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According to FindLaw, some of the effects of vandalism include damage

to vehicles ,broken windows and damage or destruction of websites .The result of
vandalism are often evident on building structures, street sign ,billboard ,tunnels, bus
stop cemeteries and numerous often public spaces .FindLaw emphasizes that while
graffiti is considered by some people to be an art form, vandalism is a crime against
property and punishable by monetary fines and jail time.
Statement of the Problem

The researcher attempts to find evidence why student are vandalism

during break time. To know the reason effect of being vandalism during break time.
The specifically to find to the question in the sudipen vocational high school.
1.) What kind of properties in school are usually the victims of vandalism?
2.) Choose among the choices the possible cause of vandalism?
Scope and Delimitation
The case study was conducted to selected students of Sudipen Vocational
High School for SY. 2017-2018 1ST SEMESTER
Significance of the study

The Sudipen Vocational High School has the reputation of being an

institution of responsible and intelligent students and of maintaining the tradition of
producing competent and professional citizens for the country. These could be altered if
VANDALISM amongst students abounds.
This research will help students realize the effects of their vandalism on
themselves and on the community. The results of this research may also help them
understand their usual reasons for vandalism and hopefully help and motivate them to
adjust their habits.
Moreover, this research may also be a help to teachers. Teachers may be able
to realize that they have a certain influence to the vandalism of students. They may find
the need to modify their personal and teaching habits and fully serve as role model to
students both in terms of punctuality and in terms of education.
Furthermore, this research may be useful to the School Administrators. The
results of this research may help the administrators see if the students are becoming
too vandalism during break time that it may be a threat to the quality and competency
level of the school. In addition, other schools and even workplaces can adapt the study,
find out the vandalism of their students and members, and pinpoint the associated
Lastly, this research may also help future researchers that seek to study the
vandalism in SVHS, or in any other institution, and its reasons.

Chapter II
Review of related literature
In recent times, residential districts in modern cities face certain new and
undesired problems related to antisocial behavior by adolescents in its urban public
spaces. In this study, we investigate the relationship between the design features of
public spaces in residential areas and the problem of vandalism within the districts. This
paper examines the current literature reviews on vandalism, the main reasons behind
the increase of in the problem, types of vandalism, and a mathematical model for
assessing visibility and accessibility in addition to proving the results of a field study
conducted in a UAE city. We believe that visibility of vandalism-prone areas through
dwelling windows, accessibility of such areas by residents through dwelling entrances,
and recognition of ownership of such areas can definitely play a role in mitigating
vandalism. Our findings indicated the following: There is a strong relationship between
vandalism and visibility through dwelling windows. Residents’ accessibility to dwelling
entrances and recognition of ownership play an important role in reducing vandalism. In
areas where the visibility and accessibility by residents is low, the severity of the
problem of vandalism increase if there is an increase in the percentage of adolescent
residents. The design characteristics of the housing areas, such as the height of the
blocks or the limits of public spaces, do not have any influence on the occurrence of

Chapter III
The Researcher conducting a case study by distribution of questionnaire distributed

randomly to the selected students. Choosing the best answer in the questionnaire

would be the basis of the common reason and the possible solution/remedies for

vandalism. Vacant time of each year level would be the distribution of questionnaire.

Tallying and analyzation of the data would be the next step. Then encoding of all data

gathered in the research question.

Chapter IV

A. Findings

Question #1

A. (39) Thirty-nine of students answered that the victims of vandalism is –


B. (4) Four of students answered that the victims of vandalism is –


C. (4) Four of students answered that the victims of vandalism is – Electric fans

Question #2

A. (23) Twenty-three of students answered that the possible cause of vandalism is

–children games

B. (15) Fifteen of students answered that the possible cause of vandalism is –

violent attitudes

C. (10) ten of students answered that the possible cause of vandalism is-addicted

to vandalism

Question #3

A. (29) twenty-nine of students answered that the remedies to stop vandalism is-

repair and clean

B. (12) twelve of students answered that the remedies to stop vandalism is-call

parents for conference

C. (8) eight of students answered that the remedies to stop vandalism is-individual


B. Summary

From all the choices on the questionnaire, chair is main kind of property and

cause of vandalism is children games problem of the students. As stated that

they are vandalism because of lack of attention. The respondents choose “repair

and clean ” the remedies to stop vandalisms.

C. Conclusion

Children games is the reason why students are vandalism. Because of many

students lack of attention.

Chair walls are victims of vandalism. Cause of vandalism are children games,

violent attitudes. The possible remedy to stop vandalism are repair and clean,

call parents for conference. This is why the researcher conducted the study for

the student willingly to know their reason and remedy to minimize their


D. Recommendation

Children games- do your seatwork instead, you play any games

Violent attitudes–

Addicted to vandalism– instead addict to vandalism focus on your study

Chapter V

Chapter VI