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SWOT Analysis Template

Situation being analysed: Julian Lopez

This SWOT example is for a new business opportunity. Many criteria can apply to more than one
quadrant. Identify criteria appropriate to your own SWOT situation.

criteria examples Strengths Weaknesses criteria examples

Advantages of proposition? The main advantages of  Lack of marketing Disadvantages of

Capabilities? proposition?
Competitive advantages?
conducting SWOT analysis is  Undifferentiated Gaps in capabilities?
USP's (unique selling that it has little or no cost. products or services Lack of competitive
points)? strength?
Anyone who understands your  Location of your Reputation, presence and
Resources, Assets, People?
Experience, knowledge,
business can perform a SWOT business reach?
data? analysis. You can use SWOT  Poor quality goods or Financials?
Financial reserves, likely when you don’t have much time services Own known
returns? vulnerabilities?
to address a complex situation.  Damaged reputation Timescales, deadlines and
Marketing - reach,
distribution, awareness? This means that you can take pressures?
Innovative aspects? steps towards improving your Cash flow, start-up cash-
Location and business without the expense of drain?
geographical? Continuity, supply chain
Price, value, quality? and external consultant. robustness?
Accreditations, Effects on core activities,
qualifications, distraction?
certifications? Reliability of data, plan
Processes, systems, IT, predictability?
communications? Morale, commitment,
Cultural, attitudinal, leadership?
behavioural? Accreditations, etc?
Management cover, Processes and systems,
succession? etc?
Philosophy and values? Management cover,
criteria examples Opportunities Threats criteria examples

Market developments? Political effects?

Competitors'  Merges, joint ventures Legislative effects?
 Prices wars with
vulnerabilities? or strategic alliances Environmental effects?
Industry or lifestyle
competitors IT developments?
 Moving into new  A competitor has a
trends? Competitor intentions -
Technology development market segments that new, innovative product various?
and innovation? offer improved profits Market demand?
Global influences?
or service New technologies,
 A market vacated by an
New markets, vertical,  Competitors have services, ideas?
horizontal? ineffective competitor superior access to Vital contracts and
Niche target markets? partners?
channels of distribution
Geographical, export, Sustaining internal
import?  Taxation is introduced capabilities?
New USP's? on your product or Obstacles faced?
Tactics: eg, surprise, service Insurmountable
major contracts? weaknesses?
Business and product Loss of key staff?
development? Sustainable financial
Information and research? backing?
Partnerships, agencies, Economy - home, abroad?
distribution? Seasonality, weather
Volumes, production, effects?
Seasonal, weather, fashion