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Power of Silence

B.k Rajiv Gupta

SpARC Mumbai
Difference between Peace and Silence
• As nouns peace is a state of tranquility, quiet,
and harmony; absence of violence for
instance, a state free from civil disturbance
while silence is the lack of any sound.
What power of silence can do?
• Cool down the fire of anger
• Calm down the disturbance of wasteful
• Put you in the state of realization
• Lead you to a Successful life
"In 1978 Scientists at the Medical and Science Research
Institute at the University of Texas, USA
BK Dadi Janki, Chief of Brahma Kumaris.
She was described as the ‘most stable mind in the world’
What is Peace?
– “A state of mind where we have very less and relaxed
• How to get Permanent Peace?
– Detachment from body
• Why am I not Peaceful and What is the root
– 5 vices lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego
What is the root cause of the 5 vices?
– Body consciousness

• How much time for mental peace?

How to attend a Peaceful state?
• Detachment from body
• Thought watching
• Developing a habit of sitting in mediation
• wisdom
• Following a yogic lifestyle

• Mind –thoughts and emotions but cannot see.

• Intellect visualization and decision making
(understanding). It can see but not feel
• Resolves – habits, vrittis, attitude (mood)
subconscious mind
Seven fundamental qualities of a soul

1. Knowledge (Gyan)
2. Love (Prem)
3. Purity (Pavitrata)
4. Happiness (Sukha)
5. Peace (Shanti)
6. Bliss (Anand)
7. Power (Shakti)
Pre instruction

• Switch off your mobile(not even vibration mode)

• hands should be free of any object
• if possible remove your specs
• Sit erect in a comfortable posture
• seeking permission – acknowledgement from
Exercise 1 Eyes closed, focus on the
Breathing and Self Awareness

• -focus on nose, -who is breathing?

• Mind pacified, unable to stop thoughts
• awareness of Inner voice
• finding theme behind the thoughts by
Exercise 2 Detach Observer thought
• being neutral and non-participation with any
• example of ocean waves and observer
• mind tricks so give a task of visualization start
so that it starts wandering
• Learning:-
• Realization and awareness of wandering Mind
and slowing of thoughts speed
Exercise 3 Happiest moment of your life

• -First decide the moment and then start

the exercise
• Learning:- “jaisee smriti vaise sthiti”
How to experience Peace

• Peace memory recollection

• -Finger in ear exercise
• -childhood experience of peepal tree and
silence recollection
• How shall I believe peace is original attribute
of soul?
Meditation for Peace
Om Shanti