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Week 5 Assignment 5 Full Marks: 20

Q.1 The design tensile strength of a member due to yielding of gross section, Tdg is
given by 1
(a) Agfu/m1
(b) Agfy/m1
(c) Agfy/m0
(d) Agfu/m0

Q.2 The design tensile strength of a plate due to rupture of critical section is given
by 1
(a) 0.9Anfu/m1
(b) 0.8Anfu/m1
(c) 0.9Anfu/m0
(d) 0.9Anfy/m1

Q.3 The slenderness ratio for a member if always in tension (other than pre-
tensioned member) is 1
(a) 180
(b) 400
(c) 250
(d) 300

Q.4 A plate used for connecting two or more structural members intersecting each
other is 1
(a) Template
(b) Base plate
(c) Gusset plate
(d) Shoe plate

Q.5 An ISA 150×75×10 is connected to a gusset plate of thickness 12mm by four

M18 grade 4.6. The Tensile strength governed by yielding of gross section of
the angle if gusset is connected to the longer leg is 2
(a) 450 kN
(b) 250 kN
(c) 390 kN
(d) 490 kN

Q.6 The shear lag width for ISA 75X75X10 is (Assume gauge distance = 40 mm) 2
(a) 100 mm
(b) 105 mm
(c) 150 mm
(d) 120 mm
Q.7 A single angle section 90X60X10 is connected with gusset plate with 7 bolts of 20
mm diameter in one line at pitch of 50 mm and edge distance of 30 mm. What is
the design tensile strength of the section for rupture of net section? (Assume the
section is connected with longer leg and gauge distance = 50 mm) 4
(a) 349 kN
(b) 249 kN
(c) 318 kN
(d) 449 kN

Q.8 A single ISA 75 × 50 × 8 is connected (longer leg) with gusset plate using use 4
bolts of 20 mm diameter in one line at pitch of 50 mm and edge distance of 30
mm. What is the Design tensile strength due to block shear failure? (Assume
gauge distance = 35 mm) 4
(a) 269 kN
(b) 257 kN
(c) 213 kN
(d) 313 kN

Q.9 An ISA 90  90  8 used as tension member is connected to a 10 mm gusset

plate by fillet weld of size 5 mm. The design strength of the member is 300
kN. Calculate the length of the weld. 4
(a) lower side 324 mm and upper side 125 mm
(b) lower side 125 mm and upper side 324 mm
(c) lower side 225 mm and upper side 400 mm
(d) lower side 415 mm and upper side 375 mm