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Limit of a function: 13. A tank with one hinged wall is filled with water. The tank wall is held at
30 deg angle by a horizontal cable. What is most nearly the tension in the
1. What is the specific gravity of a solid sphere that has a radius of 0.59 in cable per meter of the tank?
and a mass of 0.084 lb? = 23.2 kN
14. Water is held in a tank by the sluice gate shown. What force per unit
2. An oil has a kinematic viscosity of 0.000125 m2/s and a specific gravity width of the dam must the latch supply to keep the gate closed?
of 0.80. What is its dynamic (absolute) viscosity in kg/(m-s)? = 52.3 kN/m
15. What is most nearly the total force exerted on the curved surface
3. A 4.9 ft3 of water are compressed to 5000 psig. What is the volume described by the equation y = x2? The width of the curved plate is 2 m,
decrease if the temperature is 60F? Assume the average bulk modulus of and the specific weight of water is 9.81 kN/m3
elasticity is 311,000 psi. = 1,065 kN
16. A water trough of semicircular cross section of radius 0.5 m consist of
4. The surface tension of water in air is approximately 0.0756 N/m. If the two symmetric parts hinged to each other at the bottom as shown. The
atmospheric pressure is 101 kPa (abs), what is the pressure inside a two parts are held together by a cable and turnbuckle placed every 3 m
droplet 0.254 mm in diameter? along the length of the trough. Calculate the tension in each cable when
= 102.2 kPa (abs) the trough is filled to the rim.
5. At a particular temperature, the surface tension of water is 0.073 N/m.
Under ideal conditions, the contact angle between the glass and water is 17. The density of ice is 917 kg/m3, and the approximate density of sea water
zero. Pring observes water in a glass capillary tube in a diameter of 0.1 in which an iceberg is beneath the water surface?
mm. What is the theoretical height of the capillary rise?
= 0.2977 m 18. Find the density of a metallic body which floats at the surface of a
6. Sdfghjk mercury of SG = 13.6 and water such that 40% of its volume is
submerged in mercury and 60% in water.
7. A barrel contains a 0.150 m layer of oil floating on water that is 0.30 mm
deep. If the density of the oil is 600 kg/m3, what is the pressure (gage) at 19. Asdfgj
the oil-water interface?

8. Oil with a specific gravity of 0.72 is used as the indicating fluid in a 20. The flow of water from the reservoir is controlled by a 5-ft-wide L-
manometer. If the differential pressure across the ends of the manometer shaped gate hinged at point A, as shown. If it is desired that the gate open
is 7 kPa, what will be the difference in oil levels in the manometer? when the water height is 12 ft, determine the mass of the required weight
=0.99 m W. (30,900 lb)
9. One leg of a mercury U-tube manometer is connected to a pipe 21.
containing water under a gage pressure of 100 kPa. The mercury in this
leg stands 750 mm below the water. What is the height of mercury in the
other leg, which is open to the air? The specific gravity of mercury is
= 0.81 m
10. In the figure, if the oil in region B has SG = 0.8 and the absolute pressure
at point A is 1 atm, what is the absolute pressure at point B?

11. What is the resultant force on one side of a 25 cm diameter vertical

circular plate standing at the bottom of a 3 m pool of water?
= 1,384 N
12. 12. What is the depth of the center of pressure on the vertical plate if the
upper edge is 1.5 m below the water surface?
= 2.63 m