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I caged, kept in a small space poked, jabbed TIrirdly. HUod cun,f

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SAMPLE QUESTION GD, ritttt'. Sr )nlc il.ul('\ n r.:

The pictures show two views on computer games. Based on the pictures and notes given, git'r
your opinion as to whether computer games are a good or bad influence on teenagers anc
F{oit,evc.r, ii n'r. er.e:.: ,

then submit your essay to the editorial committee of the school magazine. ,rntl choice of g.rme. _ ,

:l-iese games.

Word Power

:it a rir captivate, fascinate

.ddicted, keen
rye coordination
:.cilitv tto control hand dr,t
:.Dilitv : :
- fun and exciting - can be addictive .rd at lthe same time
- improve hand-eye coordination - w,aste of time and money
- improve problem solving, - some violent and inappropriate games
decision-making skills - lead to negative r,alues SAMPLE QUEST!ON
* increase knowledge
'.: pictr-rrr:s bt:ion' slto-.
When writing out your opinion: - en, give votir opini.,:-
) state your view ..1 opiniorr to \ (,Llr L. .. .

) give reasons for your view

) briefly state the opposing view
) write in not less than 150 words

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Influence of Computer Games on Teenagers

Computer games are popular among teenagers. These games are BOARDI\G : - *
usually available on DVD and can also be downloaded from the lntroduction - plr'nl) ol'Iintt r, -.
Internet. They can either be played alone or with a friend. _l
- r'arious actir.itits
The sounds, graphics and movements of the games excite, enthral - indepenclence
I Summarise gene'=
information abou:
and provide a sense of adventure. Many teenagers are hooked on n'riting otrt I'ou:
I computer games.
them, but what are the effects of computer games on teenagers? J - :( \ i )il1 , i,,.t,.

I strongly believe computer games influence teenagers in a good .- State your stano
..tlt >t.trt,rr hr '.

: ,.'.rf€SS lvhat f,or,t i..

*uy. Firc Give reasons. :ite in