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Wade Robson gave an interview to Inside Edition on May 26 2018 where he

claimed the following:


The rebuttals are based on Wade Robson's, Chantal Robson's Joy Robson's 2005 testimonies,
Wade and Joy Robson's 2016 depositions and Wade Robson's declaration and complaints
all documents available here: http://themichaeljacksonallegations.com/

Robson, 35, is one of the most sought-after dancers and choreographers in the business,
working with celebrities like Britney Spears.

1. Robson is not one of the most sought-after dancers and choreographers in the business, that was a
long time ago. Today Robson has not had any major project for many years and is trying to make
money with a lawsuit against Jackson's companies hoping for a settlement. Before he filed the
lawsuit he also filed a creditor's claim against the MJ Estate for money, and before that he was
shopping a book about his "abuse" , for money.

2. Robson claims in his lawsuit that he has been unable to dance , make films
or make music since he realized his abuse because he associates those things with the abuse. If
those were true he could hardly be a dancer or choreographer today.

“Every time we were together it happened," he claimed to Inside Edition. "There was no
night that went by that I was with him that he didn’t sexually abuse me."

This is directly contradicted by Robson's book and his complaint which also contradict each other.
In his book he claimed that the abuse started only when his family left the ranch during their first
trip there in 1990 Feb, that was on monday following a weekend, when he said , nothing sexual

In his complaint however he says that the abuse started the second day they were on the ranch,
during the weekend before his family left.

Now he says that he was abused every single night.

This claim also contradicts Chandler's allegations who claimed that there was a long grooming
process lasting for months before Jackson touched him. Robson claims there was no grooming at

Robson also claims in his lawsuit that Jackson abused him in his condo during their first trip there
in 1990 and he was alone there and his sister and mother slept in a hotel across the street. However
his mother testified in her 2016 deposition that she and her daughter also slept in that condo on the
floor in sleeping bags and Robson and Jackson slept in the room. So Jackson not only took the risk
to sexually abuse a boy without any grooming but he supposedly did it right under his mother's and
sister's nose.

This of course is contradicted by another Robson allegations in his lawsuit: that Jackson was very
careful to keep every person out of his room when he was in there with Robson , that's why Robson
claims he installed an alarm in the bedroom and put up do not disturb signs. The obvious question is
why Jackson was not concerned getting caught in that condo when two other people were in the
adjacent room but was concerned in Neverland where the mother slept on a different floor?

"It started with him fondling then it moved to him kissing me, kissing me on the lips, like a
French kiss sort of thing, and then it moved to oral sex," Robson claims.

This is basically the exact copy of Jordan Chandler's allegations which are easily available online
and Robson could adopt them. But which contradict Safechuck's allegations who claimed Jackson
started with mutual masturbation right away, and contradict Francia's allegations who claimed all
three occasions when Jackson molested him he tickled him and then touched his genitals, no
kissing, no escalation and contradicts Arvizo's allegations too who claimed that Jackson first started
with teaching him how to masturbate. The allegations against Jackson do not show any pattern of
behavior, rather different people making up different sex acts.

He says Jackson warned him that they would both go to jail if anyone found out. So for
decades, Robson says he defended Jackson and insisted he never molested anyone.

1. This is yet another element from Chandler's allegations, which are easily available and Robson
could copy them. A child may believe that he would go to jail for being sexually abused but Robson
consistently defended Jackson as a grown man too when he had to know sexual abuse victims do
not go to jail.
And he had to see that Jordan Chandler and Gavin Arvizo didn't go to jail when they accused
Jackson of molestation. During the probate claim,which Robson filed to get money from the Estate,
the judge ruled that Robson was aware of sexual abuse victims not being sent to jail long before
2012 when he first accused Jackson.

2. Robson's allegations contradicts Arvizo's and Francia's allegations who never claimed that
Jackson tried to silence them by telling them both of them could go to jail. If this had been
Jackson's modus operandi to scare victims into silence why did he only try this with Robson and

3. Robson claims in his declaration and in his Today Show interview that he didn't accuse Jackson
because he didn't think what Jackson did was wrong and he didn't think it was abuse and he was
perfectly fine with what went on between them. This is contradicting his other claim that he didn't
accuse him because he was afraid of going to jail or MJ going to jail.

“It was not possible for me to tell the truth about what Michael Jackson did to me until I did
because when I was younger, I was terrified by the idea of my life falling apart [and] him
going to jail," he said.

Why would a grown man who testified during a molestation trial be terrified that a child molester
would go to jail? Wasn't Robson interested in protecting other kids, for one thing? Was Robson
terrified that Jackson would go to jail after he died too? He first came up with his allegations 4
years after Jackson died.

In 1997, Inside Edition’s Jim Moret interviewed Robson for CNN, along with his mother,
when Jackson was first accused of child molestation.
During the interview, he said he was at a slumber party and having fun with Jackson.
"I remember specifically the days leading up to the interview," Robson recalled. "The
conversation from Michael was they're saying we did this, that, and the other, disgusting
sexual things, and we never did any of that right? And I would just play along and say, 'That
was crazy — never did anything like that.'"

1. The quote he attributes to Jackson is something an innocent person would say when falsely
accused of doing “disgusting sexual stuff”. Why would Jackson use that phrase if he wanted to
convince Robson that there was nothing wrong with that sexual stuff it was just expression of love
and people were ignorant and didn't understand it. Robson claims that from day one Jackson told
him that the sex was love and not wrong. Now he says Jackson called it disgusting sexual stuff.

2. In his complaint Robson says that Jackson told him this after he was subpoeanad to testify for
the grand jury which was months after this interview took place. And according to his complaints
the Robsons defended Jackson even before that interview too, when the police questioned them.
Robson cannot keep his story straight as to WHEN Jackson supposedly did the above mentioned
role playing.

3. When both sides know that they did something it makes no sense for one side to tell the other: we
never did that right?

In 2005, Robson appeared as a star witness for the defense at Jackson’s trial when the singer
was found not guilty of molestation charges.
Robson testified under oath that Jackson never abused him.

And why would Jackson want an actual victim to be cross examined by aggressive prosecutors like
Zonen or Sneddon? For a real victim such interrogation could be a major trigger. Robson's
testimony was not essential to defeat the Arvizos so why would Jackson and his lawyer take the
risk to put a victim on the stand? Especially the very first defense witness?

Robson gave contradictory explanations as to why he defended Jackson in court in 2005 too. He
told his mother that he was ashamed of what happened between Jackson and him and he didn't want
to world to know. But in his deposition he said he didn't feel shame over the sexual acts at all and in
his declaration he said that he was perfectly fine with what happened between them and didn't think
he was abused at all, that's why he defended Jackson.

In court he was asked very specific questions about what Jackson did or didn't do and he never
claimed yes I was in the shower with him but I don't think anything is wrong with that. Rather he
denied that he ever was in the shower with Jackson. He had the same response when he was asked
whether Jackson ever kissed him on the lips or ever touched him inappropriately. He adamantly
denied any such contact, He never said I think a man kissing a boy was not wrong and not abuse.

Everything changed when Robson married and had a son. He's says two nervous breakdowns
finally forced him to reveal to a therapist and his family the dark secret he says he'd been

Safechuck and Robson had the same lawyers and not coincidentally Safechuck also claimed that he
realized what Jackson did was very wrong and illicit after his second child was born. This element
was clearly invented by his lawyers as an excuse.

Robson's breakdowns, according to his own blog, occurred because of career pressures not because
of any abuse or his son being born.
“It was just pain and disgust and anger of the idea of that or something like that or anything
like that happening to my son,” he said.

Robson saw children long before his son was born, obviously, For example he saw Jackson's own
kids with him when he had a barbecue with him not long after the trial . How come he didn't feel
pain and disgust and anger of the idea of that or something like that happening to any children, for
example Jackson's children? How come this only occurred to him regarding his own son?

He decided to file a lawsuit against the late entertainer's estate because he claims Jackson
wasn’t the only one who knew about the abuse.

Jackson was investigated by the LAPD, the SBDS, two Das offices , the FBI and the international
media for more than 10 years. Nobody ever found any evidence that anyone working for Jackson or
his companied knew about any molestation. The only employees who claimed to have witnesses
abuse came forward with such allegations when the media started to pay for such allegations
following the Chandler accusations in 1993. And Robson is not accusing those “witnesses” of
knowing of the abuse and not doing anything to stop it. Rather he is using them in his lawsuit to
prove that he was molested. He is not accusing Blanca Francia, Mark Quindoy, Charli Michaels. If
he indeed was angry at employees knowing of Jackson abusing boys and doing nothing to protect
kids he would call out those “witnesses” too.

It wass not anyone working for Jackson who took Robson to Jackson and let him sleep in his room.
It was his father and mother. Even after the Chandler allegations Robson's mother did nothing to
keep her son away from Jackson, to the contrary she let him sleep in Jacksons room like before. SO
if anyone had been negligent it would have been his mother. But Robson doesn't mention his
mother's role in his lawsuit or in his interviews and he is not accusing her of anything.

Before filing a lawsuit Robson filed a creditor claim, for money and before that he was shopping a
book about his recently realized “abuse”. According to one publisher he approached he asked for a
lot of money. Did he do that too because Jackson wasn't the only one who knew about the abuse?

Robson filed a creditor claim against the Estate and if Estate had been ordered to pay and if they
had paid Robson wouldn't have continued his lawsuit against the companies , a lawsuit where he
also demands money. If this had been about exposing the companies and not just getting money
why did Robson file a creditor claim at all?

In the lawsuit, he says he called it a thinly veiled business to operate as a child sex abuse

Robson came up with that completely unsupported allegations only in 2016 after his original
lawyers withdrew from the case and his current lawyer took over. His current lawyers approach was
to generate as much negative press for Jackson as possible, hence the sensationlist accusations that
his companies were “the most sophisticated child sex abuse organizations the world has ever

Robson and his lawyers however do not explain who come a multi million dollar investigation by
multiple agencies couldn't uncover any evidence that those companies were criminal enterprises?
Nor does Robson reveal any evidence that proves this outlandish claims and should be noted that
nobody in those companies were ever accused of procuring children for molestation, as Robson
"It took so many people that worked for Michael to organize to the level at which children,
including myself... be brought to him," he said.

Actually it took his mother and father alone to take Robson to Jackson during their first trip to the
US and afterward it took his mother took take him to Neverland and take him to Jackson's condo
when he wanted to spend time with him. There was no need for any organization to take Robson to
Jackson as he was more than eager to spend time with him and sometimes when Jackson was not
available he even felt neglected. Robson's mother cut off contact with Jackosn for months after
Jackson didn't take Robson on the Dangerous tour.
Should be note that no previous accuser ever claimed that the companies had anything to do with
why they spent time with Jackson.
This allegations is clearly an attempt to incriminate the companies, the only things Robson could
sue since Jackson is dead and the only way he could get millions from his Estate after the creditor
claim was dismissed by the judge.

He says there is no question in his mind now that Jackson molested him.

Given that he claims horrible sex abuse in his complaint, that included fellatio, analingus, and
attempted anal rape to believe Robson's allegations one has to believe that a 28 years old sexually
active mentally capable man indeed didn't understand that those acts were in fact molestation, abuse
and very very wrong. If such acts had been forced on Rosbon there wouldn't have been any
question on his mind that Jackson molested him long before NOW.

A judge threw out Robson's lawsuit, saying no one other than Jackson himself had the
authority to control his actions.

This is a lie of omission. Robson lied in his lawsuit that the companies had control over Jackson, He
knew that Jackson was the 100% shareholder of both companies and therefore nobody controlled
him. But he kept insisting in his complaints that the companies could have supervised and fired
Jackson. He was lying.

The control issue was not the only reason why the Estate's motion for summary judgement was
granted. Robson also claimed that the companies were behind the 1987 dance competition which he
won and that was a way to get children for Jackson so he could molest them. He also claimed that
the companied organized the meeting after the competition to be sexual grooming mechanism.
He claimed that Norma Staikos, who worked for one of those companies, was responsible for the
Robsons meeting with Jackson 3 years later in 1990. However his mother's depostion in 2016
debunked each of those allegations and the Estate used that desposition to win summary judgement
on another ground beyond the control. The judge ruled that the companies were not behind
the competition (Target Pepsi and CBS sponsored it) and they were not behind the 1990 meeting.
Again, it was Robson's mother who called around the tried to contact Staikos and asked her to
contact Jackson because they wanted to meet with him.