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The ballot for governor includes 27 names. The order in which the candidates are
listed can vary from one precinct to another. Of these, 16 are Democrat or
Democrat-like (e.g. Green Party) and 5 are Republican -- Travis Allen, John Cox,
Yvonne Girard, Peter Y Liu and Robert C. Newman, II.
Realistically, FOUR candidates have a chance of reaching the November ballot –
Democrats Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa, and Republicans Travis Allen
and John Cox. Both Newsom and Villaraigosa will continue the ongoing California
economic disaster. The Republican strategy must be to get either Cox or Allen on
the November ballot. This will be difficult if the two split the Republican primary
vote evenly. Either would be far superior to continuing Democrat devastation.
California GOP has not endorsed a candidate.
Lieutenant Governor

This race has 11 contenders, including 4 Republicans -- David Fennell, Cole Harris,
David R. Hernandez, and Lydia Ortega. Conservative Craig Huey
(wwww.craighuey.com) recommends Republican David Hernandez. The California GOP
has endorsed Cole Harris.

Secretary of State

You’ll see two Republicans on the ballot -- Mark Meuser (pronounced Moi-zhyer)
and Raul Rodriguez, Jr. Craig Huey recommends Meuser, who also has the
endorsement of the California GOP.

State Controller

One Republican on the ballot -- Konstantinos Roditus, endorsed by the California GOP.

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State Treasurer

Two Republicans on the ballot -- Greg Conlon and Jack M. Guerrero. Craig Huey
recommends Jack M. Guerrero. California GOP has not endorsed.

Attorney General

Two Republicans on the ballot -- Eric Early and Steven C. Bailey. Craig Huey
recommends Steven C. Bailey, who has been endorsed by the California GOP.
Insurance Commissioner

No Republicans on the ballot. Recommend Independent Steve Poizner

(Poizner ran for California Governor in 2008 as a Republican)
State Board of Equalization

Three Republicans on the ballot -- Connie Conway, David Evans, Ted Gaines.
Ted Gaines is endorsed by Craig Huey, George Runner & Tom McClintock
United States Senator

There are 32 candidates vying for Dianne Feinstein’s seat, including Feinstein
herself. Erin Cruz and Tom Palzer are polling highest among the Republicans.
United States Representative

Republican Steve Knight (Incumbent), endorsed by the California GOP.

Some folks have been unhappy with Knight’s stance on certain issues or, at times, his lack of a
stance on issues. That being said, conservatives who vote for another candidate or simply
withhold their vote will be helping Nancy Pelosi become Speaker of the House…again!

Member of the State Assembly

Republican Dante Acosta (Incumbent), endorsed by the California GOP.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Craig Huey mildly recommends Marshall Tuck, who is a Democrat. There is one
Independent on the ballot – Steven Ireland. NO Republicans.

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Los Angeles County Assessor

Craig Huey mildly recommends John “Lower Taxes” Loew.

Los Angeles County Sheriff

Three candidates listed. Alex Villanueva is endorsed by Democrats.

Jim McDonnell, Republican, is the current sheriff with lots of support but is very
weak on concealed carry.

Robert (“Bob”) Lindsey,Republican, is strongly supported by Craig Huey and is

inclined to support concealed carry for citizens willing to train for self-defense,
but there are no statements to that effect on Lindsey’s website.

68: More indebtedness (bond issue) for dubious purposes NO

69: A scam! The term “transportation” is not defined, and may put your money
into high speed rail. Also increases the overall state budget. NO
(California Federation of Republican Women say NO; California GOP, no position)

70: Requires 2/3 vote before spending Cap and Trade funds. YES
(California Federation of Republican Women and California GOP suggest a NO Vote)

71: Moves the date ballot measures take effect. YES

72: Excludes rainwater capture structures from property value reassessment. YES

For additional GOP endorsements throughout Los Angeles County, visit:


For California GOP endorsements in your area, visit:


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Our thanks to John Weaver for his valuable assistance in preparing

this voting guide. John is a Santa Clarita resident and an Associate
Member of Santa Clarita Republican Women Federated.

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Superior Court Judge, County of Los Angeles (input from www.craighuey.com)

Office Candidate Craig Huey Recommendation

Office 4 Matthew Schonbrun 7 Schonbrun
Alfred A. Coletta 5
A. Veronica Saucea 4
Office 16 Patricia (Patti) Hunter 5
Synde Jane Michel 7
Hubert S. Yun 9 Yun
Office 20 Mary Ann Escalante 7 Escalante
Wendy Segal 4
Office 60 Tony J. Cho 6 Cho
Ben Colella 4
Holly Hancock 3
Office 63 Malcolm H.Mackey 4 Neither
Anthony Lewis 5
Office 67 Onica Valle Cole 4
Dennis P. Vincent 4 Vincent
Maria Luch Armendariz 3
Office 71 David A. Berger 9 Berger
Danielle R.A. Gibbons 4
Office 113 Javier Perez 5
Steven Schreiner 8 Schreiner
Michael P. Ribons 6
Office 118 David D. Diamond 5
Troy Davis 6 Davis
Office 126 Shlomo Frieman 5
Ken Fuller 7 Fuller
Rene Caldwell Gilbertson 4
Office 146 Emily Theresa Spear 6 Spear
Armando Doron 3

* Huey’s rating system explained here:


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