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Research Topic – Structure and Materials PROCEEDING OF CIVIL ENGINEERING

Updated : 27/01/2014

From 1996 toward 2006, 44 long-term grant research projects were carried out with an allocation of 8 million. RM1.0 million is
allocated for short term research projects handled by the staffs of the department.

Current researches conducted by the academic staff in the department are:

Structures and materials:

1. Development Of Construction Noise Prediction Software Based Upon The Stochastic Modelling Approaches
2. Analysis Of Reinforced Concrete Columns With Embedded Pipes
3. Analysis, Design and Experiment on Trapezoid Web Section
4. Assessment of Potential Alkali Aggregate Reaction (AAR) of Granite Aggregate in Johor
5. Behaviour of Precast Wall Connection
6. Behaviour of Precast Concrete Structures with Semi-Rigid Connections
7. Behaviour of Strengthened Timber Beam Using Fibre Reinforced Polimer (FRP)
8. Characterisation and Effects of the Effective Micro-organics (EM) and Industrial Waste (IW) Materials as a Partial
Mixture of Concrete
9. Characterization of Natural Fiber Polymer Composites for Structural Elements
10. Characterization of Partial Strength Bolted Beam-column Connection in Cold-formed Steel
11. Corrosion Inhibitor of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete
12. Damage Detection Based on Artificial Neural Network for Seismic Health monitoring of Concrete Shear Wall Buildings
13. Development and Manipulation of Wastepaper Material Into Construction Materials
14. Development of Porous Concrete Properties and Applications
15. Development of Probabilistic and External Corrosion Growth Models for pipeline
16. Deviation of Attenuation Equations for Distant Earthquake Suitable for Malaysia
17. Earthquake Structure Defusion of RASHT city based onperformance design, Static and Dynamic Nonliner Analysis
18. Effect of Different Composition Properties of Concrete on the Results of Non-Destructive Tests
19. Experimental Study on High Density Polyethylene Rice Husk Biocomposites for Structural Systems
20. Exploring a New Concept of Producing High Strength High Performance Lightweight Concrete
21. Fundamental Bonding Characteristic of Thermoplastic Rasin as Adhesive for the CFRP-Concrete Strengthening System
22. Fundamental Study on the Extreme Growth Behaviour of External Corrosion Pit in Burried Gas Pipelines (Malaysian
Transmission Lines)
23. High Performance POFA Concrete for Corrosion and Chemical Attack Protection
24. Homogenized Formulation of Curved Beam for Triaxial Weave Fabric Composite Model
25. Integrating Surface Models and Photogrammetric Digital Image Correlation in Determining Displacement and Strain
Measurements in Experimental Mechanics
26. Intelligent Seismic Monitoring and Analysis System for Bridge Structurr using Modified Genetic Algorithm and Artificial
Neural Network
27. Investigation of Strength and Durability of Varieties of Malaysian Timbers
28. Investigation on the Behaviour of Polymer-Modified Latex Concrete
29. Investigation on the Mechanical and Bonding Behaviour of Asphaltic Concrete as a New Structural Material
30. Meshfree Formulation of Composite Beams Interfacial Stresses
31. Modeling the External Growth of Corrosion on Buried Gas Pipelines (Malaysia Kerteh-Segamat Line)
32. Nonlinear Finite Element and Experimental Analysis of a Precast Concrete Beam to Column Connection in Industrialised
Building System
33. Optimization of Recycled Steel Fibres with Self Compacting Concrete
34. Optimization of the Slab on Bulb Tee Girders in Bridges
35. Partial Interaction Theory of Composite Beams Based on Stationary Principle of Potential Energy
36. Partial Interface Interaction of Precast Slab with Concrete Topping
37. Performance of Horizontal Connections in Precast Concrete Wall Panels Under Shear Loads
38. Software Development of Executive Information System (EIS) for the maintenance reporting system at UTM
39. Statistical Modelling of Corrosion Growth Behaviour in Liquid Containment Structures
40. Statistical Modelling of Corrosion Growth in Marine Environment
41. Strength Performance and Durability of Palm Oil Fuel Ash Geopolymer Cencrete
42. Structural Behaviour of Cold Formed Steel Portal Frame with Rigid Connection
43. Structural Damage Identification Using Vibration Parameters
44. Structural Development of Lightweight Foam Concrete Panel as an Industrialised Building System
45. Study of Noise from Construction Site
46. Study on the Properties of Palm Oil Fiber
47. Study Uncertainties in Vibration Based Damage Detection for Reinforced Concrete Bridge
48. Theoritical Model for Damage and Vibration Response in Concrete Bridges
49. Thermal Buckling of Triaxial Weave Fabric Composites Precast Slab with Concrete Topping
50. Characterization of Natural Fiber Polymer Composites for Structural Elements
51. Performance of Bio Composites under The Tropical Climate
52. Structural Damage Detection using Vibration Measurement Technique

 Construction Management and Technology:

1. A Methodoligical Analysis of Demolition Works in Malaysia

2. A Study On The Critical Success Factors for Delivering Reconstruction Projects of Infrastructure in Aceh, Indonesia
3. Construction Risk Management for Siesmic Rehabilitation of Road Transportion Network
4. Development of Built Asset (Building) Maintenance Model For Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia
5. Development Operating System and Web Base Tool to Evaluate Contractors Performance
6. Expert and Smart Construction Quality Management System
7. Expert System of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)-A Proactive Approach of Decision Making in Contract
8. Export of Skill by Foreign Labor in Construction Industry
9. Framework for Life Cycle of Building Construction Materials
10. Intelligent Amphibious Houses for Flood Vulnerability Reduction in Flood Plain Area in Tropical Climate
11. Lean Principles in Rapid Construction Project Delivery
12. Quantitative Safety Assessment Model for IBS Construction
13. Risk Management in Construction Projects-Case Studies at Engineering Services of Ministry of Defence in the Sultanate
of Omar
14. Studies on the Scoring Method for Sustainable Building in Malaysia
15. Study On The Critical Success Factors for Delivering Reconstruction Projects of Infrastructure in Aceh, Indonesia
16. Sustainability Elements in IBS System Formworks
17. Sustainable Supply Chain for Industrial Building System
18. Sustaining Challenges in Technical and Vocational Education System Through Outcome-Based Approach