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2017-2018 – Y12 – Unit 65 Web Animation

Week Beginning
M4 W1 Th3 Th4 F1 F2
5/2/18 21 Intro to Ass 1 Task 3 Task 3

Sources Research Report Research

Document on Uses of Web Report on
Animation Uses of Web
ILP Animation
Wasn’t in the lesson
Examples Wasn’t in the
Task 3

Research Report
on Uses of Web

Started the report

12/2/18 22 Task 4 Task 4 Task 4 Task 5 Task 5 Task 5

Research Research Report Research Report Research report Research report Finish
Report on on History of Animation on Digital on Web
History of Animation Techniques Animation to Animation Deadline for
Animation techniques Software Report
Wasn’t in the lesson Started and finished
Carried on with the history of Started and finished Started and finished DEADLINE ASS
the uses of web animation animation digital animation 1
animation. techniques
Started and
finished web