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[ First of all I want to Thank you for choosing me for this round of recruitment process. My name is
Aimon John and I’m from an Industrial City of Pakistan, Faisalabad. I’m a student of Bachelors in
Electrical Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. In my introduction,
first of all I want to talk about my Strengths and weaknesses. My Strengths is that I’m a good listener. I
can easily understand whatever people are trying to explain. It helps me a lot during my lectures I can
deeply understand the professor wants to explain. Another strength of mine is that I’m very passionate
about the Electrical Engineering. On the other side, my weakness is that I do not talk much so the people
think I’m shy person. But I’m get over it. My inspiration is a great person who’s name is Dr. Abdul Qadir
who made Pakistan to emerge as 7th nuclear power in the world. ] Beside all this, I have a special place
for music in my heart, I have a good voice. I perform every year on Radio FM 101 on every Christmas and
I also perform at different programs at university and different places.] So this is little introduction about

[ I have made a project in my 3rd semester at university. We had to make a model of street lights. So we
used Light sensor diode and some led light. And we have successfully made it. We we put it in darkness
the light turns on and when we put in front of light it turns off. I’m so proud of my project, even my
teachers appreciated that you have worked hard. Along with this I have also made an Amplifier speaker
and a house circuit which includes fans and lights and breakers and etc]

[ I have a technical and administrative skills like I can use many computer applications related to
Electrical Engineering like MATLAB, Microsoft Office etc. I can use the solider. Along with I want to tell
you that I’m working with an organization name ‘ Alpha ministries Pakistan’ in this organization we had
to arrange different conferences and seminars, So I have learnt a lot from it like how to manage
different programs and how to work with a team. Even I have polished my other skills also like
leadership skills and communication skills.]

[Motivation is ..well I believe that every person borns with a purpose. And I Believe that My purpose is
to make this world better through science. Whenever I see different devices around me like computers,
laptops, smartphones. And I think that these are made my great engineers and scientists. So I want to
become like them, I want to be a part of innovation to make this world a better place. So this is my
motivation. And I believe that CERN is the only platform that can provide me a chance to be a part of
this innovation.]

[ My work place is obviously my home. I have a separate room for my work. I have different equipment
related to electrical engineering like solider, Multimeter which includes( voltmeter, ammeter,
galvanomerter) and other tools like them.] I use to make small circuits at my work place.]

[ This is an opportunity for me to explore myself, I can boost up my technical as well as administrative
skills. This is an opportunity to work Practically, I have learn the theory at university and Now it’s a
chance to apply them on machines. So it’s a life changing opportunity for me.]