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krishnavpm we discuss what gann did precisely. gann did the following.

1) gann used to give projected curve in advance for indices.

2) gann gave the levels that will not crossed before they breakout.

3)gann gave price that will be touched within a time window.

4) he gave mundane events based on law of vibration.

5) he explicitly told he has not astrology as his main method.

let us follow above rules.

Any predictions on above lines are welcome.

If any one wants predict based on above please do that here continuously to prove.

let us disucss on these lines. any thing other than this is not gann.

other wise we discuss the subject based on the writings of gann( quoting gann material).

This is only to align ourselve to the correct path. Honourable members are requested to

Thanks to all members for their valuable contributions.

gann gave projected curve

gann gave resistance level that will not be crossed

gann gave support levels that will not be crossed

gann gave price that will be touched within a time window

what ever the method that it should adher to the above rules

all of the above are proved. please refer files section.

gann was perfect in 88% percent of the time

Vireen Acharya Like Murali Sir had mentioned in his introduction note.. I strongly feel that
Astrology was not something that Gann was using.. you can say a form of astronomy that uses
mathematics as base was definitely used by him as reference... examples of that are Jupiter and
Mars planetary lines on some of his charts
Trend changed when price came to inner square otherwise trend continued........

For anyone who likes to decipher The Tunnel Thru the Air I refer you to pages 110 and 179 the
subject matter is specifically about 'leaving on the Sunshine Special', and if you have not seen this
pointed out earlier: note that if you divide 179 by 110 you have a quotient approximating phi
(1.627). If you assume this was not placed at random by Gann, would you say that he is associating
the Golden number 1.618 with Sunshine Special. Perhaps it means something, but the question is

This is my excel check 5 Spreadsheed Price & Time Square. I will share you how to use my excel in
comment section below my post TheWheel.xls

How to Convert Price or Time in to one Scale. What is other Scale?

In order to use gann techniques the chart must be scaled...but our charts arent. What is the scale
with which to convert price and time into usable units.

Ramesh Manu Gurdjieff Law of Vibration Pattern Time Valuation based on music Octave Method.
Gann said Price and Time Valuation in same method

Gann told Price & Time Valuation same Way.

Then how these two different Scales convert in single Scale.

Price need to convert in to Time -- Time need to convert in to Price --- These two convert in to Other

Sir... istocksystem or viratech provides eod data


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Massimo Roscini

Massimo Roscini You have to pay a provider for eod data . He will keep them up to date each day

Dipanjan Haldar What is circle squared

Vimal Parajia How should we take time unit?

I mean calender days or trading days?

Robert Rundle Yes sort off. But you need to know the nuances how to apply this concept(s).
Where to anchor, where to extend the range to, What numerical offsets to use to create the
vibration(s) and proportions/ratios, { vis "8 Miles West of Texarkana"}. Look at a Square and Circle
of equal areas - at what degrees do they intersect?

Don't be fooled by the common 'Squaring Price w Time' thing

I think its good and fair to give credit where its due, i have investigated Mr Krishna's concept of
half life as applied to the stock market and yea he is correct it works like a charm. Friends keep
digging, you shall FIND!

Dipanjan Haldar Half Life applicable for exponential decay/growth. Is market an exponential


As per gann there is a 2 type of vibration, one is inner( price ) second outer (space / astro)

yes, but i am asking inner energy is actual earning / Earning per share?

Himanshu Himanshu For investing yes.. for trading no.. for trading it's scale.

Diac Iosif Cristian Gann says time is equal to price or 360 degree circle equal to a square
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Bhushan Mohrir
Bhushan Mohrir Ys and they are interchangeable
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Chan Kam Soon
Chan Kam Soon gann sold it for 3000,so,you should ask how much to get the answer? : )
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Mahesh Gowande
Mahesh Gowande Vibration = Gravitation Force or High Tide Low tide -
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Chan Kam Soon
Chan Kam Soon all in square of nine.
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Jack Wong
Jack Wong Impressive
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Krishna Pvm
Krishna PvmKrishna and 1 other manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for
W.D.GANN LAW OF VIBRATION IN TRADING. 5000 dollasr in 1930 now 71663.95 dollars in indian
rupees now 47,44,153.49
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John Winterflood
John Winterflood very impressive sir, i am located in England

Vireen Acharya Hi Fabio Serra your article is very interesting. Gann definitely used planets for time
calculations. I think each planet of our solar system is tuned to specific frequency in clocking time.
Most of us who are less enlightened only think that Moon or Sun can give time measurement
however there are no time measurements in reality it is a measure of an event from start to end. I
dont think anyone is able to understand time like Gann did he went to the extent of explaining the
meaning of Death. Understanding time will reveal lot of hidden information that is oblivious to
naked eyes.
Fabio Serra Thanks Vireen Acharya, I agree with you that it is a subject that is still taboo in
financial circles and requires great mental openness.
The concept is related to "sympathetic resonance" at the base of which two bodies with a
harmonic frequency between them, vibrate in unison.

Allan Wu
March 20
Time and Resistant Points according to Squares of Numbers (pp 206/25) Master Stock Market
"An important thing to remember is that a stock that makes a low on an odd number will work out
to the odd squares, that is, a stock that makes a low on 3, 5, 7, 9, or 11 will work out to the odd
squares, while a stock which makes a low on 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 will work out to points in the even
An example of this concept is demonstrated with MRVL (Marvel Technology Group Limited). 2
year daily data, notice the low of 9.05 (the square of 3, or 3 x 3) and a 2 year high price of 25.18
(the square of 5, or 5 x 5). Gann is saying there is a mathematical relationship between a stock's
high and low prices. And then one can also classify any particular stock or index as an odd or even
An index for example like the SPX or S&P 500 is an "odd" index because it favors the angle of 225
degrees (which is the square of 15). Some students might suggest it also will keep to this "odd"
characteristic for all time.
Furthermore, if we know a high price of a financial instrument (stock/option/future/index) is odd
it would infer its past low was on an odd number and vice-a-versa, we know a financial instrument
made a low on an odd number we could use implement this into a strategy like place a sell stop
under the odd square of the number and place a stop loss if it went beyond that odd square.
Improving our odds of success, reducing the chance of our stop being caught because we know the
characteristics that the instrument's low price would imply.
Thus, we could employ a similar strategy for the "even" financial instruments
(stocks/options/futures/forex/commodities). And high price would imply it's low if in a
downtrend, and a low price might project a potential high price.

Krishnapvm Gann Predictions and Articles

Admin · March 3
W.D Gann relates in the interview about how stocks behave .
The power to determine the trend of the market is due to my knowledge of the characteristics of
each individual stock and a certain grouping of different stocks under their proper rates of
vibration. Stocks are like ELECTRONS, ATOMS ,MOLECULES, which hold persistently to their own
individuality in response to FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF VIBRATION . Science teaches that 'an original
impulse of any kind finally resolves itself into a periodic or rhythmical motion; also, just as
PENDULUM the returns again in its swing, just as the MOON returns in its orbit, just as the
advancing YEAR over brings the rose of spring, so do the properties of the elements periodically
recur as the weight of the atoms rises."
So Gann talks about cyclical nature which can be seen in many parts of nature.

Allan Wu
March 4
An observation of ROKU (educational purposes only, not a recommendation to buy or sell)
ROKU, Daily bars from start. I took the High price of 58.8, low price of 15.75. I applied the Do-Re-
Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do musical scale to the price levels by taking the range (58.8-15.75) = 43.05 then
divided them by 8 (law of octaves) and came up with a distance of 5.38 between chords.
Starting price 15.75 + 5.38 = 21.13
Do 21.13
Re 26.51
Me 31.89
Fa 37.27 gravity centre
So 42.65
La 48.03
Ti 53.41
Do 58.79 (approximately 58.8)
Gann said to get the Gravity Center, you take the average of the high price (58.8) and the low price
Gravity center = 58.8 + 15.75 / 2 = 37.27 (Fa)
WD Gann would said everything seeks its Gravity Center. This is where the greatest amount of
support of a stock will be if approached from above, or the greatest resistance if approached from
Note Fa = 37.27!
Sort analysis, again not a recommendation to buy or sell, educational purpose of example only.

The Law of Three, as Gann would look to the Bible for wisdom, this may explain why certain
moves in the market terminate after 3 moves. Example below of the SPX recent 3 leg/wave

Gann Trader Vijaysinh Solanki

March 10
“Measuring Time, “ he wrote: “Man first learned to record and measure time by the use of the sun
dial, and
by dividing the day into 24 hours of 15 degrees in longitude. The reflection of the geometrical
angle on the
sun dial indicated the time of day. Since all time is measured by the sun, we must use the 360
degree circle to
measure time periods for the market, but remember you must always begin to count time in days,
weeks and
months from the extreme high and extreme low levels, and not from exact seasonal or calendar
periods.” (“Nine Mathematical Points for Price Culminations,” dated 1949, part of his Master Eggs
look at his ad in New York herald..
The New York Herald, Sunday, April 18, 1909]
“Believing in the proverb 'Impossibility is the logic of fools,' I have proved after nine years of
scientific investigation that it is possible to know every move the markets make. It is a scientific
problem, not guess work, as many believe. I have investigated all 'Systems,' found most of them
worthless to the average trader and none of them perfect. I investigated astrology and kindred
sciences to learn the law of the movements in the markets. In them all there was something
lacking, and not until I struck upon the law of vibration and attraction as applied in Wireless
did I find the key to Wall Street. I find the different stocks grouped into families, each having its
own distinct vibration, which acts sympathetically upon others of the group and causes them to
move in unison. I now have perfected my theory until I can forecast every move in Stocks, Cotton
Wheat. Remember this is an age of progress and that wireless telegraphy,which was thought
impossible by the wise ones, is now practicable.Knowing that there will be those who have little
faith I make this fair proposition: — Send your name and address and I will send free one letter
with information that will make enough money to pay for one month's subscription, $18,
providing you promise to subscribe if the advice proves
good, or I will send you my daily letter one week on receipt of $3 and will refund your money if
not satisfactory. Don't delay. Some big moves soon to start in the markets. OROLO, 120 Liberty st.,
room 1,206.”
conclusion--Law of vibration is his main method based on pure science of cycle .....

VN Chandar Yes ,but what is law of vibration ???

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Diac Iosif Cristian
Diac Iosif Cristian Read Waltter Russell books to answer your question.
Sumit Kumar Jha Kindly mentione name of that book
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Diac Iosif Cristian
Diac Iosif Cristian You can find them in the files section of this group.1
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Diac Iosif Cristian replied · 2 Replies

VN Chandar
VN Chandar Yes i have that book ,how to apply the market
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Apj Programmer
Apj Programmer canu post copy ofthis book ?
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VN Chandar
VN Chandar Sure