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VM Zinc continues eaves VM Zinc sheet clip

apronstip & continues folded strip

VM Zinc finish
Zinc pressing 40mm Halter to suit
zinc profile
Tyvek weather barrier
18mm Marine plywood forming

PIR Rigid Ins Rigid Polyurethane Ins

Thermal Con: 0.025Wm2K
Limiting thermal bridging at roof

C channel profile , supporting

Zinc roof and Ins gutter
Vapor barrier
Z profiles
supported by
C channels

Hot rolled steel Z profile

& rockwool filled insulation &
supporting PIR Ins above

Structural steel deck

Light guage steel profiles
filled with rock wool Ins

cold rolled
outrigger bolted to Universal I Beam
taking loadsfrom roof
Steel Universal I beam
carrying loads transferred
from roof to ground
cold rolled outrigger supporting

Steel plate fixed to purling above

Vapour Barrier
Forticrete rainscreen cladding

Air flow ventilation

Gutter sloped away
through out the building
and brought to a drain

Suspended ceiling 600x600mm

Corrosive resistant, ceiling type to be
applicable with health care buildings
anti bacterial growth/build up

perimeter plasterboard corner detail

allowing minimal movement

Structural Glazing @ Eaves/Roof

2 1:5

Spider clamp fitting

Silicone sealant with backer rod

200mm CHS hot rolled

secondary structure to support
Structural glazing

Aluminum spider clamps holding

structural glazing in place
Aluminum Plate joining CHS column
to structural glazing plate

75mm reinforced structural


screed to engineers specification

Suspended ceiling Held on


by C channels

12.5mm Gyproc Plasterboard,

Plasterboard to comply with hygienic
standards for health care center


Structural glazing glass

2400x2400mm panel sizes

200mm CHS hot rolled

secondary structure to support
Structural glazing

Trench heaing
preventing condensation Proprietary Ins 50mm
on structural glazing Limiting thermal bridging @
3D Structural Glazing Floor Junction Internally & Externally-
4 1:50

Flashing around glazing Steel plate connecting CHS

stopping excess water base to ground and giving it
getting inside stability

Concrete Paver - Sloped 1:50 away from basement Reinforced Structural screed

ventilation boxed to a designated drain mixed with polypropylene fibres

30mm Sand blinding - allowing paving to rest on
DPM Secured tightly to floor and
up around the proprietary Ins
Compacted aggregate base

Hollowcore Floor 200mm

Proprietary Drainage channel Used on Ground fl Level with the
build up of the floor supported by the
concrete kicker/upstanding
Expansion bolt tying structural
glazing in place with foundation
kicker (Concrete), giving glazing
compacted Subgrade stability

Concrete Kicker
Supporting Foundation
Reinforced to Engineers Spec

DPM/Radon barrier

Rigid floor insulation

50 300
Project number Project Number 3
Structural Glazing @ Ground floor & Intermidiate floor
1 1:5 22/04/2016

Drawn by Xhevdet Haliti

Institute of Technology Carlow
BSc. in Architectural Technology
Year 3 2015-2016 LECTURER Dan O Sullivan, Noel Dunne,
Mark Duffy
26/04/2016 20:07:00

Carlow Primary Health Care Centre

BSc in Architectural Technology
Year 3: 2015 - 2016 Key Plan section - Structural Glazing 5
Structural Glazing 3D
Structural Glazing details
3 1:5 Scale 1:5