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TCS Global Policy - Reimbursement

of Certification Fees

TCS Confidential 1
 2008

This is a controlled document. Unauthorised access, copying and replication

are prohibited.

This document must not be copied in whole or in parts by any means,

without the written authorisation of the Head - Global HR, TCS and or
Deputy Head – Global HR, TCS.

Document Release Notice

This policy on Reimbursement of Certification Fees, Version 4.0, is released for use in TATA Consultancy
Services (TCS) with effect from 20 February, 2016.

This document is subject to TCS Document Control Procedure.

Soft copy of the latest version of this document is available in MyHR in Knowmax.

This document was last reviewed / updated on 27 May, 2016.

Approved By: Dr. Ritu Anand (Deputy Head – Global HR)

Approved By: Damodar Padhi (Global Head – Talent Development)

Authorised By: Ajoy Mukherjee (Head – Global HR)

TCS Confidential 2

This policy is applicable to:

- All Full Time Associates of TCS, globally.

- Business Associates only if it is a mandatory project requirement.

This policy is not applicable to Contract Consultants (Retainers), ACE Associates and Academic Interns.


TCS encourages its associates to build competencies relevant to the Organisation and to obtain an
independent external/internal validation of these competencies.


The purpose of this policy is as follows:

a. To encourage associates in getting certified in critical areas of competencies as defined by the

respective Independent Operating Units (IOUs)/Projects from time to time.

b. To obtain an independent and external validation on competencies acquired by associates from a

recognised External Organisation.

c. To encourage, facilitate, and support a culture of continuous learning for associates.

d. To supplement and strengthen TCS’s efforts towards internal learning and development.

Note: There may be exceptions to or deviations from this policy that might apply to a specific geography,
a specific Certification, or a set of Certifications. This policy should be read and interpreted in conjunction
with such exceptions & deviations, which would be communicated through and maintained in MyHR.

Refer Ultimatix -> Learning & Collaboration -> Knowmax -> MyHR -> Global -> Professional
Development -> Certification & Professional Membership -> Certification -> TCS Global Policy –
Reimbursement of Certification Fees for Exceptions & Deviations to Policy for Reimbursement of
Certification Fees


As per this policy, eligible associates may request for a reimbursement of Certification fees, for
Certifications obtained from reputed external Professional Organisations as per the TCS’s approved List
of Certifications.

TCS Confidential 3
1. Entitlement

a. The Corporate Talent Development Group in consultation with the Independent Operating Units
(IOUs) periodically prepares a list of Approved Certifications and Organisations.

b. TCS provides a reimbursement for Certifications only as per the published list which is approved
by the Corporate Talent Development.

Refer Ultimatix -> Learning & Collaboration -> Knowmax -> MyHR -> Global -> Professional
Development -> Certification & Professional Membership -> Certification -> TCS Global
List – Reimbursable Certifications in Knowmax for List of Certifications eligible for

c. The IOUs should ensure that the Certification is in line with the business requirements and/or the
Certification is in line with the career plan of the associate.

d. This policy does not cover courses leading to degrees/diplomas offered by Universities and other
formal academic bodies.

e. The Certification Fee will be reimbursed only if the associate passes the exam and gets certified
by the organisation conducting the certification.

f. Reimbursement will be provided only if the associates have sought a prior approval before they
undergo the Certification.

g. The amount of Certification Fee reimbursed depends on the original receipts that show the actual
amount spent.

h. The details of reimbursement are as below:

Associate Type % of Certification Remarks

fee reimbursed

Full Time Associate 100% -

Business Associate 100% Only if it is a mandatory requirement for the

current project

i. The Certification Fee includes the following:

- Course Fees: Only if the Course(s) are a mandatory pre-requisite for Certification

TCS Confidential 4
- Examination Fees

- Renewal Fees (Subject to same process of approval as stated in Procedure for Certification )

j. The Certification Fee does not include the following and TCS will not reimburse expenses
towards the same:

- Course Material (Except for Foreign Languages. Refer to Exceptions Document for

- Library Fee

- Membership Fee (Except in situations where the total cost of membership +

Certification/series of Certifications as a member, is less than the cost of Certification(s) as a

Note: Expenses incurred on membership fees may be claimed through the Professional
membership policy as per entitlement.

Refer Ultimatix -> Learning & Collaboration -> Knowmax -> MyHR -> Global -> Professional
Development -> Certification & Professional Membership -> Certification -> TCS Global
policy - Professional Membership for details of the same.

2. Organisations offering Certifications

Two types of Organisations that offer Certifications are recognised by TCS. They are:

a. Organisations with which TCS does not have a tie up

- Associates may appear for the Certifications directly through the external Organisation on
obtaining the necessary approvals.

- The initial cost of Certification should be borne by the associates and they may claim
reimbursement of Certification Fees after obtaining the Certification.

b. Organisations with which TCS has tie ups

- TCS has tie-ups with certain Organisations which offer Certification to TCS associates,
wherein TCS pays the Certification fees directly to the Organisation and the associate does
not need to make any direct payment towards the same.

- Associates who wish to undergo the certification from these Organisations can put up a
request for approval.

TCS Confidential 5
- Once the request has been approved, the associates can enrol for the Certification.

- In case the associates who avail of this facility do not pass the certification exam OR do not
appear for the same, the applicable Certification fees are recovered from the associates’

Note: The procedure of registering for different types of certifications in iEvolve is available
under - Ultimatix  Learning & Collaboration  Learning  iEvolve

3. asCERT

a. asCERT is a Learning and Development (Talent Development) initiative within TCS. As a part of
this initiative TCS has a tie-up with one/more Certification Organisations which offer a facility for
associates to register and appear for Certification exams. These exams are organised within TCS
premises. The objective is to offer associates the convenience of registering and appearing for
the Certification exam within a TCS office.

b. TCS encourages associates to undergo the Certification through asCERT wherever the
Certification is covered through asCERT.

Refer Ultimatix  Learning & Collaboration  Learning  iEvolve  Help

Special scenarios

a. New Joinees

- New joinees may claim reimbursement of Certification fees, from the date of joining TCS.

- Certifications obtained prior to joining TCS will not be reimbursed.

b. Associate goes on Leave Without Pay (LWP)

- Associates may claim reimbursement of Certifications obtained when they are on LWP,
provided the request is pre-approved by the immediate Supervisor, Competency
Development Manager, Location HR head and Location Talent Development / IOU Talent
Development before they actually undergo the Certification

- TCS does not make any direct payments to the external organisation in this case, even if a
tie-up exists. The associate bears the cost of Certification.

- The associate may request for reimbursement only after reporting back to work after LWP

TCS Confidential 6
Note: The time limit of three months for claiming reimbursement after obtaining the Certification
may be relaxed in LWP cases; however the associate must claim the reimbursement within two
months of reporting back after LWP.

c. Associate goes on a long term International Assignment

- The associate is entitled to a reimbursement when on an International Assignment.

- The associate may request for reimbursement anytime within 3 months of obtaining the

- The reimbursement may be claimed at the Host Country and payment will be as per the Host
Country currency.

d. Associate separates from TCS

- TCS will not reimburse the Certification fee and will not approve requests for Certification in
case the request is initiated during the notice period.

- In case TCS has already reimbursed the Certification fee or paid the organisation directly and
the associate resigns within 3 months of getting certified, then TCS reserves the right to
recover the cost of Certification from the associate during Full and Final Settlement (FFS).

- The recovery is based on the amount and is subject to the following conditions:

i. The associate has successfully cleared the exam OR

ii. The associate failed the exam/ did not appear for the exam OR

iii. Results are yet to be announced

- The details of recovery are as follows:

i. If the Certification fee is < $100, no recovery towards the same will be made.

ii. If the Certification fee is >= $100, the same will be recovered during the FFS.

Refer Appendix B to see the entire Process of Reimbursement of Certification Fees

in the event of Resignation of the associate.

TCS Confidential 7
Terms and Conditions

1. Associates should submit the reimbursement request within 3 months of obtaining the Certification.

2. All reimbursements are through a direct deposit in the associates’ ERA Account.

3. All expenses related to entitlements in this policy are booked against the respective IOU SWON to
which associates belongs, based on concurrence of the SWON owner.

4. Requests for Reimbursement of Certification Fees will not be processed without submission of valid
proof (i.e. Certificate of Competency) after passing the exam.

5. TCS will process the payment within 30 calendar days of receiving the proof.

6. TCS reserves the right to change or discontinue any/all provision/s of this policy including but not
limited to the entitlement and procedure, at any point of time.

7. Reimbursement of Certification Fees is an opportunity provided by TCS to associates for further

upgrade of their competencies. The associates should ensure that they use this opportunity in a
responsible manner and put in all possible effort to ensure successful completion of the course.


Note: The procedure of registering for different types of certifications in iEvolve is available under -
Ultimatix  Learning & Collaboration  Learning  iEvolve  Help .

1. Procedure to register for Certification and to claim reimbursement

A. Prior Approval (Before registering for Certification exam) and Registration

i. Search for the desired certification in iEvolve

ii. Select an ‘external and reimbursable certification’

iii. Register for the certification in iEvolve

Refer Ultimatix  Learning & Collaboration  Learning  iEvolve  Help for
assistance in system navigation

iv. The Supervisor reviews the request to verify if the desired Certification is in line with TCS’s
business requirements and the employee’s career plan.

v. The IOU Competency Development Manager (CDM) validates if the Certification is in line
with the IOU competency needs and approves the request.

TCS Confidential 8
vi. The Certification Owner approves the request in case of some specific certifications.

vii. The Learning Officer (Location/IOU Talent Development D team) suggests /recommends the
associate to register for the individual learning elements (courses / exams) as follows:

 Through asCERT when the Certification is covered in asCERT

 Through external Organisations when the certification is not covered in asCERT

viii. Associate registers and appears for the Certification and completes the required elements to
acquire this Certification.

B. Claiming Reimbursement

i. If the associates do not pass the exam, they may not request for reimbursement.

ii. Reimbursement may be claimed only if all the elements / exams as defined by the
certification are completed. In case a prior approval has been obtained for claiming
reimbursement on completion of each paper, the associate may claim reimbursement on
clearing each paper.

iii. After completing the certification, the associate initiates the certification closure process in
iv. The Learning Officer verifies completion of all the elements as required by the certification
and then approves the request after verifying the documents and the claimed amount.

v. The IOU CDM provides the S/WON number in the system for reimbursement.

vi. The owner of the S/WON approves the request.

vii. A reimbursement claim request is initiated automatically in the Global ESS system.

i. For all claim requests which mandatorily require submission of proof of expense, self-
attested scanned proofs must be submitted in GESS, irrespective of the amount being

ii. Hard copies may require be submitted to Location Finance/ claims processing team as
per country specific requirements.

viii. The payment is made through a direct deposit in the associates’ ERA account.

TCS Confidential 9
2. Procedure to Request Addition of an Organisation/Certification to the approved list of
Reimbursable Certifications

Associates who wish to avail of Certifications that are not on the approved list may initiate a request
for adding an Organisation/Certification to the list as per the process below:

a. The associate puts up an email request to the Supervisor about the details of the
Organisation/Certification to be added to the approved list.

b. The Supervisor forwards the request to the IOU CDM along with his/her recommendation.

c. IOU CDM decides whether the Organisation/Certification should be added to the list based on the
business needs of the IOU and recommends the inclusion to Corporate Talent Development

d. If required, Corporate Talent Development also researches other Organisations offering similar
Certifications, verifies the credentials of each Organisation and sends a recommendation to the
CLP Head for final authorisation.

e. After authorisation by the CLP Head, Corporate Talent Development adds the Organisation to the
approved list published on Ultimatix -> Learning & Collaboration -> Knowmax -> MyHR ->
Global -> Professional Development -> Certification & Professional Membership ->
Certification -> TCS Global List – Reimbursable Certifications and defines the certification as
reimbursable in iEvolve.

TCS Confidential 10
Appendix A
Procedure for Claiming Reimbursement

Documents to be submitted:

 Receipts (original)

 Certificate (copy) / Scorecard (where course-wise reimbursement has been approved)

 Printout of the GESS workflow screenshot

TCS Confidential 11
TCS Confidential 12
Appendix B

Finance has paid fees Associate

to allow associate to passes/ fails
Associate pays the Associate take the exam
Fees (to allow him/ Passes / Fails
her to take the exam)

Associate Resigns
and resignation is Associate completes
Associate Resigns accepted competency updates
and resignation is
Checked and
Not entitled to approved by HR
reimbursement of Officer
fees - Hence no
impact on Full and
Final settlement
Fee > $100 and associate has
- Not completed 3 months
End No after successfully clearing
the exam OR
- Has failed the exam OR
- Results are not announced


HR takes decision to deduct

fees from full and final
settlement based on whether
the associate has utilised the
investment in training for the

Finance makes deduction

from full and final

TCS Confidential 13
Revision List

Revi Policy Documen Revision Description Section Rationale for Chan Policy
sion effectiv t Release/ change ge revision/
Ver e date Revision No. type Documen
sion Date (add/ t revision
No. modif

4.0 20 Feb 27 May Updated Ultimatix Purpose, Change in Modify Document

2016 2016 path Provisions, Global ESS Revision
Procedure path

4.0 20 Feb 27 May Revised procedure for Procedure Change in Modify Document
2016 2016 submission of GESS Claims Revision
supporting documents. process

3.0 08 Aug 01 Nov Change in the Procedure With the roll Modify Document
2011 2011 procedure for out of the new Revision
certification and certification
claiming management
reimbursement. digitized
Certification / Renewal process,
of Certification – modifications
Approval & reflected in the
Reimbursement Form policy
2.0 01 Jan 01 Jan Certification through Provisions Introduction of Add Document
2009 2009 asCERT > asCERT asCERT Revision
programme by

TCS Confidential 14
1.0 01 Jan 01 Jan Expenses related to Terms and Clarify the Modify Policy
2009 2009 entitlement to be Conditions SWON/WON revision
booked against IOU for booking
SWON/WON to which costs.
the associate belongs.

TCS Confidential 15