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Background of the company

EBIC Education Sdn. Bhd. is a company engaging in providing skill courses, skill trainings and academic
programs in business and aviation related disciplines:

1. Diploma and certificate programmes

2. Professional development courses and trainings

EBIC Education Sdn. Bhd and EBIC Aero Engineering Sdn. Bhd are owened by the some shareholders.
While EBIC Holdings Sdn. Bhd is a company appointed to manage EBIC Education Sdn. Bhdand EBIC
Aero Engineering Sdn. Bhd affairs(Consulting Services, Financial Management and Office

Mr. Roger Lim

Mr Andrew Lim
Nur Azarina bt Mohd

EBIC Education Sdn. Bhd EBIC Aero Engineering Sdn. Bhd

Business Activity

The major activities of EBIC are:

 To conduct academic and professional programmes based on relevant needs of the industries and
equip graduates with leadership, teamwork and skills in analyzing, planning as well as develop
communication and life-long learning skills.

To support the Aviation Maintenance Industry in providing the appropriate

 and adequate technical training, acceptable to the requirements of Department of Civil Aviation,
Malaysia and other relevant aviation authorities.
 To challenge students beyond their existing performance by creating a healthy educational
environment that can develop the student socially, physically & emotionally through challenging
practical experiences.

 To ensure there is constructive advice and constant encouragement to all within a supportive
environment in getting quality educational services through courses and trainings.

 To continuously develop challenging aviation-related education programs with healthy active

lifestyles through participation in on-the-job trainings.
Organization Structure

Board of Director

Chief Executive

Human Resourse Student Affair Finance Academic Library

Administration EXAM Diploma Short Courses


Department if Civil Dep. of Skill Development

Location of the Company

Lot No. S2.36, S2.37 & S2.105, 2ndFloor. South City Plaza,
Taman SerdangPerdana,
43300 Seri Kembangan,

Photo of the Premise

Front Door Lecture Room
Library Workshop

Computer Room Exam Hall /Lecture Room

Meeting Room Prayer Room

Photo of the Product

The services provided by EBIC include:

 Diploma level programmes

 Certificate level training programmes
 Professional development programmes (skill-based short courses)
College Programme

Product/Service Description Duration Fee (RM)

Diploma in Aircraft Programme to be offered 2 ½ Years 46,880.00
Maintenance Technology

Diploma in Hotel Current existing 2 ½ Years 26,380.00

Management programme with
provisional approval
Diploma in Business Programme to be offered 2 ½ Years 26,380.00

Diploma in Communication Programme to be offered 2 ½ Years 26,380.00

Diploma in Customer Programme to be offered 2 ½ Years 26,380.00


Diploma in English Programme to be offered 2 ½ Years 26,380.00

JPK Programme

Product/Service Description Duration Fee (RM)

TP-073-3 : Aircraft Certificate approved by JPK 12 months 26,000.00
Structure Repair – Sheet

HRDF Programme

Product/Service Description Duration Fee (RM)

English Summer Camp HRDF short course 1 month 3,400.00

English for Communication HRDF short course (Level 12 months/ 15,000.00

1,2,3) 400 hours (Min 15
pax) 3 level

English for Aviation HRDF short course 66 hours 1,000.00

Aircraft Foundation Course HRDF short course 12 months 17,950.00

Inflight services HRDF short course 12 weeks 8,000.00