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How to execute a Training Course:

1. You will receive a LINK via email, where the Training Course will be stored

2. Click on the LINK to launch the Training Course

3. The Training Home Page will open

4. Click on “Start Course” to begin

5. Use the right side arrow to navigate to the next slide

6. Read the Training Course content carefully. There is no time recording, so take your time
until you are sure the content is clearly understood

7. Move forward using the right side arrow until the end of the Training Course

8. You will find then the Questionnaire section

9. Click on the Correct Answer and click the SUBMIT button

10. If the answer is correct, it will be highlighted in Green

11. You will find then the Training Feedback section

12. Reply to all questions and click the SUBMIT button

13. When completed, you will get to the last Page giving you the result of the Training

14. To Download the Certificate, click on “View Certificate”

15. If you did not pass the Course, you’ll get a message like this:

16. Use the right arrow to reach the Course Dashboard:

17. Click on the “Retake” button to start the Course over again: