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Mohammed Ali Rammal

Nationality: Lebanese Date of Birth: 7th August 1993

Language: Arabic and English (spoken & written)

Country of Residence: Lebanon, Beirut

Contact details:

Contact number: +968 79 25 5179 Email Address:

Personal Profile & Objective:

I am a hardworking and a motivated individual who is able to maintain a professional and positive
relationship with others at all times. I take pride in every aspect of any job or activity placed before
me, making sure at all times I follow instructions carefully in order to do any job at the best of my
ability. I am a people person with excellent communication skills and I show respect at all times in
the way I address and communicate with others. I am a passionate person and full of energy ready
to take on any challenge placed before me.

High School: Finished at National Charity School, Dubai, UAE (2010)

Subjects: English
Islamic Studies
Maths Literacy
Science & Chemistry

Extra Mural: Football



 Grade 12 University Pass

Work Experience

Promotional Part-Time work: (2016)

o Mitsubishi Showroom
 Briefing customers about the car
o Dubai TV Host
 Helping people take their seats and general assistance.
o Delicio Sauce Promoter
 Giving free samples to mall visitors
o MBC Private Conference Host
 Greeting guests and general assistance at event.
o Hugo Boss Promoter
 Mall Activation to promote the new Hugo Boss perfume by handing out
samples and interacting with clients.
o Bentley Sustaining Infrastructure Promoter/Host
 Event held at Abu Dhabi Hilton Hotel. Duties were to collect data of clients
and provide the event information to them.

Restaurant Manager at Burger Plus, Lebanon ( August 2017 – December 2017 )

Head of marketing and advertising at Leader CO. Lebanon ( April 2017 – August 2017 )

Restaurant Manager at Wadi Al Dayaa, Oman (March 2015-January 2016)

 Ensure all staff are trained

 Ensure all staff are performing their duties correctly
 Ensure customers are happy and satisfied with food and beverage
 Ensure that restaurant is always clean and tidy
 General restaurant assistance (serving, interacting, deliveries,
cashier and cash handling)
 Reference: Saad Wildwadi, +968 9966 7738

Designer at CMYK Design, Oman (August 2014-March 2015)

 Assist in the design and print of t-shirt and logos.

SNK PRODUCTIONS, Oman (2012-2014)

 Assistant in film making and photography

 Reference: Sultan Khalfan +968 9516 8174

Volcano Balloons, Lebanon (2012)

 General Assitance in store (Balloons, Party Décor, Cashier, Events)