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Assess your Personality !

1. By Name

Does your name begin with: A?

You are not particularly romantic, but you are interested in action. You mean business. With you, what
you see is what you get. You have no patience for flirting and can't be bothered with someone who is
trying to be coy, cute, demure, and subtly enticing. You are an up-front person. You often don't get
hints & you never pass any. Brains turn you on. You must feel that your partner is intellectually
stimulating; otherwise you will find it difficult to sustain the relationship. You require loving, cuddling,
wining, and dining to know that you're being appreciated. Your mate's physical attractiveness is
important for you. You tend to be very practical, & not very emotional. Your choices are very good &
can only lead to trouble. You are very self satisfied & egoistic.

Does your name begin with: B?

You give off vibes of lazy sensuality. You enjoy being romanced, wined, and dined. You are very
happy to receive gifts as a statement of the affection of your lover. You want to be pampered and
know how to pamper your mate. You are private in your statement of endearments and particular
when it comes to love. You will hold off until everything meets with your approval. You can control
your appetite & feelings. You require new sensations and experiences. You are willing to experiment.

Does your name begin with: C?

You are a very social individual, and it is important to you to have a relationship. You require
closeness and togetherness. You want the object of your affection to be socially acceptable and good-
looking. You see your lover as a friend and companion. You are very sensual, needing someone to
appreciate and almost worship you. When this cannot be achieved, you have the ability to hold out on
affection until you receive this. You are an expert at controlling your desires and doing without.

Does your name begin with: D?

Once you get it into your head that you want someone, you move full steam ahead in your suit. You
do not give up your quest easily. You are nurturing and caring. If someone has a problem, this turns
you on. You are highly passionate, loyal, and intense in your involvements, sometimes possessive and
jealous. You are very sharp & talented often with sense of humour. When people bother to look deep
inside they cannot resist what they see. You are stimulated by the eccentric and unusual, having a
free and open attitude. You get jealous of other people and lose your temper.

Does your name begin with: E?

Your greatest need is to talk. If your date is not a good listener, you have trouble relating. A person
must be intellectually stimulating or you are not interested sexually. You need a friend for a lover and
a companion. You hate disharmony and disruption, but you do enjoy a good argument once in a
while-it seems to stir things up. You flirt a lot, for the challenge is more important. But once you give
your heart away, you are uncompromisingly loyal. You will fall asleep with a good book. Sometimes, in
fact, you prefer a good book to a lover.

Does your name begin with: F?

You are idealistic and romantic, putting your lover on a pedestal. You look for the very best mate you
can find. You are a flirt, yet once committed, you are very loyal. You are sensuous and privately
passionate. Publicly, you can be showy, extravagant, and gallant. You are a born romantic. Dramatic
love scenes are a favourite fantasy past time. You can be a very generous lover.

Does your name begin with: G?

You are fastidious, seeking perfection within yourself and your lover. You respond to a lover who is
your intellectual equal or superior, and one who can enhance your status. You are sensuous and know
how to reach the peak of stimulation, because you work at it meticulously. You can be extremely
active-never tiring out. Your duties and responsibilities take precedence over everything else. You
may have difficulty getting emotionally close to people.

Does your name begin with: H?

You seek a mate who can enhance your zest for life, fun & everything you seek for. You will be very
generous to your lover once you have attained a commitment. You are very affectionate & very
strong. Your gifts are actually an investment in your partner. Before the commitment, though, you
tend to be very careful with your every move and equally cautious in your involvements often, as you
believe that you have to look out for yourself. You are a sensual and patient lover. You will hold off till
everything meets your full approval. You are a perfectionist, hard to satisfy and strong in your beliefs.
Not influential, you always stand your ground. People can always count on you to stand by them in a
crisis. You are a dreamer with a passion for life.

Does your name begin with: I?

You have a great need to be loved, appreciated...even worshiped. You enjoy luxury, sensuality, and
pleasures of the flesh. You like necking spend hours just touching feeling & exploring. You look for
lovers who know what they are doing. You are not interested in an amateur, unless that amateur
wants a tutor. You are fussy and exacting about having your desires satisfied. You are willing to
experiment and try new modes of statement. You bore easily and thus require adventure and change.
Your commitments don't last very long & you often tend to stray. Loyalty is not one of your strong
points. You are more sensual than sexual, but you are sometimes downright lustful.

Does your name begin with: J?

You are blessed with a great deal of physical energy. When used for a good cause there is nothing to
stop you, except maybe that they aren't always used for the good. (you could dance all night.) You
respond to the thrill of the chase and the challenge of the mating game. You can carry on great
romances in your head. At heart you are a roamer and need to set out on your own every so often.
You will carry on long- distance relationships with ease. You are idealistic and need to believe in love.
You have a need to be nurtured deep within.

Does your name begin with: K?

You are secretive, self-contained, and shy. You are very sexy, sensual, and passionate, but you do not
let on to this. Only in intimate privacy will this part of your nature reveal itself. When it gets down to
the nitty-gritty, you are an expert. You know all the little tricks of the trade, can play any role or any
game, and take your love life very seriously. You don't fool around. You have the patience to wait for
the right person to come along. You are very generous & giving, often selfless. You are kind-natured &
sweet, which is found to be attractive by many. You are a good friend.

Does your name begin with: L?

You can be very romantic, attached to the glamour of love. Having a partner is of paramount
importance to you. You are free in your statement of love and are willing to take chances, try new
sexual experiences and partners, provided it's all in good taste. Brains turn you on. You must feel that
your partner is intellectually stimulating; otherwise you will find it difficult to sustain the relationship.
You require loving, cuddling, wining, and dining to know that you're being appreciated.

Does your name begin with: M?

You may appear innocent, unassuming and shy; but we know that appearances can lie. When it
comes to sex, you are no novice but something of a skilled technician. You can easily go to extremes,
though, running the gamut from insatiability to boredom with the whole idea of love. You can be
highly critical of your mate, seeking perfection in both of you. It is not easy to find someone who can
meet your standards. You have difficulty expressing emotions and drawing close to lovers. You are
often selfish, thinking you are always right no matter what. You never give in. Winning is your prime
desire- at any cost. You often forget friends and family and you live for the moment.
Does your name begin with: N?

You are emotional and intense. When involved in a relationship, you throw your entire being into it.
Nothing stops you; there are no holds barred. You are all consuming and crave someone who is
equally passionate and intense. You believe in total freedom. You are willing to try anything and
everything. Your supply of energy is inexhaustible. You want to be pampered and know how to
pamper your mate. You also enjoy mothering your mate. You often have the greatest love affairs all
by yourself, in your head. You are very imaginative.

Does your name begin with: O?

You are very interested in fun activities yet secretive and shy about your desires. You can re-channel
much of your energy into making money and/or seeking it. You can easily have extended periods of
celibacy. You are a passionate, compassionate lover, requiring the same qualities from your mate.
Love is serious business; thus you demand intensity, diversity and are willing to try anything or
anyone. Sometimes your passions turn to possessiveness, which must be kept in check.

Does your name begin with: P?

You are very conscious of social proprieties. You wouldn't think of doing anything that might harm
your image or reputation. Appearances count. Therefore, you require a good-looking partner. You also
require an intelligent partner. Oddly enough, you may view your partner as your enemy...a good fight
stimulates those vibes. You are relatively free of hang-ups. You are willing to experiment and try new
ways of doing things. You are very social and sensual; you enjoy flirting and need a good deal of
physical gratification.

Does your name begin with: Q?

You require constant activity and stimulation. You have tremendous physical energy. It is not easy for
a partner to keep up with you. You are an enthusiastic lover and tend to be attracted to people
because of their ethnic groups. You need romance, hearts and flowers, and conversation to turn you
on and keep you going.

Does your name begin with: R?

You are a no-nonsense, action-oriented individual. You need someone who can keep pace with you
and who is your intellectual equal-the smarter the better. You are turned on more quickly by a great
mind than by a great body. However, physical attractiveness is not very important to you. You have to
be proved to be worthy for a partner. You have a need to prove yourself the best. You want feedback
on your performance. You are open, stimulating & romantic.

Does your name begin with: S?

For you, it is pleasure before business. You can be romantically idealistic to a fault and is capable of
much sensuality. But you never loose control of your emotions. Once you make the commitment you
stick like glue. You could get jealous and possessive. You tend to be very selfish often regarding
yourself as the only human being on the planet. You like being the centre of attention. You are very
caring, sensitive, private & sometimes very passive. Turned on by soft lights and romantic thoughts.
When it gets down to the nitty-gritty, you are an expert. You know all the little tricks of the trade, can
play any role, or any game, and take your love life very seriously. You don't fool around. You have the
patience to wait for the right person to come along. You are very generous & giving, often selfless.
You are kind nature & sweet, which is found to be attractive by many. You are a good friend.

Does your name begin with: T?

You are very sensitive, private & sometimes very passive. You like someone who takes the lead.
Music, soft lights & romantic thoughts turn you on. You fantasize & tend to fall in & out of love soon.
When in love you are romantic, idealistic, mushy & extremely. You enjoy having your senses & your
feelings stimulated, titillated & teased. You are a great flirt. You can make your relationships fit your
dreams, all in your own head. Once you put your mind to something you manage to stand by it and
see your dreams through. You aren't very good at expressing your feelings. You like things your own
way. You do not like change; you like to hold on to things. This may not always be good because if
given an opportunity things may develop into great things. You work your way to the top. Attention
must be given to what others say because even though you don't want to hear it their advice may
turn! out to save your life.

Does your name begin with: U?

You are enthusiastic & at you're happiest when in love. When not in love you're in love with love and
always looking for someone to adore. You see romance as challenge. You are a roamer & needs
adventure, excitement freedom. You enjoy giving gifts & looking good. You are willing to put others
feelings above yours.

Does your name begin with: V?

You are individualistic & you need freedom, space & excitement. You wait till you know someone well
before committing yourself. Knowing someone means psyching her/him out. You feel a need to get
into his/her head to see that makes him tick. You are attracted to eccentric types. You believe that
age is no barrier. You are good at responding to danger, fear & suspense.

Does your name begin with: W?

You are very proud, determined & refuses to take no for an answer when it come to love. Your ego is
at stake all the time. You are romantic, idealistic, often in love with love itself, not seeing your partner
for who she or he really is. You feel deeply about love & tend to throw all of your self into a
relationship. Nothing is too good for your lover. You like laying love games.

Does your name begin with: X?

You need constant stimulation because you get bored quickly. You can handle more than 1
relationship at a time with ease. You can't shut off your mind. You can do 2 things at once. You are
very talented.

Does your name begin with: Y?

You are sensual & very independent. If you can't have it your way, you will forget the whole thing.
You want to control your relationships, which doesn't work out too well. You respond to physical
stimulation. However if you can make money you will give up the pleasures of the flesh for the
moment. You have a need to prove yourself the best. You want feedback on your performance. You
are open, stimulating & romantic.

Does your name begin with: Z?

You are very romantic but show feels that to love means to suffer. You wind up serving your mate &
attracting people who have unusual trouble. You see yourself as a lover's saviour.

2. By Month


*Ambitious and serious *Loves to teach and be taught *Always looking at people's flaws and
weaknesses *Likes to criticise *Hardworking and productive *Smart, neat and organised *Sensitive
and has deep thoughts *Knows how to make others happy *Quiet unless excited or tensed *Rather
reserved *Highly attentive *Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds *Romantic but has difficulties
expressing love *Loves children *Homely person *Loyal *Needs to improve social abilities *Easily


*Abstract thoughts *Loves reality and abstract *Intelligent and clever *Changing personality
*Temperamental *Quiet, shy and humble *Low self esteem *Honest and loyal *Determined to reach
goals *Loves freedom *Rebellious when restricted *Loves aggressiveness *Too sensitive and easily
hurt *Showing anger easily *Dislike unnecessary things *Loves making friends but rarely shows it
*Daring and stubborn *Ambitious *Realising dreams and hopes *Sharp *Loves entertainment and
leisure *Romantic on the inside not outside *Superstitious and ludicrous *Spendthrift *Learns to show


*Attractive personality *Affectionate *Shy and reserved *Secretive *Naturally honest, generous and
sympathetic *Loves peace and serenity *Sensitive to others *Loves to serve others *Not easily
angered *Trustworthy *Appreciative and returns kindness *Observant and assess others *Revengeful
*Loves to dream and fantasize *Loves travelling *Loves attention *Hasty decisions in choosing
partners *Loves home decors *Musically talented *Loves special things *Moody


*Active and dynamic *Decisive and haste but tends to regret *Attractive and affectionate to oneself
*Strong mentality *Loves attention *Diplomatic *Consoling *Friendly and solves people's problems
*Brave and fearless *Adventurous *Loving and caring *Suave and generous *Emotional *Revengeful
*Aggressive *Hasty *Good memory *Moving*Motivate oneself and the others *Sickness usually of the
head and chest *Easily get too jealous


*Stubborn and hard-hearted *Strong-willed and highly motivated *Sharp thoughts *Easily angered
*Attracts others and loves attention *Deep feelings *Beautiful physically and mentally *Firm
standpoint *Easily influenced *Needs no motivation *Easily consoled *Systematic (left brain) *Loves
to dream *Strong clairvoyance *Understanding *Sickness usually in the ear and neck *Good
imagination *Good debating skills *Good physical *Weak breathing *Loves literature and the arts
*Loves travelling *Dislike being at home *Restless *Hardworking *High spirited *Spendthrift


*Thinks far with vision *Easily influenced by kindness *Polite and soft-spoken *Having lots of ideas
*Sensitive *Active mind *Hesitating *Tends to delay *Choosy and always wants the best
*Temperamental *Funny and humorous *Loves to joke *Good debating skills *Talkative *Daydreamer
*Friendly *Knows how to make friends *Abiding *Able to show character *Easily hurt *Prone to
getting colds *Loves to dress up *Easily bored *Fussy *Seldom show emotions *Takes time to recover
when hurt *Brand conscious *Executive *Stubborn *Those who loves me are enemies *Those who
hates me are friends


*Fun to be with *Secretive *Difficult to fathom and to be understood *Quiet unless excited or tensed
*Takes pride in oneself *Has reputation *Easily consoled *Honest *Concern about people's feelings
*Tactful *Friendly *Approachable *Very emotional *Temperamental and unpredictable *Moody and
easily hurt *Witty and sarky *Sentimental *Not revengeful *Forgiving but never forgets *Dislike
nonsensical and unnecessary things *Guides others physically and mentally *Sensitive and forms
impressions carefully *Caring and loving *Treats others equally *Strong sense of sympathy *Wary
and sharp *Judge people through observations *Hardworking *No difficulties in studying *Loves to be
alone *Always broods about the past and the old friends *Likes to be quiet *Homely person *Waits for
friends *Never looks for friends *Not aggressive unless provoked *Prone to having stomach and
dieting problems *Loves to be loved *Easily hurt but takes long to recover *Overly concerned *Puts in
effort in work


*Loves to joke *Attractive *Suave and caring *Brave and fearless *Firm and has leadership qualities
*Knows how to console others *Too generous and egoistic *Take high pride of oneself *Thirsty for
praises *Extraordinary spirit *Easily angered *Angry when provoked *Easily jealous *Observant
*Careful and cautious *Thinks quickly *Independent thoughts *Loves to lead and to be led *Loves to
dream *Talented in the arts, music and defence *Sensitive but not petty *Poor resistance against
illnesses *Learns to relax *Hasty and rushy *Romantic *Loving and caring *Loves to make friends

*Suave and compromising *Careful, cautious and organised *Likes to point out people's mistakes
*Likes to criticize *Quiet but able to talk well *Calm and cool *Kind and sympathetic *Concerned and
detailed *Trustworthy, loyal and honest *Does work well *Sensitive *Thinking *Good memory *Clever
and knowledgeable *Loves to look for information *Must control oneself when criticising *Able to
motivate oneself *Understanding *Secretive *Loves sports, leisure and travelling *Hardly shows
emotions *Tends to bottle up feelings *Choosy especially in relationships *Loves wide things


*Loves to chat *Loves those who loves him *Loves to takes things at the centre *Attractive and suave
*Inner and physical beauty *Does not lie or pretend *Sympathetic *Treats friends importantly
*Always making friends *Easily hurt but recovers easily *Bad tempered *Selfish *Seldom helps unless
asked *Daydreamer *Very opinionated *Does not care of what others think *Emotional *Decisive
*Strong clairvoyance *Loves to travel, the arts and literature *Soft-spoken, loving and caring
*Romantic *Touchy and easily jealous *Concerned *Loves outdoors *Just and fair *Spendthrift and
easily influenced *Easily lose confidence


*Has a lot of ideas *Difficult to fathom *Thinks forward *Unique and brilliant *Extraordinary ideas
*Sharp thinking *Fine and strong clairvoyance *Can become good doctors *Careful and cautious
*Dynamic in personality *Secretive *Inquisitive *Knows how to dig secrets *Always thinking *Less
talkative but amiable *Brave and generous *Patient *Stubborn and hard-hearted *If there is a will,
there is a way *Determined *Never give up *Hardly become angry unless provoked *Loves to be
alone *Thinks differently from others *Sharp-minded *Motivates oneself *Does not appreciate praises
High-spirited *Well-built and tough *Deep love and emotions *Romantic *Uncertain in relationships
*Homely *Hardworking *High abilities *Trustworthy *Honest and keeps secrets *Not able to control
emotions *Unpredictable


*Loyal and generous *Patriotic *Active in games and interactions *Impatient and hasty *Ambitious
*Influential in organisations *Fun to be with *Loves to socialise *Loves praises *Loves attention
*Loves to be loved *Honest and trustworthy *Not pretending *Short tempered *Changing personality
*Not egoistic *Takes high pride in oneself *Hates restrictions *Loves to joke *Good sense of humour

3. By Date

December 23rd - January 1st: Red

January 2nd - January 11 th: Orange

January 12 th – January 24th: Yellow

January 25th - February 3rd: Pink

th th
February 4 - February 8 : Blue

February 9th - February 18th: Green

February 19th - February 28 th: Brown

March1st - Match 10 th: Aqua

March 11th - March 20th: Lime

March 21st: Black

March 22nd - March 31 st: Purple

April 1st - April 10 th: Navy

April 11th - April 20th: Silver

April 21st - April 30th: White

May 2nd - May 14 th: Blue

May 15th - May 24 th: Gold

May 25th - June 3rd: Cream

June 4 th - June 13th: Grey

June 14th - June 23 rd: Maroon

June 24 : Grey

June 25th - July 4th: Red

July 5th - July 14th: Orange

July 15th - July 25 th: Yellow

July 26th - August 4th: Pink

August 5th - August 13th: Blue

August 14th - August 23 rd: Green

th nd
August 24 - September 2 : Brown

September 3 rd – September 12 th: Aqua

September 13th - September 22 nd: Lime

September 23rd: Olive

September 24th - October 3rd: Purple

October 4th - October 13th: Navy

October 14th - October 23rd: Silver

th th
October 24 - November 11 : White

November 12th - November 21st: Gold

November 22nd - December 1st: Cream

December 2nd - December 11th: Grey

December 12th - December 21st: Maroon

December 22 nd: Teal


Cute and lovable type, you are picky but always in love ...and liked to be loved. Fresh and cheerful,
but can be "moody" at times. Capable with people, nice, soft and that can love you for the way you
are. Likes people that are easy to talk to, and can make you feel comfortable.


Competitive and sportive. Don't like losing and always cheerful! You are trustworthy, and very out-
going. You choose love carefully, and don't fall in love easily. But once you find the right one, you
don't let go for a long long time.

You are mostly interested in your looks. And have high standards in picking love. You think and make
a solution precisely, and hardly make stupid mistakes. You like to lead, and is easy for you to make
new friends.


You are attractive, and active. You never hide your feelings, and express everything that's inside. But
can be selfish at times. You want to be noticed, and don't like to be treated unequally. You can
brighten up people's day. You know what to say at the right time, and you have a good sense of


You get along well with new people. You are not really a shy person, but sometimes you can hurt
people's feelings by your words... You like to be loved and noticed by your lover, but mostly you are
single, waiting for the right person.


You know what's right and what's wrong. You are cheerful and out going. It's hard for you to find the
one you want, but once you find the right person, you won't be able to fall in love again for a long


You are always trying your best in everything, and like to help and care for other people. But you are
not easily satisfied. You have negative thoughts, and you look for romantic love like in a fairytale.


You are sweet and innocent. Trusted by many people, and have a strong leadership towards
relationships. You make good decision and make the right choice at the right time. And always
dreaming of romantic relationship.


You are intelligent, and know what's right. You like to take things go your way, which can sometimes
cause trouble or not thinking about other people's feelings. But you are patient when it comes to
love... Once you get a hold of the right person, it's hard for you to find a better love.


You are responsible for your own actions, and you know how to treat people. You always have goals to
reach, and are competitive. When it comes to friendship, you find it hard to trust someone, but once
you find the right friend, you trust them for ever.


You are mysterious, never selfish and get interested in things easily. Your day can be sad or happy
depending on your mood. You are popular between friends but you can act stupid at times, and forget
things easily. You go for person that's trustworthy.


You are calm, but easily stressed out. You get jealous easily, and complain over little things. You can't
get stuck into one thing, but you have a capable personality for everyone to trust you and like you.

You are imaginative and shy, but you like trying new things. You like to challenge yourself. You learn
things easily, and like "Hard to get". Your love life is normally hard and confusing.


You dream and have goals in your life. You get jealous easily and you don't react to things easily. You
are different and sometimes thought highly by others.


You are warm and light hearted. You seem to flow well with friends and family. You don't like violence
and know what's right. You are kind and cheerful, but don't envy other people easily.


You are active and sportive. It's hard for other people to become close with you, but you fall in love
easily. But once you find out you can't get something, you give up and let go easily as well.


You have low self-esteem, and very picky. You are artistic and like to fall in love, but you let your love
pass by, by loving with your mind, not your heart.


You are attractive, and love your life. You have a strong feeling towards everything. And very easily
distracted. Once you get angry at someone, it's hard for you to forgive them.


Your feelings change suddenly and easily. You are always lonely, and like travelling. You are truthful,
but listen and believe other people too easily. It's hard to find love for you, and you get lost in love
easily. Sometimes you get hurt by love.


You are challenging, and have the "guts". But you don't like changes in your life. And once you make
a decision, you keep it that way for a long time. Your love life is also challenging, and different.


You are responsible for your own actions, and you know how to treat people. You always have goals to
reach, and are competitive. When it comes to friendship, you find it hard to trust someone, but once
you find the right friend, you trust them for ever.

4. By Signing Style


These persons are very confident and are good personalities. They are a little bit selfish but believe in
"Happiness of human life".


These persons are considered to be Romantic, can easily change their fiancées as if they change their
clothes. They prefer beauty in other persons & they themselves try to look beautiful. They easily
attract others.

These persons are more inclined towards classical arts, simple & are very cool. If you loose faith with
them, then these persons will never look back at you. Hence it's always better to be careful with these


These persons enjoy their life in their own way; never pay attention to others views. These are
considered to be good natured but are selfish too.


These persons try to be very smart, hide each & every matter, never say anything in straight forward
manner, and never pay attention to the other person of what he is talking of.


These persons are considered to be intelligent but never think. These people change their ideas &
views as fast as the wind changes its direction of flow. They never think whether that particular thing
is right or wrong. You can win them just by flattering them.


These persons are very kind to us, have a good heart, selfless, and are ready to sacrifice their life for
the sake of their near & dear. But these seem to think a lot and may get angry very soon.


These persons are very kind hearted, can adjust themselves to any environment & to the person they
are talking. These persons are very firm on their views & posses a lot of will power.