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Henan Zhongzhou Animal Husbandry Breeding Equipment Co.

, Ltd
Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LTD(Export)
Add: 920 Kilometers Of 107 National Road, Xiping County, Henan Province, China
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Detailed quotation
26th, April. 2018
Brief description( chicken shed )
No. Name data
1 cage specifications A type 4-tier 5-door. 1950mm*450mm*410mm. 160pcs/set.
2 description 32sets/row. 2rows/chicken shed. 64sets in total.

3 chicken shed size 70m*8m*3.5m(length*width*height)

4 capacity in total 160pcs/set*32sets/row*2rows/shed=10240pcs.

Cage and accessories

No. Name Description image Quantity Unit Unit price amount

Cage Size:
A-type 4-tier 5-door Weight:70kg(unit)
1 64 set $180 $11,520
cage meshes Electrostatic spraying Treatment,
Q235 steel wire

2 Cage frame U-shape steel cage frame 66 set / /

white counter-slope feed trough,

3 Feed trough 264 pcs / /
10kg/pcs, 4m/pcs.

Fixed nailFeed,
Crib&Water pipe Connections,
4 Small accessories 64 set / /
C-clip Rings(Stainless steel),Cage
Frame Bolts,

Automatic dringking system

No. Name Description image Quantity Unit Unit price amount

round shape. made of UPVC

1 Water pipe 264 pcs / /
material, 4m/pcs

Automatic drinking 1pcs for each cell, each cell for 4

2 2560 pcs / /
nipple birds.

for adjust water pressure,

3 Pressure adjustor 8 pcs / /

Total cost of the chicken cage: $11,520

Automatic feeding system

No. Name Description image Quantity Unit Unit price amount

Including the horizontal and slant
feeding system, also the
1 Feeding machine 1 set $3,395 $3,395
disinfection system and electricity
box is included.
3Kw with 2 motors, each 1.5Kw.

Total cost of automatic feeding system: $3,395

Automatic manure removing system

No. Name Description image Quantity Unit Unit price amount

(Including the Nylon rope(Ψ16),
one engine(2.2Kw),
Manure removing 2scrapers(width:2.05M, height:
1 1 set $1,008 $1,008
machine 0.18M) and electricity box),also
the cable, switch are included, you
don't need to purchse anything
when installation
Total cost of automatic manure removing system: $1,008

Automatic egg-collecting machine

No. Name Description image Quantity Unit Unit price amount

for collecting eggs from cages, also

Egg collecting
1 the electricity box is included 2 set $3,712 $7,424

for collecting eggs, Polypropylene

2 Egg collecting belt material, which is anti-dust, 2304 M / /
bacterial and fungal.

fixer of egg 8pcs for each set of cages (4tier

3 600 pcs / /
collecting belt cage)

Bracket for egg-collecting belt

4 Accessories Belt device behind whell for the 2 set / /
egg-collecting belt

To control the automatic egg

5 Electricity Box 2 pcs / /
collecting machine

Total cost of the automatic egg-collecting machine: $7,424

Ventilation system

No. Name Description image Quantity Unit Unit price amount

1.4M*1.4M, Siemens brand,
cooling fan motor is included. 1.5Kw one
1 6 set $201 $1,206
(Behind wall) piece
workload 44000m3/h

Galvanized frame. 15cm thickness.

2.5*2.0M. motor is included.
2 Wet pad mainly installed in the front of the 30 M $22 $660
chicken shed, but the rest will be
placed on each side of the wall.

filter,water pump, pipe coupling

Water circulation and others, which is used for the
3 3 set $110 $330
system cooling pad, 0.75Kw per pcs, 3
motors.3 sides of the wall.

for keep air fresh and keep good

4 clearstory 46 pcs $15 $690
condition of air flowing. 60*30cm.

Including winch, galvanized steel

5 Linkage and other accessories. The motor 2 set $493 $986
is included.

Total cost of Ventilation system: $3,872

installation tool

No. Name Description image Quantity Unit Unit price amount

1 Nailing machine to install the cage meshes 2 set $300 $600

total cost of the installation tool: $600

Total cost of all the equipment : $27,818

FOB Qingdao Price: $29,318

Ocean freight to Durban port: $1,800

CFR Durban price: $31,118

CIF Durban price: $31,148

Terms and conditions:
The Ocean freight is variable anytime. The final price is based on the up-to-date ocean freight from shipping
2 Payment terms: 30% as deposit by T/T, balance paid before loading from our factory.
3 Price based on CIF terms with ocean freight to Durban (one 40HQ container).
4 Price valid time: 20 days.
Installation and Training: Our company will send 1~2 engineers for guiding your installation, testing the
5 machine and training your workers. You have to pay salary for the engineers (US$100.00/day) and also Round-
trip tickets and accommodation.
6 Delivery time: within 30 working days after receiving deposit.

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