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5/15/2018 Gucci’s Brand Value

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Gucci’s Brand Value

March 27, 2017May 4, 2017 /

Gucci’s Brand Value using Keller’s CBBE model

Gucci has an instantly recognisable and loveable identity, even by looking at something as simple as
their logo, it is one of the most recognisable fashion logo’s ever created and is seen worldwide as a
symbol of grandeur and authenticity. The ‘made in Italy’ slogan that accompanies the brand’s

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5/15/2018 Gucci’s Brand Value

personality makes reference to Gucci’s Italian Heritage and its pride in luxury craftsmanship from a
country renowned as a leader in art, fashion, and design.

Gucci prides themselves on their performance in high-quality craftsmanship and unparalleled,

unique design. They also have a top end price range which has a Veblen effect, which is when goods
are desired for being over-priced, It is caused either by the belief that higher price means higher
quality or by the desire for conspicuous consumption and to be seen as buying an expensive, prestige
items. (Business Dictionary, 2017)

The imagery evoked from Gucci’s brand identity combines modernity, heritage and prestige. There is
a duality in their brand positioning; whilst they evoke feelings of their Italian Heritage and a timeless
tradition this is combined with innovation and contemporary design. They also use a lot of strategic
alliances with celebrities as brand ambassadors, which is a sign of prestige. Gucci is notoriously
‘superior’ in its judgement, being one of the most coveted luxury brands in the world today, however,
they’re also considerate, their code of ethics stating “Gucci is working to strengthen its current
commitment to be a progressive leader. This pathway involves the enhancement of key issues such as
respect for human rights and employees, the environment and biodiversity, respect for stakeholders
and the involvement of suppliers.” (Gucci, 2017).

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5/15/2018 Gucci’s Brand Value

Gucci Herbarium, Tokyo

The feelings felt by the consumer are wide, most notably Gucci offers customers psychological
empowerment when they wear their clothes or walk into a store. In order to help resonate Gucci has a
high engagement with customers and the community, the list of engagements is almost endless, to
name a few; Gucci 4 rooms- art installations in Tokyo. Jared Leto stars in an ad campaign and
becomes a brand ambassador. A coffee Shop in their flagship store in Milan, a restaurant in the Gucci
Museo in Florence, a restaurant in Shanghai (Gucci 1921), cafe/lounge at its flagship store in Seoul
and the bar at its men’s store in Milan. Collaboration over 3 seasons with Brooklyn-based artist
trouble Andrew.

Artist Trouble Andrew for Gucci

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5/15/2018 Gucci’s Brand Value

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