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Fire across the Galaxy

Peter Meindertsma

Monjoni Osso
Fire across the Galaxy
Fire across the Galaxy

Echoes of the Past: A New Hope

In desperate times, all must answer the call….

AND DESTINY are licensed to and published by Fantasy Flight Games. STAR WARS is © 2017 & ™
Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. This scenario is intended for entertainment purposes only and may
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This module is for the Star Wars role-playing game line produced by Fantasy Flight Games. Star
Wars is the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. and The Walt Disney Company.

What is Star Wars Fire Across the Galaxy and Star Wars Legends of the Galaxy. They are community
driven organized play for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game by Fantasy Flight Games. Created in an
effort to encourage players and game masters to get together and create exciting roleplaying
experiences in a Galaxy Far, Far Away….

Fire Across the Galaxy is a 5 year long campaign set in the time 2 years after Star Wars Episode IV A
NEW HOPE. Created by a Texas based Roleplaying Group. Their goal is to create new adventures
every month during the 5 years long campaign. Visit
https://www.facebook.com/groups/927489040710018/ to get more information on Fire Across the
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Legends of the Galaxy is a World Wide Organized Play that has teamed up with Fire Across the
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read the official play rules, download helpful tools, adventure logs, download adventures, find
adventures in your local area, and get to know the community.
This adventure contains suggested Duty,
Please read this scenario thoroughly before Obligation, and Morality awards (and
attempting to run it. penalties) for dealing with the challenges
presented herein. However, at times the
A four-hour time block is allocated for playing players may take extra actions which the GM
this adventure. It should take three hours of judges worthy of additional reward or
actual play to complete. punishment. Please consult the Edge of the
Empire Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny
It is a good idea to request that the players have books for the relevant tables.
name tags. The tag should have the player's Specifically, be mindful of the performing
character’s name at the bottom, and the PC’s current relevant statistic when meting
character's name, gender, race, duty and out rewards and punishments.
motivation at the top. This makes it easier for
the players to keep track of who is playing Reminder: This module is intended for
which character. entertainment purposes; this means that the
goal is to provide an enjoyable playing
Some of the text in this scenario is written so experience for the players. The events of the
that you may present it as written to the module should be challenging, so as to ensure
players, while other text is for your eyes only. the players have a sense of accomplishment,
Text for the players will be in bold italics. It is but the mechanics presented here are,
strongly recommended that you paraphrase ultimately, guidelines. If adjustments are
the player text, instead of reading it aloud, as necessary to adapt to the specific group of
some of the text is general and must be adapted players, it is suggested that care should be
to the specific situation or to actions of the taken to ensure the player characters do have a
player characters. All bulleted information is reasonable chance of achieving their goals (or
just that, pure information. Feed it to the at least of achieving an entertaining failure).
players through an NPC when appropriate, as Remember that the GM has the final word at
sometimes reading it straight just doesn’t the table, and use that power with discretion
sound right. and consideration.

Players will have Module Tracking Sheets that

need to be filled out at the end of the game,
which is to keep track of certain circumstances
and events for future GM’s to create a better
roleplaying experience for the player.
Important information to be included in the
game will be listed at the beginning of the
module, and information that needs to be
recorded will be listed at the end of the module.
Please fill out the GM tracking sheet attached to
the end of this module and return it to the
Campaign Coordinator. If you need an
electronic version of the form, please contact
the Campaign Administrator or Campaign
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Duty, Obligation, Morality Awards place this text box anywhere on the
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Fire across the Galaxy

Astronavigational Data: Dantooine
System, Raioballo Sector, Outer Rim

Orbital Metrics: 378 days per years /

25 hours per day

Government: Tribal, Oligaracy

Population: 334,000 (35% Human, 18%

Dantari, 47% Other)

Languages: Basic & Dantarian

Terrain: Ocean, Savanna, Mountain,

Grasslands, Stepps

Major Cities: Mosa Risin, Mos Ayedu

Areas of Interest: Rebel Dantooine

Base, Jedi Enclave, Rakatan Ruins,
Imperial Outpost, Sandral Estate, Matale When Princess Leia Organa was held captive on
Estate, Crystal Caves, Mosa Risin the Death Star, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin
Major Exports: Foodstuffs threatened to destroy her home planet of
Alderaan if she did not provide him with the
Major Imports: Technology, Luxury Items location of the Rebellion's secret base. Organa
Trade Routes: Myto’s Arrow then lied to him, disclosing the location of the
then-current base as Dantooine. Tarkin, however,
Special Conditions: None was so impatient to try out the Death Star's
superlaser at full capacity that he deemed
Background: At one point during the Clone
Dantooine "too remote to make an effective
Wars, Jedi Master Mace Windu led a battle on
demonstration" and ordered the destruction of
Dantooine; however, many of his troopers were
Alderaan anyway. Nonetheless, Imperial forces
injured. Windu's forces sent out a distress signal
reconnoitered Dantooine, only to find the remains
and awaited a delivery of medical supplies from
of the abandoned Rebel base. Upon learning this,
Padawans Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee.
Tarkin ordered Organa's immediate execution.
During the early Galactic Civil War, the Rebellion Thane Kyrell was one of those who were sent to
briefly used the planet as the location of a base explore Dantooine, and he was surprised by the
By the time of the Battle of Scarif, however, that level of organization and sophistication he saw in
base had been abandoned, and the Rebels had the abandoned base.
established their new headquarters on the
jungle moon Yavin 4.

Galactic Farm ing

The Galactic Empire has ceased control

of all of the local farms forcing the
locals to work for the Galactic Empire
to support the food needs of the
Galactic Core. Much of the local7
population does not like the Imperial
Aboard the Salvation
“Right, down to business. Two years ago, we lost
our hidden base on the planet of Dantooine. It
It has been two years since the destruction
was the second base the Rebellion has ever
of the Death Star. Two years since Imperial
maintained, and we were fortunate that we got
retribution scoured the rebel base on
word of the Imperial attack in time to get most
Yavin 4 from the galaxy. It has been
of our ships and troops out. That didn’t stop the
months since you joined the Rebel Empire from scouring the base for what they
Alliance. In that time, you’ve been learning could, and demolishing much of what was left.”
about how the Rebels maintain their “Four standard days ago, we got a signal from
operations against the Empir You’ve seen the base. The datacore buried in the heart of the
friends sent out on missions, but they’ve base’s computers is still active. Even a year old, it
kept you off the front lines. contains the names of thousands of Rebel agents
and could out several collaborators and
Un til tod ay . infiltrators we have active in the Empire. We
cannot let that information fall into Imperial
You are summoned to a briefing room aboard hands. So, we need you. Do you have any
the frigate Salvation. It is one of the older ships questions?”
in the Rebel fleet, captured from the Empire
before the destruction of the Death Star.
Technicians, soldiers, and diplomats are thick
in the hallways. Your senses are assaulted by
the sounds of dozens of languages, the smells of POSSIBLE PLAYER
dozens of different races, and overwhelmingly
the driving presence of the Rebellion: of the
galaxy fighting together against tyranny.
• Do we have a ship? “We have a YT-1300
stock model, techs call it the Harrier, that
The briefing room is sparse, with a dozen chairs
we’ll be providing to you. It’s got some cargo
and one holo-display. Standing behind it is a
that should act as a cover should you get
bearded man, thin, with a shaggy haircut and a
flagged by Imperial agents.”
commanding presence.

“Hello, my name is Crix Madine. Before we get • What’s the situation on Dantooine?
What do we know about Imperial
started, I know that you haven’t been
presence there? “Unknown. We haven’t
introduced to each other. The Rebellion’s been
been to Dantooine in a year, and the Empire’s
growing at a rate we can hardly keep up with,
been keeping an eye on it. They might have
so let’s handle introductions. I will begin. I
gotten the signal from the datacore as well,
joined the Rebellion four years ago after… some
but we can’t be certain. Your best source of
time in the Imperial military. I led small squads
information will be Mos Ayedu, the port city
and, with the recent losses in Rebel leadership,
closest to the base.” What else is in the
I’m now assigning teams myself.”
base? “We didn’t manage to get everything
out when we evacuated, and we have no way
of knowing what the Empire took from the
base. If they didn’t get the datacore, there’s
some hope that you might be able to recover
some badly needed supplies.”
At this point, players should introduce
themselves. • Is there any equipment you can
provide? “We’ve outfitted you as best we
can. I do have a datapad with a map of the
Fire across the Galaxy

base from two years ago, but I can’t say

how accurate it will be.”
“B efore you g o… I’m not su re if it’s
• So what is our mission?: “Get in, real, b ut a lot of p eo ple aro un d here
get the datacore, and get out before the seem to th ink it is.” The R ebel
Empire notices you.” comm ander l ook s alm ost
sh eepi sh as he say s, “Still, if it
helps, it’s w orth sa yi ng. M ay the
force be wi th y ou. ”
After their questions, Madine shuts
off the holo display and looks
seriously at the young Rebels.

From their briefing the players can make

their way to the hangar of the Salvation
where they find the stock YT-1300 freighter.
The cargo loaded onto the freighter is basic
supplies (energy canisters for droids and
small equipment, hydrospanners, and parts
for repairing vehicles and small spacecraft).
If any PCs are able to craft material or goods,
they must do it before proceeding onto

To reach Dantooine, the players must make an
Average (d d ) Astrogation check.
Depending on the results of the roll, players will
come out of hyperspace and see the following:

Astrogation Roll Results

Result Imperial forces

a Imperial Gozanti

aa 1 extra Tie

x or aaa No Imperial Space


t 1 Venator-class
Star Destroyer

tt 1 Victory-class
Star Destroyer

ttt or y 1 Imperial-II class

Star Destroyer

As the white star-lines of hyperspace bleed

away. Beneath you is the lush green brown
world of Dantooine, but orbiting around it is
an undeniable Imperial presence. Three gray Attack ing th e Tie Fig hte rs
TIE Fighters streak toward you, and the
comms crackle to life. “Unidentifed freighter, If players choose to use combat against the
transmit landing and identification codes.” TIE Fighters, this will affect the rest of the
module significantly.
Tie Fighter Bribe
On the third round of combat, an additional
The Rebellion doesn’t have Imperial landing
squadron of 3 TIE fighters joins the combat.
codes, but an Easy (d ) Computers check On round 5, the capital ship generated by
will reveal that they do have an identification the Astrogation roll will join in. If the
code that identifies the ship as Starry Night players defeat the first group of TIE fighters
and calls out its cargo. From here, players in just two rounds, they can make a run for
have several options. it though they will not be able to land at the
Imperial-controlled Mos Ayedu space port.

If the players survive the combat, they may

proceed to Act 4 by landing their ship nearer
to the base.
Fire across the Galaxy

The first option would be to Bluff their way 1000 credits for letting the players land on
past the TIE Fighters with an Average Dantooine, but with successful skill checks
(d d ) Charm or Deception check. A that amount can be reduced to 150 credits or
successful Average Lore Outer Rim or Easy less.
Lore Underworld check would inform the
players that Imperials guarding out of the
way planets like Dantooine often accept
bribes or other compensation to allow
Smugglers to land at the space port near Mos
Ayedu. The TIE pilots are looking to collect

corner of the bar is a small group of humans,
Duros, and Bothans discussing recent Imperial
As you disembark your ship, you are met by a activities. High Imperial tithes and taxes have
bored looking Imperial official and a contingent of left many locals destitute, and farmers are
equally disinterested Imperials. After they check working around the clock to meet the Imperial
your manifest and cargo, you’re permitted into quotas for grains. The farmers who fail to meet
Mos Ayedu. The city, or such it must be on this the quota disappear, and not even their families
planet, smells of animals and sweat. A shepherd are told what happens to them.
drives a herd of Nerfs in front of you, leading them Destiny). A Hard (d d d ) Leadership
towards another waiting starship. The city is check, with roleplaying, could also convince
dominated by small buildings and tenements, the locals to lend more aid to the Rebellion.
overseen by a large black cube structure They would tell the players of the explosives
emblazoned with the symbol of the Galactic the Imperials left behind in the base, lowering
The bar is dingy, poorly lit, time-worn, and even
Imperial Administration Building in the middle of the day is packed with locals
Heavily guarded installation, on successful trying to forget their problems. It is a site more
infiltration players can gain valuable Imperial and more common throughout the galaxy as the
intelligence on Dantooine and its surrounding strength of the Empire grows. When you enter, a
systems as well as data on traps left at the old pair of off-duty Imperials shove past you with a
Rebellion base. It is a Hard (d d d ) Stealth sneer. One says to the other, “This whole planet is
check to infiltrate the facility, but once inside career suicide, old rebel base or not.”
the players discover that much of the planet’s
Imperial contingent is on patrol leaving the the difficulty to Average (d d ) when looking
center lightly manned. Accessing the Imperal
for and disarming the traps in Act 4.
databanks will require one of the PCs to have
Slicer Gear. Without the Slicer Gear, breaking Zabrak Zak’s Fine Used Vehicle
into the Imperial systems is not possible due to Emporium
the heavy security in place. With the Gear, it is Zabrak Zak is a purveyor of “fine, quality,
a Hard (d d d ) Computers check to slightly-used” hovercraft, wheelcraft, and
retrieve information on Dantooine and the other assorted motley travel gear. Zak himself
Imperial activities there. aaa or a x will is an outsized, loud, and altogether
also enable the players to obtain information disreputable and untrustworthy salesman who
on Imperial activity through this section of the largely stays in business due to having no
Outer Rim. competition in Mos Ayedu or other nearby
The information on Dantooine reveals that the communities. For the low priceof 1500 credits,
Rebel base has been thoroughly trapped with he will rent the players an old, rusted
explosive mines, both to act as a deterrent for
intruders and a warning should any visit the
old base. This will confer bb to players
looking for explosives and traps in Act 4.

The Dancing Twi’lek

The Dancing Twi’lek is the local bar, gathering
place, and center of social life in Mos Ayedu. If
the players head to the Dancing Twi’lek,
describe the following scene:
The sense of despair within the bar is palpable.
Since the destruction of the rebel base, the
Empire has visited its vengeance. In one
Fire across the Galaxy

Trast A5 H eavy S peed er Truck A successful

.Average (d d ) U nd erw orl d or Hard
(d dd ) C harm /C oercion check can
reduce this cost to 150 credits. Alternately, for
characters that seem so inclined, Zabrak Zak will
offer it free of charge as a favor, one that may be
called in by him or his friends later

A Relic of a More Civilized Age
The ruined Rebel base on Dantooine would,
once, have been an imposing, almost scholarly With the Imperial explosives dealt with, you
structure. That was a long, long time ago, are more easily able to explore the remains of
the base. A strange sense of serenity and calm
though. The ruined edifice before you reaches
surrounds you, standing in stark contrast to
broken into the sky. The surrounding mesa is
the destruction you perceive. Two doors lead
eerily quiet, and your ears are greeted only
deeper into the base, with a third route
with the slow blowing of the wind and the
blocked off by a cave-in.
rustle of the tall, unkempt grass around you.
You realize that you and your companions are
the only living things near this base. If the players want to totally disarm the traps,
it is a Daunting (d d d d ) Mechanics
Entering the base requires an Average check. If they do not wish to remove the
(d d Computers check, or an Easy explosives (leaving them behind for other, less
(d Athletics check to force the doors lucky adventurers), it is only an Average
open. Once inside, read (d d ) Mechanics check however this is a
the following. gain of one conflict.

Lights flicker overhead as you make your way

inside. Blaster marks, scorched into the old After the traps have been dealt with read
plascrete walls, speak of the ferocity of the battle the following:
fought here. You can almost feel it; the chaos as If the players take the door nearest them,
the Imperial soldiers breached the outer proceed to Rebel Traps then The Data Core. If
defenses, the shock as the Rebel troops were cut they choose the farther door, move on to
down by precise Stormtrooper blaster fire. Ancient Secrets (if applicable) then The Data
Core. If they clear the blocked passageway,
You are shaken from your reverie as you enter a move on to Hidden Passageway then The Data
grand, circular courtyard with a pair of tall, Core.
ancient, and dead trees standing in the center.
Rebel traps!
Inside the base The Imperial security scans were thorough,
Observant players can make a Hard (d d d ) but the Rebellion didn’t leave this place
Vigilance/Perception check to notice undefended. As you step on a pressure plate,
traps left behind by the Imperials throughout two hidden panels open in the ceiling and
automatic blaster rifles drop down!
the courtyard. The traps are crude, yet
Vigilance initiative check, automated
effective, triggered explosives. Defusing them
could take some skill, or they might be
repurposed…. If no one succeeds on the
Automated Defenses fire with a Ranged Heavy
Vigilance roll, the players set off the traps!
skill of dd and have 4 Soak, 10 Wounds, Crit
DAMAGE: 10 to all party members. rating of aaa, with Autofire and Damage 7.
Fire across the Galaxy

Finally, after exploring the ancient structure used as

the Rebel base, you come across the old command
Hidden passageway center. It is a low room, with a large yet ruined
If the players can successfully clear the blocked holodisplay in the center. Strewn about the room are
passageway, they can find a hidden cache of discarded datapads, wasted flexiplast, and other signs
Rebel weapons that would be sorely needed of hasty retreat and intense search. This is where the
now. This would allow them to recover missing data core should be, but there’s no sign of it…
modified Blast Rifles have the accurate quality
adding b to all attack rolls) and
fragmentation grenades equal to the number of
party members, and a number of sealed
weapons crates equal to twice the number of

The Data Core

This is a roleplay and skills challenge.
Normally, the data core is hidden under the
heavy and hard to move holodisplay, requiring
a Hard (d d d ) Athletics check.
However, if players come up with more
ingenious solutions they should be
encouraged to try them. The datacore itself is
a smooth, silver-bright sphere with ports that
allow it to plug into holodisplays and other
electronic devices.

If, on any roll made in the Act, a
Triumph or Despair is rolled, the
players will be presented with this
encounter: If the players rolled a
Triumph, they find a light-side Jedi
Holocron. There is only one, and the
players must determine which of them
will take it. If they rolled a Despair,
they find a dark side Sith Holocron.
As you proceed deeper within the base,
a strange feeling comes over you. You
turn down a previously unseen
hallway, shrouded in darkness. You
step on a pressure plate, and tense as
you expect an attack.
Instead, with an ancient whirr and the
tumble of layers of dust, part of the
wall near you slides open. Inside is a
small, pyramid-like object… 1
Hot Pursuit
After getting the Datacore loaded into their
vehicle, it’s an hour or so ride back into town.
After about 15 minutes of travel, have the
party make a Vigilance roll.

As you cross the seemingly endless plains of

Dantooine, you hear the signature high-
pitched whine of Imperial speeder bikes. A
group of them crest a nearby hill and speed in
towards you. As they approach, the lead bike
piloted by a sergeant broadcasts “Die, Rebel

There are a number of bike-mounted

Stormtroopers equal to twice the number of
players, and one bike-mounted

This combat is meant to be cinematic, played
with a feeling of high speed and pressure.
Potential hazards to include during the

Wrecked Wa lker: Add b to piloting rolls to

avoid the walker.

Su dd en hill w ith a steep drop: Piloting

(planetary) roll to safely drive the party’s
truck through the obstacle. Failing should
result in an Athletics roll to stay standing
and firing

Herd of Th un e: A large herd of elephantlike

Thune are in your way! Add a black d6 to all
rolls as you attempt to dodge and not shoot the
large creatures

Note that the above are examples and the GM

should feel free to add more to make this a
more cinematic, fast-paced experience.
Fire across the Galaxy

Escaping Dantooine
After the players make it back to their ship,
they find a small squad of 6 Imperial Army
troopers protecting it (the same ones that
gathered their details in Act 3). The troopers
have placed maglocks on the landing struts of
the freighter, and they must be defeated or
driven off if the players are going to take off.

The party needs to input a new Simple (dd)

Astrogation roll to get back to the Rebel fleet,
an action which will take 5 rounds. The final
objective is to survive the Imperial assault and
After defeating the Imperials, it will take a make it home.
Simple (dd) Mechanics or Hard (ddd)
Skulduggery skill to disengage the maglocks. After the encounter, read the following
Once the party leaves the planet’s surface with
the datacore, The journey back to the Republic Fleet from
Dantooine takes several days, giving you time to
examine the datacore. It is filled with star
charts, a dizzying array, prominently mapping
areas deep in the Outer Rim. There’s also data
TIE FIGHTERS on the Republic Fleet, though it is years out of
POTENTIAL COMBAT IN ACT 2, they are Approaching the Salvation, you are escorted in
by a pair of red-striped X- Wings before landing
approached by 3 TIE Fighters. The lead
in a familiar docking bay. From the time you
TIE Fighter broadcasts, “Stand down,
land, it is moments before you find yourselves in
Rebel craft, and prepare to be boarded.
front of Lieutenant Crix Madine once again. The
Resistance or fleeing are crimes
look of relief on the young lieutenant’s face is
punishable by death.” This will likely
palpable. “You look like you’ve been through a
result in a combat and an initiative roll, lot. Let’s get on with the debriefing so you can
which should be Cool for both PCs and enjoy some well-earned rest.”
Fire across the Galaxy

It’s expected that the players will give

Madine the Datacore. They may or may not
tell him about the holocron (if it was

After receiving the datacore, Madine will

install it on the nearby holotable.

“It’s ab out tim e you learn ed wh y we

need ed th is d atac ore b ac k. It w asn’t
ju st i mp ortan t beca use of th e Reb el
resour ces loc ated on it, bu t for th ese old
star c ha rts. Friend s in the Im perial
Sena te m an ag ed to sm u ggle th em o ut to
u s before th e Em peror d issolved the
senate. When they d id th at, tho usan ds
of y ears of Rep ub lic history w as
destroy ed . T he Emp eror w an ts the
ga la xy to believe the Em pire is the
fu tur e, b ut in the p urg e th ere wa s a
real op portu nity for us.” He
m an ipu la tes the hologrp ahi c disp la y,
zoom in g a cross section s of th e ga la xy.
“T h ese sy stem s ha ven’t been seen in a
thou san d yea rs, m ay be m ore. A fter we
lost Dantooi ne an d Ya vin 4 , w e needed
som ew h ere saf e for ou r next
ba se.Som ewh ere th e Em p ire w ou ld n’t
suspec t. Wha t plac e better tha n
som eth ing they ’ve f orgotten?” M ad ine
strikes som e key s, an d a sin gle pla net
fills the di sp la y. It is alm ost m arb le
w hite, rotating slow ly in the di gital
spa ce. Y ou c an m ake ou t the ic e-
c overed ti ps of m ou ntain s, w hic h seem
alm ost dw arf ed b y th e staggerin g
glac iers tha t su rroun d them . “ Hig h
c om ma nd is t alking s everal options
now, but I t hink ol d m an Dod anna’s
going t o s way t hem. This , my
friend s, is Hoth the new home of t he
R ebel lion

the Ro 1

250 Credits + 150 Credits for Datacore +50 for

Imperial Intelligence +50 if they find the hidden
cache of weapons or a Holocron and return
them to the Rebellion

Players who take Zabrak Zak on his offer of a

free ride gain 5 Obligation with Sable & Gebu.

All players receive 15 Duty for recovering the

datacore from the base. Players who recruit
Dantooine malcontents into the rebellion gain
an additional 5 Duty (if their Duty is
Recruitment). If their Duty is Intelligence and
they successfully stole the intelligence from the
Imperial Administration Center, they get an
additional 5 Duty. If they were able to find and
recover the cache of hidden weapons and their
Duty is Supply, they gain an additional 5 Duty.
Characters with the Support Duty gain 2 Duty
for each objective they were able to assist in
accomplishing with, but cannot get more than
5 additional Duty in this manner.

GM Reporting
Did the players retrieve the datacore
from the rebel base?

Did any players recover the holocron?

Did any player choose to keep the
holocron instead of giving it to the

Was the Imperial intelligence in Mos

Ayedu recovered?
Fire across the Galaxy

attack on Dantooine, much of the old Enclave

has been destroyed and many ancient secrets
APPENDIX I: lost. However, some lucky few that know the
favor of the Force may yet find some relics of
Dantooine Data Card a more civilized age...

Dantooine is a lush, viridian world in the Outer

Rim, trailing edge of the galaxy. It is far off of
the major intergalactic trade routes, in a
relative “middle of nowhere” as far as the
broad galactic community is concerned.
Dantooine’s surface is dominated by
continents primarily consisting of rolling
green plains. Were it closer to standard routes
of travel, Dantooine would likely be a prime
vacation spot for galactic citizens weary of
more hustle and bustle life, yet its remoteness
means Dantooine’s primary exports are food
and livestock. Its tremendous wealth of
farmland makes it a primary supply world for
other nearby Outer Rim worlds such as

The people of Dantooine are predominantly

human. Hard-working, hard-scrabble folk, the
people of Dantooine are kind and welcoming
to strangers, or at least they were in the days
before the Empire. Now, with an Imperial
presence on much of the world, the people of
Dantooine mostly keep to themselves for fear
of being overheard by zealous Imperial agents.
There are a few other races on Dantooine,
primarily merchants and traders that do
business in goods from across the Outer Rim
and can mostly be found in the few space
ports that Dantooine can boast. Of these races,
the most common is Zabrak.

Dantooine is not without its secrets, though.

Near Mos Ayedu is the old base of the
Rebellion, but a hundred generations ago it
was home to an Enclave of the Jedi Order. The
ancient academy was abandoned by the Jedi
over the centuries, as the Order moved to a
more centralized structure on Coruscant, but
the building remained until it was repurposed
by a desperate Rebellion. After the Imperial
attack on Dantooine, much of the old Enclave
has been