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Curriculum Vitae of Federico A.

Career Objective

Seeking a position in the field of Electrical and automation projects with an industry leader organization
to challenge and build my professional my analytical, Organizational and communicational skills.

Career Summary

A graduate Electrical Engineer, with almost 7 years of diversified experience in Electrical and
Instrumentation field (Low and High Voltage) of which 4 years are in Saudi Arabia.

Personal Data

Name : Federico A Milla

Profession : Electrical Engineer
Birth Date : January 16, 1980
Nationality : Filipino
Cel No. : 966530144981
Emai Address : fmilla_07@yahoo.com

Educational Attainment
Degree : Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Graduation : 2004
University : Tarlac State University

Work Experiences

July 2013 to present

Position : Electrical Engineer

Company : Moh’d Al-Marae Modern Establishment
Client : Abqaiq, KSA

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Check the project material take for electrical off as per construction drawing.
2. Check the project material take off as per standard & specification.
3. Check material specifications sheet as per data sheets.
4. Testing/Pre-com of cables/transformer/breakers.
5. Site QA/QC for Electrical
6. Prepare Inspection Test Plan for Electrical, Instrumentation and Cathodic Protection.
7. Prepare method of statement for Electrical works.
8. Prepare Inspection Checklist for Electrical, Instrumentation and Cathodic Protection project.
August 2011 – July 2013

Position : Electrical Engineer

Company : Techserve
Client : Abqaiq, KSA

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. QA/QC Implementation of Electrical requirements (Cable Trench, Cable Laying, Duct Bank,
Grounding system…) at DR2 & RTDB2 30” pipeline Valve stations as per approved drawing and
Saudi Aramco specifications and standards observing all Aramco and SRB safety requirements.
2. Schedule and coordinate RFI activities and prepare and complete required RFI forms for
inspection procedures (SAIP), Inspection checklists (SAIC), pre-commissioning forms and test
reports (SATR)
3. Support QA/QC Implementation of Instrumentation requirements including continuity and
insulation tests as per approved drawing, procedures and Saudi Aramco specifications and
4. Supervision of Preparation of Trenches for power and instrument direct Burry Cables, Grounding
System and Duct banks as per approved drawing and Saudi Aramco specifications and
engineering standards.
5. Installation of power and control cables & Installation supervision of ground rods, ground
conductor laying for main and branch grounding to ensure that specifications and standards are
adhered to.
6. Implementation of Thermite/Cad welding points among the Main and branch grounding as per
approved drawing and Saudi Aramco inspection checklist.
7. Installation of precast Duct banks as per approved drawing and Saudi Aramco inspection
8. Scheduling of works, work Permit and countersign requirements, Site work coordination and
arranging of resources (Manpower, equipment and materials as per site requirements).
9. Preparation of work progress reports.

October 2009- October 2010

Position : Electrical Engineer

Company : Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation
Client : Eastern Province Municipality, Dammam, KSA

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Implementation of 13.8 KV and 69 KV lines relocation as per project requirements and approved
drawings as per SCECO standards and safety practices including relocation of associated Control
and communication lines.
2. Quality check and Inspection of Cable pulling, dressing, Glanding, termination, raceways,
lightings, receptacle, outlet, power control and lighting panel installations.
3. Supervision of Installation of Underground cables in existing or new Duct banks for Traffic Signal
Lights and ensure that system specifications and requirements are correctly followed.
4. Installation and testing of 100 KVA Substation as per project specifications and quality and
safety requirements.
5. RFI submittals for hold point inspections, coordination of RFI works and closure of
documentation works.
6. Material takeoff, preparation of materials submittals and scheduling of material delivery to site
as per site configuration.
7. Submit Redline and Asbuilt Drawing for issued for construction Drawing.

September 2008- September 2009

Position : Electrical Engineer

Company : AARTCO Company
Client : Aramco, Alhasa, KSA

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Installation and testing of Electrical machines and equipments such as Transformers,

Switchgears, MCC’s Bus duct and Bus bars as per client standards.
2. Quality check on installations of Lighting Panels, Cable Routing, Grounding System, Lighting,
Receptacle outlet and associated cabling works.
3. Supervision and quality assurance of Termination of telecom and Control System cabling and
termination works.
4. Verification of splicing quality of medium and low voltage cables.
5. Ensure Buried underground cable installation is meeting client requirements, specifications &
6. Installation of grounding/earthing system ensuring all quality requirements and specification
requirements are met.
7. Reporting any discrepancy and non-conformance of installation procedures and materials used.
8. Perform Insulation Resistance Test/ Megger, Continuity.
9. Installation supervision of fence, stand pole, wall mounted and street lightings including wirings.

February 2007- July 2008

Position : Associate Engineer

Client : Subic Olongapo City, Zambales

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Supervise the smooth operation of products.

2. Manage manpower of 20 workers (operators/technician) and enhance their performance and
job skills through seminars and trainings.
3. Handle 50 CNC machine and assure the good condition of units for efficient operation.
4. Conducting an evaluation, studies, analysis, to achieve the superior quality product output.
5. Setting up and inserting “Macro Program” to all CNC machines and qualified this before the turn
over to production.
6. Report daily operation’s performance and recommend performance enhancing measures to the
operation’s manager.
May 2006- December 2006

Position : Maintenance Engineer

Company : SANRITSU, Subic Phils.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Conducts machine qualification for new CNC ( Computer Numerically Controlled) tapping
2. Mould approval and qualification (DIE-CAST).
3. Interpret and check schematic diagram or drawings from customers given specifications.
( AutoCAD, 2D and 3D model)
4. Estimate and preparation of list of materials for machine set-up for purchase and
5. Implements and make sure that all approved management quality system, process
Controls and standards are being followed and consistently implemented.
6. Conduct training on proper set-up procedures and preventive maintenance to
7. Formulate and conduct safety training on proper handling to machineries when in
8. Conduct random auditing online to technicians and operators on company set standard
Procedure and rules in production line.
9. Assist QA/QC Supervisor in investigating quality and process related problems, customer
claims and other non- conformities that recommends correction and preventive actions.
10. Supervise machine conversion, set-up and preventive maintenance on machineries.
11. Perform FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) on customer returns.
12. Conduct evaluation, upgrade and modification experiments to improve machine
13. Attends daily, weekly and monthly operations meeting on management review.
14. Ensure safety, as for company set rules and regulations on safety operation.

December 2005- April 2006

Position : Quality Engineer

Company : HOKEI, Subic Phils.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Product testing, monitoring, data gathering on Quality control Checklist
2. Quality Assurance of the product. Product specific & Visual Checkup
3. Root cause analysis concerning for the non-conformance report of QA/QC failures.
4. Enhancement for the operator skills with in House training programs.
5. Providing work instruction for the Sequence of activities from best practices of factory.
July 2005- November2005

Position : Junior Engineer

Company : Chan Soong International, Subic Phils.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Setting up and inserting program to all Injection Molding Machines

2. Quality Check on components prior to the production line scheduling.
3. Gathering the temperature data of all molds and verify against Quality standards.
4. Maintaining the good condition of all Injection Molding Machines to assure product quality.
5. Implement Standard Operating Procedures in process control of high quality products.
6. Handle 7 technicians and enhance their multi tasking and specific skills to enhance production.

Reference upon request

I hereby certify that the above mentioned information are true and correct to the best of my belief and

Federico A. Milla