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Dani: Good afternoon everyone!

Roy: We are here again to give you an in depth information about the systems of STEM.
Dani: We are always giving you the hottest topics about STEM.
Roy: I am Roy Galindez.
Dani: And I am Daniela Dasmariñas.
Roy and Dani: And this is the sySTEM Show.
Roy: So Daniella do you have a loved one or do you know someone who is experiencing the pain of
cancer right now?
Dani: Yes Roy and I know that it affects millions of others too.
Roy: That's right indeed, that's why in today's episode we will tackle all about cancer, its causes, effects,
and how near are we to curing it. So let's welcome our guests. Our first two guests are both a
Hematologist-Oncologist and both are a graduate of University of Sto. Tomas , Let us welcome Vonn
Calvelo and Rayzel Doria.
Dani: Good afternoon Doc. Calvelo and Doc. Doria, welcome to the sySTEM show and please have a seat.
Roy: Our next guests are Surgical-oncologists at St. Luke's Medical Hospital. Please welcome Doc. Fiona
Altabano and Doc. Marco Mitra.
Good day doctors please take a seat.
Dani: And our last pair of guests are pediatric oncologist who currently work on Cancer Research, Doc.
Kryzza Cruz and Doc. Nico Espino. Please join are guests and have a seat.
Roy: Okay for those who doesn't know all of our guests are oncologist, just working on different
branches of it. And an oncologist is a person who treats cancer.
Dani: Okay so for our first question for Ms. Calvelo, how do cancer cells forms?
Vonn: It starts on the mutation of the DNA cells. One factor that triggers this mutation is the carcinogens
which occurs on our environment. The best example of this is cigarette.
Roy: Thank you Doctor Calvelo. Can you add somerhing else Doc. Doria?
Rayzel: There are also other facrors like chronic inflammation. There are also other factors that cause
cancer over a long period of time. Let's say 20, 30 years or more. One example is eating processed foods.
High intake of sodas and sugar also causes cancer.
Roy: Thank you Doc. Doria. Now my next question is for Doc. Altabano. What are the things that we can
do to prevent cancer?
Fio: (........minimize your risk for getting cancer)
Dani: Thank you Doc. Altabano. Now for Doc. Mitra, what are the most common types of cancer
Marco: For both sexes, lung cancer was the most common type. The second one is colorectum cancer
and the third is stomach cancer. For women breast cancer is the most common. Next is cervical cancer
and then ovarian cancer. While for men prostate is the most common which accounts for 15% of all the
cancer cases next is colorectum cancer and then stomach cancer.
Roy: Thank you so much Doc. Mitra. And for rhe question that a lot of people wanted to be answered.
This question is for Doctor Cruz and Doctor Espino, how near are we to curing cancer?