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Adam & Eve

Equally Yoked Social

In the
Garden of Eden
- Liberal Arts and Humanities -

The Equally-Yoked Couple

An Introduction to the
Concepts – Definitions - Perspectives


This material may be quoted for educational projects
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All quotations here within are actually either direct or
paraphrased quotes from personal interviews, public
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media publications.
So therefore, the use of any quotations here within is
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social psychology research, supervised clinical
psychiatry and psychotherapy.

- Liberal Arts and Humanities -

• Some Basic Philosophy
– Definitions: “Equally yoked,” POVs, a few Quotations
• Social Psychology
– Dyads: the Equally-Yoked vs the Unequally-Yoked
• Religious Doctrine
– Beliefs: “…Be ye not unequally yoked.”
• Law and Justice
– A Homeogenous and also an 'Equallyoked' Legal Marriage.

- Liberal Arts and Humanities -

Sociology 101
In Sociology, a dyad is a group of two people, the
smallest possible social group.1

An ‘equally-yoked’ dyad refers to a male and female of

identical ‘civil identities.(a)

Social psychology studies: …are ‘dyadic’ relationships

between two individuals of equal (i.e., or at least very
similar) ‘civil identities’ clinically describing such
twosomes as each, ...‘the reference couple’. (ibid)
- Soc101
A Better Understanding
Spellings & definitions

• “Equally-yoked”
(the study of the minds of
– Social Science – Clinical Social Psychology such a unique couple)
Defined: A Dyadic (Spouses) with the Same ‘Civil Identity’
• “Equally Yoked” (a special focus is on
– Religious – Holy Bible /Christian /Doctrinal religion and spirit)
Defined: A Couple with the Same ‘Civil Identity’ with a special mutual
focus on the same ‘Spirit’.
Religious beliefs and the same ‘Spirit’
• “Equallyoked” ( concerned with civil
– Secular – Social Ethics /Justice /Social Mores rights and human rights)

Defined: A Homegamous ‘Pair’ with the Same ‘Civil Identity’

Note: Pronounced the same and colloquially used

interchangeably - practically meaning the same to all.
- Social Psychology/Terminology
“Equally Yoked”
• Equally: meaning, “alike’, …or “the same”… to the
same degree of.. (i.e., as ‘alike’ or …with the ‘same’
‘civil identity’ of a dating/or premarital couple).

• Yoked: meaning… ..‘enjoined’ together to do

(relationship) work. …more ‘figuratively’ - united
together in the work of holy matrimony with a
mutual ‘civil identity’ as ‘one’ (a coupleship)...(a,b)

- Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology

“Civil Identity”
‘Civil identity’ (Social Psychology) - describes a
collective of features about an individual’s
present: ethnicity, political party membership,
race and color, religious membership, disability/
handicap, age- group/-generation and (proper)
sexual orientation, and marital status. 3

- Social Psychology: SocPsy225

“..a Mosaic of Features..”

Marital Political
Status Party

Disability Race

Sex Color

Age Religion

Public domain
Permission to Copy
“.. dynamic public significance..”
A Brief History
• The phenomena of ‘equallyokedtarianism’ was clearly
identified 1st in philosophy and then later in social science about
the time of the emergence of the evolving ‘population control’
(one or two children per couple) movement worldwide.

• The actual term ‘equallyoked’* as a social phenomena

(i.e., a social mores recognized as two civil identities ‘pairing
up’) showed up in 1700s, (China) again in 1800s (Sociocultural
Anthropology in Africa), and in the 1900s American Sociology
as ‘reference couples’ for indices in the Clinical Social Sciences,
i.e., Social Psychology research.1

* Translation of archaic languages were made in vague terms from

the philosophies…until the 1960’s when it appears in
international social scientific (social psychology) literature.
-Social Psychology/SocPsy222
Personal Identity
• Family Identity
– Family Names (i.e., Meanings)
– Relationships: Roles, Rules, and Duties
• Social Identity
– Out in (Secular) Public: Community Roles
• Civil Identity
– Governmental, Components of
– A Multicultural Society
- SocPsy200
Stereotyping Studies*
Equally Yoked Unequally yoked
1. Discriminated against(a) Discriminated against1
2. Felt prejudice(b) Felt prejudice(2)
3. Bias in some form(c) Bias in some form(IBID)

*Study, after study, after study, revealed mixed findings-some conclusive and
some inconclusive but the consensus is that the equally yoked couples felt
discriminated against to about the same degree as did unequally yoked
couples. Both equally yoked and unequally yoked reported being ‘avoided’ by
others. Both reported incidents of prejudice and bias. To the same extent, both
reported having others be blatantly ‘rude’ to them. Equally yoked couples-
stereotyping studies are in need of further study. New York, NY, 2001
- Social Psychology: SocPsy707



Sexual Chemistry

• Physical Attraction
– A twosome being physically attracted to each other
• Sexual Attraction
– Sexual Chemistry – there is just ‘something’ there.
• Intimacy
– Mutual sharing in each others personal feelings of
a sexual attraction to one another. (4)

- Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology


• A couple who experience their very first sexual

encounter together, simultaneous climax , and their baby is
born out of that union are “Soul-mates”1 for life and if,..
• ..that couple bonds with each other, falls deeply in
love, and is the happiest they have ever been with
each other in their lives-are “Soul-mates”2 and, if…
• ..that couple who are ‘married’ and are indeed
“equallyoked” then they are truly “Soul-mates.”, i.e.,
of the ‘same’ or ‘at least of very similar’ “civil-
identities.” 3
- Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology
Male - Female
• Standards of masculine handsomeness and feminine
beauty amongst Equallyokedtarian couples varied
proportionate to closeness - distance.

• Researchers - found that physical attractiveness with

in the same ‘civil identity’ tended to be much higher
then in couples of other less closer descriptions.

• Also, a Survey showed that the uniqueness of

Equallyokedtarian lifestyles influenced standards of
attractiveness amongst ‘equallyoked’ pairs.

- Soc101: Sociocultural Theories

Family Identity
• Names
– Family Surname (by tradition)
– Middle Name (a Safestop)
– First Name (Social Meaning)
• Relationships and roles
– Grand-Parents/Parents – Aunts/Uncles
– Siblings: i.e., Brother(s) – Sister(s)
– Cousins
• Rules and duties
– Family/Home Rules
– Household Duties
- SocPsy200
- Liberal Arts and Humanities -
Social Identity
Your Social identity is your sense of
belongingness to a collective of identified
important groups such as; Citizenship: a Nation,
Residence: Home, Property: Ownership, deeds,
and co-ownership in Real estate, e.g., vacation
homes, office buildings, land, and may include
motor homes, RVs, cars, boats, planes, etc.,
Profession: your trade, vocation, skill, craft boards
or union, Title: in clubs, associations, organizations,
etc., Education: Credentials, degrees, diplomas,
certifications, documentation of schools successfully
attended. Socio-economic Class: Amount of money
in bank, in stocks and bonds investments, in bank
notes and certificates. A specific tax bracket.
- SocPsy225

• “Traditional beliefs about the equally yoked

couple is a doctrinal pillar in the Christian church
and is symbolic of God’s first love - the Equally
Yoked couple in Eden.”

Early American Christian

Traditional Colonial Beliefs

- Liberal Arts and Humanities -

Sociocultural Lifestyles
• Social Ethics
– Norms: Normal Behaviour vs Abnormal Acts/Actions
– Customs – As an Deviant Adaptation to Secular Life(a)
• Social Mores
– Social Behaviors-> Positive+ Outcomes for Society
– Equallyoked Coupling-Up/Dyadic Relationships (IBID)
• Law & Justice
– Civil Partnerships
– Common Law Marriage Social
– Marriage and Family Life(a,b)

- SocPsy225 Psychology
Social Ethics
• Social Etiquette
– Common courtesy family and out in public
• Social Norms
– Normal Social Behaviours (vs. Abnormal Actions)
• Social Customs
– As Adaptations to Stressful Secular Life
• Social Mores
– Social Behaviours for the Best Social Outcomes(a)
- Social Psychology: SocPsy225
“Equally Yoked”
True North
DYADS ‘almost’


Leftists “moral compass”

‘unequally yoked’ Conservatives

‘nearly equally yoked’

‘close enough’
- Liberal Arts and
Moderates Humanities,
‘closely equally yoked’ SocPsy220
Social Mores
• A Social Lifestyle – living a life that is conducive to
freedom, personal health and the pursuit of happiness
- Individualistic (is uniquely personal)
- Interdependent (smallest group is a dyad)
• Social Behaviors-> Positive + Outcomes for Society:
- Everyone mutually benefits (full community)
- All involved plus others have a favorable ending
• Equallyoked Coupling-Up/Dyadic Relationships
- Well functioning/healthful/liberty/longevity
- Social Psychology: SocPsy225
As a “Social Mores”
…a basic rule within a specific cultural group
• Obedience to this cultural group’s rule – results in
certain social acceptance…
• ..the foundation of all community laws within a
culture began with a specific social mores..
• In order for there to be a continuance of culture such
social mores are formally and casually observed…
• Social mores are r/t mental and social wellbeing..
• Socialization, childrearing, marriage, and mate
selection are founded up good social mores.
A Review Of the
Liberal Arts & Humanities
Law & Justice
• Common Law Marriage
- Cohabitation(a)

• Civil (hetero) Partnerships

- Legal liabilities of Co-ownerships (a,b)

• Marriage and Family Life
- Separation
- Annulment
- Divorce
- SocPsy225: Social Justice
Biological Psychological Socio-cultural
Genes- Role Modeling- Social Scripting-
Genetics in the Family: Great G- Friends, Media,
Family of Origin parents, G-parents, Acquaintances, Social
Parents, Uncles/ Events, Social
Aunts, Cousins, etc Functions

An analysis of equally yoked couples formed demonstrated that within

the biopsychosociocultural model there is – the biological: i.e., genes,
the psychological: i.e., role modeling and positive reinforcement, and
the socio-cultural: i.e., friends, acquaintances, people in social events,
and social functions that serve that community. - SocPsy299
Religious Meanings
1. “Equally yoked” is a Holy Bible orientated vernacular –
meaning - a couple having a ‘Garden of Eden’ kind of
relationship - with high regard for working out a gospel plan
for the matched pair’s salvation.1a
2. “…meaning a coupleship expressed as a righteous witness to
God’s miraculous power of matching man and woman
properly within a broader system of Bible truth.” ibid
3. ‘Unequally yoked’ is a Holy Bible originated vernacular –
that concerns associating/ with nonbelievers, i.e., a man and
woman – one who denies counsel in the word of God.
Nonbelievers-without a pure heart - anti-righteous - who are a
menace to the truly loving ‘equallyoking’ ministry of the
Savior.” ibid

- Doctrinal and Morals Studies

….are couples who are ‘equally yoked’

Pronunciation: “Eek quel ee yoak‘d tar ee ins” 1.

Definition: - are any individuals who by choice, i.e.,
purposefully choose to bond with and marry another
of the same (or very nearly the same) ‘Civil
identity’*, within any culture are called,
‘Equallyokedtarians’ - couples ‘equallyoked’.2
*Recall: a ‘Civil identity’ - describes a collective of
features about a person’s present: ethnicity, political
party membership, race and color, religious
membership, disability/ handicap, age group/
generation, proper sexual orientation, and marital
- Introduction to Social Psychology
“Positive Regard”
Also, “unconditional positive regard”
Means: …a complete acceptance, love, favor towards of
an individual – especially those who are considered
‘equallyoked’, also...
…parents who devotedly and deliberately indoctrinate
their children with a ‘clear’ sense of ‘civil identity’ to
prepare them to live in a multicultural society as
‘positive regard’ for their child.

- Social Psychology/Definitions
“Life Partner”

A “Life Partner” refers to a lifetime, romantic and

very close “mate”. A couple who are true ‘life
partners’ are the ‘equallyoked’.(1)
It is true that equally-yoked ‘life partners’ usually
develop strong platonic relationships as a mutual
serious long term goal together.(2)
‘Life partners’ may base their relationship on
moral/or immoral grounds whether married/
monogamously or can be individuals such as
- Introduction to Social Psychology
“Be ye not unequally yoked…”
II Corinthians 6:14

‘equal to’/or ‘about equal to’

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