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1. Low coffee shop penetration

2. Low brand preferences

3. Customers prefer other beverages such as coffee on their visits to coffee shops.
Marketing Objectives

1. To increase the amount of coffee shops within Malaysia that partnered with
Heaven and Earth by 15% within the first two years,
2. To increase the overall sales of Heaven and Earth in the coffee shops that
Heaven & Earth has already partnered with by 18% within the first three
years, and
3. To be widely recognized as a healthy and fun beverage by 70% of Heaven &
Earth target market within the time span of three years
17 - 25
Years Old
Heaven & Earth Partnership
1 2
Gift 250 points 500 points 1000 points 1500 points
Website revamping
Focused area of coverage

Reach and Frequency measureable through eyeball and

beacon tracker
Setiawalk KLCC

SS15 Bukit Bintang

Contingency Plan

- Tree Planting
- Social Media Competition
- Sponsor local events

Marketing Plan is important to serve as a guidance for Heaven & Earth in tackling
its challenges faced and to achieve the objectives.

Marketing strategies:

- Website Revamping & Maintenance

- Heaven & Earth Partnership
- Heaven & Earth Run
- Mon Mon The Mascot Exploration
- Advertisements (social media, print, and digital billboard)