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The first day of class I had of English was very nervous already that the English is
a little difficult for me.The teacher Susana began your classes explain from the
basic, his subjects were the alphabet and the colors. The first partial vocabulary
was much, so that I had that learn several words that did not know.I like this partial
because I got to know the name of many things as the parts of the house. A
subject that I liked much was the of the animals because the majority not the knew
but some know his write already that the learn in the secondary. Little by little I
began to learn more words, some subjects I complicated already that it was hard
the pronunciation and other subjects were very short. The second partial also was
of much vocabulary but the majority of the subjects were short. In the second
partial I liked because obtained ten of qualification also of that not I difficult. Some
subject I facilited because some words and knew, as was the subject of food I
liked. For the third partial already knew more words already that during the first
semester that was the intention. The third partial was very short for the some
subjects were few also in this partial do not examination. In this semester I learned
much and lost a little the fear the matter of English already that in a beginning I did
not like the matter because is difficult for me the write and pronunciation.

The second semester began with the subject of a oration complements, which was
not very difficult. A subject that I liked much was of the qualifying adjectives already
that I helped form orations short. A subject that was a little long and complicated
was the verbs already that were enough verbs. In the first partial the examination
was easy already that is treatment about the verbs and although were several the
majority already the knew since the secondary. In the second partial started to
doing soup of letters about the subjects previous and then we exchanged with the
other group and also learn more. The subject of cognates and false cognates me
helped much already that some words in English are write seemed in Spanish but
its significated is different the that cause confusion the translate. In the second
semester was happy already that learn some subject that helped to form oration. In
the second partial to realize card of verbs with image for that learned the writing
and its pronunciation, also practice in the hall of class. The teacher in the third
partial saw a little of dramatic information for learns to translate. In this semester I
learned much and lost a little the fear the matter of English and subject that saw in
the semester I helped to translate words. In the third partial not do examination
already that the teacher me obtained ten of qualification.
The third semester began with the that already see in the second semester but
already we saw more because started to translate orations and some text. This
semester me cost a little already that not saw more dictations already that were
subjects about some ruler that take in account in the translate. The first subject that
saw was the gerunds and the present tense of verbs the which were easy for me.In
the first partial obtain the qualification of ten although I difficult a little the
examination already that was information dramatical and these subject almost I not
like already that hard for me to understand. Also to realize some soup of letters to
better understand the subject and also for learn more. The second partial was of
translate and almost not saw much subjects and something I liked a little was that
we realized the examinations about the subject that saw in the partial and then the
exchange with the other classroom and the examination was easy to do. The third
partial was one of the that I like already that with pass to sing in English get our
qualification, and all this partial were rehearsing. Although I not like pass to sing
already that not sing I was embarrassed and also me cost the pronunciation. In this
semester I learned much and although me difficult a little I like that pass to sing
and obtain the qualification of ten, little by little was learn to pronunciation but eve I

The fourth semester was one of the most difficult already that was absolute
translation and not see much subjects in this semester only translate texts and
other things. The first partial only translate solicitude of occupation and a
autobiography which was easy. The autobiography was of all our lives of three
pages maximum realize this I liked very much already that was something fun
because I remembered all the things that did in my life and what I will. The
solicitude of occupation was a little easy of translate and then we do it to computer.
In the first partial not realized examination already that give all my works with the I
obtained the qualification of ten in this partial. In the second partial translate texts
and only saw a subject that was comparing the degree of superiority. This partial
was a little easy and I learned to translate a little faster which helped me later. In
the second partial realize a examination that was a little easy to do already that
was of the seasons and obtained the qualification of ten in this partial. In the third
partial we did a count of four semesters and also deliver a notebook of the four
semesters with this we qualify the partial the teacher. In these four semesters I
learned much and knew not words, also translate and some rules for writing also I
began to like the matter of English and I liked the form of teach of the teacher.





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