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By: CHEAWCHAN ATCHA-UEA, Director Sports and Recreation Team

Event 1: Movie Night for Sport and Recreation team.

1. Event idea and its execution.

o To bring students to watch a movie at a cinema in order to help reduce stress during
graduate study and to let them keep in touch with or make friends.
2. What is/are the objective/s of the event?
o Movie Night is planned to erase the pressure and stress of graduate students. An activity
before movie screening is also planned to create a communication among our
participants and distribute them the gifts.
3. How will it benefit to Graduate students?
o We believe that it can provide a good opportunity for MAE graduates and alumni to
socialize and having the great time.
4. Approx. budget for the event.
o 800
5. Approx. gathering of students?
o 80
6. Which departments/portfolios (besides MAEGSC) are you thinking to collaborate for your event
and why?
o -
7. Expected month of event (See the school schedule before planning event date. Avoid
examination and holidays date)
o November

Event 2: Sport

Description: Sport are important for improving student’s healthiness. So, we have plan to take students
to do sport outside school. We have some thought of interesting sports which everybody can do it
together. For example, bowling, ice skating etc. These kind of sports does not require any expertise of
student. Moreover, we are also interested to organize sport tournament inside our school. Those sports
can be soccer, badminton, table tennis and marathon. The number of participants will depend on sport
that we choose. Apart from healthiness propose, doing sport will enhance teamwork skill and can energize
student’s mind.
Purpose of the event:
● To relax and refresh student’s brain
● Mingle with new friends
● Develop teamwork skill and sportsmanship among graduate students
Expected number of participants: 30-40
Tentative date for the event: November
Estimated Budget:
SN. Description Budget
1 Logistics (Poster printing) 20
2 Snacks and drinks 120
3 Others (Ticket fee, transportation etc.) 500
Total 640