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13th Internattional TÜ
ÜV Rhe
einland Sympos
onal Safetyy and Cybe
er Securityy in Industrial Applications
May 155 - 16, 2018 in Cologne, Germa any

Scope / T
Topics of the Symposium Submissio
on of Abstraccts
The 13 Internationall TÜV Rheinland Sympossium in Authors are
e requested too submit abstrracts (1-3 pages) in
Cologne, Germany will w present technical ha ands-on English. Alll abstracts willl be reviewed by the members of
speechess / presentatio t Functional Safety,
ons referring to the Program
mme Committtee.
FS Man nagement Syystems and various ind dustrial
on areas. Cyber Security as one of tthe top  Receiptt of abstractss: by
y December 5,
5 2017
topics off the industrry will also be considerred by  Notifica
ation of accep
ptance: by
y February 5, 2018
presenting problems annd solutions.
 Receiptt of final papeers by
y April 5, 2018
All topicss shall addresss manufacturrers, integrato
ors, end
users, asssessors, inspectors, auth horities of ele ectrical/ Final Pape
ers and Preseentations
electronicc/programmab ble electron
nic safety--related  Final papers
p shouldd not exceed 8 pages an
nd be
products and systems. submitted as
a WORD file..

 Speakkers shall pre esent technica

al developmen nts and Presenta
ations shall bee in POWER POINT.
trends of state-of-the-a
art technology in Functional Safety
and Cybeer Security in automation co onsidering the
e global All papers and presentaations will be published on
n and
market. available from the website ww
m in
May 2018 (after
( Sympossium).
 Produ uct presentattions as well as presen ntations
referring tto fundamenta als of Function
nal Safety and
d Cyber
Security wwill not be acccepted.  Please submit your abstract, fina
al paper and
presentation to: vero
The Symposium will be b held bilinguual – in Germ an and
English - with simultane
eous translatio

Topics o
of interest are

ational Standarrds (IEC 6150 08 / IEC 615111 / IEC 62061,, ISO 13849 / ISO 26262): C Contents / Staatus / Maintena ance
Relevaance of FS and d Cyber Securrity Standardss in different re
egions (Europe
e / North Ameerica / China / Asia Pacific)
Examp nt applications: Process Indu
ples of differen ustry / Machinery / Energy / Automotive
Functioonal Safety annd/or Cyber Se ecurity Manag ement System ms
Human n Factor / Commpetence of Pe eople
Field In
nstrumentation n:
Networks (Communication / Safety / Secu
N urity)
Application So oftware,
Verification / Validation,
Relevance of Accreditation,
Security (IEC 62443 series, ISASecure).