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ALTER OF PRAYER (Apostle Joshua Selma


Don’t ever be tired of the secret of the kingdom. We rise by revelation. The revelation we receive is the
result of the degree of alignment. Alignment is a costly sacrifice and one of the difficult things for a believer
to do, it will require pruning, discipline, pain but the end is glory. Time spent in the presence of God has
value in every wise (monetary, honour, influence etc. Alignment is like a training though very rigorous
but afford us to prepare before for battle before the day.


An altar is a system of authorization. It is a platform where the realm of the spirit makes contact with the
physical realm on legal ground. An altar is where covenant are activated and maintained. Altar can be
physical monument, institutions or people.

The most accurate measure of the health of your spiritual life is your prayer life.

Before Jesus started his ministry he prayed for 40days and 40night.Similarly great ministry should be
precede by serious prayer.

The consistent practice of a spiritual exercise invite the presence of the spirit being creating consistent

The why's of Altar of Prayer

1. Prayer is God authorize system of communion and fellowship with him (Luke 6:12, Matthew 26:36-44)

2. Prayer create a legal platform for God, Angel or spirt to gain access and intervene in the affair of man.
(Psm. 115:15, Eze. 22:30-31)


Luke 24:25 (ask for understanding)

The word logos is the word translated as the word. Logos means the thought, idea and the desire or
intention of a man and the speaking or communication of a man. Hence the will of God represent the idea
desire thought for a man or on a subject. The will of God is applicable as far his purposes is concern.

God gave man a will also which is also useful, it can decision which can be consistent with the will of God.
There is the sovereign will of God and the will of man. There are certain decision that God will never
allow man will to contribute and there are some that whatever direction the man take it will not affect

The will of man can superimpose over the will of God. According to God predestined counsel the nation
of Israel was not supposed to have a king. He wanted to be their king. But they came to God to give them
a King.

When the will of God is not known your confidence shake.

There are two dimension to the will of God.

The written will (This is will of God as writing in the Bible. It shows the nature of God in dealing with
man and his thoughts on a particular subject. The Bible even with it imperfections as a result of translation
is enough to guide a believer to know the character of God) so the first dimension to discerning the will of
is understanding his character not necessarily his unique instructions to know how God will operate in
certain matter. The scriptures is the primary instrument to discerning the will of God.

The revealed will of God communicate his unique desire over personal issue in someone life. And it is
dangerous to transfer his will to another and you don't create a doctrine out for others out of your revealed

3 ways to discerning the revealed will of God

1. Joy and peace: The kingdom when manifested is not in meat or drink but joy peace in the Holy Ghost.
When your joy and peace especially when you don't have explanation for it, it always advisable to go to

Note: The absence of Joy and peace which is an indication to the will of God does not necessary means
that a thing is bad but as far as God is concern but not consistent with the will of God for one's life. Danger
does not have to happen to show the will of God.

2. Dreams and Vision: you don't have dreams at will, it is exclusively the ministry of the Holy Spirit

3. The prophetic: Prophecy is also a vital tool used in discerning the will of God or access the mind of God.
But the only limitations is the degree of reception and interpretation. This is subject to the man of God
word contents.

SPIRITUAL PERCEPTION (Apostle Joshua Selman)

Text: Act 14:6

Spiritual men are govern by the spirit and the word of God. They see things from God perspective.
Spiritual perception is a reality experienced by spiritual men. Spiritual perception is the act of knowing
and relating with the spirit senses. Our inability to express and interact with the spirit realm has been
deaden and has led to experiment. As we get born again we need to get familiar we the spirit realm, having
an ability to have expression with the spirit realm. This ability to have expression with the spirit realm is
by dealing with the Spirit through the instrumentality of prayers. Particularly speaking in tongue enable
you to activate your spiritual senses.

Dominion mystery of tithing

Tithe is a tenth portion of your increase required by God as part of the spiritual mystery that activate the
operation of The Blessing upon one’s life. The