence. She has taught Russian literature at Pedagogical
FLAN D5836 NCC, Room W218
University in Novosibirsk in Russia.
SAT 12:00PM–2:15PM Begins 9/25/2010
Fee: $210 No class 11/27 Text Add’l.
Instructor: Sharon Wong, M.S.

See page 60 for registration form 39



EVERYONE CAN SING I So maybe you are not a rock star, but you
Students will learn how to use their voices while can still find satisfaction and profit in the
developing self confidence In a supportive and fun music business. This class will shed light on
environment. They will study protection of the the many income streams available in today’s
throat, relaxed breathing, projection of the voice music business. We will demystify the world
and conquering stage fright. The class is filled of Music Publishing, Licensing, Film Music,
with encouragement and team spirit. Beginners Songwriting, Production and more. Great for
welcome. Solos not required. Group numbers will aspiring musicians, producers, songwriters,
be performed. managers or anyone with a curiosity for how
CRN 3605 8 Sessions this fascinating business works.
CRN 3942 4 Sessions
Learn to play guitar from scratch or brush up on
WED 7:00PM–9:30PM Begins 9/29/2010 some of the basics. This class will expose students CENR D5065 NCC, Room TBA
Fee: $150 to many aspects of this great instrument. Play WED7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/20/2010
Instructor: Karen Greene, A.E.A., A.F.T.R.A., S.A.G., guitar in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the good Fee: $75
has sung, acted and danced on Broadway in such shows company of music and other guitarists. Students
Instructor: Michael Barry, B.A.
as South Pacific, Paradise Island with Arthur Treacher will learn to read both staff notation and tablature,
and the June Taylor Dancers, The Mikado, and HMS chord progressions, beginning theory, and basic
Pinafore. She has produced and directed shows, record- accompaniment. Please bring your own guitar.
ed voiceovers, appeared on stage, television and radio,
and sung with her society band “Shades of Green.” For CRN 3792 10 Sessions
the past 20 years, she has given private voice lessons to
hundreds of Fairfield County residents. CENR D5054 NCC, Room W229
SAT 9:00AM–10:30AM Begins 9/18/2010
Fee: $175
Instructor: Christopher Mariner, B.A. Music, teaches
private guitar and music theory throughout Fairfield
and Westchester counties. He is a founding member
of both the Arcadia Jazz Collective and the electronic
improv group Spinning Plates.

For students ready to take the next step in guitar
playing: this class will take those who already HAND DRUMMING*
know some chords and can play a simple melody *This course is also available as a Credit Division
you to the next level. Students will learn rhythm class. Prices may vary.
patterns from different styles, as well as the basic This performance-based course focuses on West
scales for lead playing, so they can start playing African Hand Drumming and features other styles
music the way it sounds on their favorite records. from around the world. Through lectures and
EVERYONE CAN SING II The class will explore both pick and fingerstyle discussion, students will learn to play a variety
This is a course for soloists. Do you want to audi- rhythm playing, scales and modes, blues progres- of styles of drums and shakers and make music
tion for a musical? A chorus? Do you want to solo sions and other standard chord sequences, and every day. Students will look at the cultures and
at your best friend’s wedding? A talent show? A learn a handful of classic songs. For both electric societies of the represented countries and how
karaoke bar? Students will learn all the techniques and acoustic players. Please bring your own guitar music illuminates their cultural traits. There will
for solo performance, including tuning of the to class; books are not required. be one or more performance opportunities for the
voice, conquering solo jitters, energy control and ensemble/class during the term.
CRN 4772 8 Sessions
breathing, projection, interpreting a song, basic
staging, audience contact, and finding the right CENR D5015 NCC, Room E108 CRN 4774 14 Sessions
key for the song. Students will receive individual MON 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/20/2010 CENR D5033 NCC, Room E221
attention. Fee: $175 No class 10/11 MON 7:00PM–9:50PM Begins 9/13/2010

CRN 3795 8 Sessions Instructor: Michael Barry, B.A., is the president and Fee: $185 No class 10/11
Grammy-nominated producer for indie label Laughing Instructor: Staff
CENR D5055 NCC, Room ETheater Buddha Music. A career guitarist and producer, he is a
TUE 7:00PM–9:30PM Begins 9/28/2010 previous director of the International Studio of Music
and a former instructor at The New School University
Fee: $150
in New York.
Instructor: Karen Greene, A.E.A., A.F.T.R.A., S.A.G.

40 Music www.ncc.commnet.edu
Music / Performing Arts / Photography
*This course is also available as a Credit Division
class. Prices may vary. BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY
This class is a study through rehearsal and perfor- BEYOND SNAPSHOTS
mance of music literature for choir. Emphasis is Regardless of the type of camera used, FILM
given to the preparation of major choral works. OR DIGITAL, whether it be a simple point-
Opportunities exist for solo and ensemble sing- and-shoot or a very expensive camera, the most
ing in smaller groups. This semester the major important element in getting good photographs
focus will be on a concert production of West is that the person behind the camera knows the
Side Story, which will include some spoken word fundamentals of taking interesting images and
and dance. has moved beyond snapshots. PASM, Program,
Aperture, Shutter, Manual. Students will cover
CRN 4182 28 Sessions the basics of composition, lighting, how to photo-
CENR D5037 NCC, Room E122 graph family and friends, and much more. Bring
TUE & THU 2:30PM–4:00PM Begins 9/2/2010 your camera and manual to class. DIGITAL NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY
Explore the world of nature through digital pho-
Fee: $185 No class 11/25 CRN 3629 6 Sessions tography, capturing the many vivid natural colors
Instructor: Sarah Bell is the choral director of the NCC PHOTO D5802 NCC, Room E219 that make the beauty of New England famous
chorus and the instructor of opera at NCC. She has
TUE 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/21/2010 throughout the world. Students will explore local
spent her career teaching privately and publicly and
performing as a singer, opera accompanist, organist,
nature preserves, each with its particular attrac-
Fee: $95
and choral conductor. tions: rock formations, waterfalls, and plants.
Instructor: Edward Skeen, M. Photog. C. R. R. S. A., Topics of discussion in the field will include
is a professional photographer and the recipient of the
metering, exposure, use of histograms, depth-of-
“Most Creative Photographer” award from the CT
Professional Photographers Association.
field, rendering of motion (water) with various
shutter speeds, close-up photography. In the
INTERMEDIATE PHOTOGRAPHY studio students will discuss various aspects of the
A STEP BEYOND THE BASIC digital work flow, including editing and image
Extend the range of your photography with a optimization using Adobe Photoshop CS3 and
greater understanding of the techniques that make Lightroom. Discussion will also include archiving
for better photographs. Students will have fun images, printers and printing. Students should
while learning to improve all types of subject mat- have basic camera skills and a digital camera
ter, exploring the creation of images with impact that allows manual control of f/stops and shutter
as the goal. The important elements for photo- speeds. Bring your hiking shoes. This class will
graphs are the subject, framing, composition, combine field photography and studio digital
lighting, depth of field, sharp focus and soft focus. image processing at instructor’s studio in Wilton.
Many topics will be covered in these sessions.
Performing Arts Bring your camera, (FILM OR DIGITAL), your CRN 3937 5 Sessions

EVERYBODY’S ACTING camera manual and your questions. PHOTO D5010 Students will be notified of location
of first class
Take a generous helping of improvisation and the- CRN 3949 6 Sessions
atre games, throw in some monologues and scene SUN 7:00AM–11:00AM Begins 9/12/2010
work, sprinkle a smidgen of theory, and season PHOTO D5804 NCC, Room E219
Fee: $250
with lots of good humor—mix it all up and you’ve TUE 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 11/2/2010 Instructor: Lawrence Frank, B.A., is an alumnus of
got a concoction that’s perfect for curing “stage Fee: $95 the Art Center College of Design and the University
fright” and whatever else has kept you from trying of Connecticut. His background includes fine art and
Instructor: Edward Skeen, M. Photog. C. R. R. S. A.
your hand at acting for the stage! This 8-week, no- commercial photography and he currently does photo
pressure workshop is designed to help both novice assignments for corporate clients.
and experienced actors develop the skills they need
to feel more comfortable on stage—and have lots
of fun doing it!

CRN 4524 8 Sessions

CENR D5000 NCC, Room ETheater
THU 7:30PM–9:30PM Begins 10/7/2010
Fee: $125 No class 10/21, 11/25
Instructor: Richard Mancini, B.S., has three decades of
theatrical experience as an actor and director, ranging
from appearing with improv groups and in many plays
to directing over 25 area productions and numerous
original one-acts in festivals in Connecticut,
Massachusetts, and New York.

See page 60 for registration form 41

Photography / Religion
This is a technique class exploring various genres This class is an introduction to the exciting world *This course is also available as a Credit Division
of “people photography,” including portrait, edi- of digital photography, intended for those who class. Prices may vary.
torial, lifestyle, photography and photojournalism. are contemplating purchase of digital equipment In this introductory course, students will learn the
Photography literally means writing with light. or those who have recently transitioned to digital fundamentals of photography using digital media.
Therefore the course will begin with a discussion from film. Students will explore this new dynamic Camera use, exposure controls, scanning and
of the characteristics of light in photographic medium, learning the differences between film printing are covered. Assignments explore visual
terms. Students will compare and contrast natural and digital, various levels of camera choices and and creative problem solving. Students are respon-
light, tungsten light and electronic flash as light functions from simple point-and-shoot to state sible for providing a manually adjustable digital
sources. It will be demonstrated how the quality of the art DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex camera, paper, and other supplies as needed.
and direction of light can dramatically change cameras). The course will demonstrate camera
CRN 3631 28 Sessions
the look and feel of a photograph thus impacting operation, including light meter modes, exposure
the viewer’s emotional response. Through lecture, modes, capture settings for quality, white balance PHOTO D5001 NCC, Room W251
discussion, demonstration the class will explore and ISO., download files, and an overview of digi- MON & WED 7:00PM–9:15PM Begins 9/1/2010
the psychological, emotional and technical aspects tal workflow for image processing and retouching. Fee: $499 No class 9/6, 10/11, 11/24
of photographing strangers, friends and loved Finally students will discuss saving, back-up and
Instructor: Joan Fitzsimmons, M.F.A., is a nation-
ones formally, casually, on the street or in their storing of images (archiving) resizing and sharing ally exhibited photographer. She is on the faculty of
own environment in natural, artificial, and mixed via email, slideshows or out-putting as print from Norwalk Community College.
lighting in order to gain a better understanding of a desktop (or laptop) computer.
the challenges of each situation. CRN 4826 28 Sessions
CRN 3973 2 Sessions
CRN 3945 4 Sessions PHOTO D5001 NCC, Room W251
PHOTO D5001 Instructor’s Studio, Wilton.
PHOTO D5066 Instructor’s Studio, Wilton. Directions will be sent prior to class. MON & WED 8:30AM–10:45AM Begins 9/1/2010
Directions will be sent prior to class. SAT 9:00AM–1:00PM Begins 12/4/2010 Fee: $499 No class 9/6, 10/11, 11/24
SAT 9:00AM–1:00PM Begins 10/23/2010 Instructor: Mark Schoon, M.F.A., is an award-win-
Fee: $125
ning artist who exhibits throughout Fairfield County.
Fee: $210 Instructor: Lawrence Frank, B.A.
Instructor: Lawrence Frank, B.A.
This is a basic class on digital camera operation A small strobe can be an ally in many lighting situ- Develop an essential understanding of world
and will cover an overview of camera functions. ations, but is often considered an enemy by those religions, their basic tenets, belief structures, tra-
Topics covered include navigating menus (set wary of technical equipment. The goal of this ditions and insights. This course will explore
up, shooting, and playback), exposure modes class is to demystify flash technique by providing and compare Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism,
(manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, pro- a thorough overview of the aesthetics and mechan- Christianity and Islam, as well as Chinese and
gram), exposure compensation, light meter modes ics of electronic flash photography with everyday Japanese religions.
(matrix/evaluative, center weighted, spot), white family, lifestyle, event and portrait photography
balance, sensitivity (ISO), quality (file format- CRN 3651 6 Sessions
in mind. Topics covered: automatic, TTL and
RAW vs JPEG) and more. An emphasis will be manual modes, use as main light source or as a PHIL D5000 NCC, Room TBA
placed on how to shoot, evaluate, and adjust expo- fill flash, on-camera hot shoe or flash bracket and WED 7:30PM–9:30PM Begins 9/22/2010
sure using the highlight over-exposure warning off-camera, indoors and outdoors, with single Fee: $85
and histogram display screens, on the camera, to and/or multiple remote flash units using IR and
assure obtaining the best quality (dynamic range) Instructor: Verne Taylor, M.A., teaches at Sacred Heart
radio triggers. Required: DSLR camera, hot shoe University in the Religious Studies Department.
possible for each shooting condition. Included mountable flash, working knowledge of camera
is a demonstration of digital workflow process: operation.
download, backup, edit and archive using Adobe
Photoshop editing software CS3 and Lightroom. CRN 4769 4 Sessions
Students should bring to class all their gear: cam- PHOTO D5005 Instructor’s Studio, Wilton.
era, lenses, etc. and operating manuals. Directions will be sent prior to class.

CRN 4856 3 Sessions SUN 9:00AM–12:00PM Begins 10/24/2010

PHOTO D5814 Instructor’s Studio, Wilton. Fee: $180

Directions will be sent prior to class. Instructor: Lawrence Frank, B.A.
SAT 9:00AM–12:00PM Begins 9/25/2010
Fee: $160
Instructor: Lawrence Frank, B.A.

42 Photography / Special Interests www.ncc.commnet.edu

Special Interests / Mind, Body & Spirit

Special Interests/Art Tours of Mind, Body, & Spirit

ART IN THE PARK: In this class, students will learn how angels
help us to solve problems and live a more sat-
isfying life. Discover how easy it is to meet
Join us for an art tour of America’s first land-
angels and receive messages from them in
scaped park and explore its rich and varied his-
writing. Open inner doors to your own se-
tory through the dozens of sculptures, fountains
cret world of spiritual helpers to summon
and architectural enhancements that have been
and work with your angels to support and
strategically placed throughout the grounds over
heal you.
the past 150 years. The tour will cover the lower
half of the Park, beginning at 59th Street and con- CRN 3634 1 Session
cluding right behind the Metropolitan Museum
at 82nd Street. Bring a camera for some special LFST D5013 NCC, Room TBA
photo opportunities, and a bag lunch. Please wear THU 7:00PM–9:30PM Begins 10/14/2010
walking shoes. Fee: $35
Instructor: Trudy Griswold is a nationally known
CRN 4204 1 Session
author, teacher, and spiritual life coach. Her popular
SPIN D5530 Students will be notified of location to Angelspeake Workshop was featured on Good Morning
meet in NYC. A VISIT TO THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM America, PBS, and other national and local radio talk
SAT 11:00AM–2:00PM Begins 9/25/2010 FROM SALON TO PICASSO shows. Her book, Anglespeake, is in its 19th printing.
In this course, we’ll visit the Metropolitan
Museum of Art to look at the changes that took
Instructor: Anne Bolin, Ph.D., is a specialist in Through meditation and energy exercises,
place in the art world from the mid-19th century
19th-century art and culture. Former educator for the students will learn how to tap into their in-
to the 20th. We’ll study how painting evolved
Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte, NC, and curator tuition and increase awareness in their lives.
from neo-Classicism through the Impressionism
of the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion in Norwalk, she They’ll learn about the energy fields that sur-
now teaches art history at Sacred Heart University in of Monet, the Post-impressionism of Van Gogh,
round the body, see and sense their own au-
Fairfield and the early Modernism of Cezanne and finally
ras, and those of others. They will also learn
Picasso. Viewing the actual paintings will show
SACRED SPACES how to protect themselves from negative
how this era brought truly revolutionary ideas
What makes a place sacred? How can architecture experiences. This class will conclude with a
both in process and concept.
encourage and enhance a spiritual experience? healing meditation which will include Reiki
With its exceptional and compact array of diverse CRN 3798 1 Session chair healing. Join us for this insightful and
spiritual spaces, New York City offers an extraor- stress reducing workshop.
SPIN D5003 Students will be notified of location to
dinary opportunity to explore these questions. meet in NYC. CRN 4827 1 Session
Join us as we walk from St. Patrick’s Cathedral to SUN 11:00AM–2:00PM Begins 10/24/2010 RECR D5005 NCC, Room E212
Strawberry Fields in Central Park, visiting many
lesser known but equally affecting spaces along Fee: $45 plus additional entrance fee of $8.00 pay- THU 7:00PM–9:30PM Begins 10/14/2010
the way. While we will discuss the social history able at museum
Fee: $35
of each spot on the tour, our primary focus will Instructor: Jim Bergesen, M.F.A., is an artist; he
teaches Art and Photography at NCC and Manhat- Instructor: Gigi Benanti, B.A., is a certified Reiki
be on how each religion/philosophy has designed Master Healer and teacher. She has been a lifelong
its space to tap into all ones senses and create a tanville College.
healer, teaches Reiki, and owns the Angelic Healing
theater for profound experience. Bring walking GALLERIES OF CHELSEA Center in Norwalk.
shoes and a bag lunch. Join contemporary artist and art-gallery guide Jim
Bergesen on a tour of the Chelsea gallery district
CRN 4512 1 Session
where you will be guided through the most vital
CENR D5017 Students will be notified of location to and up-to-the-minute art of now. Through view-
meet in NYC. ing some of this season’s most significant exhibi-
SAT 11:00AM–3:00PM Begins 10/16/2010 tions of emerging and established artists, we will
explore the broad and stimulating landscape of
Fee: $55
art, media, and aesthetics defining art of the new
Instructor: Anne Bolin, Ph.D. century. Wear walking shoes and bring a snack.

CRN 4790 1 Session

CENR D5049 Students will be notified of location to
meet in NYC.
SAT 11:00AM–2:00PM Begins 10/23/2010
Fee: $45
Instructor: Jim Bergesen, M.F.A.

See page 60 for registration form 43

Personal Enrichment

SPEED READING Galvanize your personal branding process by The way we think and speak creates every-
Students will learn a revolutionary new sys- breaking down the components of a personal thing we have in our lives and what we attract
tem that dramatically cuts reading and study brand. Students will learn to formulate ac- in the future. By changing the way we think
time. Sharpen your concentration so that complishments, skills, attitudes, values, and and speak, we can change the direction of our
you can recall what you read in greater de- behaviors into a unique selling proposition lives and see miracles take place. We create a
tail than ever before. You will be amazed by that compels interviewers to listen to and future of love, abundance and happiness. Stu-
the increase in your reading speed in just two learn more about you.  In this class students dents will join in discussion, meditation, and
evenings! Continue to boost your reading will learn the attributes of a compelling per- experiential exercises on the power of thought
speed by applying your new skills to your ev- sonal brand. This six-session class teaches and words to create the lives we want.
eryday reading at home, work or school. Our how to build your brand and brand yourself
guarantee states that you must double your CRN 3809 3 Sessions
for career success by  developing your value
reading speed or additional training will be proposition, defining your target audience, SPIN D5005 NCC, Room E212
provided free of charge. Course fee includes managing your online identity, expressing THU 7:30PM–9:30PM Begins 11/4/2010
speed reading manual and MP3 download. yourself clearly and consistently, and creating
a toolkit of online and offline tools to pro- Fee: $55
CRN 4825 2 Sessions
mote your personal brand identity. Instructor: Penny Cohen, LCSW.
LFST D5001 NCC, Room TBA
CRN 4767 5 Sessions LEARN TO SEW I
WED & THU 6:30PM–9:00PM Begins 10/13/2010
This is a beginning class to teach basic sewing
Fee: $150 PRFD D5023 NCC, Room E228 techniques. Designed for students who have
Instructor: Richard Feldman, Ph.D., is President of SAT 9:30AM–11:30AM Begins 10/2/2010 no sewing experience but a desire to learn, the
Learning Techniques, a leader in accelerated learning Fee: $110 class teaches how to use a sewing machine,
in the tri-state area. read patterns, and make basic garments such
Instructor: The Career Co-op
WINNING INTERVIEWS as a wrap-over skirt and a duffle bag.
Take control of your hard-won interview THE SECRET: LAWS OF ATTRACTION
You’ve seen it on Oprah—The Secret is now CRN 4762 5 Sessions
opportunities by bringing immeasurable
confidence into every interview situation. a best-selling book and more. The idea is that BIS D7004 NCC, Room W227
Students will learn the critical “3Ps” of the you attract whatever you think about—both SAT 9:00AM–12:00PM Begins 9/25/2010
interview process: Preparation, Presentation positive and negative. In this compelling class,
students will learn how to release negative Fee: $245 plus $25 material fee payable to instructor
and Proposition! Tackle the most difficult
beliefs and emotional blocks to focus on the Instructor: Jane Grech is an accomplished pattern-
interview questions, improve pre-interview maker and couture seamstress. Her passion for sewing
tactics and see yourself as interviewers see positive. Plus, discover how to maintain the
mindset that attracts whatever you want—fit- began as she grew up in Malta and learned tailoring
you. Attention to these keys will help stu- as well as complex handwork such as lace making. She
dents engage in more productive dialogues ness, health, wealth, career, the right mate, attended FIT and added teaching to her repertoire.
and ultimately attract desirable job offers. In happiness, etc. Through discussion, medita-
this three-seminar series, students will learn tion and experiential exercises, the class will LEARN TO SEW II
to break down the dynamics of the interview explore the laws of attraction so as to live life This advanced sewing class will focus on
and develop the listening skills to manage the with more ease, prosperity and joy. enhancing the sewing skills of students who
power dynamics unique to interviewing. For have some sewing experience. It will teach
CRN 4845 3 Sessions more advanced techniques and the students
the first class, please bring a current résumé
(recent okay, if still under construction) and SPIN D5033 NCC, Room TBA will create more complex garments, such as a
an example of an ad or job posting that il- THU 7:30PM–9:30PM Begins 9/30/2010 casual jacket. This is a hands-on class.
lustrates the type of work/job responsibilities Fee: $55 CRN 4765 5 Sessions BIS D7014
being sought. Instructor: Penny Cohen, LCSW, certified hypno- SAT 9:00AM–12:00PM NCC, Room W227
therapist, has a psychotherapy and life coach practice
CRN 4764 3 Sessions PRFD D5007 Begins 10/30/2010 No class 11/27
in Pound Ridge, NY. She has lectured and presented
NCC, Room MON- E222, WED-W101, FRI-E213 workshops internationally on relationships, com- Fee: $245 plus $30 material fee payable to instructor
MON, WED, FRI 7:00PM–9:00PM munication, motivation, creativity, spirituality and
Instructor: Jane Grech
Fee: $80 Class meets 9/27, 9/29, 10/112:00:00 AM Kabbalah for the past 15 years. She is the author of
Personal Kabbalah: 32 Paths to Inner Peace and Life
Instructor: The Career Co-op. Meredith Lowe, B.S., is Purpose.
co-founder of The Career Co-op and has over 25 years
of executive human resources experience with a variety
of Fortune 500 companies. Ms. Lowe has industry
experience in Finance, Consumer Packaged Goods, and
New Media. Gary Clarke, B.S., is co-founder of The
Career Co-op and has successfully fostered the growth
of multiple global Fortune 500 companies over the last
25 years. He served as the VP of Talent Acquisition at
Terex Corporation in Connecticut.

44 Personal Enrichment www.ncc.commnet.edu

Personal Enrichment / Wellness, Fitness & Sports
PARENTING 101 *This course is also available as a Credit Division CRN 4537 2 Sessions
class. Prices may vary.
Developed by the Courage to Speak Founda- SPIN D5424 NCC, Room E213
tion, Courage to Speak - Courageous Parent- This course provides an introduction to the
tools, methods, and theories used in archae- SAT 9:00AM–1:00PM Begins 11/13/2010
ing 101™ is a three-session drug prevention
education seminar for parents wishing to ology as well as an overview of northeastern Fee: $12 for AARP members, $14 for non-members.
arm themselves with the knowledge of how U.S. prehistory. Students receive pre-excava- Please bring payment to class; check payable to
to keep their children safe.  Parents will learn tion training prior to their participation in AARP.
effective communication strategies; gain con- the investigation of a local prehistoric archae- Instructor: AARP Staff
fidence to talk to their children about the ology site. The analysis of recovered materials
dangers of drugs; understand how to set clear and the interpretation of the site provide the Wellness, Fitness and Sports
rules and boundaries with their children relat- basis for the writing of an archaeological site REIKI
ed to use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; report. This ancient Eastern healing technique uses
and gain confidence in knowing how to deal light-touch healing to enhance mental, spiri-
CRN 4834 28 Sessions
with substance use among their children. The tual and physical well-being. Reiki means
course covers: teen drug use trends and party SPIN D5664 NCC, Room W131 “universal life force energy,” and this course
culture; guidance to help reduce the risk of MON & WED 5:30PM–6:50PM Begins 9/8/2010 teaches how to tap into and utilize this energy
substance use; communication and listening Fee: $399 No class 10/11, 11/24 for stress reduction, relaxation/meditation
skills; how to help your child handle stress; and healing. After completing this class, stu-
Instructor: Ernie Wiegand has taught at NCC for over
warning signs; what to do if use or abuse is 30 years and is Coordinator of the Archaeology as an dents will be Reiki first degree practitioners
suspected and much more. Please preregister Avocation program. He has conducted both prehistoric and will receive a certificate. Please bring a
and historic period archaeological investigations in bag lunch.
CRN 4218 3 Sessions western Connecticut and eastern New York at sites
SPIN D5520 SAT 9:30-11:30am Begins 11/6 dating from as early as 8000 BC to as late as the early CRN 3614 1 Session
20th century. RECR D5638 NCC, Room E212
Fee: No charge NCC, Room E217
Instructor: Larry Katz, B.A. is Co-Founder and Vice SAT 9:00AM–4:50PM Begins 10/23/2010
President of The Courage to Speak Foundation. The Fee: $125, plus $12 material fee payable to instruc-
organization has reached over a million children and tor
adults with their empowering and lifesaving message. 
Mr. Katz served as a Social Worker with the Con- Instructor: Gigi Benanti, B.A., is a certified Reiki
necticut Welfare Department, Child Welfare Division Master Healer and teacher. She has been a lifelong
responsible for case studies for children involved with AARP DRIVER SAFETY COURSE healer, teaches Reiki and owns the Angelic Healing
Juvenile Court.   The AARP Driver Safety Program is the na- Center in Norwalk. She is a popular teacher among
adults seeking routes to spiritual understanding.
tion’s first and largest classroom driver safety
*This course is also available as a Credit Division
course designed especially for drivers age 50 KRIPALU YOGA FOR BEGINNERS
class. Prices may vary. and older. Participants learn how to operate For men and women new to yoga or with
This course deals with the emotional, psy- their vehicles more safely in today’s increas- limited experience with yoga. Kripalu Yoga
chological, sociological and economic aspects ingly challenging driving environment and is a form of Hatha yoga that focuses on wit-
of aging. It provides the student with an un- also receive a thorough review of the “rules of nessing one’s experience without judgment
derstanding of the latest research on the ag- the road,” with an emphasis on safety strate- regardless of a person’s physical abilities. It
ing process, including cultural dimensions. gies. Completion of the class may entitle stu- uses yoga concepts of inner focus and medita-
Contemporary issues related to the aging dents to a discount on their automobile in- tion, along with standard yoga postures and
process are explored. Prerequisite: eligibility surance. Please bring a bag lunch. To register, breathing techniques to relax and release the
for ENG 101. For more information about please call 203-857-7080. Walk-in registra- mind and body. New postures are introduced
the Gerontology Certificate Program, please tions are subject to space availability. and explained each class, allowing the stu-
contact the coordinator at 203-857-7013. dents to grow into their yoga practice. Wear
CRN 4300 2 Sessions fitness clothing and please bring a yoga mat
CRN 3883 14 Sessions SPIN D5424 NCC, Room TBA and a towel to class.
HMED D5023 NCC, Room W114 MON & WED 9:00AM–1:00PM Begins 9/27/2010
CRN 3610 12 Sessions
Tue 5:30PM–8:25PM Begins 9/7/2010 Fee: $12 for AARP members, $14 for non-members.
Please bring payment to class; check payable to RECR D5001 NCC, Room W004
Fee: $299
AARP. TUE 6:00PM–7:15PM Begins 9/14/2010
Instructor: Jill Wellner, M.A. Following ten years as the
Senior Services Coordinator at Bridgeport Hospital, she Fee: $135
trained as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with a CRN 4518 2 Sessions Instructor: Miles Stitt, M.B.A., is a certified profes-
focus on the delivery of quality health care. Jill is cur- SPIN D5424 NCC, Room TBA sional Kripalu yoga teacher with over 15 years experi-
rently employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, ence practicing and teaching yoga. A longtime runner,
TUE & THU 9:00AM–1:00PM Begins 10/26/2010
working to redesign how patients receive care. cyclist and hiker, he emphasizes the practice of yoga to
Fee: $12 for AARP members, $14 for non-members. increase the body’s overall health and to help manage
Please bring payment to class; check payable to stress.

See page 60 for registration form 45

Wellness, Fitness & Sports
Designed for men and women new to Yoga or Designed for those who have taken Yoga for *This course is also available as a Credit Division
with limited experience with Yoga. The sessions Beginners, or who have a basic experience class. Prices may vary.
will focus on Yoga breathing techniques and expo- with Yoga. The sessions will include Yoga Developed in the 1920s by Joseph H. Pilates, this
sure to a variety of Yoga postures to increase flex- breathing techniques and exposure to a va- form of exercise combines the concept of strong
ibility, and to help manage stress through mind/ riety of Yoga postures with an emphasis on body with strong mind. Mat Pilates will focus on
body union. Students will leave class feeling toned, strengthening, stretching and moving with core strength, stabilization, and proper breathing
relaxed and energized. Wear fitness clothing and the breath, which in return releases stress. through various movements. The students will
please bring a Yoga mat and a towel to class. Wear fitness clothing and bring a Yoga mat not only benefit physically from Pilates, they will
and a towel to class. also understand its basic theory and fundamentals.
CRN 3611 10 Sessions
CRN 3940 10 Sessions CRN 3609 8 Sessions
RECR D5001 NCC, Room W004
RECR D5006 NCC, Room W004 RECR D5007 NCC, Room W004
SAT 9:00AM–10:15AM Begins 9/18/2010
SAT 10:30AM–11:45AM Begins 9/18/2010 MON 7:00PM–8:20PM Begins 9/13/2010
Fee: $115
Fee: $115 Fee: $115 No class 10/11
Instructor: Sandra Adamczyk, A.S., has taught yoga,
dance, and strength training throughout Fairfield Instructor: Sandra Adamczyk Instructor: Joyce Generoso is a certified Stott Pilates
county for over 20 years. Her lifelong education has mat instructor and AFAA certified personal trainer
equipped her with the expertise to access students’ needs, ZUMBA who teaches in various fitness centers and YMCAs in
identify strengths and weaknesses, and help them to Tone up, burn calories, relieve stress and have the area.
realize their full potential. fun with Zumba, the dance-based fitness program
that is a great workout for women and men! In CRN 4475 9 Sessions
this Latin-inspired cardio workout, students will RECR D5007 NCC, Room W010
energize the entire body while moving to the TUE 7:00PM–8:20PM Begins 9/7/2010
simple steps of Merengue, Salsa, Samba, Cumbia,
Flamenco and more. Whether you dance for fun Fee: $130
or exercise, you will work muscles you never knew Instructor: Mary Ann Genuario, B.A., is the Fitness
you had. Bring a towel and water. Director for the Wilton Family YMCA. She has taught
and trained in Fairfield County for over 20 years and
CRN 4829 10 Sessions is certified through the American College of Sports
Medicine HFI, NASM Personal Trainer and AFAA
RECR D5832 NCC, Room W004 group
SAT 12:00PM–1:15PM Begins 9/18/2010
Fee: $115 *This course is also available as a Credit Division
class. Prices may vary.
CRN 4831 10 Sessions This course is designed to target the mid-section
RECR D5832 NCC, Room W004 of the body. Appropriate back care, posture, and
SAT 1:30PM–2:45PM Begins 9/18/2010 abdominal exercises will be demonstrated and
practiced. The student will be educated in basic
Fee: $115
concepts of abdominal training and will under-
INTERMEDIATE KRIPALU YOGA Instructor: Sandra Adamczyk, A.S. stand the benefits of strong abdominal and lower
For those who have taken Yoga for Beginners,
TAI CHI* back muscles.
or who have a basic understanding of yoga.
Each class is unique, and exposes the student *This course is also available as a Credit Division
class. Prices may vary. CRN 4476 18 Sessions
to yoga concepts of inner focus and medita-
Tai Chi originated as a form of self-defense which RECR D5839 NCC, Room W004
tion, along with a variety of yoga postures and
has evolved into a relaxation technique that pro- MON & WED 10:30AM–11:20AM Begins 9/1/2010
breathing techniques to relax and release the
vides many physical benefits. This form of exercise
mind and body. Emphasis is on stretching, Fee: $130 No class 9/6, 10/11
includes slow, balanced, low-impact movements
flexibility and stress relief. Wear fitness cloth- Instructor: Nora Spaulding has been teaching fitness
that improve flexibility, strength, and balance
ing and please bring a yoga mat and a towel classes in Fairfield County for the past 15 years and
while reducing stress levels. This course is designed
to class. received her instructor certifications from the Aerobic
to provide the history of Tai Chi and allow the
Training Institute and AFAA. She has taught at vari-
CRN 3813 12 Sessions student to experience its multiple benefits. ous area fitness facilities such as the local YMCAs.
RECR D5006 NCC, Room W004 CRN 3612 9 Sessions
TUE 7:30PM–8:45PM Begins 9/14/2010 RECR D5589 NCC, Room W010
Fee: $135 TUE 10:30AM–11:50AM Begins 9/7/2010
Instructor: Miles Stitt, M.B.A. Fee: $130
Instructor: Timothy Regan, M.A., has been practicing
Tai-chi ch’uan since 1988 and has over a decade of
teaching experience in local hospitals, higher education,
and private practice. He is the owner of Water Wheel
Tai Chi in Norwalk.
46 Wellness, Fitness & Sports www.ncc.commnet.edu
Wellness, Fitness & Sports / Boating
*This course is also available as a Credit Division A golf professional takes students through the
class. Prices may vary. beginning stages, from the proper swing to playing
Belly Dancing is designed to provide the student the game on the course. Fundamentals covered are
with the basic fundamentals of this unique style grip, stance, set-up, rules, etiquette, woods, irons,
of dancing. Upon completion of this course, the chipping and putting. Clubs supplied. Held at
student will understand the history and origin of Oak Hills Golf Course, Norwalk—meet at the
Belly Dancing. Pro Shop.
CRN 3934 9 Sessions CRN 3524 5 Sessions
RECR D5642 NCC, Room W004 RECR D5582 Oak Hills Golf Course
WED 6:30PM–7:50PM Begins 9/1/2010 WED 5:30PM–6:30PM Begins 9/8/2010
Fee: $130 Fee: $140
Instructor: Tava Naiyin Ausian, M.S.Ed., cur-
rently teaches an average of seven classes per week and CRN 3525 5 Sessions
performs regularly. Her classes focus on body awareness
and understanding Middle Eastern rhythms. RECR D5582 Oak Hills Golf Course
SAT 10:00AM–11:00AM Begins 9/11/2010 This eight and one-half hour course meets all of
*This course is also available as a Credit Division Fee: $140 the requirements to obtain the Connecticut Safe
class. Prices may vary. Boating Certificate and/or Personal Watercraft
Ballroom Dancing will afford the student the CRN 4833 5 Sessions Operations Certificate. It covers such topics as all
opportunity to learn basic dance steps and tech- RECR D5582 Oak Hills Golf Course about boats, legal requirements, navigation rules,
niques associated with this style of dancing. This getting underway, accidents and special topics and
SUN 10:00AM–11:00AM Begins 9/12/2010
course will provide an understanding of the his- personal watercraft operation. An exam will be
tory of Ballroom Dancing. Fee: $140 given at the end of the course, successful comple-
Instructor: Vinnie Grillo, B.A., is a Class A PGA tion of which will result in receiving a course-
CRN 3936 9 Sessions professional and the golf pro at Oak Hills Golf Course, completion diploma and the appropriate DEP
RECR D5643 NCC, Room W004 Norwalk. application necessary to obtain the Connecticut
certificate. Bring a pad or notebook, pen and a
bag lunch.
Fee: $130 In cooperation with the State of Connecti-
Instructor: Dick Conseur is a professional ballroom cut’s Department of Environmental Protec- CRN 4768 1 Session
dancer, teacher, choreographer and judge with extensive tion, this comprehensive boating safety pro-
gram teaches students how to enjoy the water BOAT D5572 NCC, Room EForum
experience in all partnership dances. In addition to
teaching at NCC, he is also the owner of Dick safely. The ten-hour course includes instruc- SAT 8:15AM–5:00PM Begins 9/11/2010
Conseur’s Ballroom Dance Studio in Stamford. tion in navigational rules, legal requirements, Fee: $99
safety afloat and other topics that can help
participants become safer and more knowl- CRN 4770 1 Session
edgeable boaters. Students completing the
BOAT D5572 NCC, Room EForum
course receive a course-completion diploma,
thereby satisfying the educational require- SAT 8:15AM–5:00PM Begins 10/2/2010
ment for the new Safe Boating Certification Fee: $99
and/or a certificate of Personal Watercraft Instructor: Connecticut Safe Boating

CRN 4480 4 Sessions

BOAT D5573 NCC, Room TBA
TUE & THU 7:00PM–9:30PM Begins 9/21/2010
Fee: $20
Instructor: Department of Environmental Protection

See page 60 for registration form 47

Wines & Spirits

Wine Wines & Spirits

Professional This semester we will try to expand everyone’s
Bartending Certificate wine horizons. For those just becoming inter-
Program ested in wine, we offer an introductory wine
Certification The Wine and Spirit Education Trust, course. By popular demand we will sample
This professional Bartending course the premier wine education organiza- some wine and cheese pairings. We’ll taste the
includes the state and national SMART tion of the United Kingdom, is offering wonderful wines of New Zealand.
certification (Servers and Managers a certificate program in the U.S. This
Alcohol Responsibility Training) recog- course will cover wines and spirits of FUNDAMENTALS OF WINE TASTING
nized by the Connecticut Department the world. No previous wine knowl- Taste your way to a greater appreciation of wine
of Liquor Control and police depart- edge is required, although the course is at a fun-filled and enlightening tasting experi-
ments. Servers of alcohol are taught to designed for those who have a serious ence. For both the beginner and experienced wine
serve responsibly, how to spot signs of interest in wine and want to broaden consumer, this course will demystify the world
intoxication, and how to respond ap- their knowledge or pursue a career in of wine. Students will learn about the charac-
propriately. Students will learn to make the industry. An exam will be given at teristics of the wines tasted and why they taste
the end of this nine session course and that way. Through the techniques learned here,
more than 100 drinks from gin-and-
successful candidates will receive the they will feel more comfortable selecting wines in
tonics to daiquiris. Instruction focuses
WSET certificate. restaurants and stores—and with this knowledge
on opening and closing procedures, comes greater confidence and enjoyment. Note:
product knowledge, speed of prepara- Please bring 6 clear, stemmed wine glasses
to class. Please bring two clear, stemmed wine glasses
tion and people skills. Upon successful to class. All participants must be at least 21
completion of the course, students will All students must be 21 years of age.
* Students will be notified to pick up in- years of age.
be qualified to work in any environment
that serves liquor, including restaurants, structional material prior to the first class. CRN 4782 1 Session
clubs, hotels, and catering companies. 9 Sessions, CRN 3543
FOOD D5012 NCC, Room TBA
Students receive a certificate of comple- FOOD D5013
Fee: $700 THU 7:30PM–9:30PM Begins 10/7/2010
tion and the SMART certification. Please
bring a bag lunch. Students must be 18 NCC, Room W104 Fee: $50
years of age. Tuesday 7:00PM-9:00PM Instructor: Lou Campoli and Cathi Carroll, DWS, are
Begins 10/5/2010 partners in the international wine and food consulting
CRN 3546 • 2 Sessions firm of Wine Wanderings, Inc., and are certified wine
FOOD D5658 Instructor: Cathi Carroll, DWS has completed instructors.
the WSET advanced certificate and Diploma
Fee: $250 Plus $35 Material Fee
levels of the Master of Wine Program. She is
Payable to Instructor. a partner in the international wine and food
NCC, Room W228 consulting firm of Wine Wanderings, Inc.
Saturday 9:00AM-5:00PM
Begins 9/25/2010

CRN 3951 • 2 Sessions

FOOD D5658
Fee: $250 Plus $35 Material Fee
Payable to Instructor.
NCC, Room W228
Saturday 9:00AM-5:00PM
Begins 11/6/2010
Instructor: Paul Rich is the owner of a profes-
sional bartending program, a hands-on course for
those seeking to become Professional Bartend-
ers, and has over 15 years of experience in the
bartending service industry.

48 Wines & Spirits www.ncc.commnet.edu

Wines & Spirits
Oregon and Washington are making some of AROUND THE WORLD
the best wines in the United States. Pinot noir,
pinot gris, and chardonnay from Oregon are
Cabernet sauvignon wines come in a multi- Would you like to teach
tude of styles, from the big and bold of Cali-
world class, as are cabernet sauvignon, merlot, fornia to the refined elegance of Bordeaux a course for us?
and riesling from Washington. Join the class in and everything in between. Join this class to
sampling wines from the great northwest. Note: Are you a born teacher?
compare cabernets from the major wine-pro-
Please bring two clear, stemmed wine glasses ducing areas of the world and see how alike Do you have a talent, skill or
to class. All participants must be at least 21 or different they are. Note: Please bring two interest that you would
years of age. clear, stemmed wine glasses to class. All par- like to share with others?
ticipants must be at least 21 years of age. If so, we would like
CRN 4784 1 Session
to hear from you.
FOOD D5231 NCC, Room TBA CRN 4788 1 Session Please send
THU 7:30PM–9:30PM Begins 10/21/2010 FOOD D5510 NCC, Room E108 your course description
Fee: $50 THU 7:30PM–9:30PM Begins 12/2/2010 and resume to:
Instructor: Lou Campoli and Cathi Carroll, DWS. Fee: $50
WINE AND CHEESE PAIRING Instructor: Lou Campoli and Cathi Carroll, DWS.
As a result of requests from students, the instruc-
Lynn Boyar
tors have put together a wine and cheese pairing 203-857- 7054
class. A variety of wines will be matched with a lboyar@ncc.commnet.edu

Over 50?
selection of cheeses (e.g., soft, hard, mild-flavored, Norwalk Community College,
full-flavored, pungent) in order to determine the
impact one has on the other. Join this class for Extended Studies
an educational and tasty evening. Note: Please 188 Richards Avenue
bring two clear, stemmed wine glasses to Lifetime Learners Institute Norwalk, CT 06854
class. All participants must be at least 21 at NCC offers spring and
years of age.
fall courses in art, current
CRN 4786 1 Session events, history, literature,
FOOD D5657 NCC, Room TBA
movies, music, religion
THU 7:30PM–9:30PM Begins 11/4/2010
Fee: $55
and more!
Instructor: Lou Campoli and Cathi Carroll, DWS.

NEW ZEALAND WINES For more information

New Zealand has been making world-class
wines for a while, and it’s time to sample Call 203-857-3330 or visit
those wines. Students will taste a wide assort- www.lifetimelearners.org
ment of wines, including New Zealand’s re-
nowned sauvignon blanc and pinot noir. Join
the class for a flavor-filled visit Down Under.
Note: Please bring two clear, stemmed wine
glasses to class. All participants must be at
least 21 years of age.

CRN 4787 1 Session

FOOD D5011 NCC, Room TBA
THU 7:30PM–9:30PM Begins 11/18/2010
Fee: $50
Instructor: Lou Campoli and Cathi Carroll, DWS.

See page 60 for registration form 49



CREATIVE WRITING Lighten up your life. Award-winning humor
Learn the art of creative writing through know- columnist and author Judith Marks-White will
ing the basics. Understand the use of symbolism show students how. Instead of screaming at your
and metaphor, the importance of organizational spouse, your kids, the dog or the boss, turn your
development of character, plot and story through life experiences into humorous writing by the
the detail of description and the power of the person who knows you best: yourself. Whether
ending. Enjoy and learn through special writing it’s gender differences, conversations with your
assignments and sharing this work with others. mother-in-law, or the silly little mundane things
This course will strengthen students’ writing skills, you come across each day, this course will help
ideas and talent. Come and learn with a published you discover the funny person that lurks inside
writer and author. by taking your fast paced life and turning it into
CRN 3624 8 Sessions satirical and reflective essays. Put on your “funny
glasses” and let your own observations and sense of
COMM D5000 NCC, Room E230 humor “pay off” while having fun in the process.
THU 7:00PM–9:30PM Begins 10/7/2010
Fee: $150 No class 11/25 CRN 4541 3 Sessions

Instructor: Regina Krummel, Ed.D., is a published COMM D5009 NCC, Room E309
writer, poet, and author of Looking Good, Liquor to TUE 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/12/2010
Casket, and The Underground Woman (2002). She
Fee: $50
published a book of poetry entitled And I Answer in
2007. She is Professor Emerita of Queens College, City WRITING FOR FILM AND TELEVISION Instructor: Judith Marks-White, B.A., is an award-
University of New York. This course reveals how writing for the visual winning humor columnist for the Westport News,
media requires skills that are different from where her weekly column has appeared for the past 25
FREELANCE WRITING FOR MAGAZINES those used in writing for print. Students will years. She has free-lanced for newspapers, magazines,
Did you ever have an idea for a story that you think learn the professional techniques of scriptwrit- and anthologies throughout the country, and lectures
should be in your favorite magazine? Whether you ing, including plotting, character develop- extensively on the subject of humor. She is the author of
are an aspiring professional or a serious hobbyist, the novel Seducing Harry, an Epicurean Affair, pub-
ment, dramatic scene construction, dialogue
if you are ready to try your hand at writing for lished by Random House/Ballantine. Her latest book,
writing and use of camera directions—as well Bachelor Degree, came out in the summer of 2008. She
magazines, then this is the class for you. In this as the key creative differences between screen- is presently working on her next novel.
hands-on workshop, students will learn how to plays and teleplays and the standard formats
create captivating stories that editors will publish for each. In addition, realistic procedures for FICTION FOR YOUNG ADULTS
and readers will love. They will explore the pro- marketing freelance scripts will be provided. Fiction for young adults is a genre which includes
cess of finding and defining ideas, understanding books as diverse as Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye,
target markets, approaching editors, and creating CRN 4516 8 Sessions To Kill a Mockingbird, and Twilight. As read-
articles that will captivate the reader from the very ers and/or writers, students will examine a genre
COMM D5019 NCC, Room W101
first line. By the end of the class, students will have which is becoming increasingly important and
created a solid, saleable article, a sure-fire pitch let- MON 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/20/2010 influential. This is a discussion class, not a writing
ter, and a plan for getting published. All levels of Fee: $125 No class 10/11 one, which will explore the definition of a young
writers are welcome. Instructor: Stewart Bronfeld was a staff producer-writ- adult novel; if they wish, participants can discuss
er and director for the NBC Television Network for 18 their ideas for books for this age group.
CRN 4795 5 Sessions years. In addition to producing and directing he has
COMM D5022 NCC, Room TBA written many television programs, as well as short films CRN 4836 4 Sessions
released by Columbia Pictures and Universal Pictures. COMM D5716 NCC, Room TBA
WED 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/15/2010
His work has won two International Broadcasting
Fee: $80 Awards from the Hollywood Radio and Television WED 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 9/22/2010
Instructor: Michael Barry, B.A., has published numer- Society and an Emmy Award nomination. He is the Fee: $65
ous articles for magazines, newspapers, Websites and author of Writing for Film and Television and has Instructor: Nancy Hammerslough is Editor in Chief
e-zines, including Newsday, The Queens Times-Ledger, taught motion picture and television scriptwriting at of Brown Barn Books, publisher of over 20 novels for
Urban Mozaik, Big Apple Parent, Dan’s Papers, The Yale University. young adults, at least ten of which have won awards.
Simplicity Site, eHow, and the Original AOL Music She founded and directed Pictures of Record, Inc.,
Channel. which publishes scholarly anthropological and archaeo-
logical material for university teaching, basing the con-
tent on her own teaching at City College of New York
and Sacred Heart U. Her novel, Almost Lost, Nearly
Found: A Story of Sisters and Secrets, is scheduled for
publication in November 2010.

50 Writing www.ncc.commnet.edu
College for Kids
Fruity Fractions
Important reminders about our program: Grades 1–3
In this class, students will manipulate food and
• Pre-registration is required other edible projects to learn about fraction basics
• A parent MUST attend “Friday is Family Night” events in many entertaining and tasty ways! Learn about
with children measurement and units of measuring—then,
• The fee for Friday nights is $15 per person divide a whole into parts (making pies) and find
fractions of groups (like grapes, etc.). In this
($15 for each child, and $15 for each parent) class, students will enjoy and experience how
• Please pack a snack for Saturday classes people use fractions in real life; they will also
• Parents must accompany children to and from classes work on counting, patterning, and estimating,
with a focus on connecting to tangible objects,
• NO CLASS SATURDAY, November 27, 2010 like food! To show how much fun can be had, the
Questions? Please call 857-3337 class will create graphs to represent and share
what they learned!
Email: mking@ncc.commnet.edu
CRN 4839 1 Session

FALL 2010 Registration

KIDS D5148 Room E108
FRI 7:00PM–9:00PM Begins 10/29/2010

Begins NOW!
Fee: $15 per person
Instructor: Peter Kinahan is a math specialist in the
Stamford School System who uses non-traditional ways

Register early! to get kids excited about math.

Friday is Family Night

(*For Friday Night Classes Only Parents MUST be registered with
and accompany children)

Collage, Collage, Collage Drawing Animals

Grades 2–4 Grades 3–5
A little of this and a little of that is what collage is Join us with your child to learn about drawing ani- Manga, Comics &
all about! Join the class with your child to explore mals. Have fun learning about the basic shapes Cartoons
creating a masterpiece using anything—colored to use when drawing various animals and then Grades 2–5
paper, ribbon, beads, magazine images, tissue take off and stretch to reach your drawing best! Join award-winning cartoonist Jerry Craft, as
paper, pastel, glitter—and so much more! Be Demos will be given by the instructor as students he gives step by step instruction on how to
prepared to roll up your sleeves and dig in using draw in pencil, use pastels, cray-pas, and more. draw today’s most popular cartoon characters.
all sorts of materials to create something fantas- We will also finish our animal drawings with
tic. Students will go big with color, imagination, embellished borders. CRN 4857 1 Session
and size! Surprise theme to be announced in KIDS D5927, Room E108
class! CRN 4838 1 Session
FRI 7:00PM–9:00PM 11/5/2010
KIDS D5131 Room E108
CRN 4837 1 Session Fee: $15 per person
FRI 7:00PM–9:00PM 11/12/2010
KIDS D5913 Room E108 Instructor: Jerry Craft is an award-winning syndicated
Fee: $15 per person
cartoonist and creator of the comic strip Mama’s Boyz
FRI 7:00PM–9:00PM 10/22/2010 Instructor: Lisa Arnold is a designer and illustrator and an which can be seen every Sunday in the Norwalk Hour. He
Fee: $15 per person instructor at Silvermine School of Art. has illustrated comic books, greeting cards, book covers,
Instructor: Lisa Arnold is a designer and illustrator and an magazines, Flash animation, and four children’s books.
instructor at Silvermine School of Art. He has also published three books based on his Mama’s
Boyz comic strip.

See page 53
60 for registration form 51

Chess Battles Babysitting

Grades 1–5 Ages 11–15
Learn chess and practice your game under the Students will learn to care for children and babies
guidance of a Chess Master. This class is for and earn an American Red Cross babysitting cer-
both beginners and those who would like to learn tificate. Working with mannequins, they will learn
more. Students placed by ability. Former students safety rules, diapering, feeding, appropriate toys,
welcome to return. No prerequisites. and communication with parents.

CRN 4811 5 Sessions CRN 4813 2 Sessions

KIDS D5005 NCC, Room W230 KIDS D5036 NCC, Room W201
SAT 9:30AM–11:30AM Begins 10/16/2010 SAT 9:00AM–12:30PM Begins 10/23/2010
Fee: $105 Fee: $85
Instructor: Alex Eydelman is a Russian Chess Master who
teaches in school programs throughout Fairfield County. CRN 4815 2 Sessions
KIDS D5036 NCC, Room W201
Jedi Engineering SAT 9:00AM–12:30PM Begins 12/4/2010
Grades 3–5
Fee: $85
Students will build planes, droids, and pal-
aces inspired by designs made a long time ago Instructor: Jeanne Yusko is an instructor trainer with the
American Red Cross.
in a galaxy far, far away. There’ll be motor-
ized sand crawlers, Drone assembly lines, and Web Page Design
Battle-cruisers galore—a new offering of original Grades 5–7
designs for young Jedi! This course will focus on creating fun filled,
Sculpture, Clay, and personalized Web pages that captivate each
Fun-Oh My! CRN 4842 5 Sessions
student’s personality. Students will learn the tools
Grades 1–2 KIDS D5102 NCC, Room W225 and concepts needed to use Dreamweaver in
Let’s transform our 2-dimensional ideas into SAT 9:30AM–11:30AM Begins 10/16/2010 order to build their own Web page. Please bring a
a 3-D world! Students will explore a variety of Fee: $170 flash drive to class. (256 MB)
mediums through the use of clay and sculpture
Instructor: Play-Well TEKnologies—using LEGO building
and see their ideas come to life, creating lions for systems, Play-Well faculty teach kids the fundamentals
CRN 4843 5 Sessions
the jungle, blowfish for the ocean—even creating of science, technology, engineering, math, physics, KIDS D5725 NCC, Room W133
their own fantasy world! architecture and design. Sat 9:30AM–11:30AM Begins 10/16/2010
CRN 4840 4 Sessions Fashion & Design Fee: $105
KIDS D5885 NCC, Room E112 Grades 3–5 Instructor: Betsy Nagurney, M.L.S., has been teach-
Here’s your chance to become a top fashion ing technology in the Stamford School System for over
SAT 9:30AM–11:30AM Begins 10/16/2010 20 years and has been integrating technology into the
designer. Getting started is much easier than you
Fee: $85 academic discipline.
think, so let’s get started on our wonderful jour-
Instructor: Mimi Arnold, B.F.A., is an exhibiting visual ney. Students will begin by studying the trends
artist and has taught Mixed Media art classes to young- and styles, then eventually sketching their own
sters. ideas and creating samples. Discover the fun and
Measurement Madness! satisfaction of being your own fashion designer.
Grades 3–5 Bring your jeans and T-shirt to embellish.
Math can be subjective, depending on its use.
In this series, students will learn how each CRN 4798 5 Sessions
measurement system was created, apply real KIDS D5130 NCC, Room W245
examples and remember them in fun, interesting SAT 9:30AM–11:30AM Begins 10/16/2010
Fee: $105
CRN 4841 4 Sessions Instructor: Mercedes Arenberg trained as a Fashion
Designer and a Visual Artist and has designed and
KIDS D5113 NCC, Room E108 created her own line of clothing. She studied Fine Art at
SAT 9:30AM–11:30AM Begins 10/23/2010 Columbia and combines her fashion and art expertise for
Fee: $85 the creation of clothes and artwork, as well as teaching.
Instructor: Peter Kinahan

52 College for Kids www.ncc.commnet.edu

Norwalk Community College
188 Richards Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854-1655


FALL 2010
FALL 2010 Registration Begins NOW!
Child’s Name: Child’s Birth Date:

Parent: Child’s Age:

Child’s SS#: Entering Grade:



Home Phone: Work Phone:

Cell Phone: E-mail:

Emergency Contact: Emergency Phone:

Who will pick up student?

Name: Phone:

Name: Phone:

Please list any of your child’s allergies and/or medication or medical conditions we should be aware of:

CRN:___________ Course Title:________________________________________________________________ Date ________ Fee $_________

CRN:___________ Course Title:________________________________________________________________ Date ________ Fee $_________

CRN:___________ Course Title:________________________________________________________________ Date ________ Fee $_________

Friday is Family Night! For Friday night classes parents must register on separate form from their child.
Parent’s Name: Parent’s SS# and/or Date of Birth:
Child’s Name:

CRN:___________ Course Title:________________________________________________________________ Date ________ Fee $_________

CRN:___________ Course Title:________________________________________________________________ Date ________ Fee $_________

CRN:___________ Course Title:________________________________________________________________ Date ________ Fee $_________

TOTAL $_________

To register, complete and return this form with payment. Your cancelled check will be your receipt.All information is kept strictly confidential.
BY MAIL: Mail to: NCC Records Office, 188 Richards Avenue, Norwalk, CT, 06854-1655
BY FAX: Fax this form to 203-857-7012
IN PERSON: Mon – Thu, 10:00am – 5:00pm and Fri, 10:00am – 3:30pm, at the Records Office, Room 102, East Campus.
BY PHONE: Call 203-857-7237 Mon–Fri, 10:00am–3:00pm. Select the button for extension/non-credit class registration.
PAYMENT METHODS: q Check q Money Order enclosed payable to NCC in the amount of $_________. Charge my: q Visa q MasterCard q Discover Card
Card #: Expiration Date: /


If paying by check or money order check here h Make checks payable to Norwalk Community College, Records Office, 188 Richards Avenue, Norwalk , CT 06854.

See page 53
60 for registration form 53
English As A Second Language – Non-Credit
3887 01N ESL for Beginners 10 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 8:00 pm-10:00 pm W132 $369
3888 02N ESL for Beginners 10 9/4-12/11 Saturday 9:00 am-1:15 pm W127 $369
3889 01N Reading/Writing 20 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am-11:00 am W215 $369
3890 02N Reading/Writing 20 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 8:00 pm-10:00 pm W130 $369
3891 01N Speaking/Listening 24 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 pm-10:00 pm E221 $369
3892 01N Grammar 25 9/4-12/11 Saturday 9:00 am-1:15 pm W129 $369
4183 02N Grammar 25 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 4:30 pm-6:30 pm W114 $369
4426 01N Conversation Circles 26/36 9/3-12/10 Friday 9:00 am-1:15 pm E217/E208 $369
3893 01N Reading/Writing 30 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 8:00 pm-10:00 pm E223/E217 $369
3894 02N Reading/Writing 30 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 9:00 am-11:00 am W220/W107 $369
4752 03N Reading/Writing 30 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 4:30 pm-6:30 pm W135/W219 $369
3896 01N Speaking/Listening 34 EDO 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 pm-10:00 pm E201/E203 $429*
3897 01N Grammar 35 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 9:30 am-11:30 am W220/W140 $369
3900 03N Grammar 35 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 pm-10:00 pm W109 $369
3901 04N Grammar 35 9/4-12/11 Saturday 9:00 am-1:15 pm W222 $369
4426 01N Conversation Circles 26/36 9/3-12/10 Friday 9:00 am-1:15 pm E217/E208 $369
3903 01N Reading/Writing 40 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 5:30 pm-7:30 pm W128/W140 $369
3904 02N Reading/Writing 40 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am-11:00 am W237 $369
4259 03N Reading/Writing 40 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 8:00 pm-10:00 pm W114 $369
4428 04N Reading/Writing 40 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 12:00 pm-2:00 pm W133 $369
4188 01N Speaking/Listening 44 EDO 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 9:30 am-11:25 am E208/E220 $429*
3905 02N Speaking/Listening 44 EDO 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & 7:30 pm-9:30 pm E208/E203 $429*
Thursday E220
3906 01N Grammar 45 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 9:00 am-11:00 am W138/W228 $369
3907 02N Grammar 45 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 8:00 pm-10:00 pm W128/W245 $369
3908 03N Grammar 45 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 4:30 pm-6:30 pm W222 $369
3909 05N Grammar 45 9/4-12/11 Saturday 9:00 am-1:15 pm W132 $369
3912 01N Reading/Writing 50 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 9:00 am-11:00 am W222/W133 $369
3913 02N Reading/Writing 50 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 7:30 pm-9:30 pm W140/W222 $369
3914 03N Reading/Writing 50 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 4:00 pm-5:55 pm E201/E217 $369
3916 04N Reading/Writing 50 9/3-12/10 Friday 9:00 am-1:15 pm E201 $369
3917 01N Writing Grammar 53 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 9:00 am-11:00 am W221 $369
3918 02N Writing Grammar 53 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 8:05 pm-10:00 pm E217/E201 $369
3976 01N Speaking/Listening 54 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 2:00 pm-4:00 pm E222/E208 $369
4193 02N Speaking/Listening 54 EDO 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am-11:00 am E208 $429*
3919 01N Grammar 55 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am-10:59 am W140/W227 $369
3920 02N Grammar 55 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 pm-10:00 pm W130 $369
4184 03N Grammar 55 9/4-12/11 Saturday 9:00 am-1:15 pm W130 $369
4753 01N Reading/Writing 60 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 12:00 pm-2:00 pm W133/W132 $369
3922 02N Reading/Writing 60 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 8:00 pm-10:00 pm W222/W219 $369
3924 01N Writing/Grammar on
Computer 61 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 2:00 pm-4:00 pm E203 $369
3925 02N Writing/Grammar on
Computer 61 9/4-12/11 Saturday 9:00 am-1:15 pm W107 $369
4187 01N Computers for ESL 62 9/3-12/10 Friday 9:00 am-1:15 pm W107 $369

54 English As A Second Language www.ncc.commnet.edu

English As A Second Language – Non-Credit
3926 01N Writing Grammar 63 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am-11:00 am E207/E213 $369
3927 02N Writing Grammar 63 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 pm-9:30 pm W107 $369
LEVELS 40 & 50 & 60 & 70 & UP
3924 01N Writing/Grammar on 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 2:00 pm-4:00 pm E203 $369
Computer 61
3925 02N Writing/Grammar on 9/4-12/11 Saturday 9:00 am-1:15 pm W107 $369
Computer 61
4187 01N Computers for ESL 62 9/3-12/10 Friday 9:00 am-1:15 pm W107 $369
4432 01N Health Care Preparation 9/2-12/14 Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 pm-9:30 pm W137/W223 $369
for ESL 64
3928 01N Business for ESL 67 9/1-12/15 Monday & Wednesday 8:00 pm-10:00 pm E219/E223 $369
4431 02N Business for ESL 67 9/3-12/10 Friday 9:30 am-12:30 pm W127 $289
3929 01N Speech Communications 68 09/13-12/06 Monday 7:00 pm-9:30 pm W221 $339
3930 02N Speech Communications 68 09/16-12/09 Thursday 11:05 am-1:30 pm TBA $339
3931 01N Conversation Circles 76 09/16-12/09 Thursday 7:30 pm-10:00 pm E228 $229
4189 02N Conversation Circles 76 09/01-12/10 Friday 9:00 am-1:15pm E208/E218 $369
4433 03N Conversation Circles 76 09/18-12/11 Saturday 9:30 am-12:30 pm W223 $269
4434 01N Anatomy & Physiology 77 – 9/4-12/11 Saturday 9:30 am-12:30 pm E201 $289
Level 142+
4435 01N Reading Circles 78 – Level 132+ 9/2-12/14 Tuesday 7:30 pm-10:00 pm W222 $269
3932 01N TOEFL Preparation 79 – 9/4-12/11 Saturday 9:00 am-1:15 pm W138 $379
Level 132+

ESL Cross-Listed Classes (Blended) ESL Credit Classes for Non-credit

Students must be level 022/70 or higher. They must complete all work to pass. Students must pass Reading/Writing to go to the next level.
4436 01B Reading/Writing II 9/1-12/20 Monday & 8:30 am-12:20 am E221/208 $719
same as Credit 022 CRN3362 Wednesday 8:30 am-11:20 am E205
4437 02B Reading/Writing II 9/1-12/20 Monday & 5:30 pm-9:20 pm E218/208 $719
same as Credit 022 CRN3363 Wednesday 5:30 pm-8:20 pm E203
4194 03B Reading/Writing II 9/1-12/20 Monday & 5:30 pm-9:20 pm E208/203 $719
same as Credit 022 CRN3364 Wednesday 6:30 pm-9:20 pm E227
4438 04B Reading/Writing II 9/2-12/20 Tuesday, Thursday & 1:30 pm-4:20 pm E207 $719
same as Credit 022 CRN4341 Thursday 12:30 pm-1:20 pm E208
4439 01B Grammar II 9/4-12/20 Saturday 9:30 am-12:25 pm W122 $419
same as Credit 025 CRN3365
4196 02B Grammar II 9/3-12/20 Friday 9:00 am-12:10 pm E203 $419
same as Credit 025 CRN3385
4195 01B Oral Communications II 9/4-12/20 Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 pm-8:50 pm E220/208 $419
same as Credit 027 CRN4155
4440 02B Oral Communications II 9/4-12/20 Saturday 9:30 am-12:25 pm E115 $419
same as Credit 027 CRN4345
4441 01B Reading/Writing III 9/1-12/20 Monday & 8:30 am-11:20 am E217 $719
same as Credit 132 CRN3366 Wednesday 8:30 am-12:20 pm E207/208
4442 02B Reading/Writing III 9/1-12/20 Monday & 5:30 pm-8:20 pm E209 $719
same as Credit 132 CRN3367 Wednesday 5:30 pm-9:20 pm E218/208
4197 03B Reading/Writing III 9/1-12/20 Monday & 6:30 pm-9:20 pm E115 $719
same as Credit 132 CRN4244 Wednesday 5:30 pm-9:20 pm E208/207

See page 60 for registration form 55

English As A Second Language – Non-Credit
ESL Cross-Listed Classes (Blended) ESL Credit Classes for Non-credit
4443 04B Reading/Writing III 9/1-12/20 Tuesday & 9:30 am-1:20 pm E223/208 $719
same as Credit 132 CRN3686 Thursday 9:30 am-12:20 pm E207
4198 01B Grammar III 9/2-12/20 Tuesday & Thursday 7:00 pm-8:20 pm E207/222 $419
same as Credit 135 CRN3368
4444 02B Grammar III 9/3-12/20 Friday 9:00 am-12:10 pm E210 $419
same as Credit 135 CRN3687
4569 01B Reading/Writing IV 9/2-12/20 Tuesday & 8:30 am-12:20 am E213/208 $719
same as Credit 142 CRN3369 Thursday 8:30 am-11:20 am E203
4747 02B Reading/Writing IV 9/7-12/20 Tuesday & 5:30 pm-9:20 pm E203/208 $719
same as Credit 142 CRN3370 ON-LINE ON-LINE ON-LINE
4570 03B Reading/Writing IV 9/2-12/20 Tuesday & 5:30 pm-9:20 pm E208/218 $719
same as Credit 142 CRN3371 Thursday 6:30 pm-9:20 pm E207
4748 04B Reading/Writing IV 9/1-12/20 Monday & Wednesday 9:30 am-12:20 pm E209 $719
same as Credit 142 CRN3778 Monday 12:30 pm-1:20 pm E208
4459 01B Grammar IV ON-LINE ON-LINE ON-LINE ON-LINE $419
same as Credit 145 CRN3372
4463 02B Grammar IV 9/3-12/20 Friday 9:00 am-12:10 pm E227/208 $419
same as Credit 145 CRN3850
4505 01B ESL Pronunciation Workshop 9/2-12/20 Tuesday & Thursday 5:30 pm-6:50 pm E219/208 $419
same as Credit 149 CRN3688
4506 01B Grammar V ON-LINE ON-LINE ON-LINE ON-LINE $419
same as Credit 155 CRN3851
4749 01B TESOL Methodology 9/2-12/20 Thursday 5:30 pm-8:45 pm W245 $419
same as Credit 250 CRN3391

New Students: Visit Admissions for an application ($20) and ESL placement test.
Get the application online: www.ncc.commnet.edu/dept/admissions & click on Application Package.
Or go to the Admissions Office, East Campus, soon!
Fall classes begin September 1. Registration for ESL Non-credit Fall classes is now.
Registration for ESL Non-credit Courses must be in person, no mail registration, no fax.
If you have a question, please contact the English as a Second Language Office, East Campus, Room 202/206.

56 English As A Second Language www.ncc.commnet.edu

Attention Prospective Students
Ages 17-21

The WorkPlace of Southwestern Connecticut

In Partnership With
Norwalk Community College
Announces the Youth Grant Program for
Education and Job Training
Offering classes in
Business, Computer Technology
& Healthcare

For further information,

income guidelines & eligibility requirements
please contact: Robin H. Morris
Youth Grant Coordinator

See page 60 for registration form 57

Fair Housing: Are You Covered? 5 Illustrator II (Mac) 26 Organic is the Way to Grow Your
Best Practices in Accessible Design and InDesign 26 Vegetable Garden and Fruit Trees 37
Construction 5 InDesign Advanced 26
Accessible Design and Construction Instructional Design for E-Learning GREEN PROGRAMS
Requirements of Section 504 5 Theory and Practice 27 Building Analyst 3
Intro to AutoCAD I 2010 24 40 Hour Hazwoper Initial 3
ART Introduction to Computers for Seniors 22 Connecticut Lead Supervisor Initial 3
Acrylic Painting 35 Introdution to Computers for Technophobes 22 Envelope Professional 3
Basic Drawing 35 Introdution to Javascript Programming 24 Leed Green Associate Exam Prep 4
Beginning Drawing 35 Introduction to Microsoft Office Suite 23 Understanding Green A Sustainable Home 4
Drawing I 35 Introduction to Programming with C#.NET 24 Building Efficiency & Sustainable
Floral Drawing 35 Keyboarding 21 Technology (BEST) Certificate Program 4
Painting I 36 Keyboarding for Information Systems 22 Weatherization Crew Worker 3
Sculpture I 35 Learning JavaScript by Creating Games 24
Watercolor Painting Fundamentals Workshop 35 HEALTHCARE
MAC Basics for PC Users 25 Certified Nurse Aide 11
ART TOURS OF NEW YORK Microsoft Access 2007 23 Computer Applications for Medical Offices 12
Art in the Park: Treasures of Central Park 36 Microsoft Excel 2007 22 CPR/AED - Adult plus CPR--Child & Infant 12
A Visit to The Metropolitan Museum Microsoft Outlook 2007 26 CPR/AED for the Professional
From Salon to Picasso 36 Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 23 Rescuer and Healthcare Provider 12
Galleries of Chelsea 36 Microsoft Word 2007 22 Customer Service for Healthcare Professionals
Sacred Spaces 36 Photoshop I (Mac) 25 Preparing to Get the Job 12
Photoshop I (PC) 25 Death and Dying 17
BUSINESS Photoshop II (Mac) 25 Dental Assistant I – Dental Charting,
Basics of Good Business Writing 30 Photoshop II (PC) 25 Instrumentation & Terminology 12
Bookkeeping Certification: Mastering, Powerpoint & Publisher for Business 22 Dental Assistant Program II 13
Correcting and Adjusting Entries 31 Prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist Dental Assistant III 13
Bookkeeping Certification: Mastering (MOS) Certification 23 Dental Assistant Certificate 12
Depreciation and Payroll 31 QuickBooks 23 Dental Radiology 13
Bookkeeping Certification: Mastering Inventory, QuickBooks Advanced 24 EKG 13
Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention 31 Understanding and Using Social Media 27 Homemaker/Companion 14
Bookkeeping & Recordkeeping Practices 30 VisualBasic.NET: Introduction to Introduction to 2D Cardiac Ultrasound 14
National Bookkeeping Certification 31 Programming 24 Medical Billing & Reimbursement
Personal Branding for Career Success 30 Web Based Training Certificate 22 Specialist Certificate 15
Project Management 30 Web Design Certificate 26 Medical Billing & Insurance 15
Small Business Management & Web Design with Microsoft Expression Web 27 Medical Coding 15
Entrepreneurship Certificate 29 Web Mastering Certificate 27 Medical Terminology 14
Starting a Small Business: Management and What’s New in Windows 7? 23 Patient Clinical Technician Certificate 16
Planning Techniques that Guarantee Success 30 XHTML: The Language of the Patient Clinical Technician 16
Winning Interviews 30 World Wide Web 26 Pharmacy Technician Training 15
COLLEGE FOR KIDS 51 ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE 54 Phlebotomy Technician Specialist 15
Physical Therapy Aide Certificate 14
A+ Computer Repair Program 25 Exercise Science and Personal Training INSURANCE & FINANCIAL SERVICES
AutoCAD II 2010 25 Certificate 18
Blueprint Reading 25 First Aid and Sports Injury 18
Financial Statement Analysis 7
Business Software Applications Introduction to Fitness Training 18
Business Math 7
Certificate 22
FINANCES & INVESTING Series 63 Test Preparation 7
CompTIA Network+ Certification 25
Investing Basics Class 37 Series 6 Test Preparation 7
Computer Concepts - PC ONLY 21
Intermediate Investing 37 Legal Issues of Insurance,
Computer Graphics Certificate - MacIntosh 26
Investing for Women 37 Banking and Financial Services 7
Computer Programming Certificate 24
Digital Imaging – Photoshop* (Mac) 26
Dreamweaver 27
Flash 27
Getting Started on Facebook, Linkedin
and Twitter 27

58 Index www.ncc.commnet.edu
Interior Design 37 Basic Photography – Beyond Snapshots 41 Abs and Lower Body 46
Digital Nature Photography 41 Ballroom Dancing 47
LANGUAGES Digital Photography I 42 Basic Boating Safety 47
American Sign Language I 38 Digital Photography Workshop 42 Beginning Golf 47
American Sign Language II 38 Intermediate Photography – A Step Beyond Belly Dancing 47
Beginning Russian 39 the Basic 41 Connecticut Basic Boating Course 47
Conversational Italian I 38 Introduction to Electronic Flash Photography 42 Intermediate Kripalu Yoga 46
Conversational Italian II 39 How to Use Your Digital SLR Camera 42 Intermediate Yoga 46
Conversational Spanish I 38 Photographing People 42 Kripalu Yoga for Beginners 46
Conversational Spanish II 38 Pilates 46
Conversational Spanish III 38 PUBLIC SAFETY Reiki 45
Elementary Italian I 38 EMT Basic 19 Tai Chi 46
Elementary Italian II 39 Yoga for Beginners 46
French I 39 RELIGION
Religion 42 Zumba 46
French II 39
Mandarin Chinese – Basic 39 REAL ESTATE WINES & SPIRITS
Mandarin Chinese – Intermediate 39 Basic Appraisal Principles 32 Cabernet Sauvignon Around the World 49
Mandarin Chinese III 39 Basic Appraisal Procedures 32 Fundamentals of Wine Tasting 48
Real Estate Principles & Practices 32 New Zealand Wines 49
MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT Pacific Northwest Wines 49
Angels 43 SPECIAL INTERESTS/ART TOURS OF Professional Bartending Certification 48
The Aura About You 43 NEW YORK Wine and Cheese Pairing 49
Art in the Park: Treasures of Central Park 43 Wine Certificate Program 48
A Visit to The Metropolitan Museum
Beginning Guitar 40 WRITING
From Salon to Picasso 43
College Choir 41 Creative Writing 50
Galleries of Chelsea 43
Everyone Can Sing I 40 Fiction for Young Adults 50
Sacred Spaces 43
Everyone Can Sing II 40 Freelance Writing for Magazines 50
Intermediate Guitar 40 TRAVEL The Art and Marketing of Humor Writing 50
Hand Drumming 40 Advanced Travel 33 Writing for Film and Television 50
The Music Business for Fun and Profit 40 Beginning Travel 33
Cruises 33
Travel Agency Computers and Practicum 33
Everybody’s Acting! 41
Travel Career Certificate 33
PERSONAL ENRICHMENT World Travel Geography 33
AARP Driver Safety Course 45
Change Your Thoughts and Words,
Veterinary Assistant Certificate 17
Change Your Life 44
Clinical Veterinary Assisting 17
Courage to Speak - Courageous Parenting 101 45
Veterinary Assisting I 17
Introduction to Archaeology 45
Veterinary Assisting II 17
Learn to Sew 44
Veterinary Medical Office Assistant 16
Learn to Sew II 44
Personal Branding for Career Success 44
Sociology of Aging 45
Speed Reading 44
The Secret Laws of Attraction 44
Winning Interviews 44

See page 60 for registration form 59

Register for Fall 2010 Now!
Preferred registration is in person at the Records Office. Receive a copy of your Schedule/Bill when you register in person at the Records Office
– East Campus room 102. Be sure you get the classes you want this fall. Register early while there’s still room. Please note sufficient registration is
required or the college may cancel classes. The information in this catalog is subject to change.


Come to the Records Include Visa, MasterCard Go to our website at Visa, Mastercard or Monday–Friday,
Office, East Campus or Discover Card number www.ncc.commnet.edu Discover Card ONLY. 10:00am–3:00pm
Room 102 and expiration date. Or Click on Number and 203-857-7237
Monday – Thursday: make check or money Extended Studies expiration date. Select the button for
10:00am – 5:00pm order payable to NCC. from the top menu. Fax form to extension/non-credit
Friday: Mail to: 203-857-7012 class registration.
10:00am – 3:30pm, NCC Records Office
188 Richards Avenue
Norwalk, CT


To register for fall 2010 classes complete the form below and return to the Records Office – East Campus, Room 102. Payment is required
at the time of registration. All information is needed to process your request. After you register and pay, go to the first class. Your name
should appear on the instructor’s class roster. If you have a problem, come to the Records Office.
Extension course fees may be refunded in accordance with College policy.
A student who withdraws by the last BUSINESS DAY (24 hours) prior to the class start date is entitled to a full refund. Requests must
be made in writing at the Records Office.
No refund will be made after the first class meeting of the course except in cases of: serious illness, call to active military duty, or other
extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the Registrar. Documented evidence will be required to support the refund appeal.

REGISTRATION FALL 2010 Norwalk Community College

Fill out this form completely and return it to the Records
Office, East Campus, Room E102. Please print clearly. & Extended Studies
Work Force Education
Offering Continuing Education Opportunities
Legal Name:
Last First M.I.

Former Name:
Last First M.I.

Social Security No.: Date of Birth:

(Social Security Number or Date of Birth are needed for accuracy of student records and other business purposes.)

Student ID number here: @ E-mail address:

If you have previously taken courses at NCC or at another Connecticut Community College please enter 8-digit id number.

No. and Street Apt. # City or Town State Zip Code

Day Telephone: ( ) Evening Telephone: ( )

CRN No. Course Title Date Time Room Fee

Signature: Date:

Print name as it appears on card:Check one: h Check/Money Order h Visa h MasterCard h Discover Card

Credit Card No.: Expiration Date:

If paying by check or money order check here h Make checks payable to Norwalk Community College, Records Office, 188 Richards Avenue, Norwalk , CT 06854.

Directions to NCC
188 Richards Avenue,
Norwalk, CT 06854-1655

I-95 North or South
Exit 13. Right at end of exit ramp onto U.S.

1/Connecticut Avenue. Left at traffic light
onto Richards Avenue (Shell station on left).
North on Richards Avenue 1/2 mile to cam-
pus. East Campus on right, West Campus Discrimination Policy
Extended Studies courses are supported
on left. by tax dollars. Connecticut State law does
not allow us to exempt senior citizens. The
Merritt Parkway (Southbound)
College does not discriminate against any
Exit 38. Right at end of exit ramp onto individual on the grounds of race, color,
Route 123 South. First right after going under Merritt Parkway overpass onto Nursery national origin, criminal record, sex, ancestry,
political beliefs, mental health, mental retar-
Street. First left onto Ponus Avenue. Bear right at fork onto Fox Run Road. Proceed dation, marital status or age. Any NCC stu-
through light and bear right around Fox Run School. Take left at stop sign onto Richards dent with a documented disability is eligible
for services. Under the Rehabilitation Act of
Avenue. Proceed on Richards Avenue for one mile to NCC. East Campus on left, West
1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act
Campus on right. of 1990, services are determined on a case-by-
case basis depending on documentation
Merritt Parkway (Northbound) provided by the student. Please call
Exit 38. Right at end of exit ramp onto Route 123 North. First left onto Nursery Street. 203-857-7192 for an appointment.
Continue as above.
GI Educational Benefit
By Train The State of Connecticut has approved some
Connecticut Transit F-Route 1 from Stamford Extended Studies courses for GI Educational
New Haven Line: Take the New Benefits. Please inquire, at time of registra-
Depart Arrive
Haven line and get off at South Stamford Arrive Leave Stamford
tion, about course eligibility. Contact Chris
RR Station NCC NCC RR Station DeCew in the NCC Records Office at
Norwalk station. Transfer to a #11
7:17 a.m. 7:44 a.m. 11:02 a.m. 11:28 a.m.
203-857-7006 for complete information.
WHEELS bus which goes directly to CT State Tuiton Waiver does not apply to
8:20 a.m. 8:50 a.m. 12:02 p.m. 12:28 p.m.
the campus. 9:03 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 1:04 p.m. 1:31 p.m.
Extended Studies courses.
10:03 a.m. 10:30 a.m. 2:34 p.m. 3:01 p.m.
Public Transportation to 11:03 a.m. 11:30 a.m. 3:34 p.m. 4:01 p.m.
Refund Policy
NCC Campus 12:03 p.m. 12:30 p.m. 4:29 p.m. 4:56 p.m.
Extended Studies fees may be refunded in
accordance with the following:
Norwalk WHEELS Routes 11, 12, 3:27 p.m. 3:54 p.m. 5:05 p.m. 5:35 p.m.
• A student who withdraws by the last
5:02 p.m. 5:31 p.m. 6:04 p.m. 6:27 p.m.
and 13: Stop in front of the NCC 7:05 p.m. 7:31 p.m. 7:32 p.m. 7:56 p.m.
business day before the first class
meeting is entitled to a full refund
West Campus at 8:00 p.m. 8:23 p.m.
9:00 p.m. 9:23 p.m.
• No refund will be made after the first
188 Richards Avenue. Buses on Route class meeting of the course except in
10:00 p.m. 10:23 p.m.
1 stop at the corner of Richards cases of serious illness or other
extenuating circumstances, at the
Avenue, within a half mile of the cam- discretion of the Director of Extended
pus. Studies.
Connecticut Transit F-Route 1 from Stamford: Stops in front of the West Campus at
Cancellation Policy
188 Richards Avenue. See schedule above. The College reserves the right to cancel or to
limit class size.

Payment Policy
Payment in full must accompany the
Registration form. Write a check for the
total fee(s) or pay by money order, VISA or
MasterCard. Mail-in registration must be
received three (3) business days before class
begins. Fax registrations are accepted up to
24 hours prior to the class.
Norwalk Community College Nonprofit Org.
U. S. Postage

188 Richards Avenue PAID

Norwalk, CT 06854-1655 Permit No 1000
Stamford, CT

Fall 2010

Create Your Future @ NCC