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My personal encounters with RF sensitivity and it’s effects.

By: Rainy

I’d like to begin with a small background of my
work history, set and setting when these experiences
began to unfold. It started when I was young, but the
experience of dreaming of a space shuttle and shortly
after the space shuttle crashing seems irrelevant and
coincidental. However a small background of my
childhood reveals doing things such as trying to join
the air force when I could hardly write, or, attending
college at the age of nine. I was always very hard-
pressed by my parents and pushed to be all I could be.
Kind of like that saying in the Pokemon theme song.
I’ve always been into technology since a very young
age, and had a fondness for robots and always wanted to
be the “Cool Cat” per say. This leads into what becomes
my future.
Let’s get up to date, my main inspiration for
writing this book started with experiences I had in
early 2016. I had just been laid off from a job at a
dental chain doing x-ray support and hardware
deployments. I held the position for two years, it was
great. Things were really looking up at the time, but I
was soon forced onto the workforce… Collecting
government benefits. I picked up a small project in the
meantime: Running Seti@Home with spare computers my
previous work had given me as throw-away machines.
Seti: That’s “The Search for Extraterrestrial
Intelligence” using distributed computing to analyze
radio telescope data. However, this is when thing
started to really get funky. I had a video card at the
time, it was a Nvidia EVGA brand GTX 760. When I’d run
Seti full-power on my desktop, I could hear what
sounded like a bad capacitor screeching into my
eardrums. About a month followed and I gained about a
million credits before stopping the project but in that
time I started to have strange effects of tuning into
what seemed like my cellphone. I believe at the time I
had swapped my Iphone for an android phone a year
before to gain experience with android for supporting
tablets at work. I also had some few dreams of what
looked like aliens from “The Fourth Kind,” or something
you’d see out of a schwa book. In the dream, the alien
opened up what seemed like a black hole, and it sucked
everything into it as time froze. I woke up and went
about my day. Later, in light of Korea’s nuclear
testing warm-up, I dreamed of a cellular tower, that
day I drove to pick up some breakfast and out of the
reflection of the drive-through I spotted a cellular
tower. It gives a sense of deja-vu when things like
this happen, and are really out of this world. A few
weeks later and as time progressed as I still collected
government benefits from the workforce, that didn’t
seem to be helping, (and somewhere around this time I
acquired a Dell XPS 9550 laptop that the battery later
nearly exploded in a year later) I started to have
slight feelings in my sleep about my Telegram messenger
and what seemed like text messages from my phone.
However, the entire past two years I have yet to have
all of my devices powered down during sleep. I notice
when my laptop is off during when I sleep, and devices
are generally more than 15 feet away from me or out of
the room completely all is good. At this point (2018…
May) I’ve considered sleeping in a faraday cage for
fun. Maybe I’d sleep better, who knows.
As some time went by, this did not happen as much
after stopping my Seti@Home operation. However, when I
was pushed to move back home with my parents due to
their looming divorce, it came back with full-force.
I’m not sure this is a result of the medication
(Depakote/Risperidone) swap into a new one
(Abilify/Trazodone) or x-ray overexposure, or RF
overexposure, some sort of chemical in the air? The
water? I don’t know. But I do know, that if I was RF
“Sensitive.” There does seem to be some type of tuning
factor that plays into computers, phones and wireless
networks. I have yet to be able to single the exact
cause out. But 9/10 it’s communications-related dreams
correlating with the software on my computer, phone,
tablet… MSN News is super popular when I’m “Tuning”
into these frequencies in my sleep. So is Telegram and
Youtube recommendations.

At this point, I’d like to continue with some of my

experiences with police cars’ RF leakage, RF
sensitivity and whatnot. The first experience I had was
with a police car on a hill, I could almost see the
data on his screen, it seemed like a DOS window, or an
older-style information system. It seemed mostly blue,
black and white. However I have no idea of what these
information systems look like, but I could see what the
police officer was reading in my sleep. I woke up,
walked to the north side of the house and there was a
police car, just hanging’ out at the cull-de-sac on a
gated street. “What is this? Some type of experiment?”
I thought. I enjoyed my morning cigarette, drank an
energy drink (that I had been addicted to for the last
~4 years? But soon to stop.)
The second experience with a police car, was when
one was literally around the corner while I admit I was
driving somewhat fast in a slow area. I slowed from 50
to nearly 30 before seeing him with a “sixth sense”
sort of feeling that could tell he was there. It was
very powerful.
The third experience was when I believe a police
car had been sending radar through the house and it
almost x-rayed everything in sight in my dream except
the police car itself and metallic objects, however I
was too asleep to wake up and check if he was there… I
was very tired.

This is where things got really interesting…

In late 2017, I joined a discord server. I had been
mining cryptocurrency at the time, made some spare
change but sold most of my mining rigs as the coin
became less profitable. Anyway, I dreamed of this
extremely loud conversation between what sounded like a
police officer angry with RF/Communications
interference by some nerdy gents’ down-the-way so to
speak. I can remember the words vividly. However my
memory if somewhat hazy of this event. “What do you
know about NIST?” Said the nerdy voice. “Why that’s
highly confidential!!!” In an authoritative speaking
voice I could hear. That wasn’t the end of it. The next
day, my memory becomes very unclear. I removed the
satellite amplifier from the house believing I could
hear some type of submarine after a fellow in discord
has his pf-sense firewall SSH session corrupted with a
large amount of 53s, his time server in PFSense also
decided to switch the time on all of his machines. (In
police slang, 53 either means “Critical Kill Shot on a
non Kill-Shot” or “Man down!”) The next few days were
almost agony, I could not sleep believing some type of
high-power signal was blasting through my brain. I
could hear the squelching from the police car down the
street, I could hear in my dreams again… “Is anyone
there?” In the nerdy voice again, it almost didn’t
sound English. “Do you know what time of day it is?”
Said the authoritative voice… It was almost screamingly
loud at this point, I tried to sleep in the shower to
duck below into a Fresnel zone to protect myself (and
maybe my ears) from such high-power signal added to the
police car down the street transmitting. I felt
helpless and alone, as if nobody would understand what
that felt like.
Lately, my experiences with telegram have gotten
more refined in my sleep. This normally happens on a
high dose of caffeine intake, that in combination with
sleeping on the caffeine intake. For example this
morning, I dreamed of getting a new cellphone with some
other things, and upon waking up, telegram group had
about 6-8 messages in the span of 2 hours of someone
getting a new cellphone. It was a graphical image of a
cellphone with Minecraft loaded, along with hints of
zyx stuff that was follow-up messages… the “other
things.” Before back in 2016 it was just slight hints
in my dreams of feelings of deja-vu when I’d wake and
read the messages. I previously lived near a doppler
radar installation and had HughesNet, and my own 18Dbi
omni-directional antenna with a Ubiquiti Bullet-M2-HP
(A High-Power 2.4Ghz wireless access point.) I also had
a clownfish. His name was tiger. Besides the point, the
deja-vu is very strong as if I’m actively remembering
the events through the day even though I don’t remember
them during my sleep. I do notice however, when I shut
off all radio devices, I can sleep fine and have zero
of these effects. In the following weeks, I might stop
mining crypto in tests to see what devices are causing
this. However, it started happening during the day too.
Recently, a user joined discord and was named
“Pikachu.” I had no knowledge of this person but I
could sense he was there. In chat I typed. “Who’s that
pokemon? It’s Ratthing, It’s Gentoo!” And behold, a new
user named pikachu appears in the other room but had
been chatting for a few moments before I said these
My 2.4Ghz wifi is supposedly encrypted. WPA2-
Personal with AES encryption. Possibly I can sense my
ubuntu box right next to me with the asus access point,
did I learn to crack some type of encrypted signal in
my sleep? I should really power off my phone in my
sleep and find out but I cannot, I must be ready to
answer for jobs, for my father’s house showings. Etc.
My other option is how do I eliminate the laptop’s and
mining rig’s interference from the pure wifi signal?
How can I “get wifi” in it’s pure form, when I have a
tablet playing at the foot of my bed, when I can
already, in my mind atleast, sense everything around
I’m out of ideas, these things should technically not
be possible but I believe are a very large tappable
vulnerability whatever it is.

Thanks for reading,