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Grapher ReadMe File

Version 11.0.659 - July 16, 2014

Copyright © 1992-2014 Golden Software, Inc.
All rights reserved.

This document provides supplemental information to the Grapher Quick Start Guide and contains late-breaking information about
Grapher features, compatibility, and known problems. Please read this file before installing or launching the software.

Table of Contents

This document contains the following sections:

System Requirements
Installing Grapher
Updating Grapher
Uninstalling Grapher
Grapher Demo Functionality
Sample Files
Known Issues and Limitations
Contacting Golden Software


Please remember to register your software by filling out the registration form on our web site (http://www.goldensoftware.com/).
Registration is required to receive technical support and to be eligible for upgrade pricing for future releases of Grapher.

System Requirements

Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8, or higher

512MB RAM minimum for simple data sets, 1GB RAM recommended
At least 500MB free hard disk space
1024x768 or higher monitor resolution with a minimum 16-bit color depth

Installing Grapher

Installing Grapher 11 requires that you be logged into an account that has Administrator rights. Golden Software does not
recommend installing Grapher 11 over any previous version of Grapher. Please ensure that you install Grapher 11 into a new
directory, which is what will happen by default. Grapher 11 can co-exist with older versions as long as they are in different

To begin the installation, either insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive, or double-click on the downloaded EXE file to run it. See
below for details of each method.

Installing Grapher on a Local Drive from CD:

1. Insert the CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive. The Setup program automatically begins on most computers.
2. Choose the "Install Grapher" option from the screen and setup will begin.

If the Setup program does not automatically start, double-click on the My Computer icon on your desktop. Open the CD-ROM drive
which contains the Grapher disk by double-clicking on the CD-ROM icon. From the CD-ROM folder find and double-click on
Autorun.exe to launch Grapher's Setup program. Select "Install Grapher" and setup will begin.

Installing Grapher on a Local Drive Using a Downloaded EXE:

1. Double-click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and navigate to the folder containing the downloaded file.
2. Double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation process.
Installing Grapher via Microsoft’s Group Policy Manager:

To install Grapher using Microsoft's Active Directory and Group Policy Manager (GPM) corporate deployment system, use the
Grapher(11.0.659)_Full_Group_Policy.msi file located on the CD or download this file from the Golden Software website.

Client/Server Network Installation:

Network administrators can install Grapher 11 into a networked file server directory for shared execution on client workstations. The
bulk of the Grapher files remain on the server and client workstations execute Grapher over the network from the server share.

First, Grapher must be installed on the networked file server. Log into the file server and following the procedure described above,
install Grapher onto a local drive but, in this case, specify the shared server directory as the installation target location. After
installation, run Grapher once, answer any required prompts and then close Grapher. At this point, setting read-only access to the
network share is highly recommended to prevent accidental deletion of shared files by workstation users.

Once the Grapher files are available via a network share, one must go to each local workstation, connect to the network share and
install Grapher for client use on that machine. Find the network share and then navigate into the “Golden Software\Grapher 11”
subfolder and double-click the “Client Installer” application. Follow the “Grapher 11 Client” Wizard dialogs to configure the
workstation to access Grapher over the network.

Updating Grapher

Local Installation:

To update your version of Grapher, open the Grapher program and choose the "File | Online | Check for Update" command. This
will launch the Internet Update program which will check Golden Software's servers for any updates. If there is an update for your
version of Grapher, the update will be downloaded and automatically started.

You can also email your registered Grapher 11 serial number to graphersupport@goldensoftware.com and request to download the
full product update.

You do not need to uninstall a previous version of Grapher 11 before installing an updated version of Grapher 11, as the installation
will automatically do this for you.

Client Installation:

Since the Grapher program and its associated files reside on a read only network share, the Network administrator must update the
Grapher installation on the file server. The administrator should choose a time when client workstations are not trying to use
Grapher over the network. Log into the file server, and update the server’s local version of Grapher via the procedure described in
the previous section (entitled “Local Installation”). After the update has been installed, the Grapher.CHM file should be copied to
each client machine, as this file will not automatically update.

Uninstalling Grapher

Windows XP
To uninstall Grapher, go to the Control Panel and double-click on Add/Remove Programs. Select “Grapher 11” (or “Grapher 11
Demo” for the demo version) from the list of installed applications. Click the Remove button to uninstall Grapher.

Windows Vista
To uninstall Grapher when using the Regular Control Panel Home, click the Uninstall a program link. Select “Grapher 11” (or
“Grapher 11 Demo” for the demo version) from the list of installed applications. Click the Uninstall button to uninstall Grapher.

To uninstall Grapher when using the Classic View, go to the Control Panel and double-click on Programs and Features. Select
“Grapher 11” (or “Grapher 11 Demo” for the demo version) from the list of installed applications. Click the Uninstall button to uninstall

Windows 7
To uninstall Grapher, go to the Control Panel and click the Uninstall a program link. Select “Grapher 11" (or “Grapher 11 Demo” for
the demo version) from the list of installed applications. Click the Uninstall button to uninstall Grapher.
Windows 8
To uninstall Grapher from the Start screen, right-click the "Graphergo to the Control Panel and click the Uninstall a program link.
Select “Grapher 11" (or “Grapher 11 Demo for the demo version”) tile and click the Uninstall button at the bottom of the screen.
Alternatively, right-click anywhere on the Start screen and click All apps at the bottom of the screen. RIght-click the "Grapher 11” (or
“Grapher 11 Demo for the demo version”) tile and click Uninstall at the bottom of the screento uninstall Grapher.

Grapher Demo Functionality

The Grapher demo version is a fully functioning demo. This means that most commands work exactly as the command works in the
full program. Saving, exporting, printing, and copying are disabled in the demo version.

The demo has no further restrictions on use. Any data set or image can be used to create any project. All properties can be changed
in the demo version. The demo does not have a “time-out period” so will not expire after a certain number of hours or days of use.
The demo can be installed on any computer that meets the system requirements.

Sample Files

Several sample files are included in the Samples directory. The samples include interesting graphs, data files, grid files, and some
scripts that can be used to automate Grapher.

Known Issues and Limitations

 Some custom fits may produce negative r^2 values.

 Cannot insert (embed) or link a Grapher object as a Grapher document within a Grapher document.
 Files with the .GR1 extension need to have the extension changed to .GRF to be opened in Grapher.
 There is no support for Grapher for DOS or Grapher for Windows version 1 files. Contact technical support at
graphersupport@goldensoftware.com for assistance in converting these files.
 The Save command does not work in Excel files opened in Grapher using the File | Open Excel command. The Save As
command must be used instead.
 “Single User” Installation Under Vista: To install Grapher for exclusive use by one user, that user account must have
Administrator privileges (at least during the installation). If the user account (say “George”) doesn’t have Administrator privileges,
Vista will ask the user for the password to another account (say “Fred”) that does. If George enters Fred’s password, the “single
user” installation will proceed, but Grapher will be installed for exclusive use by Fred instead of George!

Contacting Golden Software

Please report Grapher problems to Golden Software at:

Golden Software, Inc.

809 14th Street
Golden, CO 80401-1866 USA

phone: 303-279-1021
fax: 303-279-0909
email: graphersupport@goldensoftware.com
web: http://www.goldensoftware.com

Golden Software business hours are 8:00AM to 5:00PM Mountain Time

Monday through Friday (excluding U.S. holidays).