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Medium term Long term

 Do my pre-professional  Once I have obtained my HERMILIO VALDIZAN
practices in agroindustrial degree I will develop in the labor
company the following year. field working in agroindustrial
 Get my bachelor. companies. PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH
 Look for a job to support my  Create a company and generate
brothers and fathers. employment. Basic English - Weekends
 Then do my thesis to get my  Have a large house with a green
professional degree. área.
 Get my professional degree.  Have my own car. MY LIFE PROYECT
 Gain experiences in the labor  Form a family where there is
field. love, respect and above all faith
 Share my knowledge and in God.
learning with others.  Reward my parents for all their
effort and support they give me. BASIC: V
 Help people in need in whatever GROUP: BF
is within my reach.
 Be humble always. STUDENT: Jara Mauricio, Dorcas.
 Travel to foreign countrie.
TEACHER: Silvia Nieto Tucto.


MY LIFE PROJECT My interests from an early age My dreams are:
Who am I? Serve God always, have a job, Short term
enough study to become a
 I am a responsible person I  To finish my professional career
professional, get married, have a
behave well but as all human this year.
home of their
beings make mistakes.
own, create a  To graduate.
 I am honest.  To develop well as a
company, help
 I am very believer in God. professional, to take advantage
the needy.
 I like to help the needy. of every opportunity presented
 I am good drawing and to me.
singing.  To strive to overcome.
 For sports I am not good but I Swot analysis  To improve and overcome my
like to plactice soccer and weaknesses and defects.
 Weaknesses: Sensitive,
mistrust, not I am very risky,  To acquire knowledge to
 What I don't like about me is achieve what I want.
impatient, low in spirit when I do
that I make a world to solve my
anything to solve a problema.  To be kind.
 Threats: That my parents stop
supporting me with my studies,
skills for work, not having
professional experience.
 Strengths: Respectful, honest,
responsible, the desire to learn.
 Opportunities: Have the support
of my parents, find various job
offers in my professional career.